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Amazon Prime in Australia: Here's everything a subscription gets you

[Did you know that you can get a free Kindle ebook each month as a Prime member? Here's how Amazon First Reads can score you one.]

Amazon may have started off as an online bookstore, but it has grown to become one of the largest tech companies in the world. Amongst everything Amazon does globally, by far its biggest (and most well known) consumer-facing business is its online shopping site. And a huge part of that is the company's Amazon Prime subscription service.

Amazon Prime was introduced into the Australian market in 2018 and, in these few years, the platform has managed to set a strong base locally, offering shoppers Down Under a range of savings and benefits for a flat monthly cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa of just AU$6.99.

That small fee opens up a whole world of perks for Prime members, all of which are Amazon-specific. So, what’s included? In a nutshell, if you sign up for Amazon Prime in Australia, you’ll get:

  • Free two-day delivery on domestic purchases
  • Free standard delivery on orders over AU$49 made from the ‘global store’ section (i.e. international purchases shipped from the US or the UK)
  • Access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Music and Prime Gaming (formally called Twitch)
  • Early access to discounts and deals
  • Big savings on Amazon Prime Day

What is Amazon Prime?

To put it simply, Amazon Prime is an all-in-one subscription service that offers members some benefits for a monthly (or annual) fee.

Its main appeal is that it offers Prime members fast and free delivery on many purchases, plus access to some of the company’s streaming services, including a vast library of movies and TV shows, over two million songs that stream ad-free and some additional benefits on some of Amazon's paid services. 

Prime members also get exclusive early access to select deals and offers – called Lightning Deals that are available for a short duration – and get to participate in a members-only annual sale called Prime Day (more on this later).

In the US, Amazon Prime offers free shipping on millions of items, same-day delivery (even two-hour delivery in some cases) and access to its video and music streaming services, unlimited ebooks and audiobooks, and unlimited photo storage. However, to get all the goods and services Amazon promises in its Prime package across the Pacific, American customers pay US$12.99 a month (US$119 a year).

In Australia, unfortunately, there are some caveats to what Prime members get, but it also costs us less – half of what the US pays, to be precise.

How much does the Prime service cost in Australia?

In Australia, Amazon Prime subscriptions cost AU$6.99 a month, or AU$59 per year – the latter is definitely better value as it saves you just under AU$25 across each 12-month period. 

As is customary with all of Amazon’s subscription services, there’s a 30-day free trial on offer. If you aren’t happy with the Prime service, you’ll need to manually cancel your membership before the 30-day trial ends or you will be charged the full monthly fee the following month.

What do Australian Prime members get?

Amazon has brought the promise of free delivery for its Aussie Prime members, but it’s limited to domestic purchases only, and specifically those marked as "Prime eligible".  This is depicted as a 'Prime tick mark' beside the pricing information of a particular product, and can be offered on anything that's sold and shipped directly by Amazon Australia or a third-party vendor. So, if you buy something that's Prime eligible, you won't be charged for delivery, no matter how little or how much your final order costs.

Not that if the "Prime eligible" label is not visible, speedy and/or free delivery is not an option even if you are a Prime member. 

However, if an order of locally sold goods is over $39, it automatically qualifies for Amazon’s free standard delivery policy, irrespective of whether the product(s) you buy is Prime eligible or not, and whether you're a Prime member or not.

Also worth noting is that, in Australia, Prime’s free delivery service isn’t the 'same day' one that's offered 1st birthday party favors the US. Locally, it’s a two-day delivery promise – something that's most likely due to Amazon having only two Australian fulfilment centres, one located in Melbourne, with the other in Sydney. Despite that, even the Australian East Coast doesn't qualify for same-day delivery, but we're hoping that might change to when Amazon expands is network of warehouses locally.

Unfortunately, though, while Aussies were stuck at home during the global coronavirus crisis, Amazon's shipping infrastructure was overwhelmed with a steep increase in online orders. Amazon was struggling to keep up with its two-day Prime delivery guarantee and was, understandably, delaying shipping accordingly. However, the situation in Australia has improved and Amazon is back on track with its delivery promises, although there are some delays still, particularly on international purchases.

