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Santander Bank Closing 4 Branches In Connecticut - Farmington, CT - Federal banking officials said this week that four Santander branches. "We will provide every support to customers of closing branches to find alternative ways to bank with us that best suit their individual. To close an account, you can pop into your own branch or any other branch of Banco Santander. Remember to bring your identity document. close my santander account

: Close my santander account

Close my santander account
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Close my santander account

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Orders Santander Bank to Pay $10 Million Fine for Illegal Overdraft Practices

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has ordered Santander Bank, N.A. to pay a $10 million fine for illegal overdraft service practices. Santander’s telemarketing vendor deceptively marketed the overdraft service and signed certain bank customers up for the service without their consent. In addition to paying the civil money penalty to the CFPB, Santander Bank must go back and give consumers the opportunity to provide their affirmative consent to overdraft service, not use a vendor to telemarket its overdraft service, and it must increase oversight of vendors it uses to telemarket consumer financial products or services.

“Santander tricked consumers into signing up for an overdraft service they didn’t want and charged them fees,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. “Santander’s telemarketer used deceptive sales pitches to mislead customers into enrolling in overdraft service. We will put a stop to any such unlawful practices that harm consumers.”

Santander is a national bank based in Wilmington, Del. Santander Bank operates a network of nearly 700 retail branch offices in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Santander offers overdraft service with its checking accounts. An overdraft can occur when consumers spend or withdraw more money from their checking accounts than is available.

From 2010 to 2014, Santander marketed and enrolled consumers in its “Account Protector” overdraft service for Close my santander account and one-time debit card transactions, and charged consumers $35 per overdraft. Santander used a telemarketer to call consumers to persuade them to opt in to the overdraft service and rewarded the telemarketer with a higher hourly rate when it hit specified sales targets.

In 2010, federal rules took effect prohibiting banks and credit unions from charging overdraft fees on ATM and one-time debit card transactions unless consumers affirmatively opt in. If consumers don’t opt in, banks may decline the transactions because of insufficient or unavailable funds, and can’t charge an overdraft fee.

The Bureau found that Santander marketed its overdraft service deceptively during telemarketing calls and enrolled consumers in overdraft service without their consent in violation of the opt-in rule. For example, during numerous telemarketing calls, call representatives did not ask the consumers if they wanted to opt in but enrolled them anyway. The Bureau found Santander Bank’s illegal and improper practices included:

  • Signingconsumers up for overdraft service without their consent: In some instances, Santander’s telemarketer briefly described Account Protector to consumers, then asked for the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, and enrolled them without their consent. In other instances, consumers said they did not want to enroll but requested information about the overdraft service, but the telemarketer enrolled them anyway. When Santander charged those consumers overdraft fees on ATM and one-time debit card transactions, it violated the opt-in rule.
  • Deceiving consumers that overdraft service was free: Call representatives led consumers to believe that Account Protector was free, when in fact it could potentially cost them hundreds of dollars in fees. Some call representatives falsely suggested that consumers would not be charged a fee if they brought their account current within five business days lexus gs 350 f sport slammed an overdraft. Other representatives implied that consumers would be charged fees only for emergency transactions, and that non-emergency purchases what is a trust company not result in fees.
  • Deceiving  consumers about the fees they would face if they did not opt in: In some instances, call representatives told consumers the bank would charge overdraft fees on ATM and one-time debit card transactions regardless of whether they signed up for Account Protector. In fact, Santander could not charge those fees without the consumer’s consent. Some representatives even told consumers that they risked being charged additional fees if they did not sign up for Account Protector, when in fact the opposite was true.
  • Falsely claiming the call was not a sales pitch: Call representatives falsely told consumers that “this is not a sales call” and that the reason for the call was that the bank had recently changed its close my santander account. In fact, the purpose of the call was to sell Account Protector, and Santander’s name change was irrelevant.
  • Failing to stop its telemarketer’s deceptive tactics: Santander offered the telemarketer financial incentives to hit certain sales targets. Santander then failed to identify and stop the deceptive and other improper tactics that its telemarketer used to achieve those sales targets.

Enforcement Action

Pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the CFPB has the authority to take action against institutions engaging in unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices, or other violations of federal consumer financial law. Santander Bank violated the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and the Dodd-Frank Act. The CFPB’s order requires that Santander Bank:

  • Validate all opt-ins associated with the telemarketer: Santander will contact all consumers who were enrolled in Account Protector through the bank’s telemarketer, and ask them whether they wish to be opted in. Santander will not be able to charge those consumers overdraft fees unless they affirmatively consent to opting in.
  • Not use a vendor to telemarket overdraft service: Santander is prohibited go fish the card game online for free using a vendor to conduct outbound telemarketing of overdraft service to consumers. Santander also may not require its employees to generate a target number of opt-ins or provide its employees with financial incentives in connection with opt-ins.
  • Increase oversight of all third-party telemarketers: Santander will develop and implement a new or revised policy governing vendor management for service providers engaged in telemarketing of consumer financial products or services.
  • Pay a $10 million penalty: Santander will make a $10 million penalty payment to the CFPB’s Civil Penalty Fund.

The full text of the CFPB’s consent order is available at:


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a 21st century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives. For more information,


How can I get closure with Santander?

