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The majority of the banks within the UK will give you an overdraft but, there are other incentives too depending on what bank you go with. These. What's the Best Bank Account for Kids—and What Can They Learn Along the Way? November 8, 2018 |3 min read. Student credit cards tend to be linked to a student bank account, and stripped down to the basics. This is the case with the HSBC Student Visa Credit Card. It. best student bank accounts uk 2018

Internet Banks: Pros and Cons

Figuring out where to bank starts with a decision about the type of institution you want. Do you prefer a bank with brick-and-mortar branches and its own automated teller machines (ATMs) or an online-only alternative that gives you a purely online or mobile banking experience?

Traditional and online banks—also known as direct banks—both offer you access to your account online, and the ability to transfer money or perform other tasks with a few clicks of your cursor or taps on your phone screen. They're both subject to the same laws and regulations—online-only accounts are guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) just like the accounts held at traditional banks. Security is the same overall, with both types employing such measures as encryption to protect your funds and identity.

But even if both types have become close cousins in some ways, important distinctions remain. Direct banks leverage their lower costs to offer better interest rates and, often, lower fees. Brick-and-mortar institutions offer a convenient array of options for deposits and other transactions including offering the option for face-to-face service at a bank branch when you need it. If you're on the fence about internet banks, this article may help you. It outlines the main pros and cons of this part of the banking industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Before choosing an online bank, it's important to decide what features are most important to you.
  • The lack of overhead gives internet banks advantages over traditional banks, including fewer or lower fees and accounts with higher APYs.
  • Internet banks lack personal relationships, no proprietary ATMs, and more limited services.

Online Banking: A Quick History

As the commercialization of the internet evolved in the early 1990s, traditional brick-and-mortar banks began looking for ways to deliver online services to their customers. Though limited at first, the success of these early efforts led many banks to expand their internet presence through improved websites featuring the ability to open new accounts, download forms, and process loan applications.

This led to the birth and rise of internet-only banks. These institutions offer online banking and other financial services without a network of branch offices. The first fully-functional direct bank insured by the FDIC was the Security First Network Bank, which began operations on Oct. 18, 1995. Security First and those that followed were able to offer higher interest rates on deposit accounts and reduced service fees all because of the lower costs due to a lack of overhead.

As the choice in virtual banks grew, so did customers' enthusiasm for banking online. More than 60% of account holders do at least some of their banking on the internet, according to the latest report on banking behavior from the FDIC.

Pros of Internet Banks

Despite the rising virtual presence of traditional banks, online-only competitors still offer some clear advantages for consumers.

Better Rates, Lower Fees

The lack of significant infrastructure and overhead costs allow direct banks to pay higher interest rates or annual percentage yields (APYs) on savings. The most generous of them offer as much as 1% to 2% more than you'll earn on accounts at a traditional bank—a gap that can really add up with a high balance. While some direct banks with especially generous APYs offer only savings accounts, most of them offer other options including high-yield savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), and no-penalty CDs for early withdrawal.

You're less likely to be dinged with a wide range of fees at a direct bank including those associated with keeping an account open with a low balance, making direct deposits, or paying by check or debit card. Accounts at direct banks are more likely to carry no minimum balance or service fees.

Better Online Experiences

Traditional banks are investing heavily in improving their virtual presence and service, including launching apps and upgrading websites. But overall, direct banks appear to retain an edge when it comes to the online banking experience.

A 2018 Bain and Company survey of retail banking customers found traditional banks lagged behind direct banks in the areas that mattered most to customers, including the quality of the banking experience and the speed and simplicity of transactions.

1% to 2%

The gap between the interest rates earned by accounts in traditional banks and internet-only banks.

Cons of Internet Banks

Banking with an online institution also has its share of drawbacks and inconveniences.

No Personal Relationships

A traditional bank provides the opportunity to get to know the staff at your local branch. That can be an advantage if and when you need additional financial services, such as a loan, or when you have to make changes to your banking arrangements. A bank manager usually has some discretion in changing the terms of your account if your personal circumstances change, or in reversing a mandatory fee or service charge.

Less Flexibility With Transactions

In-person contact with a banking staffer isn't only about getting to know you and your finances. For some transactions and problems, it's invaluable to head to a bank branch.

