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Move away from the traditional gifting. Gift your loved ones an endless choice with a personalized gift card from India's largest gift card store. HDFC credit card reward points program lets you earn points on your credit card payments for example when you make online payments and shop. Want to redeem HDFC credit card rewards? There are various ways of earning and redeeming HDFC reward points. Check out how you can do it.

Hdfc credit card reward points to cash -

How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

HDFC Bank has a range of credit cards to offer to its customers. The bank is largest credit card issuer in the country and its lucrative incentive programs for example HDFC credit card reward points program attract thousands of new customers and help it to retain its existing ones.

HDFC credit card reward points program lets you earn points on your credit card payments for example when you make online payments and shop online. These points accumulate in your account and remain valid for 2 years from the date of accumulation. Once reward points reach to 500 threshold, you become eligible for redemption.

Earlier HDFC reward points were redeemable against only products, vouchers, and gift cards. But now customers can convert their reward points into cash.

How to earn HDFC reward points?

The one and only way to earn HDFC rewards points is making purchases using your HDFC credit card. You can easily earn points on your online shopping and other purchases. According to your monthly statement, whatever reward points you earn automatically get credited to your account.

And once reached to 500 threshold, you can redeem HDFC credit card reward points against cash, vouchers, and gift cards. Out of all redemption options, most customers prefer cash redemption. Next you’ll learn credit card reward points redemption process.

All HDFC credit cards have different reward points programs therefore check your card’s incentive program and spend accordingly to earn more reward points. For your information, HDFC Money Back credit cards offer more reward points on online shopping and Diners ClubMIles cards let you earn more reward points on your international spends. You should check out HDFC reward catalogue.

Today I’ll walk you through how to redeem HDFC credit card reward points.

You have two options to redeem your reward points:

  1. using HDFC net banking
  2. by downloading redemption form.

I’ll explain both methods here.

If you want to do HDFC credit card reward points redemption online then you’d be an active user of internet banking service of the bank. For your knowledge, you can activate HDFC net banking service online without visiting your bank branch. I’ve written a separate post on how to activate HDFC net banking service. If you’ve not activated the service yet then you can read that post.

Before that, here are some important points:

  • You should accumulate minimum of 500 reward points and if you’re going to convert them into cash then their value should be equal to or more than Rs. 250.
  • Money Back, Business Money Back, Business Money Corporate, Platinum Edge, and Solitaire Platinum credit cards’ 1 point is equal to Rs. 0.30 which means If you’ve 100 HDFC credit card reward points then they’re equal to Rs. 30. Whereas, All Miles credit cards’ 1 point is equal to Rs. 0.50 which means 100 points of AllMiles card will be equal to Rs. 50.
  • A fee of Rs. 99 will be debited from your card account as a processing fee. GST will be levied separately.
  • You cannot transfer your points to another customer.
  • Your reward points will be valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation.
  • Don’t redeem points unless your points reach to a certain level. Keep in mind you will need to pay fixed redemption procession fee plus taxes. Say if you’ve reward points worth of Rs.250 then after initiating redemption, you will receive Rs.120-130 approximately after paying Rs.99 fee and tax.

How to redeem reward points

Watch video:

You can also watch above video to know how to redeem your reward points or you can read to learn the process.

1. HDFC credit card reward points redemption online

As discussed above, you can use HDFC net banking service to redeem your HDFC reward points online. Just follow the steps given below to do so.

register hdfc credit card

Get access to your online banking account by using your login credentials and then from the navigation menu select Cards tab. Then from Credit Cards section (from the sidebar), click on Request then Register New Card.

Thereafter, enter your credit card details to register your card. Note: If you are already paying your credit card bill through net banking service then skip these steps because your card is already linked to your bank account.

hdfc credit card reward points redemption online

After registering your credit card, again click on Cards tab and then from credit cards section click on Enquire then Redeem Reward Points.

