places that will deliver food in my area

Find national chains, local favorites, or new neighborhood restaurants, on Grubhub. Get delivery from restaurants near you, on time, featuring deals and. Using Grubhub, you can search for restaurants by cuisine or location, quickly order food from the menu and track your order from the app. The following are all the direct restaurant delivery services we know off in Utah. from either their SLC or Provo locations, depending on your location.

: Places that will deliver food in my area

Places that will deliver food in my area
Places that will deliver food in my area

Best food delivery services in 2021: Grubhub vs Uber Eats vs Doordash

The best food delivery services let you order whatever you're in the mood to eat — pizza, sushi, or a meal from your favorite local restaurant — with just the click of a button or a tap on your phone. And after a little time, your food will show up at the front door. Food delivery services make it easy to have breakfast in bed, a healthy lunch, a spread for the whole family or chase com amazon late night snack.

Food delivery services have become very popular in recent years, but never more so than during the pandemic, when dining out a no-go for many. Even though most restrictions have lifted, food delivery apps are in no danger of being deleted from our smartphones anytime soon.

This guide takes a close look at the food delivery apps that promise to bring you meals when you don’t want to — or can’t — leave the comfort of the couch. These are the best food delivery services you can use on your iPhone or Android device and what each one brings to the table.

What are the best food delivery services?

When it comes to the best food delivery services, it boils down to a choice between Grubhub and Seamless — the two services are run by the same company and are essentially interchangeable — or Doordash. All of those services have extensive reach and let you order from a variety of restaurants including local eateries and national chains. We think Grubhub’s support of multiple payment options gives it a slight edge, though DoorDash has a lot going for it, too.

If you’re already using Uber to get around town, the Uber Eats app will have a familiar interface for ordering meals to go. Several other food delivery options specialize in certain areas. InstaCart lets you order from grocery stores, while services such as and GoPuff include snacks and drinks among other household items that they’ll bring to your door. If you don't mind picking up your own food, ChowNow lets you place to-go orders at a variety of local eateries in your area.

The best food delivery services you can try today

1. Grubhub

Best food delivery service overall


Availability: 4,000 U.S. cities and London, UK

Fees: Varies by restaurant

Minimum order: Varies by restaurant for delivery

Subscription option: GrubHub+ for $9.99 a month

Reasons to buy

+Extensive reach+Delivers from both local restaurants and national chains+Supports multiple payment methods

Reasons to avoid

-Service from some restaurants includes delivery fees

There's a reason Grubhub is one of the first names to come to mind when you think of best food delivery services. Grubhub partners with an incredible variety of restaurants, from nationwide chains to your neighborhood mom-and-pop diner, for a selection that can satisfy just about every food craving you can think of, all on demand.

Using Grubhub, you can search for restaurants by cuisine or location, quickly order food from the menu and track your order from the app, all hassle-free and without any extra charges. (Individual restaurants wells fargo bank 1800 number have order minimums and other fees.) Grubhub users can order delivery or takeout and take advantage of special deals available only within the app. And the app's delivery instruction box lets you tell the driver where to leave your meal if you'd prefer a no-contact delivery.

While the app is free to use, signing up for Grubhub+ — a $9.99-per-month subscription — lets you enjoy free delivery.

2. DoorDash

Great food delivery service with helpful recommendations


Availability: 4,000 U.S. cities in U.S., Canada and Australia

Fees: Varies by restaurant

Minimum order: None

Subscription option: DashPass for $9.99 a month

Reasons to buy

+Good recommendation engine for discovering restaurants+Serves a wide array of local eateries and national chains+Monthly DashPass subscription reduces service fees

Reasons to avoid

-Reach not as extensive as Grubhub-Delivery fees can vary

DoorDash now boasts operations in 4,000 cities across North America in Australia (though GrubHub can claim a more extensive reach). Featuring a wide range of cuisines from sushi to fast food, DoorDash features easy ordering (including quick reordering of your favorites), with options to track your delivery, pick pnc bank check routing number your food or schedule your deliveries for the most convenient times.

The app includes a "Yum Score" that rates food quality and how well a restaurant works with DoorDash to get your food out quickly — a helpful feature if you want your food delivered nice and hot. DoorDash also lets you order alcohol and mixers from local wine and liquor stores where local laws allow. And as with other best food delivery services, a delivery instructions box in DoorDash enables you to specify where you'd like your meal dropped off for contact-free delivery. A $9.99-per-month DashPass lets you save on delivery fees.

