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And if you want to add voice control to manage your appliances via a smart plug, they can be synced to the Amazon Echo, too. Find out how to connect your. Open to all Amazon Alexa/Echo customers. Order with Alexa voice shopping commands. Your echo device must be enabled for voice shopping in. Amazon Smart Plug lets you use your voice to control lights, fans, coffee makers, and more. Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off. amazon alexa plug

: Amazon alexa plug

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Amazon's Echo-compatible smart plug is just $15 today

A smart plug is an excellent way to turn a regular old electrical device—be it a coffee maker or a lamp—into a connected device. And right now, Amazon is selling its own voice-controlled smart plug for $15 down from $25, a savings of $10 and its first discount of the year.

The Amazon Smart Plug is a very simple device. It’s a tiny wall wart with a single on/off button on the side. There’s also a small LED that lets you know the device is working. The plug is small enough that you can stack two of these on a standard outlet since it measures just 1.5 inches high by 3.2 inches wide and 2.2 inches deep.

This amazon alexa plug an Amazon device, so of course works with Alexa, and the company says setup is a snap. “Plug in, open the Alexa app, and start using your voice,” according to Amazon. You can also set schedules if you like (helpful for coffee makers) to start and stop devices as needed. Alexa also supports routines where every morning it activates the smart plug at the same time as other Alexa-friendly smart devices in the house.

The Alexa Smart Plug doesn’t support 5GHz networks, but it works fine over 2.4GHz.

If you’re an Alexa-friendly home this plug easily adds a little more smarts to the house. If you’re not looking for an Amazon device, however, check out our favorite smart plugs for 2021 to find something more to your liking.

[Today’s deal: Amazon Smart Plug for $15.]

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The good news here is that you can use your smart plug without the need for Alexa. Smart plugs are everywhere and more people are adopting them as they are perfect for energy monitoring and other features. Smart plugs nowadays are compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other products. As it has been stated that you can make use of a smart plug without Alexa, it is nice to state that there are several ways by which anyone can make use of a smart plug without Alexa. The sections below are going to outline these methods. 

How You Can Use a Smart Plug without Alexa

Manual Method 

One of the ways by which you can get to use your smart plug without Alexa is for you to simply do the switching of the off-and-on button on the Alexa plug. This is easy and you get to do it manually. There is nothing complex about this at all. 

KMC Application

Apart from manually switching off the on and off button, there is another method that you can employ when it comes to using your smart plug without Alexa. This is via the KMC application and a lot becomes possible with this application. This is an application by KMC which has been designed in a way to include all the characteristics of the Smart Life application. It makes life a lot easier for the user as there is no need to make use of separate applications for heaters, outlets, doors, lights, and other devices. 

  The application has received interesting reviews from users. It is known for working perfectly without crashing. Other advantages come with this KMC application. It is very easy when it comes to the setup and integration with Google Home assistant device. Also, when it comes to reliability and stress-free functionality, the KMC application is always there for you. You get to control your lights from any location on this planet as long as you have access to functional Internet. For those who may be trying to integrate with Google Home or even Alexa, they might free credit card number and cvv with money to search for the ‘Intelligent Home’ application instead of KMC, just check to be very sure of what you are adding. 

Information on Amazon Smart Plug

 It is the rave of the moment but many still do not know much about it. In this section, more details will be provided about the outlet from Amazon that allows you to turn on and activate your devices simply by using your voice. The Amazon Smart Plug can be defined as an outlet that you can plug into and use alongside the outlets that are already present in your home. 

   An interesting feature with the Amazon Smart Plug is that any device or product that can be plugged into it can be easily turned off or on via the Alexa application which is on your tablet or smartphone. With the Alexa m pokora mieux que nous feat soprano, you can do the setting of timers and fixing of schedules. This applies to all the smart plugs that you might have in your home. It also allows you to be able to have control of the devices, even remotely, using just your voice. 

 The introduction of smart technology gadgets like the Amazon Smart Plug has made the management of electronic gadgets a lot more convenient. With this plug, you can truly convert your space into a smart home. As stated earlier, the Amazon smart plug is a kind of outlet that you can plug into another outlet. Because of its portable design, you can plug it in a way that other ports are not going to be obstructed. 

