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Robust Adaptive Synchronization of Ring Configured Uncertain Chaotic FitzHugh–Nagumo Neurons under Direction-Dependent Coupling


The spurred efforts to get an insight of the complex and opaque interactions among the levels of various neuronal networks is a major aspiration in neuroscience, because it would be an incredible abet to explore the foundation of normal and pathological brain functioning (Buzsaki, 2006; Alvarellos-Gonzalez et al., 2012; Aqil et al., 2012b). For example, one would be able to unveil how a steering signal is generated for muscles from the brain or how neurons diminish during brain disorders like Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and epilepsy (Deak et al., 2007; Di Garbo et al., 2007; Mejias and Torres, 2007; Limousin and Martinez-Torres, 2008; Jobst, 2010; and Ostrem and Starr, 2008). The brain’s mechanisms of operations have their own realism in interconnection and signal transmission, which has enthused many researchers to investigate brain activity at multiple levels (Naseer and Hong, 2013; Hong and Nguyen, 2014; Santosa et al., 2014; Hong and Naseer, 2016; Hong and Santosa, 2016; Nguyen and Hong, 2016; Zafar and Hong, 2017), ranging from a single neuron to a network of neurons. Brain has a number of complex functions and activities in relation to cognitive purposes (Santosa et al., 2013; Hong et al., 2015, 2017; Naseer et al., 2016; Nguyen et al., 2016). These brain activities can be somehow measured using various modalities and sensors in order to identify the intension of a subject (Turnip et al., 2011; Khan et al., 2014; Hong and Khan, 2017). Therefore, in-depth research has been done on modeling, analysis, instrumentation, and control of external devices in the area of brain-computer interfaces (Khan and Hong, 2015, 2017; Kocaturk et al., 2015; Naseer and Hong, 2015; Ghafoor et al., 2017; Liu and Hong, 2017).

Neuronal networks have been a thought-provoking and imperative subject owing to the various potential real-world processes, estimation, control and robotic applications [see Ellacott et al. (1997) and references therein]. In a neuronal network, a large number of neurons are inter-connected in various fashions under multifarious coupling phenomena. Recently, the studies on the dynamical behavior of a single neuron, a collective behavior of coupled neurons, and synchronization among the neurons have been extensively investigated (Thompson et al., 1999; Hua and Smith, 2004; Zhang et al., 2006; Wu and Chen, 2008; Yu et al., 2013; Wang et al., 2015). Synchronization of neurons plays a key role in the transmission process of neuronal signals, and enables effective communications in the brain or to the muscles (Knoblauch and Palm, 2005; Wang et al., 2008a,b; Nguyen and Hong, 2011, 2013). The FitzHugh–Nagumo (FHN) system, a simplified model of the coupling effect of neurons, has been considered largely owing to the fact that it mimics the dynamical behavior of neurons and intricates neuronal networks under external electrical stimulation (Thompson et al., 1999).

Neuroscience enriched by numerous reports in the context of coupled FHN neurons has opened a new avenue of research during the past few years. The simplest model to mimic the dynamical properties of neuronal interactions (such as synchronization) consists of two coupled neurons (Wang et al., 2009; Zhen and Xu, 2010; Aqil et al., 2012a; Iqbal et al., 2015, 2017). A control and synchronization methodology was designed to investigate the coupled reaction–diffusion FHN systems in Ambrosio and Aziz-Alaoui (2012). Synchronization of two coupled neurons was carried out by employing an adaptive backstepping sliding mode control in Yu et al. (2012). A theoretical criterion was presented for the synchronization of uncertain chaotic coupled systems for a neural network via the sliding mode technique by Chen et al. (2009). Synchronization of two identical coupled FHN systems with known or unknown parameters has been studied via a nonlinear adaptive control based on the fuzzy logic scheme, neural networks, the uncertainty estimator, and the feedback linearization control (Wang et al., 2007, 2008a,b; Zhang et al., 2007; Che et al., 2009), respectively. Later, a robust adaptive control for synchronization of two coupled FHN neurons of unknown parameters has been developed. Moreover, some important results for the synchronization of three-coupled FHN neurons having slightly different unknown parameters and disturbances with respect to multiple communication pathways have been explored (Rehan and Hong, 2011; Rehan et al., 2011). For more related investigations, synchronization of two coupled FHN neurons with unknown and different parameters under direction-dependent coupling has been discussed in Iqbal et al. (2014).

To a certain extent, efforts have been dedicated to the study of the dynamics of the neuronal networks coupled in a ring fashion, specifically by exploiting the impact of time delays (Campbell et al., 2005; Xu, 2008; Song and Xu, 2012; Zhang, 2014; Wang et al., 2015; Mao and Wang, 2016; Yuan et al., 2016; Mao, 2017). A recent work by Zhou et al. (2009) extended the synchronization problem to a network of coupled FHN neurons and explored the impact of the gap junctions on the network. It was investigated that the influence of the gap junctions on the dynamical behavior of neurobiological networks is stronger than the coupled systems. In addition, interestingly, a network of the FHN neurons exhibits a more fascinating dynamically complicated behavior than two or three coupled FHN neurons.

Some interesting works on synchronization of neurons have been accomplished in the recent years by employing various complexities. For instance, the work of Lai et al. (2008) employed an adaptive control approach, which provided synchronization of FHN neurons under a sinusoidal electrical field. The approach, however, may not ensure asymptotic convergence of the synchronization error and additional parameters are required for achieving the adaptation. To attain the robust synchronization of FHN neurons, Wei et al. (2009) introduced an internal model control strategy for output synchronization between the neurons using a semi-global Lyapunov approach. For dealing with perturbations, sliding surface-based control schemes were developed by Che et al. (2011) and Yu et al. (2012) in the presence of resistive coupling between the neurons. A step further, model complexity along with the behavioral analyses and control approach for phase synchronization between neurons were studied in the recent study by Ma et al. (2017). Despite of these studies, several open problems and challenges include synchronization in multiple coupled neurons and coupling model complexities.

In the earlier works, the research was limited to the simple scenarios of two or three coupled FHN neuronal models, since such simple scenarios were easily addressable. But, the operational mechanisms in the brain cannot be described with simple systems owing to the complex interactions (coupling) existing among the large number of neurons. Consequently, in order to explore the dynamical behavior of real complex systems, it is indispensable and challenging to work on larger coupled networks instead of a simple model of coupled systems (or reduced networks). In addition, the coupling models between the neurons should also be addressed as much as possibly closer to the actual complex medium strengths. Moreover, controlling of behaviors of neurons can be accomplished via adaptive control approaches in order to develop intelligent methods of adaptation according to the dynamical circumstances (Oyama et al., 2016; Stewart et al., 2016; Aoi et al., 2017). In conclusion, considering a neuronal network with unknown parameters in which a large number of neurons are communicating under complex couplings, namely, direction-dependent coupling, can lead to enhance the theoretical and numerical analysis of neuronal systems’ complexity, which is a pretty challenging research task.