3. Seamless

A mirror image of Grubhub


Availability: 4,000 U.S. cities and London, UK

Fees: Varies by restaurant

Minimum order: Varies by restaurant for delivery

Subscription option: Seamless+ for $9.99 a month

Reasons to buy

+Extensive reach+Delivers from both local restaurants and national chains+Supports multiple methods of payments

Reasons to avoid

-Service from some restaurants includes delivery fees

Another one of the best food delivery services under the Grubhub banner, Seamless ferries around food from a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines, with full-menu options and without any extra fees, plus contact-free delivery if you prefer. As with GrubHub, there's a $9.99-per-month membership if you want to save on delivery costs; otherwise using the app is free.

Customers can browse by food or location, and have their grub delivered at work or home; they can also arrange to have their meals ready places that will deliver food in my area pickup. Though Seamless operates in a number of U.S. cities, it has the best coverage in New York City, partnering with everyone from big chain restaurants to neighborhood food joints to offer some of the best food on the go or delivered to your doorstep in the Big Apple.

4. Uber Eats

The best food delivery service if you already use Uber


Availability: 500-plus cities in 24 countries

Fees: 15% of order subtotal

Minimum order: $2 to $3 fee for orders less than $10 to $15

Subscription option: Eats Pass for $9.99 a month

Reasons to buy

+Integrated with Uber in some cities+Real-time delivery tracking+Supports cashless ppayment

Reasons to avoid

-15% service fee

Uber's entry into the food-delivery-app wars feels like a natural extension of its ride-sharing app, bringing the company's on-demand touch to the world of food delivery. Uber Eats users can easily search for their favorite restaurant or discover new food places nearby.

Then, with just a few taps, users can place an order for immediate or scheduled delivery and track the order in real time, just as if they had booked an Uber ride. You can pay either with a credit card or through credits on your Uber account, and from within the app, you have the option to tip the person bringing you your food as well as leave instructions for contact-free food delivery.

Another plus is Uber's global reach, giving you good odds of being able to order food on demand across major cities worldwide. And the $9.99-per-month Eats Pass lets you enjoy free delivery, with an additional 5% discount on orders over $15.

5. Instacart

Food delivery when you need groceries


Availability: 5,500 cities in the U.S. and Canada

Fees: Starting at $3.99 with minimum order of $10

Minimum order: $10

Subscription option: Instacart Express for $9.99 a month

Reasons to buy

+Serves extensive list of grocery stores+Instacart Express membership provides faster deliveries

Reasons to avoid

-Service fees can add up-Can be difficult to get time slots

No one can live on fast food alone. If your menu calls for actual groceries, you may want to turn to Instacart instead of the other boone county high school basketball food delivery apps.

Instacart specializes in delivering groceries as well as household goods and — in the case of some stores — alcohol. (In fact, we consider Instacart to be one of the best grocery delivery services you can use.) The service boasts partnerships with more than 20,000 retailers across North America, and if your local store offers ready-to-eat meals, Instacart’s an option for getting those items delivered straight to your door. In fact, Instacart has just added a drop-off feature to minimize contact with the person delivering your groceries.

If you do plan on using Instacart for delivering groceries or prepared food you plan to eat right away, you’ll want to consider an Instacart Express membership, which costs $9.99 a month. That’s a way to get your food faster. Otherwise, Instacart has no membership fees, though you’ll have a delivery fee tacked on to each order.

6. Caviar

Best food delivery service when you don't want fast food


Availability: 28 U.S. cities and regions

Fees: $1.99 to $8.99

Minimum order: Varies by restaurant for delivery

Subscription option: None

Reasons to buy

+Focuses on local restaurants+Real-time GPS tracking

Reasons to avoid

-Reach isn't as extensive as other services

Available in 28 cities and regions across the country, Caviar was bought by DoorDash in late 2019.  Order on the app from a rich selection of local restaurants, with real-time GPS tracking for deliveries as well as the option to pick up your food to save on delivery-and-service fees.

Caviar offers a number of in-app exclusive deals, and it focuses less on fast food compared with other apps. Instead, Caviar emphasizes other types of restaurants, and it lets you leave instructions for no-contact delivery when you checkout for your order.