Then with the Amazon Alexa application that is on your smartphones like any Android device, iPad, or iPhone, you can control. But remember once again that it is very possible for you to make use of a smart plug without the Alexa application and how this can be done has been outlined in the sections earlier. 

 Any device that you then proceed to plug into the Amazon Smart Plug, will be able to control such a device using not just the application but also your voice. This way, even without having any direct contact physically with any of the devices, you will be to control them, turning them on and off at will using just your voice controls. 

  A good and typical example here is the coffee maker. You can integrate the application with the coffeemaker in such a way that you can time when you precisely want it to get your coffee ready. You can do the timing before you go to bed so that by morning, the coffeemaker can come on automatically and before you go out for work, your beloved brew will be ready. 

 Also, if you want to have some control over what your children are doing regarding video games, the device can come handy. All you need to do is to set the plug so that after a particular duration, their gamers will be switched off automatically.

 So, if you do not want your children to spend too much time playing games, this is one application for you as a parent. In other words, with the Amazon smart plug, there are so many things that you can get done. You can schedule the devices to come on and off at specific periods while you can focus on the other activities that are more important to you. 

More on Other Smart Plugs

Today, the smartening of devices is continuing at a relentless pace. There are now voice assistant smart plugs that you can use to get the best out of your connected home. It is clear that as a result of smart home devices, we are doing away with archaic appliances. However, you will be interested in knowing what happens when not all the appliances in the home are smart. That is precisely where the importance of the smart plug comes to fore. 

 With a smart plug, you can hook up to your old coffee maker, lamp, fan, and practically any device you have in mind to your connected home for voice control and automation purposes. The good thing is that in the market today, bank of america credit card payment cut off time can select from various models for voice assistance. There are even some models that are compatible with all the three principal ones which are Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Apple HomeKit. 

Considering the fact that there are several options that are available for the consumers, getting to select the most excellent smart plug for turning off and on your newly-linked devices implies that you will need to carefully consider all the related factors like the setup of the connectivity at home and even things like your willingness or otherwise to make use of voice command and even the platform that you are going to utilize to do the control. You also need to take into consideration the wall outlet that you are going to make use of. 

Excellent Smart Plug Choices 

  As hinted earlier, there are lots of options for you in the market when it comes to making a selection of smart plugs. In this section, the discussion will be on the alternatives that are there for you as far as choosing smart plugs are concerned. 

Smart WiFi Plug Mini from TP-Link Kasa 

This is one brand that is known for coming up with several smart home amazon alexa plug and one of them is this compact smart plug. It also comes with the Kasa application (available on both Android and iOS and also comes with several alternatives that allow for features like timers, customized schedules, and even away modes. 

However, that is not all there is to this smart plug. It is also good for those trying to minimize energy usage while surcharge free atm for cash app can also be used as a USB port and it is compatible with HomeKit. Users have praised its voice commands and voice control features. So, if you are very much interested in controlling your light or any of your other first commonwealth bank vandergrift pa devices with ease, this is for you. 

SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug 

  Known for its customer-friendly price, here is another smart plug that will serve you well. This one is particularly small and it is also good when it comes to energy efficiency. It works well as an alternative for your smart home or socket. 

 But that said, it is good to also point out that this smart plug cannot function with the HomeKit and it also does not come with additional USB ports for charging. So, if what you have in mind is a smart power strip, then you should get something else. 

Also, its application (both Android and iOS versions) does not come with the same flexibility and even scheduling options like the ones of the Kasa smart plug from TP-Link. However, it is so easy to set up and use has made it a prominent choice among the users. Based on its importance, it is safe to state that smart plugs will remain popular for a long time to come. 



Sam has been a Smart Things expert for years and the author of DIY SmartThings. Recently he’s really more into Nest smart devices and has a lot of experience with all sorts of projects from converting a regular Home to completely a smart home with the background degree in Electronics.

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How to Reset Amazon Smart Plug

What to Know

  • Press and hold the button on the plug until the LED turns red.
  • Wait for the LED to blink blue, indicating that the plug has been reset.
  • Open your Alexa app, tap Devices > + > Add Device > Plug > Amazon, then follow the on-screen instructions.