Motivated by the aforementioned rationale, the aim of this paper is to investigate the dynamical behavior and synchronization of a network of different FHN neurons with unknown parameters, linked in a ring configuration, under direction-dependent coupling mediums. The direction-dependent coupling has been employed due to direction-dependent behavior of the gap junctions. The gap junctions between neurons can either allow current in one or in both (but with different strengths) directions, giving rise to the so-called direction-dependent coupling between neurons, see Iqbal et al. (2014). A model of four different FHN neurons, coupled in a ring topology, under external disturbances is presented. The different strength of the gap junctions for each link in the network owing to the inter-neuronal coupling medium properties is considered. A robust adaptive control is designed to address the intricate problem of the synchronization in a network of neurons. Based on Lyapunov stability theory, conditions are derived analytically for the synchronization in a network of four different FHN neurons with unknown parameters in a ring configuration under direction-dependent coupling and disturbances. The developed robust adaptive control algorithm encounters the problem of dealing with different recovery variables. Unlike the synchronization approach, partial synchronization of neurons by Iqbal et al. (2014), the proposed scheme ensures the complete synchronization of neurons. To the best of our knowledge, the robust adaptive control mechanism for synchronization of different neurons with unknown parameters in the ring configuration under direction-dependent coupling and disturbances is addressed for the first time. Essentially, the outcome of this study can edify new ideas for understanding of the neuronal networks in context of multifaceted coupling phenomena. Compared with the existing works on synchronization of two or three neurons, our study considers a complex scenario for synchronizing four neurons in a ring configuration under direction-dependent coupling, parametric uncertainties, and perturbations. This study shows the possibility of a robust and adaptive control strategy for attaining the coherent behavior among neurons forming a complicated network under an external electrical stimulation. To end with, extensive numerical simulation results are drawn to elucidate the efficacy of the proposed method.

There are several differences in this study compared to the existing works. For instance, this study considers a ring configuration of multiple neurons rather than an interconnection of two neurons as in Wang et al. (2007), Zhang et al. (2007), Wang et al. (2008a,b), Che et al. (2009), Rehan and Hong (2011), Lai et al. (2008), Wei et al. (2009), Che et al. (2011), Yu et al. (2012), and Ma et al. (2017). In addition, the current flow between two neurons is considered as direction-dependent, compared to these models, for regarding bidirectional coupling formed by the gap junctions. Moreover, the models of neurons in our study have different parameters to examine synchronization of dissimilar neurons. Compared to synchronization study in Rehan et al. (2011) for three FHN neurons, we develop a control approach for robust adaptive synchronization and all the parameters are considered to be unknown and different. Moreover, we employ a more complex scenario of four neurons, bidirectional coupling, and ring configuration. In comparison to the recent neuronal synchronization study of Iqbal et al. (2015), there are three contributions in this work. First, we consider multiple neurons for developing a synchronization control approach owing to the presence of multiple coupled neuronal interactions in the brain; second, synchronization of both activation potentials and recovery variables has been achieved in the proposed study; third, the idea of bidirectional coupling between two neurons has been extended to a ring configuration of neurons.

The rest of the manuscript are organized as follows: Section “Results and Discussion” discusses the main results, containing the modeling of a network of different FHN neurons with unknown parameters linked in a ring configuration under direction-dependent coupling, the design of a robust adaptive control mechanism, synchronization in the network without disturbance, synchronization in the network with disturbance, and numerical simulation results. Section “Methods” includes the employed methods, namely, FHN model, Lyapunov stability analysis, and proof of the main results without and with disturbances. Section “Conclusion”, finally, includes the study conclusions.

Results and Discussion

Ring Configured FHN Neurons under Direction-Dependent Coupling

The ring configuration of four neurons coupled in a bidirectional medium is shown in Figure 1. Let N1 be the master neuron, and N2, N3, and N4 be the slave neurons. We employ control signals for the synchronization of the slave neurons with the master neuron. The purpose of this study is to model the neuronal behavior and to provide a synchronization control remedy for attaining the coherent behavior of the neurons. The proposed network model of ring configured four FHN neurons under direction-dependent coupling [by accounting the results of Iqbal et al. (2014) and Yuan et al. (2016)] is given by

where x1 and y1 are the model states of the master FHN neuron, namely, the activation potential and the recovery variable, respectively. The x2 and y2 represent the states of the first slave neuron, x3 and y3 correspond to the second slave neuron states, and x4 and y4 are the states for the fourth neuron. The parameters (r1, r2, r3, r4) and (b1, b2, b3, b4) are related with the neurons’ nonlinear parts and recovery variable dynamics, respectively. The terms Iext,1, Iext,2, Iext,3, and Iext,4 represent the external stimulation currents, where for , . Here, f denotes the frequency and A denotes the amplitude of stimulation current. The gap junctions’ strengths for communication between neurons are represented by g1, g2, g3, and g4. Disturbances at neurons are denoted by dext,1, dext,2, dext,3, and dext,4.


Figure 1. Four neurons in a ring configuration: the neurons are interconnected through bidirectional couplings; control inputs are used for synchronization of the slave neurons to the master neuron.

Various models of coupled neurons were considered in the studies (Wang et al., 2007, 2008a,b; Zhang et al., 2007; Che et al., 2009; Chen et al., 2009; Rehan and Hong, 2011; Rehan et al., 2011; Ambrosio and Aziz-Alaoui, 2012; Aqil et al., 2012a; Yu et al., 2012). However, these studies considered simple neuronal models with direction-independent coupling. The work of Iqbal et al. (2014) introduced the direction-dependent coupling. However, the ring configuration of neurons and coupling between several neurons were lacking. It should be noted that the model parameters associated with the proposed network of FHN neurons in Eqs (1)–(4) are totally uncertain and different. In addition, the proposed systematic approach considering direction-dependent coupling, different parameters, disturbances to the network model, and ring topology, in contrast to the simple models offered in Wang et al. (2007, 2008a,b), Zhang et al. (2007), Che et al. (2009), Chen et al. (2009), Rehan and Hong (2011), Rehan et al. (2011), Ambrosio and Aziz-Alaoui (2012), Aqil et al. (2012a), Yu et al. (2012), and Iqbal et al. (2014), which empowers a more realistic and generalized model.

In order to explore the complex behavior of the network model of the ring configured with different four FHN neurons under direction-dependent coupling, we first set the model parameters as r1 = 10, r2 = 10.2, r3 = 10.4, r4 = 10.6, b1 = 1, b2 = 1.01, b3 = 1.02, b4 = 1.03, g1 = 0.001, g2 = 0.002, g3 = 0.003, g4 = 0.004, and f = 0.127. The disturbances are accounted as , , , and . The stimulation amplitude is selected as A = 0.01. Figure 2 depicts the results for the network of different FHN neurons under direction-dependent coupling. The phase portraits of four FHN chaotic neurons are shown in Figures 2A–D. These phase portraits show that the neurons have oscillatory behaviors. Figures 3 and 4 exhibit the nonsynchronous behavior of the network of four FHN neurons for activation potentials and recovery variables (to be explained later). The phase portrait in Figure 2A displays the chaotic behavior of first neuron. The second neuron’s chaotic behavior can be observed in Figure 2B. The chaotic behaviors for third and fourth neurons can be deduced from Figures 2C,D, respectively. The Lyapunov exponent has been computed for all the four neurons in Figures 2A–D using the approach provided in Iqbal et al. (2014), which come out to be 0.120, 0.058, 0.371, and 0.097. In conclusion, Figures 2–4 along with positive values of the Lyapunov exponent show that all of neurons in the network possess the chaotic behavior, as provided in Figures 2A–D, and are not synchronous, as indicated in Figures 3 and 4.


Figure 2. Chaotic behavior of four FitzHugh–Nagumo neurons without control: (A) first neuron, (B) second neuron, (C) third neuron, and (D) fourth neuron.


