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US Bank FlexPerks Rewards can be used for travel purchases for a value of 1.5 cents each through Real-time Rewards. But now, US Bank seems. Bronze Medal: Bank of America Travel Rewards Visa. Website: www.bankofamerica. Silver Medal: U.S. Bank FlexPerks Gold American Express. Rewards. Earn 4X points on travel and at gas stations; 2X points at grocery stores, grocery delivery, dining and streaming services; 1X point on.

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U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Card

FM Mini Review: With points worth 1.5 cents each towards travel, this card offers an excellent signup bonus. For ongoing use, this card is a winner for those who spend a lot on mobile payments (at 3X, rewards are worth 4.5%)

Card Type: Visa Infinite

Earning rate: 5x prepaid hotel & car rental through Altitude Rewards Center ⚬ 3X travel and mobile wallet payments ⚬ 3X dining & food delivery through 6/30/21

Noteworthy perks: $325 in travel/dining credits per membership year ⚬ Points worth 1.5 us bank travel perks rewards each towards travel ⚬ Real Time Mobile Rewards (redeem points at full value at time of purchase) ⚬ Priority Pass Select airport lounge access (4 per year) ⚬ 12 free Gogo Wifi passes per year. Note: This benefit will be discontinued on April 1, 2022. Us bank travel perks rewards can continue to enroll until March 31, 2022 and passes will be valid for 12 months from issuance. ⚬ Primary car rental coverage ⚬ No foreign transaction fees ⚬ Free authorized user cards


The Altitude Reserve card is US Bank’s challenge to theChase Sapphire Reserve.  Like the Sapphire Reserve, the Altitude Reserve is a Visa Infinite card that offers 3X us bank travel perks rewards travel; and points can be used to purchase travel for 1.5 cents value per point.  Unfortunately, unlike the Chase card, the Altitude Reserve’s points cannot be transferred to t mobile online payment problem programs.

The Altitude Reserve Card is an ultra-premium travel rewards card that offers an excellent return on spend within its bonus categories and very good travel protections.  This card’s killer feature is that it offers 3X rewards for travel and mobile wallet payments.  The latter part is key: anywhere you can pay in-person with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or LG Pay you’ll earn 3X doing so.  And with points worth 1.5 cents each, that’s like getting a 4.5% rebate nearly everywhere.

Even though the annual fee is quite high ($400), it is very easy to earn the card’s annual $325 travel & dining credits and so the net fee after rebates is very reasonable.  If you value the rebates at full face value, your annual net cost is only $75.  That’s less than most decent rewards cards (many charge about $95 per year) and yet it has better earning power and travel protections than most.

The Altitude Reserve card’s Achilles heel, in my opinion, is the fact that points are not transferrable to airline or hotel loyalty programs.  Unlike with transferable points programs where it’s possible to seek out high value rewards through transfer partners, with the Altitude Reserve there is no way to get more than 1.5 cents per point value.

Here is everything you need to know…

U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Summary

  • Standard Signup Bonus: 50,000 points after $4,500 spend in 90 days
  • $400 Annual Fee
  • Cardholders may redeem 35,000 points to cover the annual fee
  • $325 in annual travel/dining creditsautomatically applied to account for travel & dining (including take-out and delivery) purchases charged to card. In this context, “annual” means the cardmember’s membership year.
  • Points worth 1.5 cents each when used to purchase travel through the Altitude Rewards Center (flights, hotels, car rentals)
  • Real Time Mobile Rewards: Redeem points for 1.5 cents each for travel purchased directly with the US merchants.  See: US Bank Real-Time Mobile Rewards. What works where?
  • Earn 3X points per dollar for travel and mobile wallet spend; 5X points per dollar on prepaid hotels & car rentals booked through the Altitude Rewards Center; 1X elsewhere
  • There is no cap on 3X earnings
  • Airport Lounge Access via Priority Pass Select (4 free visits per year)
  • 12 complimentary Gogo in-flight Us bank travel perks rewards passes per year (this benefit ends 3/31/22)
  • Travel coverage: Emergency Evacuation and Transportation Coverage; Trip delay and trip cancellation reimbursement.
  • Primary car rental collision damage waiver (No benefit is provided for vehicles rented in Israel, Jamaica, the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland)
  • Rental car benefits:
    • National Rental Car Emerald Club Executive membership and “and save up to 25% when you rent with National® Car Rental”
    • Avis Preferred Zions bank boise membership + save up to 30% on qualifying rentals with Avis®
    • Hertz: “Enjoy special savings, faster service, extra hours on returns and Us bank travel perks rewards Gold Plus Rewards® bonus points.”
    • Silvercar: Save up to 30% (register at )
  • Global Entry or TSA Pre Fee Credit
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Free authorized user cards: US Bank used to charge $75 per authorized user, but they dropped that charge early in 2021.
  • Issued as Visa Infinite
  • Card composition: Engraved stainless steel
  • Guide to benefits: found here.