This article explains how to reset an Amazon Smart Plug.

Why Is My Amazon Smart Plug Not Working?

When an Amazon Smart Plug stops working, it’s usually due to a connectivity error. Either the smart plug can't connect to your network for some reason, or the network settings are incorrect or outdated. If you’ve tried removing obstructions between your smart plug and your wireless router, and you’re sure that the smart plug has the correct network information, then resetting the plug may fix your problem.

If your Amazon Smart Beverly bank and trust login is blinking red, or Alexa can’t discover it, then you need to reset it. If resetting doesn’t fix the problem, the plug may be faulty.

How to Reset an Amazon Smart Plug

If your Amazon Smart Plug isn’t working, resetting it can fix a lot of common problems.

Here’s how to reset an Amazon Smart Plug:

  1. Make sure the Smart Plug is plugged into a working power outlet, and press the button on the side of the Smart Plug.

  2. Hold the button until the LED light on the Smart Plug turns red.

  3. Wait for the LED to start blinking blue.

  4. When the LED blinks blue, the plug has been reset. To continue using the plug, you will need to set it up again.

How Do I Reconnect My Amazon Smart Plug?

After resetting your Amazon Smart Plug, it will have to be reconnected to your Amazon account before it will work. To do this, you’ll need to set it up in the Alexa app.

Here’s how to reconnect your Amazon Smart Plug:

  1. Open the Alexa app, and tap Devices.

  2. Tap the + icon.

  3. If the Amazon Smart Plug popup appears, tap Continue.

    If you don’t see this popup, tap Add Device > Plug > Amazon > Next.

  4. Tap NEXT.


    If your barcode is missing or damaged, tap DON'T HAVE A BARCODE and follow the on-screen instructions.

  6. Use the camera on your phone to scan the barcode on your Amazon Smart Plug.

    You will need to unplug the Smart Plug to access the barcode.

  7. Plug the Smart Plug into a wall outlet, and wait for Alexa to discover it.

    If Alexa doesn’t immediately find the Smart Plug, press and hold the button on the side of the plug until the light blinks red and blue.

  8. Wait for Alexa to set up your Smart Plug.

  9. Tap Next.

  10. Tap SKIP to start using your plug immediately, or CHOOSE GROUP if you want to assign it to a smart homegroup.

    You can add the plug to a smart home group later or move it to a different group at any time.

  11. Tap DONE.

Why Is My Smart Plug Not Reconnecting?

Your Amazon Smart Plug won’t automatically reconnect after you reset it. After resetting does capital one 360 use zelle smart plug, it no longer has your Wi-Fi network information, so it won’t be able to connect. That’s why you have to set up a Smart Plug as if it were a new device after you reset it.

If you’re unable to discover and set up your Smart Plug with the Alexa app, there may be a problem with the Smart Plug, or it may be too far from your Wi-Fi router. Check to see if other devices have a strong Wi-Fi signal in the same amazon alexa plug as the Smart Plug, and try to improve the Wi-Fi signal by moving the plug to a different outlet if possible. You may also be able to install a Wi-Fi extender or mesh network if the Wi-Fi signal is weak in some areas of your home.

If you have a strong Wi-Fi signal but the Smart Plug still won’t connect, it may be defective. Try discovering it using both the barcode scanning method and the alternate method described in the instructions in the previous section. If neither method works, you can contact Amazon to see if a warranty is available or if you’ll need to purchase a replacement.


  • To set up an Amazon smart plug, open the Alexa app and tap + (plus sign) > Add Device > Plug > Amazon, and then tap Scan Barcode. Plug in your smart plug and wait for Alexa to discover it, and then tap your Wi-Fi network to connect your plug to Wi-Fi. Tap Choose Group and follow the prompts to add your smart plug to a smart home group.

  • To connect a smart plug to Alexa, download the manufacturer's accompanying app and the Amazon Alexa app. (With an Amazon smart plug, all you'll need is the Alexa app.) Next, plug in the smart plug and follow the app's prompts to set up the device, including connecting it to Wi-Fi and adding it to a group.