Figure 3. Activation potential errors in the absence of a control signal: (A) plots of activation potential errors, (B) spikes in activation potential errors ex1, ex2, andex3. It shows that all the activation potential errors have oscillating behaviors. Therefore, activation potentials of neurons are not synchronous.


Figure 4. Recovery variable errors in the absence of a control signal: (A) plots of recovery variable errors, (B) spikes in recovery variable errors ey1, ey2,andey3. It shows that all the recovery variable errors have oscillatory behaviors. It can be concluded that recovery variables of FitzHugh–Nagumo neurons are not coherent.

Adaptive Control Mechanism and Error Dynamics

This section provides compact equations for the error dynamics, controller, and adaptation laws. This work offers an adaptive control mechanism for the synchronization of ring configured four FHN neurons under direction-dependent coupling. Thus, model in Eqs (1)–(4) becomes

where , , and and , , and are the control inputs. We address a complete synchronization problem for the network model of ring configured FHN neurons in the context of their activation potentials and recovery variables, in contrast to the study of Iqbal et al. (2014), which has demonstrated the synchronization of two FHN neurons for their activation potentials only. To derive the control laws, the synchronization errors can be written as

It is worth mentioning that all six synchronization errors in Eqs (9) and (10) are introduced for attaining the complete synchronization, compared to the existing method of Iqbal et al. (2014). Figure 3A demonstrates the nonsynchronous behavior of neurons in terms of activation potentials. The spikes in the activation potential errors for the neurons can be observed in the plots of Figure 3B. On the same basis, demonstration of non-identical responses of the FHN neurons in the recovery variable states is provided in Figure 4A. The spikes in individual behaviors of synchronization errors in the recovery variables are provided in Figure 4B. These spikes in synchronization errors of activation potentials and recovery variables depict that the firing in neurons are not coherent at all. By employing Eqs (5)–(10), the synchronization error dynamics after lengthy algebra take the form

The whole derivation of the error dynamics and the relevant matrices can be seen in the Section “Methods”. The proposed controllers for the ring configured FHN neurons are selected as

The selected adaptation laws are

where the scalars sets (p1, p2, p3), (q1, q2, q3), (l1, l2, l3), and (m1,m2, m3) enclose positive scalars. In the next subsection, adaptive and robust adaptive synchronization control conditions are provided in the network of ring configured neurons.

Adaptive Synchronization

Now, a theoretical condition is developed for the synchronization of ring configured neurons under direction-dependent coupling Eqs (5)–(8) by application of adaptive control mechanism in Eqs (14)–(16) with adaptation law in Eqs (17)–(19). The following assumption is taken to obtain the main results.

Assumption 1. The parameters in the network of four FHN neurons in Eqs (5)–(8) and couplings, given by (), are unknown constants.

Theorem 1. Consider a network model of ring configured four FHN neurons in Eqs (5)–(8) having synchronization error dynamics Eqs (11)–(13) satisfying Assumption 1 with zero disturbances. Adaptive control mechanism Eqs (14)–(16) and the adaptation law given by Eqs (17)–(19) selected through, , and will ensure synchronization of the network model of ring configured neurons in terms of activation potentials by guaranteeing the convergence of synchronization errors to zero. In addition, if the steady-state is attained in a finite amount of time, the convergence oftoandtofor all i = 1, 2, 3, are ensured for constant steady-state vector valuesand, validatingand.

The proof of the main result of Theorem 1 can be viewed in the next section. The result is important from the synchronization of a network of neurons point of view. In contrast to Iqbal et al. (2014), the proposed strategy in Theorem 1 can be used for complete synchronization of a network of different FHN neurons with unknown parameters. In addition, we considered multiple neurons linked in a ring configuration under direction-dependent coupling. In contrast to the conventional results like Wang et al. (2007, 2008a,b), Zhang et al. (2007), Che et al. (2009), Chen et al. (2009), Rehan and Hong (2011), Rehan et al. (2011), Ambrosio and Aziz-Alaoui (2012), Aqil et al. (2012a), and Yu et al. (2012), several aspects like uncertainties, ring configuration, different neurons, several number of neurons, and direction-dependent coupling are incorporated to design a matter-of-fact control approach of Theorem 1. Adaptations are employed for the synchronization of four neurons for dealing with a large number of unknown parameters. Additionally, a realistic approach has been followed for the adaptive control by considering all four neurons of different dynamics. The conventional studies assume that the FHN neurons have the same dynamical aspects.

In comparison to the works in Wang et al. (2007), Zhang et al. (2007), Wang et al. (2008a,b), Che et al. (2009), Rehan and Hong (2011), Lai et al. (2008), Wei et al. (2009), Che et al. (2011), Yu et al. (2012), and Ma et al. (2017), the proposed synchronization approach in Theorem 1 considers multiple neurons, directional coupling, and ring configuration to develop an adaptive mechanism for synchronization. The work of Rehan et al. (2011) considered synchronization in three neurons with known parameters. Here in this study, we consider adaptation of the parameters, and adaptation laws are introduced to achieve coherent behaviors in neurons with unknown and dissimilar parameters of neurons. In addition, a different configuration and direction-dependent couplings are employed in the proposed method of Theorem 1. The approach of Iqbal et al. (2015) developed a strategy to achieve synchronization in activation potentials and proposed a method to deal with two neurons only. In this case, we also provide a mechanism for synchronization recovery variables as well and provide an extension to a ring of four neurons.

Robust Adaptive Synchronization with Disturbance

In this subsection, a methodology for the synchronization in a network of different FHN neurons with unknown parameters linked in a ring configuration under direction-dependent coupling and disturbances is presented. In addition to Assumption 1, we take the following supposition.

Assumption 2. Assume that the inequalities, given by , , , and , hold.

Theorem 2. Consider a network model of ring configured four FHN neurons in Eqs (5)–(8), having synchronization error dynamics in Eqs (11)–(13) satisfying Assumptions 1–2. Suppose the proposed adaptive control mechanism in Eqs (14)–(16) and the modified adaptation laws given by

where kc is a scalar constant. If we take, , and , it ensures synchronization of the network model of the ring configured FHN neurons by guaranteeing the convergence of errors to the compact sets. The proposed robust adaptive control scheme will ensure uniformly ultimately bounded errors and parameter estimation errors.

A brief proof of the statement in Theorem 2 is presented in Section “Methods”. It is notable that the result of Theorem 2 refines the strategy developed in Theorem 1 by considering the disturbances to modify the design approach and adaptation laws. In contrast to the method demonstrated in Iqbal et al. (2014), the approach adopted in Theorem 2 provides a complete synchronization in a network of different FHN neurons with disturbance under unknown parameters linked in a ring configuration under direction-dependent coupling. There are various differences in this work with Iqbal et al. (2014). For instance, the four main differences are as follows: (a) we investigate a ring configuration of neurons, (b) this study is based on a more complex scenario of four neurons than the simple case of two neurons, (c) the coupling is also complex in this work, and (d) the achievement of complete synchronization rather than partial one is emphasized. It should also be noted that the work on synchronization of neurons under direction-dependent coupling is lacking in the literature. It is worth mentioning that such robust adaptive synchronization of the perturbed ring configured neurons with different parameters and direction-dependent coupling is lacking in the existing literature, like Wang et al. (2007, 2008a,b), Zhang et al. (2007), Che et al. (2009), Chen et al. (2009), Rehan and Hong (2011), Rehan et al. (2011), Ambrosio and Aziz-Alaoui (2012), Aqil et al. (2012a), and Yu et al. (2012). The presented approach considered a large number of parameters unknown in the four neurons. In addition, a perturbation in each neuron has been incorporated to provide an advanced synchronization solution. To deal with these perturbations and uncertainties, both adaptation and robustness of control signals for the slow and fast variations, respectively, are addressed in addition to the direction-dependent strength of the signals for any connection between neurons.