Take, for example, depositing funds—the most basic of banking transactions. Depositing a check is possible with a direct bank by using its banking app to capture both the front and back of the check. However, depositing cash is downright cumbersome at many online banks. So, it's worth checking the bank’s policy if this is something you plan to do frequently. International transactions may also be more difficult, or even impossible, with some direct banks.

The Absence of Their Own ATMs

Since they lack their own banking machines, online banks rely on having customers use one or more ATM networks such as those from AllPoint and Cirrus. While these systems offer access to tens of thousands of best student bank accounts uk 2018 across the country—even around the world—it's worth checking the available machines near where you live and work.

Check, too, for any fees you may rack up for ATM use. While many direct banks offer free access to network ATMs or will refund any monthly charges you incur, there are sometimes limits on the number of free ATM transactions you can make in a given month.

More Limited Services

Some direct banks may not offer all the comprehensive financial services that traditional banks offer, such as insurance and brokerage accounts. Traditional banks sometimes offer special services to loyal customers, such as preferred rates and investment advice at no extra charge.

In addition, routine services such as notarization and bank signature guarantee are not available online. These services are required for many financial and legal transactions.

The Bottom Line

Traditional and online-only banks both have their advantages. Basically, you have to decide whether a brick-and-mortar institution's services and personal touch outweigh the often higher costs, in terms of lower interest rates and more numerous fees, of banking there.

It's also worth considering dividing your business between one of each. True, this arrangement may not be practical for you, and the fees for holding multiple accounts may be an issue. But having accounts at both a traditional bank and an online bank can facilitate the best of both worlds—higher interest rates, along with access to in-person help with transactions and problems when you need it.


Martin Lewis: Get a free £80 Amazon gift card with THIS student bank account

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Martin Lewis, 46, also known as Money Saving Expert or MSE, has shed light on the best student bank accounts.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the money saving expert revealed students starting or returning to university should consider their options.

He said: “It’s a couple of weeks before students start or go back to Uni.

“High street banks salivate the thought of gaining these potentially high earning customers for life by flinging out student bank accounts with perks and freebies (don’t be loyal though, ditch and switch once the offer isn’t good).

High street banks salivate the thought of gaining potentially high earning customers for life by flinging out student bank accounts with perks and freebies

Martin Lewis

“For a full run-down of the best accounts see Martin’s top student bank account guide, but in brief&hellip.

“Probably the top pick is HSBC, which gives new students (and apprentices) an £80 Amazon gift card if you apply by 31 December 2018, a year's free Amazon Prime Student worth £39, plus a guaranteed £1,000 0% overdraft in year one, and the (non-guaranteed) option to increase it to up to £2,000 in year two and up to £3,000 in year three.

“You can also open a linked regular savings account paying 3% interest for a year. 

“For a guaranteed larger 0% The Nationwide BS FlexStudent account guarantees to give £1,000 in year one, £2,000 in year two and £3,000 in year three.

“Alternatively, Santander 123 student account gives a free four-year 16-25 Railcard, which gives a third off rail travel, worth about £90, and a decent up to £1,500 0% overdraft for three years – though the amount isn’t guaranteed.

“To open a student account you’ll need to show the bank proof of your place at university – either through a letter from UCAS or your uni.

Martin Lewis: The Money Saving Expert explained the best student bank account deals (Image: Getty/ITV)
Martin Lewis: He recommended accounts with zero per cent overdrafts (Image: Getty)

“You’ll also need to meet the minimum criteria to get the freebies – with Nationwide and Santander that’s paying in £500/term, plus registering or online banking. If you’re an existing student you can switch student bank accounts.

“You’ll also be credit-scored, but as they know you’re a student and will have little credit history, you generally won’t be rejected unless there’s a ridiculous anomaly.”

He also highlighted a new offer on cinema tickets, whereby you best student bank accounts uk 2018 get five tickets for £25.

He explained: “Go online to daily deals site Groupon and you can currently get five Odeon cinema tickets for £25.

“You don't have to use all the vouchers in one go and they can be used by different people – so ideal for families or a group of mates.

Martin Lewis: He recommended HSBC, Santander and The Nationwide BS FlexStudent account (Image: ITV)

“The tickets are valid for 2D screenings only until 11 October, and you can only buy the tickets until 3 October, but Groupon could pull the offer early as it has in the past, so go quick if you want this. A few cinemas and films are excluded, so check before you use it.