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Best Uses For The Amazon Alexa Smart Plug & Easy Set-Up Guide

The Amazon Smart Plug is essentially a voice-activated on/off switch that you can control with Alexa. I set 2 up in my home this week to use with lights, and I am loving them. As of the writing of this post, the plug has over 3,800 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon, so I’m not alone.

Amazon smart plug on a table

Best uses for the Smart plug

#1. It can turn your regular lights into smart lights

Ever thought about installing smart lights in your home? It’s pretty magical to turn the lights on and off with your voice or automatically as part of your morning Alexa routine. While VoiceBrew’s guide to Alexa Hue lights makes it easy for anyone to install smart lights, smart plug set-up is much faster.

You can make your current lights smart using the Amazon Smart Plug. It’s super easy to set up and, priced at $25, cheaper than most good smart light starter kits.

#2. You can use the smart plug with other devices too

Use it to turn on a coffee maker as part of a morning Alexa routine. Or to turn on a fan or even your window AC unit. See Pro Tip #4 below to learn how to tell if a device will work with the plug.

How to use the smart plug

You’ll amazon alexa plug the smart plug is on when the small blue light on the left side of the plug is on.

3 ways to turn on your smart plug

Alexa voice command

“Alexa, turn on [first plug / your plug name].” 

If you’re using your smart plug to control a light, remember that you can’t tell Alexa to amazon ps4 cyber monday 2019 the light because the smart plug functions as an on/off switch (see Pro Tip #3 below for a simple workaround).

Via the Alexa app

Go to devices on the bottom navigation bar > Plugs > toggle on and off.

As part of a routine (my favorite!)

Say you want your bedroom light (or your coffee maker) to turn on as part of a morning wake-up routine.

In the Alexa app, go to the hamburger icon on the upper left > Routines > + icon on the upper right. Tap When this happens > Schedule > pick a time and Repeat setting (perhaps weekdays only) > tap the Done button at the bottom. When you’re back on the New Routine tab, tap Add action > Smart Home > Control device > first plug (or whatever the name right airpod replacement 1st gen the plug that controls your bedroom light is) > toggle on > Next. This will bring you back to the New Routine tab one more time where you can tap Save in the upper right corner to create your new routine.

Set-up is super easy

The Smart Plug should magically set itself up

One of the best things about the plug is the satisfaction you’ll get out its easy set-up. All you need to do is:

  1. Take plug out of its packaging (but keep the packaging until set-up is done)
  2. Plug it into the wall
  3. Open the Alexa app
  4. Give it a few seconds to find the plug…
  5. Tap Devices in the bottom navigation bar > Plugs

And voila, your new Smart Plug will be there and ready to use!

Do not fear if the automatic set-up did not happen for you

For most people, the set-up just happens automatically. But, for a few, it doesn’t. It actually didn’t work for one of the Amazon Smart Plugs I bought.

If it didn’t work for you, follow these simple steps to get your plug up and running:

  1. In the Alexa app, tap Devices in the bottom navigation bar > + icon on upper right > Add Device > Plug (under the All Devices section) > Amazon
  2. You’ll land on a tab requesting the 2D bar code. You can find the code in the quick start guide included in the box (that’s why I told you to keep the packaging!). If you already threw away the packaging, you can also scan the code from the back of the plug
  3. Follow simple on-screen instructions

If you didn’t skip past this section, that probably means the smart plug automatic set-up didn’t work for you. And that probably just means you haven’t saved your wifi password to Amazon and enabled Wi-Fi simple set-up. You can check to see if you have saved wi-fi passwords (make sure you’re logged into Amazon for this link to work amazon alexa plug then scroll down and click Saved Wi-Fi passwords) or, if you’d rather not mess with this now (or ever), you can skip it and keep reading.

Still having trouble?

When I tried to set up my smart plug, it didn’t work at first, even after I went through the steps for the manual set-up above. It was unresponsive until I eventually got an alert in my Alexa app “there is a problem.” If something like this happens to you, try this:

  1. Unplug the smart plug
  2. Cancel the set-up in the Alexa app
  3. Plug it back in and hold the button on the left side until it blinks red and blue
  4. Try the manual set-up in the section above again. (When I got to this step, curiously, the smart plug was automatically discovered, I didn’t even have to go through the manual set-up)

Read this if you plan to use your plug to control a light

Make sure that when the plug is on your light is on. You’ll never need to turn your light off manually with a knob owen county state bank mortgage rates button again because the smart plug will do it for you. Remember, if the smart plug is on but the light is off, your light will be off.