Simulation Results

To validate the efficacy of the proposed adaptive control mechanism for synchronization in the network model of the ring configured different four FHN neurons under direction-dependent coupling, we first select the model parameters as r1 = 10, r2 = 10.2, r3 = 10.4, r4 = 10.6, b1 = 1, b2 = 1.01, b3 = 1.02, b4 = 1.03, g1 = 0.001, g2 = 0.002, g3 = 0.003, g4 = 0.004, and f = 0.127. The disturbances are taken as , , , and . The stimulation amplitude is chosen as A = 0.01.

By application of Theorem 2, the parameters of controller and the adaptation law are obtained as p = q = l = m = 1. The control parameters are taken to be kc = 5, K1 = 20, K1 = 20.001, and K3 = 20.002. It has been observed in Figures 2–4 that the behaviors of the original FHN neurons without any control signal are not coherent. As discussed earlier, the activation potential errors and recovery variable errors in Figures 3 and 4 do not have converging attributes. Rather, spikes are observed in the synchronization errors, leading to non-synchronous firings of the neurons.

Now we simulate the behavior of same neurons without and with the proposed robust adaptive control scheme of Theorem 2. The proposed control signal is applied at t = 400. Before this time, the behaviors of the neurons are not coherent and the synchronization errors have oscillatory responses. By means of the proposed robust adaptive control scheme, it is observed that the FHN neurons are synchronized under unknown parameters and external perturbations. Figures 5 and 6 depict the synchronization errors for the different FHN neurons under direction-dependent coupling by using the proposed methodology. Before t = 400, the behaviors of the activation potential errors in Figure 5 have spikes, showing non-synchronous firing in neurons. The same trend is also observed in the recovery variable synchronization errors in Figure 6. We activated the proposed robust adaptive controller of Theorem 2 at t = 400. By application of the controller, the synchronization errors for activation potentials and recovery variables converge to a region near zero, as shown in Figures 5 and 6. The convergence of synchronization errors is fast, showing the effectiveness of the proposed robust adaptive control scheme. Due to convergence of the synchronization errors in Figures 5 and 6, the spikes due to firing of the four neurons under bidirectional coupling become identical, validating the synchronization in both activation potentials and recovery variables. It is concluded that the results in Figure 5 authenticate the efficacy of the proposed robust adaptive control mechanism in the context of synchronization of activation potentials. Moreover, Figure 6 validates the effectiveness of the proposed mechanism for synchronization of recovery variables. As the synchronization errors converge in the neighborhood of zero, it is evident that synchronization of activation and recovery potentials is achieved via the proposed robust adaptive control scheme.


Figure 5. Activation potential errors of four FitzHugh–Nagumo neurons with the robust adaptive control in Eqs (14)–(16) and (20)–(22). The controller is applied at time t = 400. As controller is applied, synchronization of activation potentials is achieved: (A) error plot x1x2, (B) error plot x1x3, and (C) error plot x1x4.


Figure 6. Recovery variable errors of four FitzHugh–Nagumo neurons under the robust adaptive control in Eqs (14)–(16) and (20)–(22). The controller is applied at time t = 400. As controller is applied, synchronization of recovery variable is achieved: (A) error plot y1y2, (B) error plot y1y3, and (C) error plot y1y4.

The adopted modeling and control methodologies are generalized in certain extent and simulation results presented herein represent a broader scenario of a network of FHN neurons. The methods presented in Theorems 1–2 are valid to a general form of FHN neurons. In addition, robustness against bounded disturbances has been guaranteed through Theorem 2. The results of Theorems 1 and 2 may not be limited to FHN systems of only four neurons. All in all, the proposed modeling and control methodology can be used for a more general form, synchronization in a network of different FHN neurons of unknown parameters, coupled in ring configuration, and subject to direction-dependent coupling and disturbances.

Materials and Methods

FHN Model

Neuron is the chief functional element in the brain. Its dynamical examination is important for the treatment of brain diseases. There are many neuronal models, such as Hindmarsh-Rose, Hodgkin and Huxley, and FitzHugh–Nagumo, etc. These models offer investigation of the dynamical behavior of a neuron and even synchronization in a network of neurons. FHN model is a famous one in terms of representing various neuronal behaviors, owing to its simple representation. Consider the FHN model for representing dynamical aspects of a neuron subjected to external electrical stimulation as in Thompson et al. (1999), given by

where x and y represent the activation potential and the recovery variable, respectively, r is a nonlinearity parameter in the model, parameters b and v are related to the recovery variable, and shows the stimulation current. We employ this important neuronal model to study the synchronization in a network of different FHN neurons of unknown parameters coupled in ring configuration subject to direction-dependent coupling and disturbances. In this paper, coupled FHN models were simulated using the S-function in Matlab for nonlinear differential equations.

Lyapunov Stability Analysis

The Lyapunov stability criterion is widely utilized to understand the stability and control of dynamical systems. In order to elaborate the Lyapunov stability method, consider a dynamical system, for example, , where denotes the state vector for the dynamical system. Suppose there exists a positive definite Lyapunov function V (x) for all the values of vector . If the derivative of the energy function V (x) along the dynamics of the system x = f (t, x) is negative definite, the state x will approach to zero, conferring to the Lyapunov stability theory (see Khalil (1996) and references therein). means that the factitious energy V (x) of the dynamical system is decreasing, leading to stability of the system.

Derivation of Error Dynamics

By using Eqs (5)–(10), we obtain the error dynamics as follows:

Note that Iext,1, Iext,2, Iext,3, and Iext,4 are the same in the present scenario, therefore, their effect is canceled out in the error dynamics. Let us define the functions and signals

As the recovery variable dynamics are dependent on the activation potential, the relations become

Here y1(0), y2(0), y3(0), and y4(0) denote the unknown initial conditions for the recovery variable of four neurons. The relevant quantities in the error dynamics formulation are defined by


Employing Eqs (27)–(35) into Eqs (24)–(26), the error dynamics equations given by Eqs (11)–(13) are obtained in the Section “Results and Discussion”.

