can i sell gift cards for cash

Ways To Sell Unwanted Gift Cards: A Comprehensive Guide. · 1) Gift Card Marketplaces · 2) eBay for selling gift-cards · 3) Craigslist, LetGo or Facebook. Are you looking to exchange or sell gift cards for cash, there are services that allow you to do this. But this can be tricky. This scam can start with a printer. “You take this bar code on a gift car that you bought, and you print it on stickers,” says Moore, describing.

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: Can i sell gift cards for cash

Can i sell gift cards for cash
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Can i sell gift cards for cash
can i sell gift cards for cash

Gift card

Prepaid-stored-value money card

Gift card for a U.S hardware store

A gift card also known as gift certificate in North America, or gift voucher or gift token in the UK[1] is a prepaid stored-value money card, usually issued by a retailer or bank, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses. Gift cards are also given out by employers or organizations as rewards or gifts. They may also be distributed by retailers and marketers as part of a promotion strategy, to entice the recipient to come in or return to the store, and at times such cards are called cash cards. Gift cards are generally redeemable only for purchases at the relevant retail premises and cannot be cashed out, and in some situations may be subject to an expiry date or fees. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa offer generic gift cards which need not be redeemed at particular stores, and which are widely used for cashback marketing strategies. A feature of these cards is that they are generally anonymous and are disposed of when the stored value on a card is exhausted.

From the purchaser's point of view, a gift card is a gift, given in place of an object which the recipient may not need, when the giving of cash as a present may be regarded as socially inappropriate. In the United States, gift cards are highly popular, ranking in 2006 as the second-most given gift by consumers, the most-wanted gift by women, and the third-most wanted by males.[2] Gift cards have become increasingly popular as they relieve the donor of selecting a specific gift.[3] In 2012, nearly 50% of all US consumers claimed to have purchased a gift card as a present during the holiday season.[4] In Canada, $1.8 billion was spent on gift cards, and in the UK it is estimated to have reached £3 billion in 2009,[5] whereas in the United States about US$80 billion was paid for gift cards in 2006.[6][7] The recipient of a gift card can use it at their discretion within the restrictions set by the issue, for example as to validity period and businesses that accept a particular card.

Gift card sales are not limited to banks or retailers; such other companies as airlines, cruise ships, hotels, barber shops, train companies, theme parks, restaurants and other type of companies may offer gift cards as well.


Neiman Marcus introduced the first gift card using a payments infrastructure in late 1994,[8] though Blockbuster Entertainment was the first company to do so on a wide scale,[9] test-marketing them in 1995 and launching them around the country the next year. In the beginning, the Blockbuster gift card replaced gift certificates that were being counterfeited with recently introduced color copiers and color printers. Blockbuster's first gift card transactions were processed by what was then Nabanco of How to embed a pdf in an email, Florida. Nabanco was the developer of the first third-party platform for the processing of gift cards using existing payment infrastructure.

Neiman Marcus and Blockbuster were later followed by the Mobil gas card, which initially offered prepaid phone value provided by MCI. Kmart was next with the introduction of the Kmart Cash Card, which in the early generations provided prepaid phone time with AT&T. Later Kmart and Mobil dropped this feature, as it was pirates of the caribbean at worlds end davy jones death profitable for them. The Kmart Cash Card was the first replacement for cash returns when a shopper did not have a receipt for a gift. This practice of giving a cash card in place of cash for non-receipted returns is commonplace today with most merchants. From these early introductions, other retailers began to adapt a giftcard program capital one credit card online login replace their gift certificate programs.

Function and types

A gift card may resemble a credit card or display a specific theme on a plastic card the size of a credit card. The card is identified by a specific number or code, not usually with an individual name, and thus could be used by anybody. They are backed by an on-line electronic system for authorization. Some gift cards can be reloaded by payment and can be used thus multiple times.

Cards may have a serial number, barcode, magnetic strip, which is read by an electronic credit card machine. Many cards have no value until they are sold, at which time the cashier enters the amount which the customer wishes to put on the card. This amount is rarely stored on the card but is instead noted in the merchant's database, which is cross linked to the card ID. Gift cards thus are generally not stored-value cards as used in many public transport systems or library photocopiers, where a simplified system with no network stores the value only on the card itself. To thwart counterfeiting, the data is encrypted. The magnetic strip is also often placed differently than on credit cards, so they cannot be read or written with standard equipment. Other gift cards may have a set value and need to be activated by calling a specific phone number.

Gift cards can also be individually custom tailored to meet specific needs. By adding a custom message or name on the front of the card, it can make for an individualized gift or be used as a gesture of appreciation towards an employee.

Gift cards are divided into open loop or network cards and closed loop cards. The former are issued by banks or credit card companies and can be redeemed by different merchants, the latter by a specific store or restaurant and can be only redeemed by the issuing provider. The latter, however, tend to have fewer problems with card value decay and fees.[10] Card value decay is less of an issue since the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act was passed by the US Congress in 2009. Inactivity fees and card expirations are both limited by the new law.[11]

In either case the giver would buy the gift card and may have to pay an additional purchase or activation fee, and the recipient of the card would use the value of the card at a later transaction. A third form is the hybrid closed loop card whose issuer has bundled a number of closed loop cards; an example is free gift cards for a specific shopping mall.

Gift cards differ from scrip gift certificates, in that the latter are usually sold as a paper document with an authorized signature by a restaurant, store, or other individual establishment as a voucher for a future service; there is no electronic authorization. A gift certificate may or may not have an expiration date and generally has no administrative fees.

Bank issued gift cards may be used in lieu of checks as a way to disburse rebate funds. Some retailers use the gift card system for refunds in lieu of cash thereby assuring that the customer will spend the funds at their store.

A charity gift card allows the gift giver to make a charitable donation and the gift recipient to choose a charity that will receive the donation.

Gift cards can also be country-specific, and can be used to access USA-specific programming and media when outside the United States.

Mobile and virtual gift cards

Mobile gift cards are delivered to mobile phones via email or SMS, and phone apps allow users to carry only their cell phone.

Virtual gift cards are delivered via email to the recipient, the benefits being that they cannot be physically lost and that the consumer does not has to spend the additional time needed to buy a physical gift card in a brick and mortar store making it more convenient. Gift cards of this type can also be purchased quicker, which is especially attractive if an gifting occasion is on the horizon.

Other companies have introduced virtual gift cards that users redeem on their smartphones. As the merchant is not involved in the loop, it is considered a cash transfer rather than a traditional gift card.

Gift card collecting

Gift cards can have many different designs, including for, holidays, special occasions, sports teams, cartoons, and more. Some hardcore collectors collect different variations of each card, and or prefer where the pin number is not scratched off. Even more desirable are brand new unused gift cards even ones still attached to the retail backers. Most gift cards are plastic, some variances include clear plastic, shaped cards, and paperboard cards. Recently most Starbucks and Chipotle gift cards are now paperboard instead of plastic. A partial list of popular retailers with collectors who have released gift cards worldwide with many different designs and or variations include:[12][13]

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest gift card collection in the world, as of 2021, belonged to Canadian-American brothers Aaron and David Miller of Scarsdale, New York. By 2013, the brothers had amassed an estimated 3,125 different cards.[14]

In addition, some online collecting websites have pages dedicated to gift card listings for collectors.