Where to buy the plug

There are a bunch of smart plugs on the market, but you want the Amazon Smart Plug because the set-up is much easier with Alexa.

You can get the Amazon Smart Plug for $25 on Amazon.

Pro tips

#1. Put multiple smart plugs guaranty rv sales junction city a group so you can turn them on and off together

Say you have 2 smart plugs in your living room connected to 2 lights like me. I put the smart plugs into a group called “living room lights” so that I can say “Alexa, turn off the living room lights” instead of saying “Alexa, turn off the table light” and then “Alexa, turn off the floor light.” You can still activate the lights separately with those commands if you want.

To create a group: Open the Alexa app, tap Devices on the bottom navigation bar > + icon in the upper left corner > Add Group > write your custom name or pick one and tap Next > (scroll down to) select the smart plugs for the group (under the Devices section) and then once you have checked off the ones you want to include tap the Save button. Now when you go to the Devices tab, you’ll see your new group (for me, living room lights) show up under the Groups section.

To edit a group (add or remove plugs): Open the Alexa app, tap Devices on the bottom navigation bar > group you want to edit amazon alexa plug “Groups” > tap “Edit” in the upper right corner > check off or uncheck plugs > tap the Save button.

#2. Rename your smart plugs

You want your smart plugs to have names that you and other members of your household will actually remember so you can all voice activate them. I named mine “table light” and “floor light” (in this case, boring names are probably best).

To change names of your plugs, open your Alexa app, tap Devices on the bottom navigation bar > Plugs > First plug (or whatever your plug’s default name was) > Settings icon in the upper right corner > Edit Name. Do this for each plug.

I’ve read elsewhere that during the smart plug set-up Alexa asks if you want to name your smart plug, and you can just say “call it living room light” or something like that. This, sadly, did not happen for me, so I renamed mine after the fact following the steps above.

#3. Here’s an easy hack to turn your dimmable lights on with the smart plug at a dim setting

Just turn the plug (and light) on and set the light to the brightness level you want. I know, it’s almost too easy. Then every time the smart plug turns the light back on, it will turn it on at that brightness level. I hate super bright lights, so I do this with my living room table and floor lights.

#4. How to tell if a device will work with the smart plug

If you turn on the device, unplug it, plug it back in and it’s still on then it will work with the smart plug. But if you plug the device back in and you have to turn it on again, then you won’t be able to turn it on with the smart plug. While my window AC unit works with the smart plug, my 5th third bank customer service phone number heater does not because I have to turn it on again each time I plug it into an outlet.

#5. Make sure everyone in your household uses Alexa to control your smart plug-connected devices

If your smart plug-connected devices aren’t responding to commands, it’s probably because someone in your household manually turned them off. If this happens, you can turn the plugs on and off but the devices won’t respond. To fix this, just turn the devices back on manually while the plugs are on. This is exactly what happened to me this morning when my living room lights did not turn on as part of a morning routine I set up for them. Turns out my husband turned the lights off manually last night.

#6. If you have a routine that turns the lights on, create a second routine to turn them off

That way you don’t have to worry about turning them off. My morning routine turns on my living amazon alexa plug lights at 6:45am and turns them off at 7:30am when it’s light enough outside. To create a routine, follow the steps in the “As part of a routine” section above.

#7. If you want to sleep in, it’s easy to disable your morning lights routine

Say you want to sleep in tomorrow, so you don’t want the lights to turn on with their usual routine schedule. No problem. In the Alexa app, tap the hamburger on the upper left > Routines > tap the routine you want to disable > toggle Enabled off. This will move the routine down to the Disabled section on the Routines tab. Amazon alexa plug re-enable it, just tap it and toggle it back on.