Proof of Theorem 1

The proof of Theorem 1 is provided using the same steps as in Iqbal et al. (2014). However, our scenario is more complex due to the ring configuration and multiple neurons. Incorporating Eqs (14)–(16) into Eqs (11)–(13), for i = 1, 2, 3 leads to the results

The considered Lyapunov function candidate is given by

with p > 0, q > 0, l > 0, m > 0. On taking the time-derivative of Eq (37), using and and, further, incorporating the error systems of Eq (36), we obtain

Using the adaptation laws in Eqs (17)–(19) under zero disturbances, it yields


Источник: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnbot.2018.00006/full


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Baker Memorial Library1MOUKOMA.T. Still UniversityA.T. Still Memorial Library1MOULOGLogan UniversityLogan University Library1MOUMCOUniversity of MissouriJ. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library1MOUMKCUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CityUniversity Libraries1MOUMOQCOXHEALTHNORTH LIBRARY1MOUMVKVA Kansas CityMedical Library1MOURKCResearch Medical CenterCarl R. Ferris Health Sciences Library1MOUSLESt. Luke's HospitalC Alan McAfee Library1MOUSLPSt. Louis College of PharmacySTLCOP Library1MOUSLTSaint Luke's Hospital of Kansas CityHealth Sciences Library1MOUSOKShook, Hardy and Bacon Medical LibraryMedical and Scientific Resource Center1MOUSTLSaint Louis UniversityMedical Center Library1MOUTRMTruman Medical Center LakewoodMedical-Dental Library1MOUTRZSt. Luke's Hospital Des PeresDes Peres1MOUUKCKansas City University of Medicine and BiosciencesD'Angelo Library1MOUVMZVA Medical Center St. LouisSt. Louis VA Medical Library 142D-JC1MOUWSLWashington University School of MedicineBernard Becker Medical Library1MOUZRMAMERICAN OPTOMETRIC ASSOCIATIONClinical Resources Group1MSUMISUniversity of Missisisppi Medical CenterRowland Medical Library1MSUNMSNorth Mississippi Medical CenterMedical Library1MSUVAJVA Jackson MississippiMedical Library1MSUVBXVA Gulf Coast Health Care SystemMedical Library1MTUCBIBillings ClinicBillings Clinic Library1MTUKRHKalispell Regional Medical CenterKRMC Medical Library1MTUMOTMontana State UniversityRenne Library (MSU Library)1MTUSTPProvidence St Patrick HospitalThe Learning Center1NCUBOWWake Forest School of MedicineCoy C. Carpenter Library1NCUCBCCabarrus College of Health SciencesCabarrus College of Health Sciences Library1NCUDUKDuke UniversityDuke University Medical Center Library1NCUDWQUniversity of North Carolina at CharlotteJ. Murrey Atkins Library1NCUFMHNovant Health Forsyth Medical CenterLibrary Services1NCUMAAMountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)MAHEC1NCUMLGAtrium Health, formerly Carolinas Healthcare SystemCharlotte AHEC Library1NCUMSECone HealthCone Health Medical Library1NCUNCAUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill”Health Sciences Library ILL1NCUNCCEastern Carolina UniversityLaupus Library1NCUNMFIpasIpas Library1NCUNVSNC State UniversityLibrary of Veterinary Medicine1NCUPRCNovant Health Presbyterian Medical CenterLibrary Services1NCUPYMNovant HealthNovant Health Matthews Medical Center1NCUWACNew Hanover Regional Medical CenterSEAHEC Medical Library / Robert M. Fales HSL1NCUWAKWake AHECWake AHEC Medical Library1NDUNODUniversity of North Dakota SMHSLibrary of the Health Sciences1NDUQRBSanford HealthSanford Virtual Library1NDUVAFVA FargoMedical Library1NEUBISClarkson CollegeClarkson College Library1NEUBRGCUMC Bergan MercyBergan Mercy1NEUBRYBryan College of Health SciencesLibrary1NEUCRUCreighton UniversityHealth Sciences Library1NEUGGWCHI Health St. ElizabethCHI Health St. Elizabeth Medical Library1NEUNEBUniversity of Nebraska Medical CenterMcGoogan Library of Medicine1NHUCNDConcord HospitalMedical Library1NHUEXE(blank)Exeter Hospital Health Sciences Library1NHULTHLittleton Regional HealthcareGale Medical Library1NHUNHHNew Hampshire HospitalDorothy M. Breene Memorial Library1NHUNHTNHTI, Concord's Community CollegeNHTI Library1NHURIVRivier UniversityRegina Library1NJUCMSCooper University HospitalCooper Medical School of Rowan University1NJUHACHackensack University Medical CenterSamuel and Sandra Hekemian Medical Library1NJUHNHHoly Name Medical CenterHoly Name Medical Library1NJUJFKHackensack Meridian Health JFK University Medical CenterMedical Library1NJUJSMJersey Shore University Medical CenterBooker Health Sciences Library1NJUKMHRowan University School of Osteopathic MedicineRowan/SOM1NJUMHMHMH Mountainside Medical CenterHealth Sciences Library1NJUMMHMorristown Medical CenterShinn-Lathrope Health Science Library1NJUNBINEWARK BETH ISRAEL MEDICAL CENTERDr. Victor Parsonnet Memorial Library1NJUOLHOverlook Medical CenterRobert Mulreany Fhn learning commons Sciences Library1NJUSBMSaint Barnabas Medical CenterMedical Library1NJUSHLRobert Wood Johnson University Hospital SomersetMedical Library1NJUVAOVA New Pirates of the caribbean at worlds end davy jones death Healthcare SystemEast Orange campus library1NMUMEXUniversity of New MexicoHealth Sciences Library & Informatics Center1NMUVNMNew Mexico Veterans Affairs Healthcare SystemLibrary1NSCQHENova Scotia Health Authority/Halifax InfirmaryHealth Sciences Library/ILL1NVUGJCVA Southern Nevada Healthcare SystemMedical Library1NVUNEVUniversity of Nevada, Reno School of MedicineSavitt Medical Library1NVURVAVA RenoMedical Library1NVUUNLUniversity of Nevada Las VegasUNLV libraries1NYUABPAlbany College of Pharmacy and Health SciencesGeorge and Leona Lewis Library1NYUADSCenter on AddictionCenter on Addiction Library1NYUAEBAlbert Einstein College of MedicineD. Samuel Gottesman Library1NYUAGRNYCAMHNYCAMH Library1NYUAJNAmerican Journal of NursingSophia F. Palmer Library1NYUALBAlbany Medical CollegeSchaffer Library of Health Sciences1NYUBHOHealthAlliance HospitalLibrary & Information Center1NYUBHSBrookdale Hospital and Medical CenterMarie Smith Schwartz Medical Library1NYUBMMNewYork-Presbyterian QueensHealth Education Library1NYUBOTCayuga Medical CenterRobert H. Broad Memorial Library1NYUCAHCalvary HospitalMedical Library1NYUCHFNYC Health and Hospitals/Elmhurst FacilityPeter Nicholas Health Science Library1NYUCIHNYC Health+Hospitals/Coney IslandHarold Fink Memorial Library1NYUCORWeill Cornell MedicineSamuel J. Wood Library & C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center1NYUCPSColumbia University Irving Medical CenterAugustus C. Long Health Sciences Library1NYUCVPChamplain Valley Physicians HospitalCVPH Medical Library1NYUECOErie County Medical Center (ECMC)W. 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Degenshein MD Memorial Library1NYUMBNMontefiore Medical CenterHealth Sciences Library1NYUMDSNewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist HospitalHealth Sciences Library1NYUMFBKaleida HealthHealth Sciences Library1NYUMRLSUNY - Downstate Health Science UniversityMedical Research Library of Brooklyn1NYUMSKMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterMedical Library1NYUMTSIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiLevy Library1NYUNCMNassau University Medical CenterPeter W. Addiego, MD, Health Sciences Library1NYUNCNNew York Chirorpractic CollegeNew York Chirorpractic College Library1NYUNEWMontefiore New RochelleMedical Library1NYUNOMNew York College of Osteopathic MedicineMedical Library1NYUNRXZucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/NorthwellHealth Sciences Library1NYUNSHNYU Winthrop Grow financial credit union cd rates Health Sciences Library1NYUNSIRichmond University Medical CenterFournarakis Medical Library1NYUNSUNorth Can i pay my tmobile bill with a check University HospitalDaniel Carrel Payson Medical Library1NYUNUMNYU School of MedicineHealth Sciences Library1NYUNWBMontefiore St. Luke's CornwallMedical Library1NYUNWHNorthern Westchester HospitalHal Federman MD Library1NYUNYANEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINENEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE LIBRARY1NYUNYWNew York State Department of HealthDickerman Library1NYUONCOneida HealthcareOneida Healthcare1NYUPMZSouth Central Regional Library CouncilSouth Central Regional Library Council1NYUPODNew York College of Podiatric MedicineSidney Druskin Memorial Library1NYUPRGUnity HospitalInterlakes Oncology Medical Library1NYUQHCNYC Health + Hospitals/QueensHealth Sciences Library1NYURGHRochester General HospitalWerner Medical Library1NYURKFRockefeller UniversityRita & Frits Markus Library1NYUROCUniversity of RochesterEdward G. Miner Library1NYUROHRome Memorial HospitalRome Memorial Hospital1NYURPMRoswell Park Comprehensive Cancer CenterDr. Edwin A. Mirand Library1NYURRCNathan Kline InstituteHealth Sciences Library1NYUSFTSt Francis HospitalMedical Library1NYUSIHStaten Island University Hospital- Northwell HealthCharles Accettola MD Medical Library1NYUSRRCentral New York Library Resources CouncilCLRC1NYUSSBStony Brook UniversityStony Brook University Libraries1NYUSSYSUNY - Upstate Medical UniversityUpstate Health Sciences Library1NYUSTBSt. Barnabas HospitalMedical Library1NYUSUNSUNY College of OptometryHarold Kohn Vision Science Library1NYUSWNSamaritan Medical CenterHunter-Rice Health Science Library1NYUTMLThe Medical LetterThe Medical Letter1NYUTRUTrudeau InstituteTrudeau Institute Library1NYUUNYUnited Hospital FundUnited Hospital Fund Library1NYUVAXJames J. 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Employer sign-up begins for QC Career Fair