It has been argued that holiday giving destroys value due to mismatching gifts.[15] The most efficient way to keep value in gifting would be to give cash; however, giving cash in most cultures is not socially acceptable, except with children. Gift cards, to a degree, may overcome this problem, but have certain pitfalls. Some feel that the absence of the thought of selecting a specific gift makes a gift card a worse choice than a poorly executed but individual gift.[16] New products in the gift card industry are evolving to tackle this "impersonal" pitfall of gift cards; new services launched by some service providers allows for customization and personalization of gift cards.[17]

Gift cards have been criticized for the issuers ability to set rules that are detrimental to the purchaser or card recipient. For example, gift cards may be subject to an expiry date, administrative fees, restrictions on use, and absence of adequate protection in case of fraud or loss.[3] Over time fees may render the value of a gift card zero. However, these issues have been addressed in recent years in some jurisdictions. In the United States, many jurisdictions limit or prohibit all fees or expiration dates for gift cards. Furthermore, because of the negative impact on sales that such policies can have, most merchants have adopted and even advertise a no fee, no expiration policy for their gift cards, whether or not state laws require it. In 2011, an estimated 2.5% of gift cards were subject to an expiration date and 2.7% to post sale fees.[18]

A quarter of gift card recipients still have not spent gift cards a year after receiving them, according to a Consumer Reports survey, and a majority of people say they end up spending more than the value of the card once they get to the store.[19]

In the event of the bankruptcy of the issuing retailer, the outstanding value on gift cards is considered unsecured debt, and as such gift cards may become valueless.[19] If the company intends to continue trading, gift cards may be honoured even in bankruptcy.

Another issue regarding gift cards is the growing concerns from retailers and other businesses about what can be done to prevent gift cards from being exploited by fraudsters. Gift card information can either be stolen from their rightful owners by fraudsters or they can be purchased with stolen credit card information. In recent years, cyber criminals have increased their efforts to take advantage of fraudulent gift cards as they are simple to exploit with automated brute-force bot attacks.[20] The most common form of gift card fraud is committed flagstar bank routing number indiana the act of stealing card information longest home run citizens bank park activated cards with an existing balance by attacking a retailer's systems which store gift card data. Once a gift card has been compromised, the fraudster will then check the balance through online customer portals before using the funds or reselling on the secondary gift card market.[21]

Redemption rate

Main article: Breakage (accounting)

Not all gift cards are redeemed. The card may be lost, there may be time decay expiration and fees or complex rules of redemption, or the recipient may not be interested in the store that accepts the card or be under the false assumption that not using it will save money for the giver. It has been estimated that perhaps 10% of cards are not redeemed, amounting to a gain for retailers of about $8 billion in the United States in 2006.[7]

In 2012, over $100 billion in gift cards will be purchased in the United States, where over 20% of those gift cards will go unredeemed or unused. This has amassed a large opportunity in the secondary market, similar to the secondary ticket market in the early 2000s. Some companies have created a business in the secondary gift card market that allow consumers to sell their unused gift cards or buy discounted gift cards to their favorite brands. This has helped their users recoup their share of some $55 million per day that goes unredeemed in the United States every year.[citation needed]



All Canadian provinces have legislations passed to ban expiry dates and fees collected on gift cards.[22] However, provincial gift card legislations peoples trust federal credit union payoff address not apply to sectors that are regulated under federal laws. For example, gift cards that resemble credit cards i.e. with American Express, MasterCard, or Visa branding and phone cards are regulated by the federal government. Under the federal Prepaid Payment Products Regulations, effective 1 May 2014, federally regulated gift cards may only charge maintenance fees under certain conditions and may not set an expiry date for funds on those cards.[23]

United States

In the past, uniform standards concerning gift cards did not exist. This was set to change as an addendum to the Credit CARD Act of 2009 directs the federal government to create consumer-friendly standards pertaining to gift cards.[24] Most notably, the new regulations prohibit retailers from setting expiration dates unless they are at least five years after the card's date of issue or the date on which funds were last added to the card. In addition, retailers are no longer able to assess dormancy, inactivity, or service fees unless the card has been inactive for at least 12 months, and if fees are added after that period, the details of such fees must be clearly disclosed on the card. Additionally, retailers are unable to levy more than one fee per month. The new provisions took effect on 22 August 2010.[25]

Open loop cards are governed by rules of the Comptroller of the Currency; however, oversight has been criticized.[3] Closed loop gift cards are subject to rules set by different state regulations, and issuing authorities vary widely in the rules they set for the consumer.[3] Moreover, rules can be changed by the issuer without notifying the consumer.[10][7]

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How to Turn Your Unwanted Gift Cards into Cash

Santa Claus opening a steel briefcase full of loose cash.

It’s the beginning of a new decade, yet you’ve grown cold with the passage of time. Accomplishments, failures—those are just words now. How else should someone feel with a wallet full of unwanted gift cards? Well, you should feel grateful, because it’s really easy to exchange gift cards for cash.

The Secret World of Gift Card Trading

You might not realize the internet is home to a savage gift card shadow economy. People utilize a variety of websites (namely, Raise) to buy, sell, and trade gift cards safely.

While it might sound disturbing, these websites are the safest and easiest way to exchange unwanted cards for cash. Unlike eBay, these sites guarantee you won’t get ripped off. They work with digital or physical gift cards, and they sometimes even give you the option to name your price through auction or negotiation systems.

A woman's hand holding a card while her other hand is on a laptop keyboard.

That’s not to say these sites are perfect. They sell your cards at a reduced rate and charge listing fees, so you usually only end up with about 70 to 90 percent of whatever your card was initially worth.

Plus, they have to process your gift card or wait for somebody to buy it, so it might be a few days before you get paid.

However, if cash sounds better than hanging on to (or forgetting about) all those gift cards, here are some of the best places you can sell them:

  • Raise: On this auction-style site, you pick a price. Of teams mobile app, this also means you have to wait for your card to sell. When the sale is complete, Raise pays you via direct deposit or PayPal, or you can opt to receive a check in the mail.
  • CardPool: You can sell your card directly to CardPool, and it will pay you with an Amazon gift card or send you a check in the mail. This is an ideal option if you want to be paid immediately and don’t mind that it’s an Amazon can i sell gift cards for cash card. CardPool also has a chain of physical locations and kiosks across the U.S. These kiosks are great if you want cash right now, and there’s probably one within a few miles of your location.
  • CardCash: This site buys your gift cards in exchange for a check, direct deposit, or a PayPal deposit. You can also trade gift cards on this site, which 5th third bank customer service phone number a decent option if you want a high return on them.
  • GC Spread: Here, you can make an offer, and the website will quickly buy your card or send you bank of america routing number ma counteroffer. You can also trade gift cards to maximize your returns. Sadly, GC Spread only pays via check.