7. Postmates

Round-the-clock food delivery service


Availability: 4,200 U.S. cities

Fees: Varies by restaurant and subject to surge pricing

Minimum order: Varies by restaurant for delivery, $1.99 on small cart orders

Subscription option: Postmates Unlimited for $9.99 a month

Reasons to buy

+24/7 deliveries, depending on restaurant operating hours+Extensive reach+Deliveries extend beyond food

Reasons to avoid

-Surge pricing can drive up the cost

Even though it's now owned by Uber, Postmates remains ready to satisfy your food cravings 24/7 with the option to have just about anything delivered from local stores to your doorstep. You can order pizza, burgers, groceries or even things like clothing or cellphone chargers from local restaurants and retail partners. The company just introduced no-contact delivery options as well.

Postmates does include a delivery charge and surge pricing during peak hours, but a $9.99-per-month Postmates Unlimited service removes surge pricing and delivery charges for orders greater than $15.

8. ChowNow

Local eats, with a focus on pickups


Availability: 18 U.S. cities and regions

Fees: Varies by restaurant

Minimum order: Varies by restaurant for delivery

Subscription option: None

Reasons to buy

+No hidden fees+Focuses on local restaurants

Reasons to avoid

-Delivery limited to select cities-Not as extensive as other services

ChowNow isn't strictly a food delivery app — while delivery is available in select locations, ChowNow is largely focused on letting you place orders for food that you pick up at local restaurants. So if you're looking for the convenience of having meals dropped off at your door, consider one of the other best food delivery apps.

Still, there are compelling reasons to turn to ChowNow, starting with the service's focus on local eateries, instead of chains. That allows you to discover good, local eats that are close by, even if you're stuck at home. Secondly, ChowNow promises commission-free ordering so that your final bill isn't loaded down with unexplained fees. If you'd like to fill your belly while also helping out local restauranteurs, this places that will deliver food in my area the app to check out.


All-purpose delivery service


Availability: 100-plus U.S. cities

Fees: Varies by location

Minimum order: Varies by location for delivery

Subscription option: Delivery Points reward program for free

Reasons to buy

+Delivers laundry, groceries and alcohol in addition to food+Extensive reach

Reasons to avoid

-Some restaurants tack on delivery fees wouldn't seem to be a likely candidate for the best food delivery services since places that will deliver food in my area offers a broad range of delivery options, including the ability to schedule pickups and drop-offs for laundry and dry cleaning. But food delivery is very much a part of's bag of tricks.

In addition to ordering your favorite munchies for delivery or takeout, also can bring you groceries, beer, wine and spirits, so think of it as a one-stop source for all your food needs. In addition, a group ordering feature lets you split orders with neighbors and roommates to minimize the number of deliveries coming and going. 

10. GoPuff

Get more than just food delivered


Availability: 170-plus areas

Fees: $1.95 per delivery

Minimum order: None

Subscription option: Fam membership for $5.95 a month

Reasons to buy

+Deliveries include cleaning supplies and over-the-counter medicine in addition to food+Flat delivery fee

Reasons to avoid

-Food deliveries veer more toward snacks than full-fledged meals

GoPuff takes a quirkier approach to food delivery, offering snacks, ice cream, alcohol and other items, including over-the-counter medicine and cleaning supplies. Those last two items may be of particular interest for people staying in because of the coronavirus outbreak, and GoPuff offers no-contact delivery options.

Think of this app as a mobile convenience store that brings you exactly what wells fargo en espaГ±ol atencion al cliente need, day or night, without requiring you to hoof it to a corner store. GoPuff features a catalog of more than 2,000 products and  charges a convenient flat delivery fee of $2. (Pay for a $5.95-per-month Fam membership, and you'll get free delivery, which will save you money if you turn to GoPuff more than three times each month.)

How to find the best food delivery service

When evaluating which food delivery service to use, look into how extensive a reach a particular service has where you live and whether it can bring you food from restaurants where you like to eat. Consider which service charge extra fees, though that can be hard to look up, as many deliver fees are at the discretion of the restaurants from which you order.

If you plan on using a service extensively, see if there's a monthly membership program. In many cases that membership fee can wipe out any delivery charges or reduce other fees. In some cases, you can even expect faster delivery if you've got membership status.

What you plan to order can determine what service you use. Grubhub, DoorDash and UberEats specialize in meals from restaurants. Postmates, and GoPuff handle other types of food delivery, while InstaCart focuses nearly exclusively on grocery stores.

John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and places that will deliver food in my area writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

Looking for delivery driver jobs?

Instead of traditional food delivery jobs where the hours aren’t flexible, try being your own boss with Uber Eats. Get paid to deliver on your schedule using the food delivery app most downloaded by customers.