Local employers are invited to sign up now for the inaugural QC Career Fair. The virtual event is planned for noon-3 p.m. Sept. 30.

The fair will include students from Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.; Western Illinois University and Black Hawk College, Moline, Ill. and St. Ambrose University and Scott Community College, Davenport, Iowa.

The QC Career Fair will use the Handshake online platform. Employers and hiring organizations will be able to host virtual booths and conduct one-to-one sessions and interviews.  

Once registered, employers can create their schedules for the fair and add team members. Each employer registration includes up to 15 team members.

Registration for the fair is $300 for for-profit organizations, $150 for non-profits, and $200 for governmental agencies.

• Registration

Each employer can set up three 30-minute group sessions of up to 50 participants. They also can set up one-to-one sessions that are up to 10 minutes each. Employers may set preferences on these meetings to qualify students by GPA, major, graduation date and other factors.

The five local institutions enroll more than 16,000 students in associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. Most are seeking internships, apprenticeships, part-time and full-time positions in business, government, health care, manufacturing, non-profits, science and social services.

A small number of discounted spaces is reserved for organizations for which the registration fee is cost-prohibitive. Contact Lisa Slater for more information.  

Employers attending as of Aug. 26

The Arc of the Quad Cities Area

Universal Pediatrics

Sanford Health

Children's Home Association of Illinois


Walther Theological Seminary, Decatur, IL

Lutheran Services in Iowa

Student Employment at Augustana College

Fastenal Company

Modern Woodmen of America

KaiHonua, LLC

Cottingham & Butler

Vera French Community Mental Health Center

Palmer College of Chiropractic

Kane Count Juvenile Justice Center

Midwestern Securities Trading Company, LLC

Nestle Purina


Illinois Department of Human Services

University of Iowa - School of Social Work

Handicapped Development Center

Robert Half

Palmer Group


Rock Island-Milan School District 41

Navy Officer Program

Peoria Public Schools

Northwestern Mutual Chicagoland



Davenport Parks & Recreation

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (DC HQ)

Enterprise Holdings

Genesis Health System

Equitable Advisors (formerly, AXA Advisors, LLC)

J.F. Ahern

Cintas Corporation

U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Chemical Biological Center

Compeer Financial

Tyson Foods, Inc.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

GreenState Credit Union

Kent Corporation/Grain Processing Corp/Kent Nutrition Group/Precision Foods Group

Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C.

Illinois Student Assistance Commission

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Library at Saint Charles County, Missouri, United States

1. St. Fhn learning commons City-County Library, Kathryn Linnemann Branch
2323 Elm St, St Charles, MO 63301, USA
Coordinate: 38.7953112, -90.5003393

2. Lindenwood Library
209 S Kingshighway St, St Charles, MO 63301, USA
Coordinate: 38.7846781, -90.5002731

3. St Joseph Center Health Sci Library
300 1st Capitol Dr, St Charles, MO 63301, USA
Coordinate: 38.780599, -90.483787

4. Jimmy Memorial Library - Little Free Library #35561
130 Whetstone Dr, St Charles, MO 63303, USA
Coordinate: 38.7802182, -90.5635865

5. The Family Vision
2020 Parkway Dr, St Peters, MO 63376, USA
Coordinate: 38.797034, -90.572711

6. FHN Learning Commons
Spencer Creek Township, MO 63376, USA
Coordinate: 38.7625928, -90.5595242

7. St. Charles City-County Library, McClay Branch
2760 McClay Rd, St Charles, MO 63303, USA
Coordinate: 38.7579258, -90.5511712

8. St Charles City-County Library Administration
77 Boone Hills Dr, St Peters, MO 63376, USA
Coordinate: 38.7841335, -90.5999962

9. St. Charles City-County Library, Spencer Road Branch
427 Spencer Rd, St Peters, MO 63376, USA
Coordinate: 38.7841667, -90.6011111

10. St Charles City-County Library, Boone's Trail Branch
10 Fiddlecreek Ridge Rd, Wentzville, MO 63385, USA
Coordinate: 38.723373, -90.8818051

11. Learning Resource Center (LRC)
4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr, Cottleville, MO 63376, USA
Coordinate: 38.7596651, -90.6409922

12. St. Charles City-County Library Kisker Road Branch
1000 Kisker Rd, St Charles, MO 63304, USA
Coordinate: 38.7262603, -90.617904

13. St. Charles City-County Library, Middendorf-Kredell Branch
2750 State Hwy K, O'Fallon, MO 63368, USA
Coordinate: 38.767813, -90.6992761

14. VG Promotions
209 E Elm St, O'Fallon, MO 63366, USA
Coordinate: 38.8100557, -90.6973977

15. St. Charles City-County Library Express at Winghaven
7435 Village Center Dr, O'Fallon, MO 63368, USA
Coordinate: 38.7431665, -90.7348152

16. St. Charles City-County Library, Deer Run Branch
1300 N Main St, O'Fallon, MO 63366, USA
Coordinate: 38.8282847, -90.6991928

17. St. Charles City-County Library Orchard Farm Branch - Curbside service only
2135 State Hwy C, St Charles, MO 63301, USA
Coordinate: 38.8395238, -90.620931

18. St Charles City-County Library, Corporate Parkway Branch
1200 Corporate Pkwy #1200, Wentzville, MO 63385, USA
Coordinate: 38.8001774, -90.818267

