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vendor central amazon login Scroll down the page, below the heading “Become an Amazon seller”. Sell your products using "Amazon Pay". Learn how to navigate Amazon Seller Central: notifications; Marketplace Switcher; search bar; accessing messages, help, and settings; and a menu bar. Our expert team at Seller Interactive can help you scale your Amazon business with our comprehensive seller full account management services. Contact us.

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Open a New Amazon Seller Central Account (2021 FULL TUTORIAL)

: Amazon seller central usa login

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Amazon seller central usa login

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A full suite of tools leveraging Amazon data to take your business to new heights

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Wondering how the best are winning on Amazon?

Even the most prominent brands are relying on out-dated data, tools, and processes to run their business. Now is the time to future-proof your business with the most innovative resources available to Amazon sellers, built by real sellers who have gotten it right on Amazon.

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Impressions from Our Clients

Seller.Tools has become a foundational tool for our company. We love that we can now rely on just one tool for keyword data and the accuracy is unparalleled.

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Alex Upperman

Co-Founder, Zhou Nutrition

The most crucial tool for an Amazon seller in today’s competitive landscape – a must have! We just had our first coaching session with Gina, and we were blown away! Seller.Tools gives you so much power, it can even be a little intimidating. The customer success team gave concise, actionable feedback and put our team at ease. We came away with a clear action plan to execute on. I highly recommend both the Amazon seller central usa login platform and their coaching services.

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Kevin Rizer

Private Label Movement, Founder

Seller.Tools is an incredibly powerful tool that drives my workflow.

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Kevin Pasco

CMO, Nested Naturals

Now Seller.Tools is a MUST-HAVE for my team when it comes to building brand new listings and on-going keyword optimization.

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Tom Wang


We selected Seller.Tools and we are even helping our clients get on board because we see how having accurate data and stopping the guessing game can help an Amazon business.

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Steve Patenaud

Owner, Palacomm

Seller.Tools is hands down, the best keyword research tool out there. Better than Helium 10, in my opinion – it’s got several extremely accurate, constantly-updated data points that you can’t beat. Even though Amazon itself is always changing, I love that Seller.Tools is always innovating 3 steps ahead of anyone else. They’re flexible and prepared to meet any challenge Amazon throws our way.

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Steven Hou

Amazon Seller

Every tool I need to maximize my brand presence on Amazon is finally all in one place!

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Luke Wechselberger

YouTube @ Luke W

Seller.Tools allows me to automate my business even further utilizing their wallet, Amazon review request, keyword tracker and alerts. Also extremely helpful for doing keyword research and listing optimization via chrome extension/LQS

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Mikial Nijor

Director, Smash Commerce

Get access to the most innovative tools and data to future-proof your Amazon business now.

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Amazon Business

Sell on Amazon Business to reach millions of business customers. Whether you're a new or existing Amazon seller, Amazon Business is a great way to reach business buyers, support your channel strategy, and scale your growth. Tell your business's story and stand out

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Free amazon seller account. How to save $39.99 per month?

Free amazon seller account. How to save $39.99 per month?


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Amazon Seller Account Checklist: How to Prepare + Drive .

Amazon Seller Account Checklist: How to Prepare + Drive .


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Amazon Seller Account - Inc. Plan (USA)

Amazon Seller Account - Inc. Plan (USA)

Qualifying for an Amazon Seller Account Establish a USA Business Presence If you sell products online, whether as a full time business or as a sideline, then signing up for the Amazon Seller Account can be an extremely good commercial move.

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Register and launch with Amazon global selling - Amazon .

Register and launch with Amazon global selling - Amazon . (Italy) has an online registration process in Italian. If you cannot self-register in Italian, you can still open a seller account by contacting Seller Support. Create a seller account in an Amazon marketplace by clicking on one or more of the links below: North America. Europe.

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Sign up. Learn more. Professional accounts are now available at a promotion for limited time only. Pay no monthly subscription fee.