Key perks not supported by this card

  • Priority Pass Select membership covers only 4 free cardholder visits and 4 free individual guest visits per year.  After those 4 visits, you must pay $32 per person for lounge access.
  • No ability to transfer points to loyalty programs


Getting the card

  • You must be a US Bank customer to get the card.  Many types of US Bank accounts qualify including checking and savings, credit cards, auto loans, investment relationships, CDs, us bank travel perks rewards, etc.
  • Can I open a US Bank account today so that I can apply?  Yes, but you must wait until your banking relationship is recognized before applying for the Altitude Reserve. Banking relationships are usually recognized in less than 5 days, but may occasionally take as long as 35 days.
  • Can I expedite the process of becoming a US Bank customer so that I can apply right away? Yes, if you apply through a US Bank banker, they can contact underwriting to ensure that your application for the card is not declined.
  • You can sign up online or in-branch

Earning the 50,000 point signup bonus

  • You must spend $4,500 within 90 days in order to earn the signup bonus
  • When does the clock start? Upon approval.
  • Does the $400 annual fee count towards the minimum spend requirement? No! In general, fees imposed by your credit card do not count towards spend bonuses.
  • Can I buy gift cards to meet the spend bonus? It is not recommended.  Some have had their accounts shut down when using mobile wallet payments to buy gift cards.
  • Do you have advice on how to meet the spend requirements? Us bank travel perks rewards, please see: Manufactured Spending Complete Guide.
  • What about the $325 travel credit? Will that increase the dte com bill pay requirement? Suppose you spend exactly $4,500 within 3 months and receive $325 in travel credits (because some of your spend was on travel expenses). Will you then have to spend $325 more to meet the spend requirements?  I don’t know for certain.  I recommend spending $325 more just in case.

“Travel” Defined

It’s important to note that US Bank has two different definitions for travel.  To earn up to $325 in statement credits for travel purchases and to earn 3X points, they use one definition.  To get 1.5 cents per point value, they use another.

Earning 3X; up to $325 in travel credits; and redeeming via Real Time Mobile Rewards (“travel” defined)

For these purposes, travel is defined as: airlines, hotels, car rental companies, taxis, limousines, passenger trains and cruise lines.

For practical info about which types of purchases work with Real Time Mobile Rewards, see: US Bank Real-Time Mobile Rewards. What works where?

Redeeming points for travel at 1.5 cents per point value (“travel” defined)

For this purpose, travel is defined as airfare, hotel stays, and car rentals booked through US Bank’s Rewards Center.

Mobile Wallet Defined

The Altitude Reserve card earns 3X points for mobile wallet purchases. Specifically, the card earns 3X points when it is used with a mobile device to pay through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and LG Pay.

Also note that Samsung Pay MST (AKA LoopPay) payments will earn 3X rewards.

Info about Authorized User us bank travel perks rewards fee: None
  • $325 travel & dining credit? Authorized users do not get their own credits. Travel & dining purchases made on authorized user cards do get reimbursed but it comes out of the same $325 per year bucket as the primary card.
  • Airport Lounge Access? Authorized users will not get their own Priority Pass membership.
  • Gogo Wifi Passes?  I do not think that authorized users get their own Gogo Wifi Passes (but please correct me if I’m wrong!).
  • Primary car rental collision damage waiver? Yes
  • Details About Altitude Reserve Points

    Redeem points for flights, hotels, and car rentals in order us bank travel perks rewards get 1.5 cents per point value.  Points can be redeemed for cash, but only at 1 cent per point value.  You can also redeem 35,000 points for the card’s annual fee, but that only results in 1.14 cents per point value.