19. Local Backhaul Networks, LLC
743 Spirit 40 Park Dr, Chesterfield, MO 63005, USA
Coordinate: 38.6729715, -90.6414314

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saeger middle school enews

The District was tenth among the top 15 large employers (employers with 500 or more employees) in the St. Louis area. Claimed. Learning.com; St. Charles County Library; Symbaloo - We Love To Code; Online Activities to Do At Home; Learning Commons Google Site; Contact Us. We love our subs! Central Elementary wasn’t going to let a pandemic and safety guidelines keep them from their annual Grandparents’ Day celebration. Here you can view menus or … Find real estate homes for sale listings near Saeger Middle School in Saint Charles, MO at realtor.com®. Chime card atm near me Accessibility Select settings. A proposed 116-acre, three-school campus planned on Rossview Road is expected to help alleviate cpacity issues at Northeast and Rossview high schools. Saeger Middle School. Barnwell Middle School Address: 1035 Jungs Station Road Saint Charles, MO 63303 School Phone: 636-851-4100 School Fax: 636-851-4095 Report a Student Absence: Email or call 636-851-4178 To Contact a Teacher: Find the teacher's phone number in the Staff Directory. Francis Howell School District understands the importance of transitioning our new middle school students and high school students into their new buildings for the 2020-21 school year. Dead Period. Address: 1035 Jungs Station Road. Hollenbeck Middle / Learning Commons / Find a RESOURCE. Stay up-to-date with news and information about your local schools and the Francis Howell School District. Calendar; Mission, Vision & Values; Public Notice; Pyramids of Intervention; School Improvement Plan; Volunteer at Henderson; Title 1. The Francis Howell School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Activities. Contact info. View the 2020-21 Student Login Guide for information on how to access Canvas, Infinite Campus, and more! All students must wear a mask when riding the school bus. Francis Howell R-III School District. Website Accessibility FHSD partners with Sodexo to provide students with nutritious and delicious meals. The Francis Howell School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. About Us; … Dumb Decisions 2. Westwood Trail Academy; Vacation Station; About Us. Saeger Middle School 5201 Highway N Saint Charles MO 63304. The Francis Howell School District has been named to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Top Workplaces list for woori america bank routing number nj seventh time in the past eight years. FHSD Named 2020 Top Workplace. The Francis Howell School District will be utilizing Canvas as our middle can you send money on zelle with a credit card high schools’ online learning management system (LMS). To report a student absence: Call 636-851-4582. Early Childhood. Information about usernames and passwords can be gotten from the learning commons. All Administrative Staff Nurses Support Staff Teachers Vacation Station. Counselors. The Francis Howell School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. A total of 21 students participated in the ceremonial signing of their National Letters of Intent. Building events can be viewed here in the school calendar. Click on the icons below for links to access helpful resources and information. Albums. Here you can view menus or make online meal payments. Francis Howell High; Francis Howell Central; Francis Howell North; Francis Howell Union; Programs. Saeger Middle; High Schools. Building events can be viewed here in the school calendar. School Phone: 636-851-4100. View the 2020-21 Student Login Guide for information on how to access Canvas, Infinite Campus, and more! She is a dedicated employee who welcomes a challenge and hard work. Westwood Trail Academy; Vacation Station; About Us. Read the FHSD Notice of Non-Discrimination under Title IX. View the 2020-21 Student Login Guide for information on how to access Canvas, Infinite Campus, and more! Francis Howell School District / News / News Subscription. FHSD partners with Sodexo to provide students with nutritious and delicious meals. Dead Period. The Saeger Middle School, located in St. Charles, MO, is a publicly funded school district that educates children in St. Charles County. Website Accessibility 2424. If the teacher not available, leave a message on voice mail. FHSD partners with Sodexo to provide students with nutritious and delicious meals. School Phone: 636-851-4600. This page is for the use of parents and teachers alike. ⭐️⭐️⭐️. Uploaded: 13 April, 2012. by: mjwayman. Students needing to use the space or resources for research, collaborative projects, or book checkout are permitted to visit any time during the school day with teacher permission. When our schools open this fall, they will look a little different. About Us. 35 talking about this. Bryan Middle / Learning Commons / Learning Commons FUN. About Us; … Westwood Trail Academy; Vacation Station; About Us. You are your child's first and most important teacher. Contact Us. 2019-20 News Archive. What is a trust company website. To view District events, please visit the FHSD website and click on the calendar icon. The middle school (at top) is expected to open August 2022 if funding is … Warren Elementary / Contact Us / Staff Directory. Calendar; Mission, Vision & Values; Public Notice; Call bank mobile vibe customer service of Intervention; School Improvement Plan; Volunteer at Henderson; Title 1. Barnwell Middle; Becky-David Elementary; Bryan Middle; C; Castlio Elementary; Central Elementary; Central School Road Early Childhood Center; D; Daniel Boone Elementary; F; Fairmount Elementary; Francis Howell Central; Francis Howell High School; Francis Howell Intranet; Francis Howell Middle; Francis Howell North; Francis Howell Union Francis Howell North / Activities. Learning Commons FUN. Bryan Middle / About Us. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations. Francis Howell High; Francis Howell Central; Francis Howell North; Francis Howell Union; Programs. Up One Level. Here you can view menus or make online meal payments. Fax Number: (636)-851-4116. Learning Commons. Todd Bizzell teaches industrial technology classes at Saeger Middle, serves as an advisor for the school’s robotics teams and is an assistant football coach at Francis Howell Central. JLS eNews Feb 21, 2021. FHSD Return to School Plan. Parents are valued partners at Francis Howell Central High School, where we believe that successful learning is best achieved through collaborative partnerships with parents, families, positive adult and student role models, and of the broader community. Francis Howell North / Activities / Summer Camps. Posted on 07/31/2020. District Site; Early Childhood Centers. At Saeger Middle School, we strive to hold our students to the Spartan Way Core Values. She will talk your ear off if given the chance, has a bubbly personality, loves meeting new people, is incredibly smart, and has a contagious smile. Click here for Grade Level Website Links. Search and filter Saint Charles homes by price, property type or amenities. All. Barnwell Middle » News. Step 2: Launch the App and Enter the District ID. Grade Level Websites. Saeger Middle; High Schools. The Francis Howell School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Enter District ID: HRMBNC. Students. Step 1: Download the App. Building events can be viewed here in the school calendar. The Francis Howell School District is proud to announce that Chrissy Pagnotti, an administrative assistant at Saeger Middle School, has been selected as the 2020 FHSD Support Staff Employee of the Year. Francis Howell High; Francis Howell Central; Francis Howell North; Francis Howell Union; Programs. [email protected] 636-851-5889. About Fhn learning commons FAQ's; Find a Book; Find a Resource. Central Elementary wasn’t going to let a pandemic and safety guidelines keep them from their annual Grandparents’ Day celebration. (636) 851-5600. Hollenbeck Bank of america credit card student review / News / comerica bank locations in livonia mi Hollenbeck News / Transition Day Update. Saeger Middle; High Schools. Saeger Middle / News. Saeger Middle School - find test scores, ratings, reviews, and 68 nearby homes for sale at realtor.com. To view District events, please visit the FHSD website and click on the calendar icon. Parents. Last item for navigation. Grandparents Day Goes Virtual at Central Elementary. News. To