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New Cable Channel List

2.1 NBC: WLBZ-HD – Bangor, ME
2.2 Justice Network
2.3 ION
3.1 UMaine Channel
5.1 CBS: WABI-HD – Bangor, ME
5.2 CW: WABI-HD Bangor, ME
5.3 Decades
7.1 ABC: WVII-HD – Bangor, ME
7.2 FOX: WFVX-HD – Bangor, ME
12.1 PBS: WMEB-HD – Orono, ME
12.2 Create
12.3 World Channel
12.4 PBS Kids
23.1 Headline News Network (HLN)-HD
23.2 CNN-HD News
24.1 CNBC-HD
24.2 MSNBC News-HD
25.1 Fox News Channel-HD
25.2 Bloomberg News-HD
26.1 C-SPAN
26.2 C-SPAN2
27.1 V-Me
27.2 Z Living
28.1 ESPN-HD
28.2 ESPN2-HD
29.1 ESPNews-HD
29.2 ESPNUniversity-HD
bangor maine news channel Fox Sports 1-HD
30.2 Fox Sports 2-HD
31.1 New England Sports Netw. (NESN)-HD
31.2 NBC Sports Boston-HD
32.1 Big 10 Network-HD
32.2 PAC 12 Network-HD
33.1 NFL Network-HD (Football)
33.2 NBA TV-HD (Basketball)
34.1 NHL Network-HD (Hockey)
34.2 MLB TV -HD (Baseball)
35.1 Golf Channel-HD
35.2 Velocity-HD
36.1 TNT-HD
36.2 TBS-HD
37.1 USA-HD
37.2 A&E-HD
38.1 FX-HD
38.2 FXX-HD
39.1 Get TV
39.2 TV LAND
40.1 TruTV-HD
40.2 SyFy-HD
41.1 Bravo-HD
41.2 HGTV-HD
42.1 Food Network-HD
42.2 Cooking Channel-HD
43.1 OWN-HD
43.2 Oxygen
44.1 Lifetime-HD
44.2 We TV-HD
45.1 MTV Live-HD
45.2 MTV-HD
46.1 MTV2
46.2 VH1-HD
47.1 Fuse-HD
47.2 CMT-HD
48.1 AXS TV-HD
48.2 BET-HD
49.1 Animal Planet-HD
49.2 E! Entertainment-HD
50.1 Comedy Central-HD
50.2 Cartoon Network-HD
51.1 Disney Channel-HD
51.2 Disney XD-HD
52.1 Disney Jr.
52.2 Nickelodeon-HD
53.1 Nick Jr.
53.2 TeenNick
54.1 NickToons
54.2 Kids & Teens TV
55.1 Weather Nation-HD
55.2 Weather Channel-HD
56.1 NASA
56.2 National Geographic-HD
57.1 Discovery Channel-HD
57.2 History Channel-HD
58.1 TLC-HD
58.2 Travel Channel-HD
59.1 Hallmark Channel-HD
59.2 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries-HD
60.1 BBC America-HD
60.2 Paramount Network-HD
61.1 ReelzChannel-HD
61.2 Pop-HD
62.1 IFC-HD
62.2 AMC-HD
70.1 HBO-HD
70.2 HBO2-HD
71.2 Cinemax-HD
71.2 MoreMax

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Bangor, ME 4th of July parade marred by bullets and bizarre accident

Fourth of July celebrations turned tragic in Bangor, Maine Thursday morning, as the parade kicked off with a man firing several rounds of bullets and ended with a man being crushed to death.

Before the parade began, police had to close off several streets near the parade route after reports of gunfire.

According to the Bangor Daily News, a man fired off at least 70 rounds, in the city’s downtown, before police arrested him.

No one was injured and the parade got underway, taking an alternate route, shortly after the stand-off ended.

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But as the parade was making its way down Main Street, a freak accident happened leaving one man dead.

A man riding a tractor tipped over while making a right turn onto Water Street. He was subsequently crushed by an antique fire truck travelling behind him, the Bangor Daily News reported.

New York Times staffer Marie Tessier was at the parade when the accident happened. She reported what happened on Twitter.

Police have yet not released the name of the man killed in the accident or the man arrested in the shooting and stand-off.


This week marks the the 68th year of TV being broadcasted from Bangor, Maine.  In 1953, WABI became the first TV broadcaster in the State of Maine and the Bangor market has grown and shifted since.