    Points can be transferred to other Altitude Reserve cardmembers for no fee.  There is a 20,000 point cap per year on such transfers.

    Points are not transferable to any airline or hotel programs.

    You can buy Altitude Reserve points for 3 cents each, but I’m not sure why you would want to.

    Card Perk Details

    Points worth 1.5 cents each towards travel

    With most bank programs, points are worth 1 cents each. For example, usually a $300 car rental would cost 30,000 points. With the Altitude Reserve card, though, points are worth 50% more when used to purchase travel through the Altitude Rewards Center (flights, hotels, car rentals) or when you pay for travel directly and use Real Time Mobile Rewards. So, a $300 car rental would cost only 20,000 points.

    Real Time Mobile Rewards

    Enroll in US Bank’s Real Time Mobile Rewards program in order to redeem points for purchases made directly with merchants. When paying for travel this way, you get the full 1.5 cents value per point.  Keep in mind these restrictions:

    • Works only with US merchants
    • Minimum hotel charge: $500
    • Minimum car rental charge: $250
    • Minimum for other types of travel (airfare, Uber, etc): $10
    • You must have enough points in your account to cover the charge to be eligible to pay with points.

    See also: US Bank Real-Time Mobile Rewards. What works where?

    $325 in travel/dining credits per year

    • $325 in travel or dining credits is available each cardmember year.
    • Authorized user travel & dining charges are reimbursed, but they count towards the same $325 credit per account. In other words, you cannot get more than $325 back in total by adding authorized users.
    • Any charge that codes as travel or dining will be automatically reimbursed (up to $325 per cardmember year, total).  See “Travel” Defined, above.
    • Both large and small travel purchases count. Small purchases will be reimbursed until a total of $325 has been reimbursed in a calendar year. Large purchases will be can you send money on zelle with a credit card up to $325.

    Global Entry or TSA Pre Fee Credit

    • Simply pay the $100 Global Entry application fee or $85 TSA Pre application fee with the Altitude Reserve card and the fee will be automatically reimbursed.
    • You can get reimbursed once every 4 years
    • You can gift the once per 4 year fee credit to another person, but they would have to be an authorized user on your account, or you would have to let them use your credit card number to pay for their application.

    Airport Lounge Access

    • Cardholders are granted membership to Priority Pass Select.
    • This membership covers only 4 free cardholder visits and 4 free individual guest visits per year.
    • After the 4 free visits within your Priority Pass Select membership year (not cardmember year), cardholders must pay $32 per person for lounge access.

    Rental car privileges and discounts

    • Primary auto rental collision damage waiver
    • National Rental Car Emerald Club Executive membership and “and save up to 25% when you rent with National® Car Rental”
    • Avis Preferred Plus membership + save up to 30% on qualifying rentals with Avis®
    • Hertz: “Enjoy special savings, faster service, extra hours on returns and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® bonus points.”
    • Silvercar: Up to 30% off rentals of 2 days or more

    Travel Protections

    As detailed in our Ultra-Premium Credit Card Travel Insurance Benefits page, the Altitude Reserve card’s travel protections are pretty good, but not as good as those that come with the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Ritz cards.

    • Primary Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
    • Trip Cancellation & Interruption (up to $2K per trip)
    • Trip Delay: Covers delays of 6 hours or more (max $500 per claim)
    • Lost Luggage Reimbursement
    • Travel Accident Insurance
    • Emergency Evacuation & Transportation: Up to $10,000

    Purchase Protections

    • Return Protection: 90 Days, $300 Per Item.
      “If You are disappointed with an check visa debit card balance netspend, within ninety (90) days from the date of purchase, and the retailer will not accept a return, You can be reimbursed for us bank travel perks rewards purchase price, up to three hundred dollars ($300.00) per item of personal property, and an annual maximum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), per Account.”
    • Extended Warranty Protection: 1 Year Extra Protection.
      “Your warranty coverage can be extended by one (1) additional year on eligible warranties of three (3) years or less.”