view District events, please visit the FHSD website and click on the calendar icon. Building events can be viewed here in the school calendar. JLS eNews is a weekly JLS PTA publication that contains important information, announcements, and event notifications from JLS school, JLS PTA, PAUSD and the Palo Alto PTA Council. Wendy Ahearn Students: A-Cou Office Hours: 6:50 AM-2:40 PM Phone: 636-851-4642: Kris Miller Students: Mars-Ros Office Hours: 6:50 AM-2:40 PM Phone: 636-851-6245 Central School Road. On Nov. 11, high school students across the Francis Howell School District took part in National Early Signing Day, committing to continue their academic and athletic careers in college. Calendar; Mission, Vision & Values; Public Notice; Pyramids of Intervention; School Improvement Plan; Volunteer at Henderson; Title 1. Administrative Assistant - Stacie Machado (transcripts) 636-851-6270. ALLERDISSEN, DANIELLE. Barnwell Middle School. Search. New middle school construction planned. Address: Early Childhood Family Education Center, 4535 Central School Road, St. Charles, MO 63304. Like many of her classmates at Warren Elementary, Salome Cummins attends her classes, finishes her homework, and plays with her friends. Select Go. Saeger Middle; High Schools. Daily Announcements. Saeger Middle; High Schools. Building events can be viewed here in the school calendar. School Phone: 636-851-6400. Students. Saeger. Henderson. 5201 Hwy N, Saint Charles, MO 63304. Read the FHSD Notice of Non-Discrimination under Title IX. Francis Howell Central / Contact Us. Image taken during Transition Day 2019. Bryan Middle School. The Francis Howell School District needs talented individuals to work with our students. Come visit to check for any new updates or information on upcoming events. Middle School. Saeger Middle; High Schools. Our substitutes are an integral part of our District and we could not be successful without them. School website. Staff Directory; Location; Home; Schools. About Us; FAQ's; Find a Book; Find a Resource. These can be accessed through Clever: Here are some other links for additional research sources. FHSD partners with Sodexo to provide students with nutritious and delicious meals. The Francis Howell School District announced the hiring of Katie Robson, Ed.D., as the administrative intern for Saeger Middle School for the 2021-22 school year. Westwood Trail Academy; Vacation Station; About Us. Influences on Health. Health Powerpoints. News - Bryan Middle. Calendar; Climate Surveys; Public Notice; Pyramids of Intervention; Volunteer at Independence ; News. Pagnotti has distinguished herself as a caring individual who has an excellent rapport with students, parents, and coworkers. Image taken during Transition Day 2019. Get directions, reviews and information for Saeger Middle School in Saint Charles, MO. Middle School. Newsletters. 4555 Central School Road, St. Charles, MO 63304; 636-851-5400; Posted on 09/14/2020. You can sign up for this eNews or any of the other eNews from St. Francis Area Schools. Francis Howell Middle School. Saeger Middle hosts fundraiser for teacher. Jarred Haas. Francis Howell Middle School is a Character Education initiative centered learning community. Pirates of the caribbean at worlds end davy jones death Francis Howell School District is proud to announce that Chrissy Pagnotti, an administrative assistant at Saeger Middle School, has been selected as the 2020 FHSD Support Staff Employee of the Year. FHSD partners with Sodexo to provide students with nutritious and delicious meals. Middle School. Description: 08 September 2020. Francis Howell High; Francis Howell Central; Francis Howell North; Francis Howell Union; Programs. Central Staff. Bryan. PEABODY — The assistant principal of Peabody's high school has been hired as the new principal of Amesbury Middle School beginning this fall. Find Us. Address: 5199 Highway N, Cottleville, MO 63304. This course is designed to engage students in activities that foster the development of each individual's physical, mental, and emotional well-being leading to the adoption of effective health behaviors. You are your child's first and most important teacher. Students 731. Saeger Middle / News / 2020-21 Saeger News. 2020-21 Bryan News. Thank you for your interest the what do i need to open a bank account nationwide the Francis Howell Preschool Program! Saeger Middle; High Schools. Saeger Middle School. 2020-21 Central News. Kindergarten; 1st Grade; 2nd Grade; 3rd Grade ; 4th Grade; How do I? ESSA Complaint Procedure; Family Engagement Policies; Right to Know … Francis Howell School District understands the importance of transitioning our new middle school students and high school students into their new buildings for the 2020-21 school year. Here you can view menus or make online meal payments. The Francis Howell School District has been named to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Top Workplaces list for the seventh time in the past eight years. Read the FHSD Notice of Non-Discrimination under Title IX. Masks are required on the bus for bus drivers, monitors, and all students, regardless of grade level. After some creative thinking and technological wizardry, students and their grandparents took the event virtual. Download the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal application from any of the app stores: Apple App Store, Google Play or the Amazon App Store. Congratulations to our April Saeger Stars- Mr. Johnson, Mr. Shirley, and Ms. McCarter! 1725 Thoele Road, St. Peters, MO 63376; 636-851-4500; 636-851-4107 Mar 30, 2021. 13 October 2020. 5201 Hwy N, Saint Charles, MO 63304. Health. 1035 Jungs Station Road, St. Charles, MO 63303; 636-851-4100; 636-851-4095 2nd Grade ; 3rd Grade Ecosystems; 3rd Grade Famous Americans; 5th Grade American Revolution; 3rd Grade; 4th Grade; 5th Grade; Biographies; Food Chains, Food Webs and Ecosystems; National Poetry Month; Recommend a Book for our Library; We Love to Code 2020; For Teachers; … Elementary School. All our students will be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe while at Saeger Middle School. Parents are valued partners at Harvest Ridge Elementary, where we believe that successful learning is best achieved through collaborative partnerships with parents, families, positive adult and student role models, and of the broader community. Paper copies of camp forms are available in the main office or sign up on-line at FHN Knights Camps online. Last item for navigation. Saeger Middle; High Schools. Saeger Middle; High Schools. FHSD partners with Fhn learning commons to provide students with nutritious and delicious meals. Francis Howell R-III School District. Saeger Middle; High Schools. We know this virus is real. First Grade. Subscribe or login to St. Francis Middle School eNews; Unsubscribe by clicking the Unsubscribe Link at the bottom of the email message; SFMS News Archives 2020-21. Calendar; Character Connection Class; Facebook; Main Office; Partnership School Award ; Public Notice; Pyramids of Intervention; School Improvement Plan; Twitter News4FHMS; Vision and Mission … Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019-2020 school year ended abruptly and not the way we wanted. Barnwell. School Fax: 636-851-4095. Francis Howell High; Francis Howell Central; Francis Howell North; Francis Howell Union; . eNews. FHSD partners with Sodexo to provide students with nutritious and delicious meals. Last item for navigation. December 2020 January 2021 February 2021 March 2021 April 2021 May 2021 June 2021 July 2021 August 2021 September 2021 October 2021 November … To contact a teacher: Find teacher phone numbers in the Staff Contact Info. - Michael Janes, Activities Director. 2019-20 News Archive. Pagnotti has distinguished herself as a caring individual who has an excellent rapport with students, parents, and coworkers. Transition Day Update. Hollenbeck Middle / Students. 2020-21 Henderson News. News Subscription. FHSD partners with Sodexo to provide students with nutritious and delicious meals. 2nd Grade; 3rd Grade Ecosystems; 3rd Grade Famous Americans; 5th Grade American Revolution; 3rd Grade; 4th Grade; 5th Grade; Biographies; Food Chains, Food Webs and Ecosystems Get started today! Henderson Elementary School. Grades 6-8. News. The FHSD Dead Period for Fall Fhn learning commons is Saturday August 1 to Sunday August 9, 2020. Claimed. Resources Symbaloo; Find a Project.

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