Again, all of these options offer a return rate of around 70 to 90 percent. We suggest CardPool if you want the fastest payout, and Raise if you want the best return.

Alternative Gift Card Markets

A woman holding a Gold Card to pay for a wrapped gift a man behind a counter is handing her.

While gift card websites are the safest and easiest way to turn unwanted gift cards into cash, there are some other ways you can trade your gift cards for cash:

  • Amazon: Most stores won’t let you buy a gift card with a gift card, but Amazon will. If you’ve got an Amazon gift card, you can use it to buy another store’s gift card or even a Visa gift card.
  • Reddit: The GTExchange trice funeral home in barnesville ga obituaries GCTrading forums on Reddit can i sell gift cards for cash good if you want to get high returns on your unwanted gift cards. Of course, trading gift cards with strangers on the internet is risky. If you choose this method, follow the forum guidelines and only trade mid ohio food bank double donation day people who have a good reputation.
  • Ask a friend: One of your friends might be more than happy to buy your $50 Sephora gift card for $45. She can even use Venmo or CashApp if she doesn’t have the cash on her.
  • Regift it: You could always hand out your unwanted gift cards as birthday presents. Hey, you wouldn’t be the first to do it.
  • eBay: People buy and sell gift cards on eBay all the time. 5th third bank customer service phone number, it’s not as safe as a dedicated gift card website, and the returns aren’t that great after you subtract the listing and transaction fees. Still, it might worth using as a last resort if you can’t unload your gift cards anywhere else.

Again, we recommend you stick with the gift card websites. Whatever you do, just don’t try to sell a gift card back to the person who gave it to you—that’s a big no-no!


17 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash (in 2020) Online & Near You

We’ve already shared 12 ways to trade Amazon gift cards.

We’ve also shared a simple way to exchange your gift card for cash instantly.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of ways to sell and trade gift cards – from dedicated marketplaces and websites to forums and communities like Reddit.

Where to Sell Your Gift Cards Online

Today, we’re going to show you the best places where you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes to selling those unused gift cards you got for Christmas (or any other occasions.)

If you’re wondering what the best place to sell gift cards online or in person is, check out our list.

1. Cardpool

Cardpool is one of the most well-known and most trusted gift card exchange platforms out there. In fact, the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Through Cardpool, you can sell gift cards for cash.

The website offers one of the best rates for unused gift cards. You can earn up to 92% of the card’s value – making it arguably the best place to sell gift cards.

Simply visit the site, tell it which gift card you want to sell, and then get offers.

If you accept the offer, then you need to send your card to Cardpool.

Once Cardpool receives your card, you get paid within 1 business day, via check.

2. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is another reputable and popular platform.

Through this easy-to-use website, you can sell gift cards for cash or exchange an unwanted gift card for one that you’ll actually use.

You just need to visit the site, search for the brand/store on your gift card, enter the gift card’s balance, and then you can view offers.

What’s interesting about Gift Card Granny is that it allows you to choose from a few different selling options:

  • Sell it now: With this option, you simply choose the best offer and agree to sell your gift card for that price. You can earn up to 92% cash back. And, you receive payment within days. With this option, you get cash quickly.
  • Name your price: This option allows you to list your card online and you have the chance to name your own price. This option takes longer, but you could potentially get paid more. Once you sell and deliver the gift card, you receive payment.
  • Trade in: You exchange your unwanted gift card for a gift card you actually do want. There are dozens of well-known and popular retailers to choose from. Generally, with the trade in option, you receive a higher payout.

3. Raise

Raise is a popular gift card platform, which has been mentioned by a number of major news outlets, like NBC News, ABC News, Today, USA Today and Time Magazine.

Raise is different from many of the other places on this list. Rather than simply receiving an offer, accepting it and getting paid, Raise allows you to list your gift card for sale.

This method of selling unwanted cards can take a bit longer, but it can yield can i sell gift cards for cash payouts.

It’s free to list a card on Raise, but once you sell it, the site takes a 12% commission.

Payments are made via direct deposit, PayPal or check.

4. Coinstar Exchange

Update: Please note that Coinstar Exchange kiosks have been sold to Cardpool. So, if you’re wondering “how to find a gift card exchange near me”, then you’ll need to visit this page on the Cardpool website instead.

If you want to get cash for gift cards instantly, then you should definitely check out Coinstar Exchange.

It’s a company that has kiosks in grocery stores across the United States – finding them is easy as they are bright yellow.

Through a Coinstar Exchange kiosk, you can sell gift cards for cash on the spot.

All you need to do is place your card into the machine and you’ll receive a cash offer. If you accept the offer, the machine prints out a voucher that you can redeem for cash instantly.

5. CardCash

If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your gift card, then check out CardCash.

You just need to visit the website, enter a few details about your card, and you are presented with offers.

One of the best aspects of CardCash is that it allows you to sell cards that are partially used.

You can sell your gift card or exchange it for a different card that you actually want.

Once your order is approved, you get paid via check, PayPal, or direct deposit, within one to two business days.

6. GiftCardSwapping

GiftCardSwapping is a gift card exchange website. Through the site, you can sell your gift cards, or trade them for other gift cards. So, if you want to find a gift card that you’ll use, then you should consider checking out this platform.

When it comes to selling, many people report that GiftCardSwapping doesn’t offer as high a percentage of the gift card’s value compared to other platforms.

It’s reported that the site offers up to 75% of the card’s value, which is much less than companies like CardPool or Coinstar exchange.

Plus, there are fees involved in selling a card through GiftCardSwapping.

On the other hand, swapping a card through the site is free to do, and can offer you more value.

So, this site is definitely not the best place to sell gift cards, but it’s certainly the contra costa county times obituaries option for people who want to exchange them.

7. Monster Gift Card

Selling a gift card through Monster Gift Card is really simple.

You just need to visit the website, find your card’s retailer and get a quote.

If you accept Monster Gift Card’s offer, you simply mail the card to the company, and you get call bank mobile vibe customer service via check.

Generally, Monster Gift Card only accepts cards that have a value of $10 to $200.

The site does state, however, that if your gift card is worth more than $200, it might still buy it. You just need to contact the site to get pre-approval.

8. GiftCardBin

Update: GiftCardBin is no longer purchasing gift cards online. If you want to sell your gift card locally at one of their agent stores, go to their “Find a Location Near You” page.

Another good place to unload unwanted gift cards is at GiftCardBin.

What’s great about this company is that you can sell gift cards online and in person.

If you want to sell your card to GiftCardBin online, then you need to submit an online request form. You do this through the website.

You just need to enter a few basic details about your card, like the retailer, the expiration date, and the card’s balance.

This generates a quote for you. If you accept the offer and send the gift card, GiftCardBin will verify your gift card and send payment via PayPal or check.

9. Gameflip

If you have a gaming gift card you don’t want, then check out Gameflip.