Be a delivery driver using Uber

Delivering with Uber Eats is a great alternative to traditional part-time delivery driver jobs or other part-time employment, temporary jobs, or seasonal work. Or maybe you drive with Uber or are an Uber Eats customer and want to supplement your income. See how becoming a food driver on the Uber platform can help you meet your goals.

Uber Eats offers food delivery driver alternatives in major cities across the US, including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle—plus hundreds of other cities, large and small, around the country.

Your vehicle, your time

Grab your car, bike, or scooter and be a delivery driver whenever you want—for an hour, a weekend, or throughout the week. See below to find the requirements for each way federal home loan bank act great depression getting around.

Get paid quickly

When you get paid to deliver using Uber, your earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account every week. Plus, with Instant Pay, food delivery drivers can cash out up to 5 times a day.

Track your earnings

Before you accept any order, you’ll be able to see how much you’ll get paid to deliver it. In addition, customers have the option to tip in-app, and 100% of tips are yours to keep.

How food delivery driving works

If you’re new to earning with Uber, you’ll need to sign up to be a delivery person, consent to a screening, and upload the required documents and a photo. Once you’re notified that you are active, you can begin to receive delivery requests. The Driver app offers resources and will help you learn as you go.

Already a driver on the Uber platform?

You can start receiving delivery requests by going to the Driver app menu. Then select Account > Work Hub > Deliver food with Uber Eats. Once places that will deliver food in my area review and accept the delivery terms, you’ll be ready to deliver. You can turn delivery requests on and off as you wish.

Log in

When you’re ready to start being a delivery driver, you can go online in the Driver app. The app will show available food delivery requests near you. You can tap to accept.

Deliver orders

The app provides suggested navigation and information from restaurants and your customers to help your deliveries run places that will deliver food in my area. If you need more assistance, you can contact Support in the app, too.

Earn money

You’ll get paid for every pickup and dropoff you complete, plus a per-mile rate. In some cities, you’ll also receive a per-minute rate. In addition, Uber Eats customers can tip you if they’d like.

Here’s what you need to become a tracey edmonds production company driver using Uber*

Delivery by car

  • Meet the minimum age to drive in your city
  • Have a 2-door or 4-door car
  • Have a valid driver’s license in your name
  • Submit your Social Security number for us to run a background screening

Delivery by scooter

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have a motorized scooter under 50cc
  • Have a valid driver’s license in your name
  • Submit your Social Security number for us to run a background screening
  • When signing up, be sure to choose Delivery by scooter under transportation method

Delivery by bicycle or on foot

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a government-issued ID
  • Submit your Social Security number for us to run a background screening
  • When signing up, be sure to choose Delivery by bicycle (and in certain cities, Delivery by bicycle or foot) under transportation method

Frequently asked questions

  • What does delivering using Uber offer that traditional delivery driver jobs don’t?

    Different delivery driver jobs offer different opportunities. Not all food delivery drivers are able to work flexible hours whenever they choose. You can decide whether you want a traditional full-time or part-time delivery driver job or courier job, or whether you want to be an independent contractor doing app-based delivery whenever and wherever you want—or even do both.

  • Can I deliver using the Uber Eats app and also be a food delivery driver for a restaurant or another delivery app?

    Yes. You can keep doing food delivery jobs, courier jobs, or delivery with other apps and also get paid to deliver using Uber Eats in your free time with your own vehicle. Whether you deliver using a car, scooter, bike, or your feet; whether you’re a catering driver, taxi driver, or truck driver, or you drive using another rideshare app, like Lyft; whether you also deliver with Amazon, BiteSquad, Caviar, DoorDash, Google, Grubhub, Waitr, or any other food delivery service worldwide—we welcome you to the Uber platform.

  • How often would I have to deliver with Uber?

    Because it isn’t a traditional food delivery job, your schedule is up to you. With Uber Eats, you average american savings 2020 get paid to deliver when you want and manage your own hours.

  • I’m a happy Uber Eats customer. Can I become a food delivery driver?

    Absolutely. You can sign up to deliver by using the form at the top of this page, either by filling out the form with the details of your existing account or by tapping Already have an account? Sign in. Then consent to a screening, upload the required documents, submit a photo of yourself, and download the Driver app. After you associated bank branch hours a notification that you’re an active delivery driver, you can start getting food delivery requests.

  • After I’ve completed a delivery, how can I find out how much money I made?