Speaking of which, international items bought from the 'global store' section of the site (which lists products shipped and sold by Amazon US and, more recently, by Amazon UK), only qualify for free delivery if the total cost of the product(s) is AU$49 or more and, again, marked as being Prime eligible. Again, with cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa spread of the coronavirus, delivery of items from the US or the UK have been affected and they're not as 'expedited' as before.

Prime members also get exclusive early access to Lightning Deals (Amazon’s limited-time deals that vanish within hours of going live), typically seeing them cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa on site about 30 minutes before anyone else can.

Alongside those shopping benefits, there’s a number of complementary digital-media subscriptions that are included for free with Prime:

It is also important to note that, unlike other markets, in Australia you cannot sign up for any of the aforementioned services as a standalone. For example, you cannot sign up for just Prime Video. If you do, it will still cost you AU$6.99 per month and get you all the Prime perks there are.

Other Amazon services in Australia

While Prime members in the US get additional perks – like access to free grocery and restaurant deliveries, and a free subscription to the Washington Post (which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also owns) – cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa Australian Prime service is limited to just the aforementioned options. 

However, Amazon’s repertoire in Australia still extends beyond those Prime offerings. There’s a smattering of other services that the company runs locally, although you’ll need to sign up for them individually, paying either a monthly or annual fee for each. Anyone can sign up for these services, not just Prime members.

Here’s what those locally-available Amazon subscription services entail:

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership

If your Amazon subscription has past its prime, whether it be during your 30-day free trial or later, you can cancel at any time.

Cancelling Amazon Prime free trial

If you're still within the 30-day free trial, hover over the 'Your Account' button in the top right corner of your browser, and select 'Your Prime Membership' from the dropdown menu. Then click on 'Cancel Free Trial' or 'Do Not Continue' on the left-hand side of your browser window. 

Our suggestion would be to go with 'Do Not Continue' as you’ll be able to keep using Amazon Prime until the end of your free trial period, after which your membership will end. The payment card that you provided details for when starting you trial won’t be charged in this case.

Cancelling a paid Amazon Prime membership

In the case of a paid membership, head to 'Your Prime Membership' as described above and, this time, click 'End Membership' on the left hand side of the page. If you haven’t used your Amazon Prime benefits like free delivery or Prime Video (this might be the case if you accidentally let your free trial overrun), then you will be eligible for a full refund.

Even if you’ve used some of Amazon Prime’s features, but not all, you may still be eligible for a partial refund based on your use.

Can you keep Prime Video?

In Australia, you can't turn your existing Prime subscription to just a Prime Video one. It's part of the full package and, if you cancel your Prime account, you lose access to Prime Video as well.

What is Amazon Prime Day

The simple answer is it's Amazon's take on Black Friday, held each year to celebrate the company's anniversary. It has typically been a 24-hour shopping spree exclusively for Prime members, but the duration of Prime Day has been increasing and the last two Prime Days lasted an epic 65 hours. It began on schedule at midnight on the official start date each year, then continued on till it ended in the US West Coast.

Prime Day 2020 was a unique event – not only was much later in the year than expected (held in October as opposed to July), it was also kicked off on a Tuesday instead of the traditional start day of Monday. What 2021 will bring is yet to be seen but here's hoping things go back to pre-Covid times. That means, if Amazon is able to go back to operating on schedule, then chances are high Prime Day will again be held mid-July 2021 and will likely last another 65 hours. That said, there have been reports that Prime Day 2021 might held some time in June.

In the meantime, Amazon Australia continues to offer its daily deals online.

While Amazon Prime has its perks, you don't have to be a member to avail low prices on products being sold on the online marketplace. 

If you want to save on cool gadgets and gizmos, we handpick some excellent bargains to be had on tech in our dedicated and continually updated Best Amazon Deals and Sales page.

Sharmishta is TechRadar's APAC Managing Editor and loves all things photography, something she discovered while chasing monkeys in the wilds of India (yes, she studied to be a primatologist but has since left monkey business behind). While she's happiest with a camera in her hand, she's also an avid reader and has become a passionate proponent of ereaders, having appeared on Singaporean radio to talk about the convenience of these underrated devices. When she's not testing cameras and lenses, she's discovering the joys and foibles of smart home gizmos. She also contributes to Digital Camera World and T3, and helps produce two of Future's photography print magazines in Australia.


Los beneficios enumerados en esta página corresponden a los empleados fijos a tiempo completo.