“It’s worth noting though, that a full-price adult ticket for a 2D film at Odeon can cost anything between £3-£17ish depending on location, so it's only worth getting these discounted best student bank accounts uk 2018 if you usually pay more than £5 per ticket.”

Earlier this summer, Martin explained how to spot a scam email. He said there is a four word phrase you need to look out for to identify a scam email.

“If they start the email with ‘dear sir or madam’ – this often means it’s not from a legit company.”

He added: “Look out for poor grammar or dodgy spelling in emails.”


Student banking: Making sense of your money

Exams are over, summer is here and for many of you, student life is on the horizon. Applying for loans, opening a student bank account and thinking about weekly budgets are not the most exciting things to check off the to-do list before September, but they are important. And they don’t have to be difficult.

The National Student Money Survey 2017 found that 84% of students worry about making ends meet, something that can affect diet, relationships, grades and mental health. At Starling, we want everyone to feel in control of their money and have the tools to budget and save, all from one app.

In this blog post, we run through some of the features of our mobile personal current account and hear from our new summer paid interns about their experiences with Starling.

Totally mobile

We’ve built all our tech from scratch so that managing your money fits into your life without interruptions or delays. Apps have transformed the way we communicate with friends, order food and taxis, listen to music – we’re making money smart.

“The best thing about Starling is the visibility and simplicity, being able to see my money in a way that’s fit for 2018 and not guessing about timings and locations of transactions. Using the app is more like using Uber than a big bank.” – Luke Furnell, 22, Economics graduate, Marketplace Intern

Starling is free everywhere – no fees to apply for an account or to use your card abroad, plus the freedom to manage your money best student bank accounts uk 2018 one app. We even pay you interest on your balance (0.05% AER on balances up to £85,000). One extra tip to save you even more money travelling abroad with Starling is to always pay in the local currency. We give you Mastercard’s competitive exchange rate which will be better than the exchange rate from the merchant. We’ll also send you a notification so you know how much you’ve spent in GBP and in the local currency. Make your money work for you, not for someone else’s pocket.

Savings goals

Student life on a budget can be hard. But we want to give you the tools to help you save money. That’s why we’ve linked to discount and cashback apps such as Tail and Yoyo Wallet and round-up savings with MoneyBox.

Our Goals feature allows you to ring-fence money from your balance to help you save and organise your money without having to open and transfer across to separate savings accounts. (This can also be used as a easy way to curtail that late night student union spending as you can only spend what’s in your everyday balance, not your Goals.)

“As a student, using Starling is great for saving money. What I found particularly helpful is the Goals feature. I can easily limit the amount I spend by being able to separate the money I can access. It’s really helped with budgeting and doesn’t involve the hassle of setting up separate accounts.” – Conor Knight, 21, English graduate, Marketing Intern

Safety net

The card control section of our app is designed to give you instant peace of mind. Lost your card in the pub or wondering if it’s wedged behind the sofa? Simply lock it from the app (and unlock it again if it turns up without enduring any hold music to call and cancel your card).

You have complete control over whether it can be used for ATM withdrawals, card transactions, online spending or mobile wallet payments. This also means that you can lock your card for everything except Apple Pay or Google Pay and keep using your mobile wallet while you look for your physical card.

We’re also the only UK bank to offer Apple Pay and Google Pay from the second you sign up so you can start using your Starling account before can you send money on zelle with a credit card card even arrives in the post!

Money insights

For those of you applying for a student loan, your tuition fees loan (for course cost) will be paid directly to your university and your maintenance loan (for living costs) will be paid into a UK bank account. Three things to note about student loans are…

  1. You only start paying it back the April after graduating and you’re earning over a certain amount.
  2. Debt is wiped 30 years after graduating for students from England and Wales, 35 years for Scotland or Northern Ireland (and for students who took out their loan before 2012).
  3. They don’t affect your credit score (the number that determines how much lenders will be willing to give you).

You can find out all about types of student loans and repayments on Save the Student.

If you choose to make Starling your main bank account through the Current Account Switch Service, your loan could be paid directly into your Starling account (and we’ll ping you a lovely notification each time money comes in).