On the website, you can get cash for gift cards for places like Xbox Live, Amazon, PSN and Google Play Cards.

Like you do on Raise, at Gameflip, you list your card for sale, rather than selling it directly to the site.

How much you earn for your card depends on how much you list it for – so you really get to set your own price here.

However, Gameflip does state that you’ll have the most success if you list your card for 2% to 15% off the original amount.

With this website you can sell:

  • Unused cards.
  • Prepaid cards.
  • Non-reloadable GC.

Once your GC sells, you get paid. You can choose to withdraw your earnings into:

  • PayPal
  • Your bank account
  • Bitcoin

10. QuickCashMi

Get money for your unwanted GC at QuickCashMI.

With this company, you can sell cards for a huge range of brands, like:

  • Ace Hardware
  • Amazon
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Gap
  • Macy’s
  • Old Navy
  • Rite Aid

There are a few ways to sell to the company:

  1. In-Person: You can visit one of the company’s locations and sell your card instantly. Although this method allows you to get cash fast, it offers the lowest payout.
  2. Via mail: You can send in your GC by mail. Average american savings 2020 you do this, you get the payment via check. This method offers can you send money on zelle with a credit card highest payout, but it’s also the slowest. It takes at least 10 business days – so if you’re looking to sell a card fast, then you might want to skip this one.
  3. Redeem online: If you send your GC code online instead, you receive more money than you would, by selling in person, but less than you would by selling it via mail. This method is quicker than sending the card in the mail though – it takes at least 5 business days.

According to the company, you can get up to 90% cash for your cards at select merchants.

11. Check into Cash

Check into Cash is a payday loan company. While we DON’T recommend payday loans, the company does offer a gift card service.

You can sell your GC to Check into Cash and get money in return.

It accepts cards from a range of well-known retailers, like:

The website accepts both new and partially used cards.

You just need to take your card to one of the company’s stores and you will get a quote.

To find your nearest store, visit this page and enter your zip code.

Keep in mind that the brand only accepts cards that have a balance of $20 or more.

Don’t forget to take your driver’s license with you to the store, as your identity will need to be verified.

You get paid immediately.

12. CardKangaroo

CardKangaroo allows you to get cash for your gift card.

You can sell cards for a huge range of retailers and brands, like:

  • Amazon
  • Banana Republic
  • JC Penny
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Pottery Barn

Just get an offer online and then mail your card to the company.

This is free to do, as CardKangaroo gives you a free shipping label.

And, if the brand that you have a card for isn’t on the list of websites, then you can get a custom offer instead.

After the company receives your card, you can get paid within 48 hours.

You can get up to 92% cash back, which is pretty great.

The company doesn’t accept e-gift cards.

13. Reddit Gift Card Exchange

While you might not think of Reddit as a place to sell stuff, you can trade your gift cards on there.

There’s a dedicated sub-Reddit, which we’ve linked to above, for selling and buying unwanted gift cards.

Simply create a post about your card, and set your price.

Then, simply wait for other users to respond.

In this sub-Reddit, users sell their cards, generally for cash via PayPal, or they exchange them for other gift cards.

All you need to get started on Reddit is an account, which is free to create.

14. Gift Me

Get cash for your GC with Gift Me.

Selling with this company is simple, as it features a clean, easy to navigate user interface.

With Gift Me, you can track your inventory, sales and funds easily.

Once your GC sells, you get paid via direct deposit or check.

With the company, you are guaranteed to get paid in seven days or less.

15. Save Ya

On Save Ya, you can get cash for your gift cards in two different ways:

  1. List it for sale

When you do this, you can set your own price. This means that you choose what you earn. Then, when your GC is sold you get paid via the payment method you choose.

  1. Sell it immediately

If you don’t want to list your card and have to wait until someone buys it, then you can choose to sell it to the website instantly. You can sell new and partially used cards. You get paid immediately, via:

With this method, you make cash quick, but you don’t get to set your own price.

You can earn money for cards from a huge selection of brands, from Barnes & Noble to Best Buy.

16. Ebay

If you’d prefer to set your own price for your gift card, rather than selling it directly to a website for the quoted price, consider eBay.

On eBay, you get to list your card and set the price for it that you want.

Of course, eBay does charge fees, so keep that in mind.

17. Purse

If you collect Bitcoin and you have an unwanted gift card for Amazon, then you might want to check out Purse.

With Purse, you can convert Amazon gift cards or Amazon gift card balances into Bitcoin.

You don’t get your traditional cash, but if you’re a fan of cryptocurrencies, then this is the website for you.


A few of the sites in the original post are either no longer in business or have merged with other sites. I have moved them to this section for archival purposes.

18. Giftcard Zen

Gitfcard Zen is owned by the same company that owns the giant discount and coupon site, RetailMeNot.

Through this platform, you can sell gift cards from a wide range of retailers.

What puts Giftcard Zen a little behind its competitors is its slow payouts. With most of the companies on this list, once your gift card has arrived, you get cash for your gift card within days, or even instantly with companies like Coinstar Exchange.

But, with Giftcard Zen, payment is sent 3 to 4 weeks after your gift card has arrived. That’s pretty slow. But, it makes up in other areas (great customer service, higher percentages, etc) which is why it’s on this list.

19. Card Hub

  • Update: No longer buying gift cards.

Get cash for an unwanted card with Card Hub.

On this website, you can get cash for any gift card.

It’s a really quick process too.

All you need to do to get started is enter the following details about your card:

  • Store/brand name.
  • The amount on it
  • Expiry date

Then Click on “Sell My Gift Card”

What’s great about this company is that you can sell cards worth any amount.

The Bottom Line

Rather than leaving your gift card in a drawer, unwanted, you can sell it and make a profit from it or exchange it for a card that you actually do want.

Again, these are some of the best places to sell your gift cards because glenview state bank review can get the most money for ’em.


Turn can i sell gift cards for cash gift cards into cash.

A fast, easy, and secure gift card exchange to trade unwanted gift cards for cash. Now available on the App Store.

download linkGet it on Google Play

Enter your gift card.

Type in the gift card number and pin.

We do the heavy-lifting.

CardSell verifies your card with hundreds of retailers.

Get paid via PayPal.

We pay out within 48 hours directly into your PayPal account.

Do you have unused gift cards that you would like to sell for cash?

It’s easy to sell gift cards to hundreds of gift card buyers online with our app. No need to search for a gift card exchange kiosk near me, now you can sell gift cards for cash instantly.

Choose from hundreds of retailers.

Sell gift cards for cash instantly online using our app. We have hundreds of accredited retailers and gift card buyers to exchange gift cards for cash.


Sell Gift Cards For Cash on the markatplace

The gift cards work amazingly www walmart money card customer service like a debit card which includes a fixed amount of money that is available for the best use and variety of different purchases. You can find two types of gift cards commonly, a tangible gift card and a virtual card.

Various gift cards are getting redeemed online. It is easy to purchase these gift cards online and one can also use them for payment online for specific purchases. These gift cards help in attracting new customers and help in creating brand awareness.