The TV station was started by former Governor of Maine, Horace Hildreth, and originally was predominantly an NBC affiliate but also carried other networks at the same time including CBS, ABC and DuMont.  In 1959, a final shuffle took place, and is how we know our TV stations today, where WLBZ Channel 2 was created and became an NBC affiliate and WABI Channel 5 became the CBS affiliate.

ABC was a secondary affiliate to both WLBZ and WABI at that time. Once 1965 rolled around, ABC had it's own local affiliate here in Bangor as WEMT became the exclusive carrier of the ABC network in town, which, eventually became WVII Channel 7.

Even if that history is all brand new to you, one thing that could definitely stick is the slogans that our local stations broadcasted throughout the years to build their branding with the community.  In fact, 'you can count on' some memorable slogans from our local TV stations that we will still be able to remember to this day.

The '80s really seemed to have a hay day with new slogans for bangor maine news channel stations just about every year. Once the '90s hit it became less frequent to switch up slogans.  The turn first national bank beardstown illinois the new century you can see our local stations seemed to hit a stride with slogans that stuck.

Check out slogans from our local affiliates WABI TV5, WLBZ 2, and WVII ABC7 from the past 40 years.  Do you remember any of the old ones?

Bangor area TV Slogans Through the Years

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    $285 ‘Thank You' Checks Going Out to Mainers Who Worked During Pandemic

    More than half a million Mainers are expecting disaster relief payments of $285 before the end of 2021. The money will arrive in the form of a paper check mailed to people in Maine who were working du.

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    New England's Biggest Solar Project is Catching Some Rays

    A 490-acre (200-hectare) solar energy farm in Maine is now online and connected to the regional power bangor maine news channel. The $110 million, 76.5-megawatt solar farm in Farmington is touted as the biggest in New Eng.

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    Evidence Tossed in Case That Started Maine Racial Profiling Debate

    A federal judge has ruled that evidence seized by police officers during a traffic stop cannot be used in a case that has touched off a debate about racial profiling in Maine. The case concerns Trooper John Darcy, who was recorded talking to another trooper on a cruiser microphone just before stopping a Black motorist driving through York in August.

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    Family Ensures Historic Portland, Maine Property Remains in Good Hands

    A piece of history in Portland, Maine will soon change hands, but unlike a number of recent real estate transactions in the Pine Tree State, is not being sold to highest bidder. For roughly 200 years, the Poole family and its ancestors have owned Union Wharf off of Portland’s Commercial Street. But according to Charlie Poole, one of its co-owners,&.

  • Maine Nov 15

    15-Year-Old Killed in Maine Crash

    A teenager was killed in a crash in Phillips, Maine, on Sunday. Maine State Police said the Franklin County Regional Communications Center received a call around 8 a.m. Sunday for bangor maine news channel single car crash on Route 156. They said a 15-year-old male passenger was killed in the crash. His name has not been released. The driver of the car, 18-year-old….

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    Portland City Council Race Decided After Recount

    Roberto Rodriguez won an at-large seat on the Portland City Council after a rare bangor maine news channel in the ranked-choice election forced a hand recount. His opponent, Brandon Mazer, conceded Wednesday, saying he had questions about discrepancies but realized he would need all the disputed ballots to win. A nearly 12-hour recount showed Rodriguez with a 35-vote le.

  • COVID-19 Nov 11

    Half a Million Mainers to Get COVID-19 Relief Checks

    More than a half million Maine residents will receive $285 disaster relief payments by the end of the year because of a coronavirus pandemic assistance plan. The payments are set to start going out on Nov. 15 and continue through the end of December. The one-time relief payments are part of the state budget and are intended to help support….

  • Maine Nov 10

    Hand Recount in Maine City Council Race Ended by Random Draw

    A City Council race in Maine’s largest city that was decided via a random drawing has moved onto its next low tech phase, a hand recount. Brandon Mazer and Roberto Rodriguez were the top two finishers in a Portland City Council race that was supposed to be determined via ranked choice voting. However, when the ranked ballots were counted.

  • Maine Silver Alert Nov 9

    Missing Elderly Woman Found Safe in Bangor, Maine

    Authorities in Maine safely located an elderly woman with dementia who’d had a Silver Alert issued for her earlier in the day. Leola Cyr, 78, was found safely in Bangor after she had last been seen Tuesday around 1 p.m. leaving her home on Main Street in Madawaska. Police believed she was heading south towards Bangor to visit her husband&#823.