We also send you notifications each time money goes out of your account or if a direct debit is due later that day and you don’t have enough in your account. This way you can avoid the late fees that some phone companies charge, for example. We’ll always keep you in the loop so that you can keep track of your money.

“I’ve used Starling with my house this year to manage all our bills, the instant notifications make it so easy to keep track of who’s paid their share and when the bills come out of the account. We even used it to pay when we went on a house holiday – with no fees abroad we didn’t have to worry about extra charges.” – Max Morroni, 20, Business Management student, Operations Intern

One of our features that makes budgeting easier is Spending Insights. We work out the percentage being spent at different places (watch out Starbucks) and categorise your spending. Knowing exactly what you spend on groceries, bills, best student bank accounts uk 2018 out, travel etc. can make creating a budget a lot easier. It can also help you to work out where you could save money whether that’s bringing lunch to the library, investing in a Student railcard to save a third on travel or switching to a better energy deal (which saves consumers an average of £300 a year according to Money Saving Expert). Small savings here and there can make a big difference – you could end up saving enough to buy festival tickets or a new laptop.

“I decided to try Starling when I went on holiday this year, to keep better track of (and limit) how much I was spending every day. Connecting my Starling card to Apple Pay made my spending convenient and transparent, from eating out to Uber payments. At the end of each day I was able best student bank accounts uk 2018 track exactly where my money had been spent. As a result, I’ve switched to using Starling as my main account.” – Nicole Pilsworth, 22, Computer Best student bank accounts uk 2018 and Maths graduate, Developer Intern

No more spreadsheets or calculators – we help you make sense of your money.

Split the bill

Whether it’s going out for a birthday dinner, paying the electricity bill, or loading up on pasta with your flatmates, splitting the cost couldn’t be easier with Starling. Skip the awkward texts and extra apps, simply click on the transaction, select Split the Bill, chose the number of people to split it with and send a Settle Up request. Non-Starling customers will receive a best student bank accounts uk 2018 to a secure webpage to quickly enter their card details and transfer the money, while Starling customers can pay you back straight from the app.

The 5 minute bank account

Forget snaking queues, black biros and your mother’s maiden name, all you need to apply for an account with Starling is a smartphone, an ID, a few details such as your name, address and date of birth, and 5 minutes of your time. Once you’ve been verified by our team, you’ll have access to a fully functioning bank account with all sorts of handy features to help you save money as a student. (One thing to note is that as a UK bank, we require customers to have lived in the UK for at least 6 months before they can open an account with us).

“Just opened a Starling bank account – super impressed by how easy it was to set up. The app did all the work from processing my passport picture to setting up a robust video identification tool. It was easy and so convenient – I didn’t have to get up…or spend an 1 hr at a bank branch.” – Amina Omar, 21, Anthropology graduate, Operations Intern

As a fully regulated and licensed bank, deposits up to £85,000 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme – the same protection that covers the high street banks.

Subscribeto blog updatesarrow-rightИсточник:

1. ATB Financial

Best student bank accounts 2017

At University Magazine we always look out for students, and we have gone bank to bank going at each account and determine the top 5 student bank accounts for Canadian students based on Purchase interests, Amount of Transactions and Monthly fee, and Email Transfer fees, Customer services, technology,

UM Score= University Magazine Score, BBB= Better Business Bureau

A disclaimer: we are affiliated or associated with any of the following financial institutions

ATB Financial

ATB is the largest bank in Alberta, and the Alberta government fully guarantees your deposits, and the Bank cares about its customers and will go above and beyond to provide with the highest level of customer service, they treat every customer like a family.

Transactions: Unlimited
e-Transfer: Unlimited
Technology: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Tap, Online Banking
BBB Rating: A+
Cost: $ 0.00
UM Score: 20/20


cibc Bank

CIBC made significant change to their student accounts before student account only had 25 Transactions per months now its Unlimited,

Transactions: Unlimited
e-Transfer: Unlimited
Technology: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Tap, Online Banking
BBB Rating: D+
Cost: $ 0.00
UM Score: 16.67/20



If you love seeing movies and love cash back on your purchases, Scotiabank is for you because you can connect your debit card and scene card and earn points on all your purchases and you can use the point to pay for movie tickets.