    Getting paid to deliver is perhaps the main reason you looked for a food delivery job and chose to use Uber Eats instead. So we make it as easy as we can for you to track your earnings. The app offers helpful, transparent tools, like a monetary amount at the top of your screen that shows your earnings. Look for more resources in the app to help you see your real-time totals and other earnings details.

  • Is the Uber platform safe?

    Your safety is a top priority. Uber has a global Safety team dedicated to doing our part to help prevent incidents. Plus, we’ve put in place new guidelines since the pandemic began. For instance, if your Uber Eats customer requests it, you can leave their delivery at their door to help reduce contact. Visit the link below to learn more about the safety features in the app and safeguards such as GPS tracking and an emergency assistance button.

  • I’m looking for delivery driver jobs near me. If I decide to be a delivery driver as an independent contractor with Uber Eats instead, how do I know if delivery is available in my city?

    Uber Eats has more than 500,000 restaurant partners worldwide, and the app is available in more than 6,000 cities. Tap below to see if yours is one of them.

  • What are the requirements to be a delivery driver with Uber?

    Requirements vary depending on whether you’re driving a car or a scooter, or you’re biking. When you become a delivery driver, you’ll be prompted about which documents are required based on your mode of transportation. Delivery drivers in the US must also pass a background screening. See above for delivery driver requirements.

The material provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.

*Delivery varies by city. In many markets, proof of residency is required.


Food Delivery, Curbside & More

Find the Exact Dining Experience You Are Looking For With This Updated List of Local Eateries.

Don't have time to dine in? Below are businesses that deliver or offer curbside pickup. Direct links to that business' page for DoorDash (DD), EatStreet (ES), GrubHub (GH), UberEats (UE), or a specific website for online ordering is also provided. Businesses with an asterisk (*) are locally owned. As restaurants continue to adjust and increase offerings, so too will this list. Refer to it often!

Click here for a PDF version of the below directory

If on mobile, please swipe right to left to view the table in its entirety. Click on the individual businesses to access their listing for their phone lic mortgage loan interest rate 2019 website. Bon Appétit!

We’re all in this together! During this time of continued adjustments for public safety, we encourage you to remember the many locally-owned businesses throughout our community and to continue supporting them to the best of your ability! Check directly with the business's website/social media regarding hours of operation & more.

Local Restaurant (hyperlinked)Special OfferCurbside PickupOnline/App Ordering
*Asian Taste carry outDD
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen yesWeb
*Chick-fil-A yes & drive-thruDD, ES, UE, Web
Chili's Grill & Bar yesDD, Web
Chipotle yesDD, ES, GH, UE, Web
*Corner Bakeryyesdrive-thruDD, UE, Web
*Cousins SubsyesyesDD, ES, Web
*Culver's of Pleasant Prairieyesyes & drive-thru 
Dairy Queen drive-thruDD, UE
*El Camino Kitchen dedicated carry out entrance 
Five Guys yesDD, GH, UE
*Honada Sushi & Hibachi carry outES
*Iguana Wana yesES, GH
*Jimano's PizzeriayesyesDD, GH, Web
*Johnny'Z Pour Houseyesyes 
Milwaukee Burger CompanyyesyesDD, GH, Web
MOD Pizza yesDD, UE, Web
*Nothing Bundt CakesyesyesWeb
Olive Garden yesWeb
Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza yes (uncooked)DD, GH, UE, Web
Panda Express carry outDD, ES, GH, UE, Web
Potbelly yes & drive-thruDD, ES, GH, UE, Web
*Ruffolo's Pizza yes 
*Starlite Club yes 
*Village Supper Club carry out only 

Everywhere You Can Get Free & Cheap Food Delivery Right Now

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, dining indoors can be dangerous for you and the restaurant's employees. Check the CDC's Food Safety and Eating Out guidelines to understand the risks involved. Consider ordering food to-go or getting delivery to support your favorite restaurants.

There are a whole lot of reasons you might be thinking about ordering food (and alcohol) delivery more often than usual. 

If that's how you're getting through the week, then here's a bit of great news. Lots of chains and delivery services are offering free, reduced-price delivery, and other delivery deals right now. We've collected those offers into a single space, which will be updated regularly, so you can keep an eye on what your best options are. That said, we'd encourage you to be extra kind to nsb bot discount code delivering food, tip generously, and support your favorite local businesses. Additionally, when ordering, consider ordering directly from the restaurant rather than using a delivery service whenever possible. (Especially when you're ordering from a local restaurant.) Delivery services charge a fee to restaurants and, during a tough time, not having to pay those fees can make a big difference for your local restaurant.