Check box next to your card number and then click on Continue.

redeem points

Once you click on the button, you’ll be redirected to a separate HDFC reward points website where you can see your accumulated points and can encash them. Note: Make sure you’ve not blocked pop-up windows.

On reward points page, in the sidebar you can see a number of options for redemption. To redeem your HDFC credit card points into cash, click on Cash Redemption.

Next you’ll be able to see your card number, current available points, and their cash value. If your reward points total cash value is Rs. 250 or more than that then you’re eligible to encash them. In that case, in Redeem Points field enter your total points and click on Proceed.

Next, confirm your details and initiate HDFC credit card reward points redemption online process.

Once you initiate the process, your reward points will be credited to your bank account. This process can take up to a week or more. So be patient.

2. Redeem credit card points through form

If you don’t hold bank account in HDFC bank then to redeem your reward points you can download redemption form and can submit it to any nearest HDFC Bank branch or you can send it by post.

You can download redemption form from here ( ).

After downloading HDFC credit card points redemption form, fill in the asked details and submit it to your card issuer bank or send the same by post. After receiving your request, bank will initiate redemption process which would take up to a week.

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Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points for Cash

HDFC Bank has enabled the redemption of reward points on their credit cards towards cash. This redemption will be posted as statement credit to the card holders account.

Reward Point Value

The reward points of different HDFC Bank credit cards are valued differently and hence their conversion rate to cash is also different. Value of one reward point for redemption against cash and travel of some popular HDFC Credit Cards is summarized below:

Credit Card Cash Travel
HDFC Infinia Rs. 0.30 Rs. 1
HDFC Diners Club Black Rs. 0.30 Rs. 1
HDFC Regalia Rs. 0.20 Rs. 0.50
HDFC Diners Club ClubMiles Rs. 0.20 Rs. 0.50
HDFC Regalia First Rs. 0.20 Rs. 0.30

It’s quite evident from above table that points are devalued by more than 50% if redeemed for cash than travel.

How to redeem?

To redeem reward points for cash, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to HDFC Net Banking
  2. Go to Card → Enquire → Redeem Reward Points → Select Card → Continue
  3. On HDFC MyReward portal go to Redeem Reward Points → Cash Redemption
  4. Enter the points to redeem and click on Proceed
  5. You will get a conformation and expect the cash credit to reflect in your card account in ~7 working days.

Minimum redemption value should be Rs. 500 and Rs. 99 would be charged as convenience fee per redemption.


This is a wonderful move by HDFC Bank and if you are not a frequent traveller, you can redeem your points for cash rather than unwanted gift cards. This would be also helpful in case reward points are expiring and there is no plan for travel in near future. Some value of expiring reward points can be salvaged by redeeming them for cash instantly.

However this shouldn’t be primary means of redemption of reward points as it reduces their value by more than 50%. Holders of premium credit cards like Infinia, Diners Club Black, Regalia and Diners ClubMiles should definitely refrain from redeeming their points for cash.

Update: HDFC Bank has devalued the reward points of Infinia and Diners Club Black Credit Card for cash redemption. Read the details here.

What do you this of this move by HDFC Bank? Let me know in comments below if you planning to redeem your reward points for cash.


This post clearly guides you how you can claim your HDFC Credit card rewards points.

For claiming your HDFC Credit Card rewards points, HDFC providing an easy online and offline process. Once your credit card has accumulated 500 points then they can redeem points it for cash, products, gift vouchers and discounts.

Claim HDFC Credit Card Reward Points via HDFC Netbanking

  • Step1: Login to your HDFC NetBanking using your ID and Password 
  • Step2: Click on Credit Cards tab on the top
  • Step3: Within the Credit Cards tab on the left side, Click on Enquire Tab and go to redeem Reward Points on the left navigation bar
  • Step4: Select your HDFC Credit Card, click on Continue to proceed to the Online Redemption portal
  • Step5: Click on continue and you will be redirected to HDFC Reward Points redemption system. 
  • Step6: Now you will get new window where you can see your reward points and redeem points it for cash, products, gift vouchers and discounts.