Also, they offer cash back on selected accounts where you earn cash back on purchases made with your debit card

Transactions: Unlimited
e-Transfer: Unlimited
Technology: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Tap, Online Banking
BBB Rating: D
Cost: $ 0.00
UM, Score: 16.5/20


TD Canada Trust

TD  bank is known for having After-Hours Customer Service Support, so you know there  is someone around to help you with your needs, I like that, for example, you see unauthorized charges  on your accounts you can call them at  3:00 Am and they will be there to help you

Transactions: 25  then $1.25 per Transactions
e-Transfer: Unlimited
Technology: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Tap, Online Banking
BBB Rating: B-
Cost: $ 0.00
UM, Score: 15/20



RBC Bank loves its student’s account, and they have  teamed up  with Siri now you can send money with Siri or iMessage, and they offer virtual Visa Debits to keep you safe when you are doing online shopping or when you are  just signing up for  trial services,

Transactions: 25  then $1.25 per Transactions
e-Transfer: Unlimited
Technology: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Tap, Online Banking
BBB Rating: B-
Cost: $ 0.00
UM, Score: 14.95/20

Anwar Abdi

Anwar Abdi is a Canadian business executive and Digital Journalist. Anwar Abdi is the Chief Operating Officer at AMG Brands Network Inc. and Current Senior Editor of University Magazine. Previously He Worked as an Education contributor at HuffPost,


Best student bank accounts for railcards, interest and more generous perks: How to choose the right one for you

Those heading on to higher education this autumn will be faced with many decisions about their finances, one of which involves deciding who to bank with.

Playing your cards right could mean you get cheaper journeys home, free access to TV shows and a generous overdraft to see you through your degree, on top.

But with so many incentives and perks on offer - how to do choose which one to go for?

Here’s our guide to helping you make the right choice.

It's not just about the freebies

Once again, the banks are trying to lure students in with a wide range of "perks" including railcards, coach cards, and discount cards.

However, it’s important not to be swayed by these without checking out all the features offered.

Andrew Hagger, finance expert from Moneycomms, explains: “The big banks are all keen to win your custom.

"You are seen as the high earner of tomorrow – so they will try and entice you with all sorts of goodies to get you to sign up for their student bank account.

"However, for most students, being how to find my woodforest account number online to borrow as much as possible interest-free will prove to be the biggest financial benefit."

Think twice before signing up for credit cards

Likewise, many banks will be flogging student credit cards to win you over.

It's a tempting move as to unlock some of the best overdraft rates, you'll need a top notch credit score - which a credit card can help you with.

The problem, however, is that a credit card can have devastating consequences if you can't afford to repay the debt in full each month.

"A good credit rating will give students a better chance of being accepted for a generous interest-free overdraft limit so it’s worth doing some research on how to improve a credit score," explains Rachel Springall at Moneyfacts.

"To combat this, students could take out a student credit card to build up their financial footprint, but they must be careful how they use it. One thing to avoid when using a credit card though is when withdrawing cash as its much more expensive than making a purchase.

“Unlike an interest free overdraft on a student account, student credit cards need to be used more sparingly. It might look like free money, but debts should be paid back and on time to avoid interest charges or late payment penalties, otherwise the latter could damage their credit score.

"If students are not cautious, they could end up learning a bad lesson in borrowing money, something that will dent their chances of future borrowing, such as getting a mortgage."

If you're contemplating a credit card and have questions to ask, don't be afraid to raise them - you can speak to parents, family members or staff at the university itself.

You may be able to visit a bank on campus for further advice. Explain your financial situation - ultimately, the bottom line is, can you afford to repay it in full each month?

If you're after a credit card to build up your score for overdraft purposes, you may be better off going for an account that gives you the overdraft regardless. See below for details on this.

Best student bank accounts for overdrafts

The cost best student bank accounts uk 2018 studying can be a burden, so having a decent overdraft as a safety net is important for many students, especially those living away from home.

If you're worried about dipping into the red, it is worth finding an account that offers a good interest-free arranged overdraft.

What is an 'arranged overdraft'? This is an agreement between yourself and the lender that enables you to borrow money up to a pre-agreed limit.