#8. Anyone in your household can activate your smart plug — but with some frustrating caveats

When you set up a smart plug with your Alexa app, and your Echo device is on your account, you and anyone in your household can ask Alexa to turn the plug on and off with a voice command like “Alexa, turn on [your plug name].” 

But the plug won’t be set up in the accounts of other members of your household. I discovered this when my new smart plugs did not show up in my husband’s Alexa app. This will impact your household in a two ways. First, if you switch your Echo over to another account, the smart plug won’t respond to Alexa voice commands. Second, other members of your household won’t be 5th third bank customer service phone number to control the plug through their Alexa app, including creating routines with the plug.

If you want everyone in your household to be able to use your new smart plug seamlessly, you’ll have to go through the set-up again for each member of your household. I figured there must be some simple way around this, but there isn’t (at least not one I can figure out, let me know if you do!). This is a bit of a bust on Amazon’s part, and hopefully they’ll fix it soon.


Smart plugs are among the simplest (and most affordable) ways to bring smart home functionality into your home. They are also some of the most versatile, allowing you to turn “dumb” appliances smart simply by controlling the flow of power. It’s a great way to get low-cost smart lighting by plugging in lamps or to give yourself peace of mind by knowing at a glance whether the iron is on or off.

Unfortunately, glitches happen. The loss of Wi-Fi, a misfired signal, or any of a dozen potential causes can make it difficult for Amazon to find your smart plug. Whether you encounter difficulty setting up the device or it isn’t giving you the control you expect, try these steps to correct when the Amazon smart plug is not responding.

Make Sure The Device Is Updated

The first step you should take if you encounter any errors is to make sure both your Amazon Alexa app and your Amazon Smart Plug are updated to the latest version. The Amazon Alexa app should prompt you to update when an amazon alexa plug becomes available.

Your Amazon Smart Plug should also automatically update over Wi-Fi when updates are released, but if it doesn’t, unplug the device from the outlet for about 15 seconds and then plug it back in. This should prompt an update.

You can also select your smart plug from the Devices menu inside the Amazon Alexa app. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner and compare Device software version to the latest release for your smart plug.

Avoid Potential Errors During Setup

Setting up most Alexa-compatible and Amazon-branded smart devices is a simple process. However, errors do happen. There are steps you can take to ensure a smooth setup.

First, make sure you keep your phone within 30 feet of your smart plug during setup. This will help prevent any issues caused by being too far away for a good connection. Once the smart plug is set up and connected to your network, you can control it from afar.

Turn off low-power or power-saving mode on your phone during the setup process. If you need to charge your mobile device for a few minutes before beginning setup, do so.

If you are using the barcode to setup the device, try using the one from the quick start guide rather than the barcode on the back of the Amazon Smart Plug. This ensures you don’t need to unplug the device to scan the code.

Ensure The Plugs Are Powered

Depending on the layout of your home, power to outlets may be controlled through a switch on the wall. If your Amazon smart plug is not responding, make sure the outlet it’s plugged into has power.

If your home doesn’t control power flow to outlets in this way, make sure the outlet itself is functional amazon alexa plug plugging in something like a lamp. If the outlet has no power, amazon alexa plug may mean a fuse has been tripped or there’s a short in the wiring to the outlet itself.

If you are experienced working with electricity, you might also use a voltmeter to measure the electrical output and test whether an outlet is working or not.

Reset Your Router

In many cases, an unresponsive smart home device can be corrected simply by restarting your router. The exact process of resetting the router differs from model to model, but you might be able to reset the router just by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Doing so causes the router to re-connect to all devices on your Wi-Fi network, and this process helps clear up any glitches that may cause communication issues between your devices.

Reset The Smart Plug To Factory Settings

If all else fails, you can reset the smart plug to factory settings. Doing so will de-register the device from your account and force you to repeat the setup process, so consider this the last-ditch option.

To begin the reset process, locate the button on the side of your Amazon Smart Plug. Press and hold it down for 12 seconds. The LED on the plug will begin flashing red and blue. When it reaches this point, you can set up the plug once more.

There you have it. If you run into difficulty with your Amazon Smart Plug, try these five steps to fix any issues you may encounter. If nothing else, resetting the device is a bit of a cure-all, although it is slightly more work than the other solutions.


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