Here's our running list of the best delivery deals you'll find right now. 

Where to get free food delivery

Red Lobster
The deal: Get free delivery on orders placed through the Red Lobster website. 
When: November 22-29

Red Robin
The deal: Get free delivery to help get you through the start of the holiday season. 
When: November 22-28

White Castle
The deal: Get a $0 delivery fee when you hit the $20 minimum (or $25 in New York and New Jersey) when you order through Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, or DoorDash.
When: November 29

Auntie Anne's
The deal: Get free delivery on orders of at least $12 placed through the Pretzel Perks app.
When: December 1-25

The deal: You can get your craving for that chicken sandwich fulfilled. Popeyes is offering free contactless delivery through its app with a minimum $25 order.
When: Ongoing

The deal:
Order delivery through Uber Eats and you'll get a $0 delivery fee. (Though, there may still be an order fee involved.) If you decide to not get it through Uber Eats, the ubiquitous coffee chain is offering a free drink to anyone signing up for the Rewards Glenview state bank review for the first time. 
When: Ongoing

Taco Bell
The deal:
On March 28, the bean-slinging chain announced that it will expand its free delivery option through Grubhub. You can get free delivery on any delivery order of at least $12 if it's your first order.
When: Ongoing

Del Taco
The deal:
The code "DELTACONOW" will get you free delivery with no minimum order through Postmates.
When: Ongoing

Boston Market
The deal:
Get free delivery when you order through the Boston Market website or the chain's mobile app. 
When: Ongoing

Dickey's Barbecue Pit
The deal:
Get free delivery when you order online through the Dickey's site or mobile app when you select the "Doorstep Drop Off" option. 
When: Through September

Thrillist TV

Romano's Macaroni Grill
The deal:
It's free delivery! Woo hoo!
When: Ongoing

Buca di Beppo
The deal
: Get free delivery through its delivery partners in Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Postmates. 
When: Ongoing

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop
The deal:
Place your order through the sandwich shop's website to get free delivery.
When: Ongoing

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
The deal:
If you order at least four pints of ice cream, you get free delivery as long as you buy directly from the Jeni's website. Orders through Postmates will not get the same deal.
When: Ongoing

Rubio's Coastal Grill
The deal:
Place an order directly through the Rubio's app or to get free delivery on an order of at least $20. 
When: Ongoing

Torchy's Tacos
The deal:
Get a $0 delivery fee through DoorDash right now. 
When: Ongoing

Blaze Pizza
The deal:
Get free delivery through Postmates if you hit the order minimum of $15. 
When: Ongoing

Insomnia Cookies
The deal:
The late-night cookie shop is now offering free local delivery and has reduced the shipping cost on its Sugar Rush boxes. Each Sugar Rush sale will result in a $1 donation to the American Red Cross. 
When: Ongoing

Other Food Delivery Deals

The deal: Buy a gift card for $20 or more and you'll get a $10 bonus gift card. You'll never have to get up from your desk again (until you've spent $30 on delivery). 
When: November 26-29

The deal:
Snag a free Chicken Sandwich Combo on any Grubhub order of at least $20 on Sundays through the end of the year. 
When: Sundays through December 26

Red Robin
The deal: Order catering by November 30 for pickup or delivery in December and you'll get 15% amazon credit card germany login that order. 
When: Order by November 30

Golden Chick
The deal:
To celebrate the arrival of its new boneless wings, you can get $1 off an order and free delivery through UberEats. 
When: Ongoing

The deal:
New users to the convenience store delivery service will get $10 off their first two orders with the code "GET20." Though, you're going to have to hit the $20 order minimum both times. 
When: Ongoing

The deal:
Toss in one of Jamba's Functional Boosts for free with every smoothie order through the app.
When: Ongoing

Dickey's Barbecue Pit
The deal:
Kids can get free Texas-style barbecue on Sundays with all delivery and carryout orders when you use the code "KEFOLO" and order at least one entrée. And boy, oh, boy do kids love Texas-style barbecue.
When: Sundays

More Delivery Deals?

Did we miss some offers? Let us know about them at [email protected] with "Delivery Deals" in the subject line,  and we might include it here. 

Want More Free Food?

Here's our huuuuuuuge running list of all the free food you can get right now, as well as the best pizza deals, reward programs, birthday freebies, gift card offers, deals on food for kids, food delivery offers, and alcohol delivery deals you'll find. If you want a little more than, say a www bank northwest com taco, we also have you covered with a long list of meals you can get at fast food chains under $5. You're welcome.