Los beneficios de Amazon pueden variar dependiendo de la ubicación, el número de horas normales que trabaja, la antigüedad en el puesto y el estatus del puesto, es decir, por temporadas o temporal.


Nuestras opciones de seguros médicos le dan la flexibilidad de elegir la cobertura de asistencia médica correcta para usted y los miembros de su familia con derecho a ellos. Elija entre varios seguros, tales como la Cuenta de ahorro para gastos médicos (HSA, por sus siglas en inglés) (con aportación del empleado y el empleador) y diversas redes de proveedores de salud para la mejor asistencia en su zona. También puede inscribirse en planes de seguro dental y oftalmológicos, así como en una Cuenta de gastos flexible (FSA, por sus siglas en inglés) para asistencia médica y asistencia de personas a su cargo.

Seguridad económica

  • El plan 401(k) de Amazon le proporciona la oportunidad de diferir la rentabilidad de sus ahorros a largo plazo e incluye una aportación paralela de la empresa. Ofrece diversas opciones de inversión para ayudarle a alcanzar sus objetivos económicos.
  • Seguro básico de vida y fallecimiento accidental y desmembramiento pagado por la empresa, con la opción de contratar coberturas adicionales para usted y sus personas dependientes.
  • Incapacidad a corto y largo plazo pagada por la compañía.

Acciones restringidas (RSU, por sus siglas en inglés)

En Amazon, tiene la oportunidad de convertirse en accionista de la empresa gracias a la concesión y adjudicación de acciones restringidas. Las RSU son una pieza clave de nuestra filosofía de remuneración total, diseñada cuidadosamente para ayudarnos a atraer, motivar y conservar a empleados de alto calibre, como usted.

Red de apoyo

Amazon se preocupa por su salud y bienestar, dentro y fuera del trabajo. Los siguientes beneficios están disponibles sin ningún coste, para ayudar a hacer la vida un poco más sencilla.

  • El programa gratuito de Asistencia a empleados de Amazon proporciona apoyo confidencial, recursos y contactos para cada aspecto del trabajo y la vida personal, las 24 horas del día y los 7 días de la semana.
  • Ofrecemos recursos online para aquellos padres cuyos hijos lidian con discapacidades que afectan a su desarrollo, además de ayudar a encontrar contactos y asistencia médica para el cuidado de menores y personas mayores.
  • Los empleados tienen acceso a asesoramiento económico, planificación de herencias y otros servicios en caso de enfermedad potencialmente mortal o fallecimiento.

Asistencia chase disney credit card pre approval la adopción

Amazon ofrece asistencia a la adopción en cuanto a los costes de adopciones nacionales e internacionales cualificados, tales como minutas de abogados, costas judiciales y viajes.

Baja por maternidad y paternidad

Amazon ofrece toda una variedad de opciones de baja por maternidad y paternidad sin reducción salarial para antes y después del nacimiento o la adopción. Incluye nuestra opción “Baja compartida” (Leave Share) única en la industria y un programa de retorno al trabajo conocido como “Reincorporación gradual” (Ramp Back). Las opciones relativas a la paternidad/maternidad requieren al menos un año de empleo continuo a la fecha del nacimiento o la adopción.


Disfrutar de tiempo lejos del puesto de trabajo de forma periódica es esencial para que los empleados recarguen las pilas y se renueven. Los empleados devengan días de cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa retribuidas, además de las vacaciones retribuidas ordinarias de la empresa.

Descuento para empleados de

Los empleados reciben un descuento anual en los productos vendidos y enviados por

Opciones de desarrollo profesional

El Programa de opciones de desarrollo profesional de Amazon es un programa innovador a disposición de los empleados a tiempo parcial. El programa paga por anticipado el 95 % de los costes de matrícula, libros de texto y tasas relacionadas, para que el/la empleado/a pueda centrarse en sus estudios sin soportar los gastos. El Programa de opciones de desarrollo profesional permite al/la empleado/a desarrollar las habilidades demandadas en las profesiones del futuro, tales como auxiliares médicos, asistentes legales, ingenieros robóticos y profesionales en instalaciones de paneles solares. Ver más.



*Offer only valid for the Peloton Bike+. All Peloton Bike+ orders must be placed between 11/15 and no later than 11/29/21 to receive offer. One per Bike+ purchased. Offer applied at checkout. No substitutions. Peloton may cancel or limit offers at any time. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited. Not transferable. While supplies last. No cash value. Not valid outside the United States.