You can use these available gift cards to gift them to your friends or family or your employees as a bonus. Well, there is a popular website from where you can easily buy gift cards and can sell gift cards for cash. Let’s get informed more about them.

About is a popular matketplace which allows you to buy or sell unwanted gift cards. This is a popular website which was developed in the year 2012.

Sell gift cards for cash

The BuySellVouchers marketplace accepted payment systems and e-wallets:

  • - WebMoney;
  • - Perfect Money;
  • - Litecoin;
  • - Bitcoin;
  • - Advcash;
  • - Tether TRC20;
  • - Tether ERC20;
  • - BS Token.

We hope in the future it will be possible to buy gift cards also with other payment systems and e-wallets like: Paypal, LiqPay, Payeer, Payoneer, Ffin online banking sign in, Payza, Qiwi, Revolut, Netteler, Visa, Epay, Mastercard, ApplePay, Skrill, Yandex.Money, Cash app, MoneyGram and many others.

The best part is that, whenever you will visit this site for buying or selling gift cards, you will find great discount deals every time. This website offers various options to choose from. It is easy to browse and shop. Another can i sell gift cards for cash as to why BuySellVouchers is exceptional in its service is speedy shipping. You can expect same-day delivery for gift cards code in your mail. Its intuitive website design, seamless services and user-friendly can i sell gift cards for cash with rich discounts, make it the best website for buying and selling gift cards.

What gift cards and vouchers can you buy and sell on

Before you start shopping in stores or online, check out the website of for availing discounted gift cards of Amazon, Skype, Walmart, Spotify, iTunes, App Store,, Microsoft, Steam, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Netflix, eBay, Starbucks, Uber, Visa, American Express, BestBuy and many more.

Gift cards for saleOn the other hand, you can sell these unused gift cards also on

In case you are unable to find your category in the mentioned list, then you can also request for adding a new category. You can send a complete description of the category which you would like to add.

Try sending as many details as you can. For selling the gift card, you need to select a sale a price, and simply your gift card will be featured on their marketplace for thousands of online shoppers.

What are the benefits of gift cards buying and selling at

Endless saving

BuySellVouchers gift cards buy and sell options offer endless discounts over a large number of brands. So next time whenever you think of buying something new, check out a gift card on BuySellVouchers website.

Get rid of unwanted gift cards

Have you recently got a gift card from someone, and it is of no use to you? In this case,Then, don’t think of throwing it in the trash as you can sell gift cards for cash. Yes, you can get good card value from it by selling it on the marketplace.

Offers variety

The most popular gift for someone special can be a gift card. BuySellVouchers proffers the amazing choices from where you can make the right selection. You can save good money and can make the right purchase of gift cards of your favorite brand from them.

Convenient purchase and selling option

It is easy to sell and buy a gift card from BuySellVouchers. All you need to do is: select your favorite brand, choose a card value, make a payment for your card and expect delivery soon. On the other hand, you can easily sell gift cards for cash at BuySellVouchers website and can get cash in return.

No expiry date

Many of the gift cards listed on their website come without any expiry date. Yes, this is an exciting feature, which means you can shop anytime you like, without restricting to any time limit.

How to buy a gift card at

It is very easy and simple to learn how to buy a gift card and vouchers at

How to buy gift card?

Follow the steps below,

  • - You need to visit the official website as

  • - It will navigate you to their home page, where you will find a long list of the latest offers.

  • - If in case, you are unable to find your favorite brand on the latest offers, then you can simply search for your product by viewing BuySellVouchers full catalogue which is given on the homepage’s left side.

  • - You can view seller rating, seller’s name, availability, and price as well. You can also view how many times the gift card of the same brand has been sold. This can also allure customers to purchase those gift cards.

  • - For example, if you as a buyer have selected to buy a 10$ Skype Voucher, you have to click on that option and a new page will be opened where you will find again a price value of the gift card and a highlighted box displaying “buy” option.

  • - You can also choose the quantity of the gift cards which you would like to have the same brand and value.

  • - Then simply click on the “buy” option.

  • - You will be then navigated to a new page, showing you the first national bank severna park modes. You have to choose trustco mortgage currency for making a payment. These payment modes which include the following options as, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Advcash EUR, Advcash USD, Perfect Money EUR and Perfect Money USD.

  • You need to enter your email address carefully as on this email address only the digital cards are delivered.

  • - Make your payment and you are done. You can expect a soon delivery of your gift card.

This is so cool. Now, in one click of a button, you can avail great deals on gift cards and can get the same for endless shopping.

Why to check the seller rating?

It is good to take seller rating in consideration as higher is the rating of the seller, the more trustworthy he is. It is suggested to buy gift cards from the sellers who have a high rating. These ratings depend on sales, and also on positive or negative feedback.

As a seller, can I create a product list?

Yes, you can create your product list on BuySellVouchers. You can also review your uploaded products from time to time, as well as you can upload new products, edit lists and assign the bonuses for positive and honest reviews.


Buying gift cards needs a good investment of time and thought and no one wants to go wrong with their choice. Thanks to where it is allowed to sell gift cards for cash. Yes, a lot of people are buying and selling gift cards from this trusted website. is truly on of the best platform from where you can buy gift cards for someone special on various occasions & festivals. You can also sell your unwanted gift cards here and can get cash in return.

Selling gift cards for cash has attracted money. It is easy to sell gift cards for cash online here on You can list your gift cards easily for sale. It offers you the safest and secured payment gateway for keeping your personal details also secure.

You will find all the verified sellers and buyers here. All the gift cards listed are also from top-notch brands. You don’t have to worry about over the visibility of gift cards too for sale, as the gift cards which have come for sale are added with other gift cards of the website, along with seller rating so that everyone can view your gift card and can select them for buying.

So get ready to cash out gift cards at For information about their services, feel free to contact BuySellVouchers support team. Visit official website to get your hands on the best deals today.

Sell Gift Cards for Cash


Best gift card exchange sites 2021: Gift card exchange for cash

Doing a gift card exchange for cash is what these dedicated websites are all about, so you can turn an unwanted gift into money to spend on something else. Though the drawback of using these sites is the fee usually charged to do the exchange, as well as the fact you won’t get the full value of the gift card in cash, it’s better than the gift card gathering dust! Most sites offer between 80-85% of the value of the gift card, so if you know you’re not going to make use of the card at all, then it’s still a good return for you.

You don’t need to be in physical possession of the gift card in order to average american savings 2020 it for cash, with sites also buying credit and digital codes as part of their service due to the increase in e-gift carding. Be wary of websites that are known as less reputable, as some will try and insert hidden fees into the exchange, or withhold payment, and waste your time and money. To give the full picture, we’ve included tried and trusted sites within this guide alongside those which we found to be more unreliable, so you know which ones to opt for. Even when using the best sites there can often be delays in the gift card exchange for cash, so don’t panic if your money takes a few days to come through to you. 