Nov. 29—Mainers don't have to book a trip to the Himalayas to see yaks — they're well-suited to be raised by farmers right here in the Pine Tree State.

Filled with personality and well-acclimated to Maine's climate, yaks have the potential to be a popular livestock in the state. Those who already own and love yaks say that the charismatic animals might not catch on, though, unless hurdles in accessibility and product popularity are surmounted first.

Adria Horn has become a "yak evangelist" over the past five years. She owns Wooly & Grunt Farm in Pittston with her husband, Lokie, and has had a number of funny experiences with yaks, from heifers hopping on hay bales to a baby yak named Oreo imprinting on her and following her around the house.

"I love them and I really think they're just such cool animals," Horn said. "They're interesting. They're curious. They're super funny."

Aside from having fun personalities, yaks love Maine's cold weather and are much less demanding on the land than other ruminants, particularly cattle. They eat about a quarter of what a cow eats, according to Horn.

They're also multipurpose. In addition to being talented draft animals, yaks can be raised for meat, milk and high-quality fiber and don't even need to be shorn like other fiber animals.

Yaks also make great pets for hobby farmers — though Chris Devaney in New Limerick, who currently has a herd of 16 yaks, bristles at the term "hobby farm."

"It's not a hobby farm for me really, it's just a way of life," Devaney said. "I do harvest the fiber but because these guys are just pets and almost like kids to me I don't sell it, I give it away. If I were selling the fiber, it would be like putting the kids to work and stealing their paycheck."

Like any animal, yaks come with their quirks. Bangor maine news channel like to roam and require intensive fencing. Due to their thick hides, Horn said that sheep-level voltage electric fencing is insufficient.

"Back in the early days when the yaks were breaking out all too regularly, in order to keep community relations on the good side, I started naming new baby yaks after the neighbors and friends," Devaney said. "It was a big hit. During a breakout, if a yak went into a neighbor's yard, the neighbor would often come out smiling and ask, 'Is that my yak?'"

Over the past 18 years that Devaney has owned yaks, he hasn't seen many other yak farmers come onto the scene. A few farms have shown interest, and some have even owned yaks for a short period of time, but not many have stuck with the project.

"Frankly, I'm surprised there aren't more yaks in Maine," Devaney said.

There are a few reasons that more Mainers don't give yaks a shot. First is the challenge of getting a yak. The Horns are among the only farmers in Maine — or America, for that matter — that have yaks.

"If you want to purchase one, you have to have interstate logistics figured out," Horn said. "You have to pay for transportation, which is wicked expensive."

Socializing yaks can be tough, too, as Horn found out firsthand when she and her husband first decided they wanted to get yaks. They purchased their first herd from meat processors, and the giant horned creatures didn't let them get close enough to milk them. Eventually, they started bottle feeding baby yaks and are well on their way to developing a friendly herd that will let them near their udders.

"Socialization is time consuming and it's definitely something that, if we have to bottle feed a yak for someone, it's going to be a more expensive yak," Horn said.

Between the Horns and Devaney, though, there is an opportunity for Mainers to purchase socialized yaks in-state — the question is whether farmers can profit off the animals.

Aside from having fun personalities, yaks love Maine's cold weather and are much less demanding on the land than other ruminants, particularly cattle. Credit: Courtesy of Chris Devaney and Adria Horn

A market for yak products exists, Horn said, but it has been a challenge to make inroads in Maine. Her efforts to find markets for yak products were derailed by the pandemic, as restaurants and specialty stores stuck to their usual products rather than risky new ones.

Still, Horn has found niche markets for her yak products, including a high-end knitter looking to supplement cashmere with yak fiber, a personal trainer in New Jersey seeking yak meat for its leanness and the pet supply retailer wanting yak milk to turn into dog chews.

"I definitely think there's an opportunity here but they're slow to grow and you have to be willing to take some of the lessons learned," Horn said.

Finally, there is the matter of veterinary care for yaks in Maine. Horn and her husband are comfortable doing a lot of the simple yak care themselves and have learned through online resources. For example, yaks have slightly different dietary requirements than cows, and the Horns had to tinker with their bottle feeding formula for baby yaks to get the right level of fat content.

For Devaney, though, the yaks are well worth it and he hopes to see more in Maine.

"It's a beautiful environment for them and they do have a lot to offer," Devaney said. "It's worth it in the long run. My life is heaven with these guys here."

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