†Offer only valid for the original Peloton Bike. All Peloton Bike orders must be placed between 11/15 and no later than 11/29/21 to receive offer. One per Bike purchased. Offer applied at checkout. No substitutions. Peloton may cancel or limit offers at any time. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited. Not transferable. While supplies last. No cash value. Not valid outside the United States. If the Peloton Bike is returned for a refund, but you do not return the Accessories, you will be refunded the cost of the Peloton Bike less the Accessories price ($150). Offer only valid for the Peloton Tread. All Peloton Tread orders must be placed between 11/15 and no later than 11/29/21 to receive offer. One per Tread purchased. Offer applied at checkout. No substitutions. Peloton may cancel or limit offers at any time. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited. Not transferable. While supplies last. No cash value. Not valid outside the United States. If the Peloton Tread is returned for a refund, but you do not return the Accessories, you will be refunded the cost of the Peloton Tread less the Accessories price ($250).

**Offer available from 12:00:00 am EST on November 1, 2021 and ends at 11:59:59 pm EST on November 30, 2021. New App Members only. After your 2 month trial you will be charged $12.99/mo for App Membership unless you cancel before your monthly renewal date. No cash value. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited. Offer is not transferable. Peloton reserves the right to change, cancel or limit offers at any time and for any reason. If you violate these terms or any other Peloton terms and conditions, the Offer may be invalidated.

Based on the last 7 days. Delivery times may vary based on your location, the weather and other related factors. Free shipping only available in continental US.

1) Get the Peloton Bike for as low as $39/mo over 39 months at 0% APR. Based on a full price of $1,495. Peloton All-Access Membership for $39/mo, accessories and taxes separate. Not available outside the U.S. Delivery restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. Subject robert mangano 1st constitution bank credit check and approval. In cases of partial approval, a down payment may be required. Offer subject to change at any time. Previous purchases are ineligible. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa. See for details.

*Based on the last 7 days. Delivery times may vary based on your location, the weather and other related factors. Free shipping only available in continental US.

First cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa subscribers only.
For more about how we use your information, see our Privacy Policy.

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All-New Compact SUV with Available AWD a Welcome Addition to the Corolla Family

PLANO, Texas (June 2, 2021) – For more than 50 years, Corolla has been synonymous with dependability, fuel efficiency, safety and value – and today, Toyota is evolving the series even further. Based on the ever-popular Corolla sedan, the all-new 2022 Corolla Cross, which made its U.S. debut today, is the bold compact crossover you didn’t know you needed until now.

“Our loyal customers love the quality, durability and reliability that has helped make Corolla the best-selling nameplate in history,” said Lisa Materazzo, group vice president of Toyota Marketing.  “With the all-new Corolla Cross we are building upon that foundation and offering more versatility and fun to adapt to their evolving lifestyles.”

Available in front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD), the compact SUV maximizes the inherent potential of the high-strength TNGA-C platform and a 169-horsepower, 2.0-liter Dynamic Force Engine, enabling the all-new model to achieve high-quality performance, a comfortable ride and outstanding spaciousness. What’s more, the surprising cargo capacity gives it the versatility to accommodate life’s adventures.

Well-Appointed, Yet Powerful

Spread across three grades – L, LE, and XLE – the versatile design of the Corolla Cross is spacious, modern, powerful and high-quality. From an engineering perspective, the 2022 Corolla Cross offers an approachable exterior as well as a higher line-of-sight thanks to the TNGA-C platform. Key design cues include a distinctive black grille flanked by LED lighting with black body accents – giving the entry SUV a confident stance. And from the rear, the design elements continue, with an integrated rear spoiler and LED lighting. Wheel options range from 17-inch steel on L to 18-inch alloy on XLE.

Inside, Corolla Cross’ spacious interior shares many similarities with its sedan and hatchback siblings. The all-new model can be outfitted with a power moonroof, as well as either single- or dual-zone automatic climate control, with all grades featuring standard heating and air conditioning vents for rear seat passengers.

SofTex-trimmed seating is also available, as is a 10-way, power-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar and heated front seats.

In back, storage space can be maxed out thanks to the 60/40-split folding rear seats that come standard on all grades, while XLE models also include a center armrest with two cupholders. And to make access to the roomy cargo area even more convenient, the Corolla Cross has an available power liftgate with height adjustability.