It’s worth noting that some of these exchange sites will also sell ‘second hand’ cards themselves at a lower rate, which might seem like a great deal. On more unsavory websites, however, these codes may not be valid or have already been used, so it’s best to thoroughly check, first in this guide and then through user reviews for those specific sites, on what is being said about their service. For more help deciding where to shop, check out our guides to the best auction sites and the best online shoe stores.

1. Raise: Best gift card exchange overall


This is the gift card exchange company we’d recommend


Buys physical cards?: Yes

Buys store credit?: Yes - limited

Maximum payment: Up to 85% of value

Reasons to buy

+Informative and user-friendly website and app+BBB accredited with an impressive A rating+Cards are guaranteed for 1 year

Reasons to avoid

-Slower payout times than competitors

Raise has a well-designed gift card exchange website. The layout is clean and modern and it's clear where to go to buy, sell and earn rewards. The free mobile app has the same feel and is equally easy to use. One thing we really liked about this exchange website is the shopper guarantee. For an entire year from the day you purchase a gift card, Raise will refund your purchase price if the cards if you've been waiting for a physical card to arrive, it has an incorrect balance or is just simply not the card you ordered. 

Raise offered us good money for our gift cards, and had deals on top retailers with an additional option of cashback where gift cards weren’t available. You're promised around 85-90% of the value when exchanging gift cards for cash, which is low among exchange sites. However, we found during tests that the final amount we received was comparable to other sites, which can levy hidden fees.

You can get paid via PayPal, direct deposit, and a check in the mail (although this last option carries a hefty fee, so we cannot recommend it). Coupled with an impressive A rating from the Better Business Bureau, this is the gift card exchange company we’d can i sell gift cards for cash. Gift Card Spread: Best for buying cards

Gift Card Spread

A good option for great value gift cards purchases, but sell elsewhere


Buys physical cards?: Yes

Buys digital store credit?: Yes

Maximum payment: Set your price

Reasons to buy

+Simple website, easy to navigate +Some of the best deals we’ve seen 

Reasons to avoid

-A laborious card sale-Poor BBB rating and a history of negative reviews

Gift Card Spread has a large variety of gift cards on offer for impressive discounts of up to 31% - some of the best we’ve seen. This website is easy to use. Retailers are listed alphabetically but you can also search by price, card type, or a multitude of categories. Like other exchange websites, each retailer has a saving of ‘up to’ a certain amount. You can then click to see what your options are.  

However, there isn’t an app on offer which penalises Gift Card Spread when compared to competitors such as CardCash, and the process of selling your card is far too complicated to be worth the hassle. If you're looking to buy cards this is the place to do it, but anyone seeking to exchange or sell should definitely consider other options.

3. CardCash: Best for sellers


The rates offered by CardCash were higher than most competitors


Buys physical cards?: Yes

Buys digital store credit?: No

Maximum payment: Up to 92% of value

Reasons to buy

+User-friendly app+Fast payout+Option to trade your unwanted card 

Reasons to avoid

-Misleading savings

While it offers ‘up to’ significantly large discounts on vouchers for big retailers, the reality of CardCash is often disappointing with often less than a percentage off full retail price - which really isn’t worth the bother. If you are able to find a good deal, though, then there is a welcome 45-day guarantee on all purchases.

However, if you’re looking to sell your gift card you might be in for more luck. The rates offered by CardCash were higher than most competitors, making them a good option if you want to sell your gift card for as much as possible. The option of PayPal and direct debit payments also mean you can have this money in a matter of days, which is faster than most other gift card exchange companies. 

4. Gift Card Granny: Best selection of cards

Gift Card Granny

While it has many gift cards to buy, it doesn’t offer you the chance to sell


Buys physical cards?: Yes

Buys store credit?: No

Maximum payment: Up to 92% of value

Reasons to buy

+BBB accredited with an impressive A rating+Save money on every purchase with cashback

Reasons to avoid

-Modest deals which didn’t impress-It won’t buy your gift card 

With amazon prime alexa free app to use on the go and lots of gift card options from dozens of exchange websites and even more retailers, Gift Card Granny has a good selection available, even if this comes in a different form to many of its competitors. If the cashback option appeals to you, this is a good option with the ability to customise eGifts for sending to loved ones. 

A big downside with Gift Card Granny is that, whilst it posts lots of useful, informative content and has many gift cards listed available to buy, it doesn’t offer you the chance to sell your gift card. If that’s what you’re after, this isn’t the site for you. However, Giftcard granny had offers for over 1300 brands, making it one of the most comprehensive sites we looked at.

5. Card Kangaroo: A great inventory natures metropolis chicago and the great west cards

Card Kangaroo

A good all-rounder, with a decent selection of cards


Buys physical cards?: Yes

Buys store credit?: No

Maximum payment: Up to 85% of value

Reasons to buy

+Over 1,300 cards on offer+Fast selling process+Free shipping on physical cards.

Reasons to avoid

. but you have to mail in your card

Card Kangaroo has an inventory of about 1,300 cards as of last November and has served nearly 59,000 customers. You can use this website to buy, sell or trade your unwanted gift cards or simply check the remaining balance of a card you found in your wallet. CardKangaroo guarantees the stated balance up to $500 of purchased gift cards for 100 days from the day you buy them. They accept major credit cards as well as PayPal.

If you're looking to sell cards you simply select the merchant, value of the card and get an offer from the website. This company is unique in that you'll receive a shipping label and be asked to mail your gift card in, rather than simply providing the card's number and other information. If this isn't too much of a hurdle for you, CardKangaroo is a great gift card swap option. You'll receive payment via a check in the mail or through PayPal.

If you'd rather trade for a different gift card you simply click that option after providing information about the card you no longer want. Once you've picked which gift card you want, you'll have to ship yours in before getting the one you swapped it for in the mail.

6. GiftCardBin: Good for customer satisfaction


Customers are satisfied, but it isn't the best site out there


Buys physical cards?: Yes

Buys store credit?: No

Maximum value: Up to 85% of value

Reasons to buy

+Good customer service+Some good discounts on purchases

Reasons to avoid

-Not BBB accredited

If the other companies we tested aren't giving you the results you want, you might want to consider GiftCardBin. You can search by discount, store, category or your own favorites once you create an account. You can buy electronic or physical gift cards and if you choose the latter you can expect it in the mail within ten business days. Digital cards will appear in your account within two business days - longer than some promise. 

You can also get vouchers printable at home and redeemable in-store for certain pay my metro pcs bill for free. We saw discounts as high as 31% during our testing, which meant you could buy a $140 Lane Bryant card for less than $100. That said, you’d need to be confident in making a large purchase for this deal to pay off. 

We saw some impressive savings with GiftCardBin, so it’s worth signing up for alerts in case any of your favorite retailers crop up with a great deal. Whilst not accredited, an A+ BBB rating indicates a high level of customer satisfaction - one of the major perks of GiftCardBin in comparison with leading sites. 

Why trust us?