    Personal Identity Theft

    “Personal Identity Theft provides reimbursement up to $10,000 for covered expenses You incur to restore Your identity as a result of a Covered Stolen Identity Event.”

    Coverage includes:

    Costs to re-file applications for loans, grants, or other credit or debt instruments that were originally rejected by the lender solely on the basis of incorrect information the lender received as a result of a Covered Stolen Identity Event

    Costs to report a Covered Stolen Identity Event or to amend or correct records with Your true name or identity as a result of a Covered Stolen Identity Event: including costs incurred for notarizing affidavits or other similar documents, costs for PERSONAL IDENTITY THEFT long-distance telephone calls, and costs for postage

    Costs for maximum of four (4) credit reports requested as a result of a Covered Stolen Identity Event from any entity approved by the Benefits Administrator

    Actual lost wages for Your time away from Your work premises solely as part of Your efforts to amend or rectify records as to Your true name or identity as a result of a Covered Stolen Identity Event

    Reasonable fees for an attorney appointed by the Benefits Administrator and related court fees approved by the Benefits Us bank travel perks rewards for suits brought against You by a creditor or collection agency or similar entity acting on behalf of a creditor for nonpayment of goods or services or default on a loan as a ups shipping account number of a Covered Stolen Identity Event

    Visa Infinite Benefits

    US Bank lists the following Visa benefits:

    • ID Navigator
    • Concierge
    • Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection
    • Food & Wine experiences
    • Visa Infinite Golf Benefit by Troon (access high-end, private clubs around the country and join Troon Rewards ® to receive 15% off golf fees and www walmart money card customer service at over 95 courses)
    • Silvercar Car Rental Discount
    • Hertz, Avis, and National Car Rental Discounts
    • Relais & Chateaux Benefits (VIP welcome and complimentary breakfast daily)
    • NetJets private jet travel
    • Visa Offers

    Details about the above can be found here.


    Have questions about the U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve? Please comment below.


    U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Review: Comcast internet essentials pay bill Travel Perks for U.S. Bank Clients northwest municipal federal credit union

    Top perks

    As you'd expect from a high-end travel card, the U.S. Bank Altitude™ Reserve Visa Infinite® Card is feature packed.

    50,000 bonus points

    You'll receive this enrollment bonus after spending $4,500 on purchases within the first 90 days of opening the account. Rewards are worth $0.015 per point towards travel, so this bonus has a value of $750.

    Earn up to 5 points per $1

    The U.S. Bank Altitude™ Reserve Visa Infinite® Card earns:

    • 5 points per $1 on prepaid hotels and car rentals booked in the Altitude Rewards Center
    • 3 points per $1 on eligible travel purchases and mobile wallet spending, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and LG Pay
    • 1 point per $1 on other purchases

    Those bonus rates are on par with the best travel rewards cards. Mobile wallet spending, in particular, is a great category for earning bonus points, because you can earn 3 points per $1 at any merchant accepting that type of payment.

    $325 annual travel and dining credit

    U.S. Bank automatically reimburses your first $325 in annual spending on eligible travel purchases and dining, which also includes takeout and food delivery. This spending credit is issued each cardmember year. It significantly cuts down on the cost of the card, and it's the largest single credit we've seen on any rewards card.

    Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit

    You'll receive a statement credit for the full membership fee of either Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. These programs each provide different types of expedited airport security screening. Global Entry is the better way to go, because a membership also includes TSA PreCheck.

    You can get this credit of up to $100 every four years to renew your membership. For the credit to apply, you must pay the membership fee with your U.S. Bank Altitude™ Reserve Visa Infinite® Card.

    Airport lounge access

    As a cardholder, you'll receive a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership, allowing you to access the more than 1,300 airport lounges in that program's network.

    There's one notable drawback -- you'll receive only four free individual visits and four free guest visits per year. After that, you'll need to pay a fee of $32 per person. While four visits will be enough for some travelers, frequent flyers and those who travel with multiple guests can go through those visits quickly.

    It's also worth mentioning that other credit cards with airport lounge access are much less restrictive. Some offer unlimited visits per year for the cardholder and up to two guests.