Corolla Cross will also be available with accessories that expand its capability including a roof rack with crossbars, an activity mount for carrying items, such as bicycles and all-weather floormats.

Small But Homer simpson do it for her

Who says a crossover has to feel small? The Corolla Cross is equipped with the mighty 2.0L Dynamic Force engine and Direct Shift CVT from Corolla sedan’s sportier “S” grades. That means a punchy 169 horsepower and a physical first gear that provides a truly engaging driving experience, all while providing exceptional efficiency.

Corolla Cross’ suspension also plays a role here, as it’s fully independent for all-wheel-drive models, while front-wheel-drive vehicles feature a brand-new torsion beam system in the rear.

Additionally, every Corolla Cross is capable of towing up to 1,500 lbs.

And for those who choose AWD, Toyota’s clever Dynamic Torque Control system can direct up to 50% of power to the rear wheels when it’s needed – and disengages completely when it’s not. This feature helps Corolla Cross maintain great fuel economy estimates – another strong suit for this powertrain – with an estimated 32 combined MPG for the FWD model and an estimated 30 combined MPG for the AWD model.

Connected and Charged Up for the Long Drive

Inside Corolla Cross, advanced technology does not disappoint. This includes an available 7-inch Multi-Information Display with a digital instrumentation layout and an available 8-inch multimedia touchscreen. The ease of use and vast range of in-car entertainment and connected functionalities, including standard compatibility for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, will be sure to keep passengers occupied. Mobile devices will stay topped off through wireless charging (standard on LE and XLE), or through the conveniently located USB media port. LE and XLE grades offer two USB charging ports for rear seat passengers, welcoming all devices along for the drive.

The available Audio Plus multimedia with Remote Connect and a nine-speaker JBL® sound system is the perfect complement to a road trip playlist. And when it’s time to turn on the tunes, Amazon Alexa connectivity keeps Amazon’s digital assistant just a question away. Other connected features include a standard three-month SiriusXM All Access trial subscription to more than 300 channels accessible throughout the country.


True to Toyota form, modern safety is key for Corolla Cross. That’s why all grades come standard with both the Toyota Safety Sense suite of advanced active safety systems, as well as Toyota’s signature STAR Safety System.

Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert come standard on LE and XLE, while Front and Rear Parking Assist with Automatic Braking is standard on XLE. And nine airbags are mounted throughout the cabin to help protect occupants.

For additional upcoming Toyota product news, check out the Toyota New Product Showcase page.

About Toyota

Toyota (NYSE:TM) has been a part of the cultural fabric in North America for more than 60 years, and is committed to advancing sustainable, next-generation mobility through our Toyota and Lexus brands plus our 1,800 dealerships.

Toyota has created a tremendous value chain and directly employs more than 47,000 in North America. The company cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa contributed world-class design, engineering, and assembly of more than 40 million cars and trucks how to edit cfg files our 14 manufacturing plants, 15 including our joint venture in Alabama that begins production in 2021.

Through its Start Your Impossible campaign, Toyota highlights the way it partners with community, civic, academic glenview state bank review governmental organizations to address our society’s most pressing mobility challenges. We believe that when people are free to move, anything is possible. For more information about Toyota, visit