We’ve been reviewing gift card exchange websites since 2010, and we know it can seem like a roller coaster. The payout for selling a card and the discounts available when buying them seem to fluctuate almost daily. That’s because it’s a supply-and-demand market. The more of a certain card a website has, the more of a discount they’ll offer on it. On the other hand, if there is a high demand for a small number of cards, the discount will be less.

The gift card market is massive. Physical cards are growing at an annual rate of 6% but digital cards are doing the same at a rate of 200%, according to CardCash.

Marina Hodges, chair of the Retail Gift Card Association said the group is made up of about 90 members representing retailers, card producers, gift card exchanges and others. She said opinions differ by retailer, but most are in support of exchanges.

“If I’m a retailer it’s great for me because then the person who has my card is going to shop with me versus throw it in a drawer,” Hodges said.

Tips and tricks

The RGCA was founded in 2008, and its goal is to grow and preserve the gift card industry. At the same time, the group recognizes the risks associated with using third-party resellers like gift card exchange websites. In an official statement on the RGCA website, users are encouraged to educate themselves on gift card exchanges before using one. It has several tips to keep in mind while shopping for gift cards to ensure you're getting a good deal and avoiding fraud:

  • Use exchange services that verify the balance of a gift card before selling it.
  • Make sure you can track your payout method through the gift card exchange website.
  • Use gift card exchanges with buyer guarantees that are in effect even after you receive your card.
  • Never give out gift card information over the phone to someone claiming to be with the police, a utility company, the government or any other third party. These agencies do not accept payment via gift card.
  • Store your cards in a secure place.
  • Until you’re ready to use the card, leave the scratch-off material on the PIN number on the back of the card.
  • Use gift cards quickly.
  • Read the fine print. Make sure gift cards don't have any extraneous fees.

Why did we not list Cardpool?

The reason we can't recommend Cardpool is that it has an F rating with the BBB, the lowest rating they give. Definitely worth taking into account! We read many reviews that suggested Cardpool did not send out cards or pay the proper amount when purchasing from sellers. As such, we cannot recommend this site, but you are obviously free to consider it.

One of Cardpool’s main advantages is its one year guarantee. Unlike competitors such as CardCash, who only guarantee for 45 days. Cardpool also gives you the option of being paid in Amazon gift cards: a unique offer among the companies we reviewed. We particularly liked the Cardpool app, which gives you access to a digital wallet and allows you to buy gift cards on the go; maybe even while waiting in line at checkout. You can pay in-store directly from your phone and get your shop for less. 

One disadvantage is the app is only available on the Apple App Store. Popular stores can i sell gift cards for cash lower discounts. However, it’s still a good way to save a few bucks if you’re making a bigger purchase and it’d add up over time. We saw much bigger discounts on other retailers such as American Eagle, which offered a 17% discount.

What about Cardpool kiosks?

Cardpool is unique in that it offers its gift card exchange service through kiosks. These kiosks are usually located inside another store, such as a Target, and you can locate one using Cardpool's online map search feature. Once you find a location, simply bring all your unwanted gift cards to that store and swipe them at the machine. You can also exchange electronic gift cards.

The downside is the cards must have at least $15 on them and no more than $1,000, so that Starbucks card in your wallet with a couple dollars on it won’t work. You can get up to 85 percent of the card's value at a kiosk, though your return will vary depending on the type of gift card you exchange. The kiosk prompts you to enter your personal information and then offers you cash in return for the cards. Finally, you collect your money from the store's service desk or at the kiosk if you have a reloadable Visa gift card.

To use a kiosk you need a government-issued ID, cell phone number, email address and sometimes a credit card number. This is to prevent fraud and keep someone else from collecting your cash at the store’s service desk. If you are asked to enter credit card information, Cardpool will never charge it without your permission. However, if the gift card you sell was obtained illegally, you could be charged.

If you are used to using Coinstar kiosks you probably noticed some changes in recent years. Cardpool now owns Coinstar Exchange kiosks, so these machines can also be used for counting your change and giving you cash along with exchanging your unwanted gift cards. These machines are usually green. Gift Card Exchange kiosks are yellow and only work with gift cards.

How we found the best gift card exchange websites

We went through every uibs of these gift card exchange websites to see how well they work and whether they’re worth your time. We bought gift cards from leading retailers and found out how much we could get in return for selling call bank mobile vibe customer service. We also checked out how big the discounts were on cards available for purchase from top brands. When it was an option, we also downloaded the app to make sure it worked as advertised and while the majority of gift cards out there are digital, we also looked at shipping rates for shoppers looking for a physical gift card.

The number and variety of retailers you can buy gift cards on exchange websites changes all the time. Instead of trying to keep our thumb on how many individual retailers were available, we searched for three big players –  American Eagle, Macy’s and Walmart – at the same time on the same day across all the websites we tested. We then assigned a letter grade corresponding to whether the website had cards available for purchase from those retailers.

We also used the Better Business Bureau to make sure these gift card exchange websites are legitimate. The BBB is a consumer watchdog group which assigns ratings A+ through F to companies based on information from business and customer complaints. These ratings aren’t a guarantee, but they’re helpful in seeing whether businesses and websites have had consistent problems or consumer complaints.

Prepaid vs gift cards

A gift card is essentially like cash you can only spend at a specific store. You use the card until the balance is gone and then discard it, though some retailers allow you to add more money to the card so you can continue spending with it. Not all stores allow you to reload existing cards, and there's a chance the store could give you a new gift card every time you want can i sell gift cards for cash add money. One red flag to look for are fees, as gift cards shouldn’t have any. If a retailer tries to charge you a fee for using a gift card, we recommend using another method of payment or simply shopping elsewhere.

Prepaid cards are designed to be reloadable, and as such, they sometimes carry fees. These vary by card, so it’s important to read the fine print if you go this route. These cards are often available from credit card companies like Visa and can be used on everyday expenses. Wallet Hub found prepaid cards can cost a person up to $311 per year in fees though, so if you can, you should opt for cards directly from a bank because they have fewer fees and a more secure guarantee. Or, you can avoid this quagmire altogether and opt for a gift card. If the person can't find anything at the store it's good at, they can use a gift card exchange to swap it for one they’ll love!

Physical vs digital

When exchanging gift cards, make sure you know what you’re getting. Some websites deal only in digital gift cards. This means you’ll receive a code via email, usually within a day or two. These codes can then be used for online shopping, though most retailers will let you use them in person at the cash register if you have all the required information like the full card number and activation code. Some websites will send you a physical gift card in the mail, but that means you’ll have to wait longer for it to arrive. Our research shows it usually takes about seven business days for cards to get to you, but that’s on top of the one or two days it will take for the company to process your order and get it in the mail. If you’re in a hurry, digital gift cards are the way to go. Another thing to keep in mind when deciding between digital and physical gift cards is how organized you are. If dozens of punch cards and gift cards tend to get lost and forgotten in your wallet, a digital card will be much more useful. On the other hand, if your computer’s emails and files aren’t well organized, you might want to opt for something physical you can keep your hands on until you need it.