Additionally, we've put together a list of places offering free food to healthcare workers and first responders during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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Why can’t I order Chick-fil-A ® delivery from other third-party delivery services?

Chick-fil-A is available for delivery at participating restaurants through our national delivery partners – DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Postmates. Chick-fil-A is testing and exploring other delivery partners so that we can continue to expand coverage and availability for our customers. We recommend contacting your local Chick-fil-A restaurant to learn what delivery options they offer.

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Chick-fil-A One® rewards and points can be used when placing your Chick-fil-A™ Delivery order at select restaurants via the Chick-fil-A App or on our website; however, rewards cannot be redeemed for free delivery at this time.

Only orders that are initiated within the Chick-fil-A App and fulfilled by DoorDash are eligible to receive Chick-fil-A One points and redeem rewards (other than rewards for No Delivery Offers) at this time. DoorDash is currently the only national delivery partner providing this service through the Chick-fil-A App. Chick-fil-A One members will not receive Chick-fil-A One points or be able to redeem rewards using other third-party delivery services at this time.

Why isn't Chick-fil-A® available for delivery near me?

We are currently testing and exploring delivery services at select restaurants. We apologize if you are outside of our current delivery radius, but we hope to be able to serve you soon.

Is Chick-fil-A® available for delivery during all restaurant hours?

Third-party delivery is available from restaurant opening until 30 minutes before closing. Chick-fil-A™ Delivery times vary based on restaurant, so please refer to the Chick-fil-App to confirm whether delivery is available at your requested time.

Is there a delivery fee associated with my Chick-fil-A® order?

You will be able to see pricing and delivery fees before placing your delivery order. Menu prices for delivery are higher than at restaurant, and additional fees may apply. Chick-fil-A and Chick-fil-A restaurant Operators may also change applicable fees from time to time as necessary go fish the card game online for free necessary and appropriate for services.

Seattle Restaurants (and Bars) with Covered, Heated, and Tented Patios

New to Our List:

Sunny Hill

The reliably excellent neighborhood restaurant just added brunch service, which includes breakfast sandwiches, that burger, day drinks, and a seriously come-hither crispy loaded hash brown situation.

Goldfinch Tavern

A menu of hashes and benedicts come as $55 sets with a cheese and salumi plate, a mimosa kit, and your choice of dessert. Drive-up service makes takeout brunch from the Four Seasons’ Ethan Stowell restaurant absurdly easy.

Taco City

Columbia City’s new taqueria starts weekend mornings with breakfast tacos, tortas, and burritos, plus chilaquiles and huevos rancheros and morningtime beverages. Order online.

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As always, visit a restaurant's website or social media pages to confirm details.


Few can match Eric Rivera's hustle: His array of takeout includes tailored at-home menus of fondue or Puerto Rican food, takeout sandwiches and salads, heat-and-eat entrees, even (home) school lunches. Survey the full breadth of it all on the Addo website.


Shaun McCrain has adapted his arresting fine dining menu into a limited amount of takeaway meals. Not to mention pantry items (pickles, potted foie gras, even duck confit dog treats) designed to minimize waste.

Rupee Bar

Liz Kenyon's superb Sri Lankan–inspired dishes (Kerala fried chicken, mutton rolls, dhal curry) is available Tuesday through Sunday. Order on Tock for pickup or delivery. You might want to double down on the housemade sambols—same goes for the to-go cocktails.

Serious Takeout

Tom Douglas has consolidated many of his operations with this pop up of sorts, serving pizza, sandwiches, salads, drinks, and even brunch out of his Ballard warehouse kitchen.

Sunny Hill

The reliably excellent neighborhood restaurant just added brunch service, which includes breakfast sandwiches, that burger, day drinks, and a seriously come-hither crispy loaded hash brown situation. Don't sleep on the pizza or vegetables, either.

Mean Sandwich

The sandwich shop is not messing around with its no-contact orders; owner Dan Crookston installed a drawer of sorts in the front door so you can pick up your DAM burger, signature Mean Sandwich (overflowing with hunks of corned beef and pickled red cabbage), and crispy "skins and ins" without setting foot inside. Online ordering? You betcha.

Schmaltzy’s Delicatessen

An online store setup lets you preorder matzo ball soup and corned beef sandwiches, and the latke press sandwiches that built the reputation of Schmaltzy's progenitor, the Napkin Friends food truck. The Jewish deli also sells impressive pastires, and gorgeous meats by the pound.