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How to Sell on Amazon <div><h2> Seller Central sign-in help </h2><div><p>Try these steps in sequence to resolve the sign-in issues:<br></p><ol><li>Verify that you are using the correct email address and password combination. If you have more than one Amazon account with the same email address but different passwords, use the corresponding password for each account.</li><li>Make sure that there are no extra spaces in your password. This can happen when you copy and paste your password from somewhere else.</li><li>Verify that you have entered the most recent Two-Step Verification code that you have received, if you are prompted to enter one. Older codes will not work. For more information, see Two-Step Verification FAQ.</li><li>To reset your Two-Step Verification follow the steps here</li><li>Clear your browser cookies and cache or try logging in with a different browser or device.</li><li>Use our Password assistance page to verify whether the email address that you are using is the one registered in our system.</li><li>If yes, change your password using the Password assistance page.</li><li>Log in to Seller Central using your new email address/password combination.</li></ol><p>If these steps do not resolve the sign-in issue, it is likely that your email address and password combination is not associated with an active Seller Central account. If you have not deactivated your account, click on the button below for assistance: </p><p>Contact us</p><p><strong>Additional sign-in troubleshooting</strong></p><h4>I've forgotten my password.</h4><p>Use our Password assistance page to change your amazon seller central usa login. Please do not create a new Seller Central account.</p><p><strong>Note: </strong>If you change your password and are using something other than Seller Central (for example, amazon seller central usa login SOAP server or the Amazon Merchant Transport Utility) to submit product-related and order-related data, you might need to reconfigure those services with your new password.</p><h4>How do I access my company's Seller Central account?</h4><p>If your company has already registered with Seller Central, your company's account administrator can set up a user account for you. If your company has not signed up to use Seller Central, visit to find out how you can get started.</p><h4>How do I get technical support for my account?</h4><p>If you already have a Seller Central account, contact us using Seller Central. You must sign in first.</p><h4>What happens if I do not receive my Two-Step Verification code via SMS text message on my mobile phone?</h4><p>Click the
Become an Amazon Seller - Amazon">

How to Sell on Amazon Amazon Business">

Amazon Business Amazon for Work

Amazon Business vs. Seller Account: What’s the Difference?

But as you start looking into creating an Amazon account for your business, you might quickly become confused. Right off the bat, you’re presented with multiple types of accounts, and you may not know which one to choose.

You’ll have the choice of an Amazon business vs. seller account. But what are those? What’s the difference? If you’re struggling to figure it all out, no worries! We’ll explain it all below.

Read on to find out more, and get help with your Amazon marketing by partnering with the digital marketing agency that’s been in the industry for over 20 years! Just call 888-601-5359 or contact amazon seller central usa login online to get started.

Amazon business vs. seller account

Let’s start things off by defining the distinction between a business account and a seller account. Put simply, business accounts are boone county high school basketball buying, and seller accounts are for selling.

That’s the simple answer, but don’t stop reading! The truth is, there’s a bit more to it than that.

Business and selling accounts are both distinct from regular Amazon accounts like the one you probably use for personal amazon seller central usa login. To understand what truly sets these different accounts apart from each other, Let’s look at them in greater detail.

Amazon business accounts

An Amazon business account is what you create to make purchases for your business. As indicated by the name, though, this account is different from a personal Amazon account.

When you create an account for a business rather than an individual, you get a number of benefits.

However, these differences vary depending on which type of business account you choose. Much like regular Amazon accounts, you have two options: A regular account or a Prime account.

Regular business account

A regular Amazon business account is the free, standard package for most businesses, but it comes with several features unavailable through — and mostly irrelevant to — personal accounts. Among those features are the following.

  1. Business-only prices: With a business account, you can gain access to special business-only prices on certain products when you order in bulk.
  2. Single sign-on: Unlike a personal Amazon account, which you might only use once a month, your business account requires constant attention. For your convenience, you can set up your account to let you sign in with a single click.
  3. Integrated workflows: To make sure you never go over your budget or make unauthorized purchases, you can set approvals and spending limits that adhere to your company’s policies.
  4. Account management: Managing your business account can be a lot of work, and you may want to have more than one person on the job. Business accounts allow you to add multiple users and control account permissions.
  5. Amazon Tax Exemption Program: When you buy products on behalf of a business, you can often accrue various tax exemptions. The Amazon Tax Exemption Program will allow you to apply those exemptions to all eligible purchases.
  6. Convenient delivery options: Within your account, you can manage exactly how and where you want your purchases delivered to your business.

Business Prime account

Just as Amazon Prime accounts offer special discounts and features for a monthly fee, Business Prime accounts come with several upgrades from regular business accounts. The cost depends on which plan you choose, but it ranges from $69 to $10,099 per year.

On top of all the features from the previous list, Business Prime accounts come equipped with these benefits:

  1. Free shipping: Like a regular Amazon Prime account, Business Prime comes with free shipping on all eligible items. Particularly on bulk orders, this offer can save your business money.
  2. Business analytics: With Amazon’s Spend Visibility tool, you can track information about all your purchases. You can generate reports on individual, group, and company spending amazon seller central usa login buying: Building on the integrated workflows of a regular business account, Business Prime allows you to set up rules within your account that guide your employees to approved products.
  3. Progressive discounts: With Business Prime, not only can you access special business-only prices on certain products, you can unlock additional discounts on the products you buy the most. As you continue to purchase them, you can bring the price down.
  4. 5% back or 90-day terms: For American Express Card members, Business Prime offers the option of either 5% back or 90 days to pay interest-free on all purchases within the United States.
  5. Amazon WorkDocs: When you make purchases for a business, there’s plenty of paperwork involved. For your convenience, Business Prime members have access to Amazon WorkDocs, where your employees can collaborate on purchase documents.