HDFC Credit Card Tab

HDFC Credit Card redeem reward points tabConfirmation HDFC Credit Card redeem reward points tab

Steps to Convert your HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to Cash

On the same screen,

  • Click on Redeem Reward Points Tab
  • Select Cash Redemption
  • On the screen choose your points to redeem
  • Click on Proceed
  • Confirmation message will display on the screen
  • Then your choosen rewards points will automatically convert to cash and credit back to your HDFC Credit Card within 7 Business days.
redeem hdfc credit card rewards to cash
select hdfc credit card reward ponits and convert to cash

Steps to Convert your HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to Insta Vouchers

  • Click on Redeem Reward Points Tab
  • Select Insta Vouchers
  • On the screen select your required brand voucher
  • Click on Redeem
  • Insta voucher will send you to your registered email and phone
  • Using the unique code you will shop at your nearest store
Steps to Convert your HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to Insta Vouchers

Steps to claim your HDFC Credit Card Reward Points through mail

Steps to claim your HDFC Credit Card Reward Points through the Customer Service center



Which is a better option for credit card: reward points or cash back?

It is difficult to ignore the convenience of a credit card. It is not only a safer option compared to cash transactions, but also offers benefits in the form or rewards or cash-back options. However, picking up credit cards randomly can defeat the purpose of the benefits offered by them. Therefore, it is prudent to know the payback options and how you can make the most of them before you opt for one.

Cash back

In the case of a cash-back card, you get back a fixed percentage of the amount you have spent every time you swipe it. The amount varies for various banks and card issuers may notify you about the changes in their offers from time to time. For instance, the Citibank credit card gives 5% cash back on movie tickets, telephone and utility bills, and 0.5% for all other transactions.

Besides, most banks set a minimum transaction amount on their cards to qualify for the benefits and have a cap on the cash they return to the customer. For instance, the minimum transaction amount for the Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium card is Rs 750, with a maximum cash back of Rs 100 per transaction and Rs 500 for a month.

The process of redeeming the cash reward also varies. Says Sumit Bali, Executive Vice-President, Kotak Mahindra Bank: “Our bank lets you adjust the cashback amount against that due for the next month’s bill.” While for some banks you may have to call the customer care number to get your cash reward, others may pay it every month, or at a predetermined period. Some cash-back offers also come with a limited validity period.
“Cash-back cards come with conditions. For instance, if you fail to pay your dues on time, the cash back you accumulate will not be credited to you,” says Bali. Therefore, like any other financial product, it is better to go through the fine print and know all the benefits of the card before you pick one.

Reward points

Like cash-back cards, you can accumulate reward points on card purchases. For every Rs 100-150 you spend on your card, you get 1-5 points. For instance, the Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Points card lets you earn five points for Rs 150 spent.

Each point earned can be worth between Rs 0.25 and Rs 1, depending on the bank and the product. Says Parag Rao, Senior Executive Vice-President, Business Head, Card Payment Products and Merchant Acquiring Services, HDFC Bank: “Customers spend and accumulate reward points, which they can redeem for various products and vouchers through Net banking and phone banking.” If you do not redeem your reward points in time, they might lapse.
How to pick the right card

Both cash-back and reward point cards have their own advantages and limitations. The good part about cash back is that most banks automatically adjust it against the outstanding bill amount. However, rewards points have to be redeemed against products. Says Bali: “As far as industry numbers go, only 35-40% of rewards points are being used.” Most cash-back cards come for specific spending categories, such as dining and entertainment. “If you spend across categories, generic reward point cards work well,” adds Bali. However, your choice of cards should depend on how much you spend on it and for what (see graph).

So, irrespective of the card you choose, if you use it irresponsibly, you could end up in a debt trap. Choosing the right card is as important as using the card sparingly and only to buy things that you need.
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Hdfc credit card reward points to cash
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Hdfc credit card reward points to cash
hdfc credit card reward points to cash

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