For example, if you successfully applied for an arranged overdraft of £250 and then had only £50 of your own money in your current account, the arranged overdraft would allow you to make a payment of up to £300. For students, this luxury is often fee-free, but whether you're accepted could also be subject to your credit score. What is a credit score? Find out here.

These are the accounts right now with the biggest arranged overdraft offerings in no particular order.

  1. HSBC student bank account: A guaranteed interest-free overdraft of £1,000 when you open your account. You can request an increase of up to £2,000 in year two and £3,000 in year 3.

  2. Santander 123 student current account: A total of up to £1,500 for three years, and £2,000 if you continue for a fifth year. You'll have to pay in £500 a term (which will most likely be covered by student finance.

  3. Lloyds student account: With this Lloyds account, you can apply for a fee-free tiered planned overdraft of up to £1,500 in years one to three, and up to £2,000 in years four to six.

  4. Nationwide FlexStudent account: In your first year, you can have an overdraft of up to £1,000. Your maximum available limit increases each year (up to a maximum of £3,000 by year three).

  5. Halifax student current account: A fee-free planned overdraft up to £1,500 for the length of your course plus an extra year after you graduate, up to a maximum of six years.

  6. Barclays Student Additions account: Students can apply for an initial £500 overdraft when opening their account which goes up to £1,000 in year one, £2,000 in year two and £3,000 in year three and beyond.

  7. Natwest student account: You can apply for an overdraft limit of up to £500 in your first term at uni, and up to £2,000 after that subject to your credit score.

  8. TSB: Planned overdraft of up to £1,510, starting with £500 for the first six months. You can then apply to increase it to £1,010 in months seven to nine and from month ten up to £1,510.

When comparing offerings, note that some give "guaranteed" amounts, while others offer "up to" amounts.

“If the account says 'up to' you will only get that amount if you have a good credit record," explains Martin Lewis from "All accounts require you to pass a credit check."

With Halifax, for example, students are offered overdraft limits of "up to" £1,500. However, the amount you actually get is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t go over your overdraft limit, as you could then face hefty charges for dipping into the red without permission.

Best student bank accounts for freebies

While your main focus should be on the longest guaranteed 0% overdraft, the only time this rule doesn't apply is if the freebie offered is more valuable.

Here's what's on offer this year (in no particular order):

  1. Santander 123 student account: A free 4-year 16-25 Railcard which could save you 1/3 off rail travel in Great Britain.
    How much it's worth? You can't actually buy a four year railcard upfront, but you can buy a three year one and a one year after that, which would cost you £100 altogether.

  2. Natwest student account: You get three options at NatWest: a 1-year Amazon Prime Student membership and a £10 Gift Card; OR a National Express Coachcard with 1/3 off fares for 4 years, Plus 15% off travel to events and festivals; OR 50% off food or 2 for 1 meals at thousands of UK restaurants with tastecard. Plus savings on cinemas, hotels and more
    How much it's worth? The Amazon offer is worth £49; the Coach card is worth £42.50 (a three year cars + one extra), the discounts depend on whether you go; tastecard membership costs £1 for 90 days at the moment,but has a renewal cost of £34.99 - the NatWest one is valid for 4 years .

  3. HSBC student account: Get a £80 Gift Card plus a year of Amazon Prime Student.
    How much it's worth? Altogether, these perks are worth £119.

Best student accounts for in-credit interest

Few banks now offer generous rates of interest on accounts in credit, but there are a few which are worth a look (in no particular order):

  1. Santander is paying 3% on balances from £300 to a maximum of £2,000.

  2. Nationwide is paying 1% on balances up to £1,000.

  3. TSB is paying 5% on balances up to £500.

  4. Halifax is paying 0.1% on any interest.

Do your research

Before making any decision, it is important to do your research, comparing the different features offered by the various accounts.

Once you've made your decision, you don’t have to stick with that provider. You should check best student bank accounts uk 2018 year if there’s a new account that would suit you better.

If there is, you need to be prepared to make the switch. To find out more about switching see our guide here.

You can open an account online or visit a local branch to set one up. Whichever you choose, you'll need to following documents to hand:

  • Several forms of photo ID: such as a passport or driver's licence

  • Proof of address: such as a recent utility bill or bank statement

  • Proof of student status: best student bank accounts uk 2018 letter of acceptance from your university, or UCAS offer letter.


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