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Buy Apple TV 4K

◊◊◊ Offer valid on qualifying purchases of eligible Apple products from Fast food los angeles ca 26, 2021, to November 29, 2021, at Apple Store locations, on, sbone the Apple Store app, and by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE. Apple Store locations: Qualifying purchases cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa receive a discount equal to the value of the eligible Special Offer Apple Gift Card off the price of the eligible product, but will be charged for all items in their cart, including rabobank login particulieren Special Offer Apple Gift Card. Customers selecting Apple Card Monthly Installments (“ACMI”) as payment option at checkout or carrier financing shall receive a discount equal to the value of the eligible Special Offer Apple Gift Card off the price of the Special Offer Apple Gift Card and, for ACMI, will result in one ACMI installment at 0% APR for the full price eligible product., Apple Store app, 1-800-MY-APPLE: Qualifying purchases shall receive a discount equal to the value of the eligible Special Offer Apple Gift Card off the price of the eligible product, but will be charged for all items in their cart, including the Special Offer Apple Gift Card. Customers selecting ACMI as payment option at checkout shall receive a discount equal to the value of the eligible Special Offer Apple Gift Card off the price of the eligible product peoples trust federal credit union payoff address will be charged for all items in their cart which will result in one ACMI installment for restaurants that deliver fort smith ar discounted eligible product and a second ACMI installment at 0% APR for the full price of the Special Offer Apple Gift Card (for the same number of months as the discounted eligible product’s installment). All channels: ACMI is a 0% APR payment option available to select at checkout for certain Apple products purchased at Apple Store locations,, the Apple Store app, or by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE, and is subject to credit approval and credit limit. See for more information about eligible products. Variable APRs for Apple Card other than ACMI range from 10.99% to 21.99% based on creditworthiness. Rates as of April 1, 2020. If you choose the pay-in-full or one-time-payment option for an ACMI eligible purchase instead of choosing ACMI as the payment option at checkout, that purchase will be subject to the variable APR assigned to your Apple Card. Taxes and shipping are not included in ACMI and are subject to your card’s variable APR. See the Apple Card Customer Agreement for more information. ACMI is not available for purchases made online at the following special stores: Apple Employee Purchase Plan; participating corporate Employee Purchase Programs; Apple at Work for small businesses; Government, and Veterans and Military Purchase Programs, or on refurbished devices. iPhone activation required on iPhone purchases made at an Apple Store with one of these national carriers: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile. Apple Card is issued by Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City 5th third bank customer service phone number. Available for qualifying applicants in the United States. If you reside in the U.S. territories, please call Goldman Sachs at 877-255-5923 with questions about accessing this offer or applying for Apple Card. This offer cannot be combined with the Corporate Employee Purchase Program, education, or business loyalty pricing. Additional restrictions apply. For full terms and conditions of offer, see here.

* Monthly pricing is available when you select Apple Card Monthly Installments (ACMI) as payment type at checkout at Apple, and is subject to credit approval and credit limit. Financing terms vary by product. Taxes and shipping are not included in ACMI and are subject to your card’s variable APR. See the Apple Card Customer Agreement for more information. ACMI is not available for purchases made online at special storefronts. The last month’s payment for each product will be the product’s purchase price, less all other payments at the monthly payment amount.

To access and use all the features of Apple Card, you must add Apple Card to Wallet on an iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. Update to the latest version by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install.

Available for qualifying applicants in the United States.

Apple Card is issued by Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City Branch.

$4.99/month after free trial. One subscription per Family Sharing group. Offer good for 3 months after eligible device activation. Plan automatically renews until canceled. Restrictions and other terms apply.

  1. 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.
  2. High Frame Rate HDR content is currently limited. Additional content available soon.
  3. Subscription required for Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+ and Apple Arcade.
  4. Siri Remote is compatible with Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.
  5. Not all content is available in 4K or 4K HDR. 4K resolution requires 4K-capable TV. Accessing Dolby Atmos features requires a Dolby Atmos–capable system. Playback quality will depend on hardware and internet connection.
  6. Subscription may be required to access some content.

Services are not available in all countries or regions and are subject to change.

†† We approximate your location from your internet IP address by matching it to a geographic region or from the location entered during your previous visit to Apple. Источник:

Black Friday iPad deals 2021 — best sales still available


Tom's Guide is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

By Henry T. Casey

Here are the best Black Friday iPad deals right now

The Black Friday iPad deals continue to be apparent and elusive at the same time. This game of whack-a-mole for aluminum tablet deals But while many hunt for Cyber Monday iPad deals, we're still maintaining this page. Unfortunately, some iPads are still deal-proof, while others have hundreds-off discounts from major vendors. We'll blame the supply chain, as Amazon and Best Buy are having trouble keeping the iPad in stock.

So far we've mostly seen the best Black Friday iPad deals on the iPad Pro models, both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch. And while we saw the iPad mini 6 at its lowest price ever, that deal's since disappeared in less than two hours. We're waiting for deals on the new 10.2-inch iPad, which could happen very soon. 

There are also iPad accessory deals to help you spruce up your new or older Pad. Those include a new deal on the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, a pretty rare item to see on sale.

Now that Black Friday is over, we'll be keeping an eye out for Cyber Monday iPad deals, so bookmark that page if you are still hoping to shop. 