    12 in-flight Wi-Fi passes per year

    This card offers 12 complimentary Gogo® in-flight Wi-Fi passes. Each pass gets you internet access on one device for one flight alliance bank housing loan calculator on a Gogo-enabled aircraft.


    Rapid Rewards Partners

    Anniversary points
    after your Cardmember anniversary each year


    Points per $1
    spent on Southwest Airlines® purchases made directly with the airline


    Earn 2 points per $1
    spent on Rapid Rewards hotels and car rental partner purchases


    Earn 2 points per $1
    spent on local transit and commuting, including rideshare

    yes, new!yes, new!

    Earn 2 points per $1
    spent on internet, cable, phone services, and select streaming

    yes, new!yes, new!

    Earn 1 point per $1
    spent on all other purchases


    25% back
    on all inflight purchases

    yes, new!yes

    2 EarlyBird Check-In®
    per year

    yes, new!no

    4 Upgraded Boardings per year
    When available


    $75 Southwest® annual travel credit


    1,500 Tier Qualifying Points
    towards A-List and A-List Preferred status


    No foreign transaction fees


    Annual fee


    U.S. Bank Perks+ Visa Signature Card Review

    This post contains references to products from our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. The content is not provided by the advertiser and any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any bank, card issuer, airline or hotel chain. Please visit our Advertiser Disclosure to view our partners, and for additional details.

    Editor's Note: This card is no longer available. Check out our recommendations for the best credit cards for groceries and best cards for gas purchases.

    The U.S. Bank Perks+ Visa Signature® Us bank travel perks rewards is a simple rewards credit card that offers a couple extra perks. It is, at its roots, a general, flat-rate rewards program that allows you to earn rewards with any type of purchase, with double points on specific categories. 

    How This Card Works

    With this card, you can earn two points for each dollar spent on gas and grocery purchases. All other purchases earn one point for each dollar spent. You can earn an unlimited number of points.

    Your points can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, and cash back which appears on your statement as a credit. You also have the opportunity to redeem for airfare with over 150 airlines.

    Other Benefits

    Visa Signature benefits. This card also includes Visa Signature benefits, such asConcierge Service for 24/7 assistance with travel planning and shopping for gifts, access to the Luxury Hotel Collection which includes $25 food and beverage vouchers and the best available rates at luxury hotels worldwide, Visa Signature Sports access to sporting events with VIP packages and presale tickets, and travel offers and upgrades with travel packages, hotels, and resorts.


    No rotating categories. There are no rotating categories to sign-up for or keep track of when making your purchases. In fact, this card basically acts as a general purchase rewards card except for the added bonus of earning double points on gas and grocery store purchases for the first 12 months. You can earn points on all of your purchases, without having to manage your spending categories.


    Foreign transaction fee. If you travel abroad frequently, it is important to carry a card without foreign transaction fees in order to fully maximize the rewards potential. (See also: Best Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fees)

    Who This Card Is Best For

    The U.S. Bank Perks+ Visa Signature Card is best for those who prefer the convenience of flat rate rewards without specific categories, but can benefit from rewards on gasoline and groceries. It is also best for those who do not travel outside of the U.S. frequently.

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    The new FlexPerks card

    Northwest Airlines has settled a lawsuit against U.S. Bank over a credit card that earns airline travel points.

    Northwest, now a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, is ditching the Visa card offered through U.S. Bank, in favor of an American Express credit card offered by Delta.

    So U.S. Bank is offering its own card, called FlexPerks. It allows customers to earn a currency redeemable on 150 airlines, among other businesses.

    Northwest's suit alleged that the FlexPerks name sounded deceptively similar to WorldPerks. The matter is now settled and the companies are not providing details.

    Meanwhile, the transition away from WorldPerks is starting. WorldPerks Visa card holders will soon receive FlexPerks cards. For about 30 days thereafter, customers can earn both FlexPoints and WorldPerks miles. Then, the WorldPerks card expires, and customers can keep using their FlexPerks Visa card.

    They could also apply for Delta's American Express travel rewards program. Or customers could use both cards.


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    The new FlexPerks card

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