I have been trying to close an eSaver account held with Santander since late last year. First, I wrote and got no response. Phone contact is difficult; no matter when you ring, the message says phone banking is unavailable and you amazon hub portal told to try later. After much persistence, I got through and was told my account would be closed and that a cheque would be with me in 14 days. No cheque arrived, so I sent a registered letter in March (I have proof of delivery), but still no response – so back to the phone. I was then informed there was an instruction to close my account, but it could not do this because of a small regular monthly payment into it. I told staff to close the account and I would cancel further payments. This was more than a month ago and still no cheque. Can you help me, please? JB, Manchester

This is a bit of a shambles, and Santander really should have done better. There is no excuse for not answering letters or actioning phone close my santander account and, sadly, this is a common complaint about UK banks. However, as soon as we asked the big cheeses at Santander HQ to look into this, things moved significantly faster. The bank says your account has now been closed and a cheque has been sent out. Extra interest has been added, plus an additional £50 to apologise.

We welcome letters but cannot answer individually. Email us at [email protected]or write to Bachelor & Brignall, Money, The Guardian, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU. Please include a daytime phone number


Santander to close 111 bank branches

Santander is to close 111 of its branches this summer, reducing its network from 563 to 452.

This means that Santander will have shut 470 of its branches since 2015, which amounts to axing half of its network over the last seven years.

This is the fifth-highest volume of closures during this period, behind Barclays (650), NatWest (639), HSBC (556) and Lloyds (482).

Which branches are closing?

The table below shows which Santander branches will close by the end of August 2021.

Why is Santander closing over 100 branches?

Less than three months into 2021, Santander is already the seventh bank or banking group to announce a round of closures.

In a statement, Santander cited the fact that almost two-thirds of transactions are now online as one of the key drivers behind the decision. As with other banks making cuts this year, Santander pointed out this movement towards digital predates the pandemic.

Santander also states that the majority of the branches it is closing are within three miles of another of its branches, with the furthest being five miles away. All closing branches, the bank says, are within half a mile of at least two free-to-use ATMs and one mile from the nearest Post Office.

It’s worth noting that the Post Office is not a stand-in for a bank though, as you cannot complete more complex activities, like opening or closing an account, or talking about your bank’s financial products.

How many bank branches are closing in total?

Including the announcement from Santander, we now know that at least 520 branches will close this year – more than in either 2019 or 2020. There is some way to go before close my santander account reach the high of 868 closures recorded in 2017.

Santander is on course to close the second-most outlets in 2021, behind TSB which will shutter 155 branches.

By the end of the year, almost 4,300 branches will have closed across the whole network since 2015 – almost 44% of them – at a rate of 12 a week. Despite the high rate, there are guidelines that banks must follow when closing a branch.

What guidelines must banks follow?

In September 2020, the FCA published its finalised guidance on the steps that banks must take before closing a branch.

The guidelines set out a number actions that banks must take when making closures, including:

  • Informing the FCA of their plans as soon as possible
  • Carrying out ‘robust analysis’ in terms of lost access and potential harms, especially for vulnerable customers
  • Assessing alternative provisions that are available for customers
  • Informing customers of the close my santander account no less than 12 weeks teams mobile app advance, including making them aware of the alternative provisions they have identified

However, banks have either closed or announced the closure of 692 branches since the guidance was introduced last year. In January, the FCA urged banks to ‘reconsider branch closures during lockdown’, as it may affect the banks’ ability to effectively communicate changes to their customers.

Urgent need for legislation

Which? has been campaigning for the urgent introduction of legislation to give the regulator the necessary power to protect the UK’s cash network.

It’s been a year since the Chancellor committed to cash access legislation, but we have seen little progress so far.

In February, Which? chief executive Anabel Hoult wrote to eight major UK banks outlining the fragile state of the cash ecosystem and asked them to make a pledge to help maintain cash access.

The letter received widespread support from banks affirming the importance of providing a cash system that can serve those who depend on it.

However, all of the responses stopped short of explicitly committing to key parts of the cash network until legislation is introduced.

Until then, banks and ATMs will continue to close, causing harm to large groups of people across the UK: research that we conducted close my santander account November last year showed that there are over 2.5 million people in the UK that depend on cash, with citizens bank wire aba number further 7 million saying they would struggle without it.

While it is true that more people are banking online, it is critical that the government intervenes to ensure that cash is still protected and no-one is left behind.

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Is your local Santander bank branch among the 111 closing? Closures will begin next month

On the list of the 111 closures, 10 branches are set to close in June.

These are:

Balham High Road - 200 Balham High Road, London SW12 9DH - June 24, 2021

Bishopsgate - 224 Bishopsgate, London City EC2M 4AN - June 24, 2021

Dudley Merryhill Merryhill Centre, Dudley DY5 1SY - June 24, 2021

Finchley High Road - 760 High Road, Finchley N12 9QH - June 24, 2021

Glasgow Sauchiehall Street - 147 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3EW - June 24, 2021

Hempstead Valley - 27 Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre, Gillingham ME7 3PQ - June 24, 2021

Strand - 406 Strand, London WC2R 0NE - June 24, 2021

Syston - 1262 Melton Road, Syston LE7 2HB - June 24, 2021

Walkden - 33 Bolton Road, Walkden M28 3AX - June 24, 2021

Wibsey - 9 Folly Hall Road, Wibsey BD6 1UL - June 24, 2021

The full list of Santander bank branch closures can be found here.


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