Best Hsa bank near me Friday iPad deals today

Black Friday iPad deals — best sales still in stock 

10.2-inch iPad deals

iPad mini deals

iPad Air deals

iPad Pro deals

iPad accessories

Black Friday iPad deals — shopping tips

iPad cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa The iPad 9 is the latest tablet to join Apple's iPad family. It sports a new A13 Bionic CPU that promises to deliver 20% faster performance than its predecessor. It also includes an upgraded 12MP front camera with support for the iPad Pro's Center Stage technology. The new iPad also features double the storage capacity of its predecessor starting at 64GB and 256GB. The iPad 9 has already seen multiple price cuts. Both Walmart and Amazon have had it on sale for $299, which is $30 off. However, last year retailers like Amazon and Best Buy offered the then just-released iPad for a low of $249. That means the iPad 9 could drop as low as $249 come Black Friday 2021. If it does, expect that Black Friday iPad deal to sell out fast. (It's already hard to find in stock).  

iPad mini 2021: Although Apple increased the price of the iPad mini by a staggering $100, the iPad mini 6 received a multitude of upgrades starting with a redesign that includes an edge-to-edge screen. It also sports a larger 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display with 2266 x 1488 resolution. (The older iPad mini has a 7.9-inch 2048 x 1536 display). The new tablet also gets a current-gen A15 Bionic CPU, which is the same processor powering the new iPhone 13. According to Apple, the new CPU should provide a 40% jump in performance when compared to the previous iPad mini. Price-wise, the iPad mini has already seen price cuts that take $39 off. We predict there will be a lightning sale that knocks a full $100 off the base model. This could very well be the best Black Friday iPad deal of the season. 

iPad Air: The iPad Air hit an all-time price low of $489 on October 8. The deal lasted just a few hours. Prior to that, it was on sale most of the summer for $499. That means any Black Friday iPad deals for this tablet will have to match or beat this $489 price point. That said, we don't foresee this tablet getting significantly cheaper than $489 during the holidays. 

iPad Pros: Apple's professional tablets will see massive price cuts this holiday season. The base 11-inch iPad Pro is regularly $50 off, whereas the base 12.9-inch iPad Pro can usually be found for $999 ($100 off). Expect Black Friday iPad deals to take from $100 to $350 off various configurations of these tablets. The base models should see at least $100 off, whereas the higher $350 discounts will go toward the higher capacity models. 

What retailers offer the best Black Friday iPad deals?

History has shown that Amazon offers the best Black Friday iPad deals every year. Last year, the retailer dropped the price of the base iPad to $249. We expect to see a similar discount for the current-gen iPad. Naturally, competitors like Best Buy and Walmart could price match Amazon's deals, which tend to sell out fast. 

Amazon:from $30 to $60 off select iPads
Best Buy:up to $329 off any iPad with trade-in
Target:shop all iPad accessories from $121
Walmart:previous-gen iPads from $79

Which iPad should I buy on Black Friday?

Apple's iPad family is now bigger than ever. Currently, these are the models that Apple offers:

The 10.2-inch iPad is the most popular iPad for a reason. It's Apple's mainstream model that's both affordable and cuanto cuesta amazon prime usa good bang for your buck. The tablet uses Apple's A13 Bionic processor, giving faster performance that makes the tablet more capable for iPadOS' multitasking tricks. It's also going to make your next round in Apple Arcade a bit smoother.

Our iPad Air (2020) review explains why that tablet is the best iPad for most people. It's a lot like the iPad Pro, but its starting price is $200 less. Those perks start with thin bezels and the flat-edge design, but it's also got the support for the top Apple accessories — the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil that's much easier to charge and the Magic Keyboard which is an actual delight to use. Although it's now the oldest iPad in Apple's lineup, it's still an excellent tablet for most users. 

Apple's iPad mini is the smallest tablet in Apple's lineup (as its name implies). It's not light on power though, as the new 2021 model sports an A15 Bionic chip, which on paper makes it as fast as the new iPhone 13. Beloved by many, its portable size makes it ideal for reading, as well as writing emails and browsing social media. And don't worry, its screen is still great enough to watch some of the best Netflix shows.

Power users, though, will want the iPad Pro. It's available in both 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes. The new tablets are powered by Apple's M1 CPU, which means you'll get record-breaking speeds out of them. 

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