Amazon seller accounts

As handy as Amazon can be for buying the materials you need for your business, its main benefit is the fact that it gives you a place to sell your products. That’s where Amazon seller accounts come into play.

To create a seller account, you must first have a purchasing account — whether business or Business Prime — to link it to.

As with Amazon business accounts, you have two different kinds of seller accounts to choose from for your company. To help you decide which kind your business needs, let’s break down each of them.

amazon seller account chart

Individual seller account

An Amazon individual seller account is the simplest way to sell something on Amazon. These accounts aren’t limited to businesses — if you simply wanted to sell a few old items you found in your home, you would create an individual seller account.

Businesses can still use this type of account, but unless your business is extremely small, you probably wouldn’t want to do so long-term. Individual amazon seller central usa login accounts lack many of the professional account’s valuable tools, and are typically less cost-effective.

With that being said, Amazon individual accounts are great for testing the waters. If you want to get a feel for how selling on Amazon works without making a large financial commitment, the pay-per-sale system of individual accounts is a great option.

Here are some of the features that come with individual seller accounts.

  1. Per-item sale fee: As mentioned above, individual seller accounts operate on a per-item sale fee. This setup means the only time you pay a fee is when you actually sell an item. The fee for each item you sell is $0.99.
  2. Product page creation: Perhaps the most basic feature of an Amazon individual seller account is the ability to create pages in the Amazon catalog for all the products you upload to your inventory, with images and descriptions.
  3. Listing deactivation: If you’re unavailable to check your account for a certain period, you can set your product listings to be inactive while you’re away. That prevents anyone from buying a product while you’re unable to ship it to them.
  4. Shipping assistance: When you sell a product, Amazon will notify you with a “Sold, Ship Now” email. The email will walk you through the process of shipping the product to the customer and will provide you with a shipping label and packing slip to print out.
  5. Amazon-set shipping rates: For individual seller accounts, Amazon sets all product shipping rates automatically.
  6. Secure transfers: Rather than making you use a third-party platform like PayPal, Amazon transfers all profits directly to the bank account of your choice. It does this using its secure transaction tool, Amazon Pay.

Professional seller account

While individual accounts are great for selling small quantities of items, they become expensive once you start selling larger numbers of products. For most businesses, a professional seller account is the better option.

Since the fee for each sale on an individual account is $0.99, and professional accounts come with a $39.99 monthly subscription fee, a good rule of thumb is to use a professional account if you sell 40 or more items per month.

Be aware, though, that there are typically additional fees on top of the monthly one.

On top of the difference in account fees, professional accounts come with many useful features not available for individual accounts. Among these features are the following.

  1. Inventory and order management: Professional seller accounts allow you to manage your product inventory and customer orders with a selection of custom spreadsheets, feeds, and reports.
  2. Amazon Marketplace Web Service: The Amazon Marketplace Web Service enables you to perform hdfc bank netbanking login password reset variety of API functions within your account, including uploading feeds and receiving reports.
  3. Seller-set shipping rates: Instead of Amazon generating shipping rates for all your products, you get to create your own. This setup gives you more control over the net cost of your products.
  4. Promotions and gift services: With a professional seller account, you can run promotions for your products, including several types of Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.
  5. Tax calculation and application: Professional seller accounts let you calculate sales tax and apply them to your orders.
  6. Buy Box eligibility: The Buy Box is the box on each product page that contains the “buy” and “add to cart” buttons. With Buy Box eligibility, you have the chance to be the top seller listed in that box for certain products.

amazon buy box

Amazon business vs. seller account — which should you choose?

Having looked at all the available Amazon accounts, the time now comes to decide which one your business needs. To start with, should you get a business account or a seller account?

If you aren’t looking to sell on Amazon, you obviously don’t need a seller account. In that case, opt for only the business account. But if you do want to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to get both types of accounts, since a business account is required to create a seller account.

As for which business and seller accounts you should get, that depends on your specific needs. Look at the prices of Business Prime and professional seller accounts and weigh them against your budget.

As noted above, though, be aware that for your seller account, you’ll almost certainly need the professional one eventually, unless your business is exceptionally small.

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