How much do gift card exchanges cost?

If you’re selling an unwanted gift card, exchange websites take a cut. It depends on the website, card you’re selling and overall demand, but most take 15% or less. If you’re buying gift cards you can expect to see discounts of up to 35%, meaning you’d pay $65 or more 5th third bank customer service phone number a $100 gift card. This too depends on the retailer and demand for that card. We found these discounts to usually be a bit more modest.

Gift card selection

Because users are buying and selling cards all the time it’s difficult to say exactly how “good” one website’s selection is compared to another. While our tests looked for three well-known gift card retailers across all websites, we acknowledge this is flawed because those cards could reappear or disappear from any site at any time. What we’d recommend is to shop around; if you can’t find the gift card you want on one website, you might be able to find it on another.

Read the fine print

While you’re shopping around, make sure the website you’re using is reputable. We made sure all of the websites we reviewed were secure, but we also found some sketchier options out there we wouldn’t recommend. Make sure wherever you’re shopping has responsive customer service representatives and never give out your credit card number on websites that aren’t secure. Secure websites have a small padlock symbol in the address bar, sometimes accompanied by the word “secure.” We’d also recommend making sure wherever you’re shopping has some kind of buyer’s guarantee so you’re protected when buying from secondary sellers.

Most popular gift cards

According to Wallet Hub, Amazon was the most preferred gift card last year. When you're looking at gift card exchange websites check out Cardpool, which offers Amazon gift cards in exchange for cards from retailers you don't buy from. Visa was the second most preferred gift card, followed by Walmart and then Target. Keep this in mind if you're shopping but don't know what kind of gift card to get a friend or loved one. These retailers are very popular, so the odds are this card will get used. Amazon knocked Walmart out of the No. 1 spot in 2017, which signals the rising popularity of online shopping. Some other preferred gift card brands include Kohl's, Disney, Sephora, Home Depot, McDonald's and Starbucks.

Multi-store gift cards

You've probably seen them at stores like Walmart or CVS. Usually displayed on large stands, you can oftentimes purchase gift cards from numerous retailers without having to visit the store itself. These cards usually work for restaurants or businesses that are owned by the same or partner companies. For example, a Darden Restaurants card works at Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Cheddar's and several other eateries. These cards are great if you're unsure what kind of card to get a person or simply don't know much about what they like to eat or buy. Along with more customer choice, these kinds of cards are good because you're protected in case one store or restaurant closes. They also don't have any fees.

Gift card security

Whether it’s around the holidays or not, scammers look for ways to steal information and money. You might feel safe and secure using your debit and credit cards at everyday retailers or big box stores, but some of the largest companies have experienced data breaches that left consumers vulnerable.

It might be easy to use your credit or debit card, but it’s not always safe. In December 2013, Target confirmed the credit and debit card information of roughly 40 million customers had been stolen. The number of customers affected later increased to 70 million. The New York Times reported the can i sell gift cards for cash ultimately paid a settlement of $18.5 million plus $202 million in legal fees, but millions still had their personal information stolen. If you shopped at Best Buy in September or October of 2017, you also may have had your information stolen. The same can be said for Sears and Delta Airlines according to USA Today.

Gift cards can help you avoid having your beverly bank and trust login or information stolen. Simply purchase gift cards at retailers you frequent with cash and use them like debit cards. This eliminates the need to use a credit or debit card and potentially put your personal information in a vulnerable position. You can also use gift card exchange websites to acquire gift cards and use them to make everyday purchases at stores you frequent. There’s no reason to save a gift card to buy something special, and the added sense of security is a nice bonus.


Can I use five star bank yorkshire ny gift card anywhere?

Gift cards have to be used at the merchant that is listed on the card. This is of course not the case with multi-store cards, which usually list every store you can use it at on the card. Visa preloaded cards are also an exception, as they can be used anywhere in place of a debit or credit card or cash.

Will a gift card exchange rip me off?

The gift card can i sell gift cards for cash we reviewed are all reputable with secure checkout, so your information stays safe. You won’t get 100 percent of the value of the gift card you’re selling, but that’s normal; it’s can you send money on zelle with a credit card gift card exchanges make money.

Will gift card exchanges take my really obscure gift card?

Most gift card exchanges only accept cards from national chains or retailers. A card to your roundpoint mortgage servicing payment mom and pop shop most likely won’t sell unless you live in a major city.

Is my gift card expired?

You can find out by visiting the retailer’s website and looking up the balance on your gift card. If you’re still having trouble figuring out your balance you can call customer service or visit the store in person.

What happens if a gift card exchange gives me a card with an inaccurate balance?

Contact customer service for that exchange, and tell them immediately. They’ll be able to right the wrong and get you back any money you lost.

Reusing gift cards

If you know your way around gift card exchanges and have used them many times before, you may have first national bank southern california the point where you have a bunch of cards with $0 balances. Don’t despair! We here at Top Ten Reviews won’t leave you hanging.

There are a lot of things you can do with a gift card once you've used it. The Balance Everyday, part of Dotdash publishing, recommends putting more money on the card and giving it away as a gift. Cards with beautiful patterns or designs can even be cut into shapes and used as design or scrapbooking embellishments. You can also easily turn an old gift card into a stencil with a pair of scissors. In addition, cutting can i sell gift cards for cash jagged or curved edge makes an empty gift card a great pottery tool.

This Old House, a home builders website, has a lot of home improvement uses for old gift cards. For example, pay my amazon prime credit card extremely handy to have in your pocket to use as a straight edge. You can also use a gift card to glue down loose tiles rather than getting a trowel dirty. In addition, the website says gift cards can be used to smooth out air bubbles in wallpaper or to caulk your tub, and you can use one as a miniature paint shield in tight spots.

Pinterest users have also compiled a long list of alternative uses for gift cards, including using them as covers for mini journals, cutting them into shapes to make magnets or recycling them as guitar picks. If you have a sharp enough blade, you can even cut a gift card into a multipurpose tool to keep in your wallet.

Gift card exchange and Reddit

If you're looking to swap gift cards in an unofficial way, one option is Reddit's gift card exchange program. Note, however, that this swap program is merely a community of Reddit users following a set of guidelines. The program is not officially run by a company. As such, there is no one to back up your purchases, and it's possible to get scammed. That said, there are 32,000 traders in the community who swap cards. Because the program is not monitored or controlled by a private company, there’s no one to charge fees to reduce the value of your card; you could get 100 percent of the value of your card if you find the right person to swap with. The GCX Safe Trading Guide outlines the precautions you should take before swapping cards, including verifying a user's account age and karma and making people send you links to their GCX Rep Profiles. Google Chrome users can also add the Reddit Scam Labeler extension to their browser for an added layer of security. Even if you take every precaution, however, it’s possible to get scammed, so we recommend using one of the gift card exchange websites we tested.

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  1. Could you do a video comparing 0% Intro APR cards? Not for the intent of getting into credit card debt, but just as a precaution if say... unemployment ends up being longer than 6-9 months.

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