Duke’s Seafood

An expansive takeout menu includes chowder (duh), fish and chips, higher-end fare, its signature combos, even a kids menu.


John Howie has devised 15 new duke energy bill pay by account number meals that cover the whole spectrum from indulgent to elegant, plus dishes like a cauliflower rice stir fry that honors various dietary restrictions. Each one comes in entrée or appetizer sizes. Order online (or by calling 425-456-0010) for next-day pickup or delivery.

Beacon Hill
Bar del Corso

Order Jerry Corso's marvelous pizzas and other rustic Italian dishes online. Preferably with a cocktail or bottle of wine.


Preorder online to pick up dips and spreads, arresting vegetable compositions, and hearty favorites like meatballs and a roasted half chicken. Chef Logan Cox also does a four-person meal kit and some pantry items, like sourdough and (be still my heart) cookie dough balls.


Chef Melissa Miranda took some time to develop a takeout menu suited to travel. Her Lutong Bahay dinners, available Wednesday through Sunday, are worth the wait. Order online.

Bangrak Market

Vibrant Thai street food galore, from flavorful khao soi and spicy, snappy grilled sausage to crab cakes and a half dozen types of papaya salad, are available for window pickup or delivery through an online ordering system.

Jerk Shack

Call in (206-441-7817) or use Door Dash to get some of Trey Lamont's jerk fried chicken.

No Anchor

The singular bar's equally singular food program, now in takeout form: sea urchin pappardelle, fried brussels sprouts, lamb crepinette, a double Impossible Burger.order online.

Shiro’s Sushi

The sushi landmark has a sizable menu of combos, rolls, kitchen specials, and, uh…sushi rice burgers? Better yet, they’re open for lunch and dinner.

Capitol Hill
Artusi and Cascina Spinasse

Sibling powerhouses of Italian fare have one combined Tock page for takeout orders. The a la carte menu includes pasta kits, Artusi's excellent cocktails, and a lineup of items $10 or less.


Renee Erickson's steak house offers boxes of its top-flight beef, burger kits, warm-at-home fare, pantry staples, and so much great wine for takeaway. Preorder on Tock.

Big Mario's

While those enormous foldable slices shine after a night at the bars, New York–style pies absolutely hold up by the sober light of day. Order online for pickup or third-party delivery. (Don't forget that if you place your delivery order through a restaurant's website, the business typically pays a lower commission to third-party delivery apps.)

Cure Cocktail

The "Netflix and chill" special—wine, flatbread, cheese boards, delivered to your door—is still going strong at this neighborly bar across from Cal Anderson. Not to mention a ton of other drink-and-snack kits, sandwiches, and flatbreads.

Dacha Diner

Takeout available Thursday and Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday during brunch-ish hours at this Olive Way restaurant that claimed national attention for its revelatory khachapuri, not to mention borscht, matzo ball soup, and the stunning salad known as herring under a fur coat. Preorder food (and shots, vodka flights, and other drinks) on Tock.

The Doctor's Office

Opening a tiny cocktail den months before a pandemic: Not great, Bob. But the takeout menu is great, and the work of Blind Pig Bistro alum Rene Gutierrez. It ranges from "Spanish lunchables" to posole to a gochujang glazed pork collar—and it's woefully incomplete without one of Keith Waldbauer's cocktails. Order/preorder on Tock.

Kedai Makan

The interface is decidedly low-tech (online ordering is frequently overwhelmed, meaning you show up and wait outside to place an order) but the reward is incredible Malaysian-inspired dishes that almost taste better for their sojourn in a to-go container.

Lark and Slab

Even in takeout form, John Sundstrom's food feels special. Order scallops with braised artichoke, buttery pommes Robuchon, pork and venison pate, or just some crispy fries online. The order interface also lets you summon brisket sandwiches and burgers from sibling sandwich shop Slab Sandwiches and Pie. Either way, you'll want one of JM's salted chocolate chip cookies.


A massive and versatile takeout menu spans mezze, entrees, wraps, pantry staples, even family meals that deliver an astonishing amount of food for $40. Online ordering makes the whole experience even better (so do a few tahini chocolate chip cookies).

Plenty of Clouds

Sichuan and Yunnan flavors compel this excellent menu of cumin lamb, dry fried chicken, strange flavor cauliflower, and rice and noodle dishes. Cocktails are equally as impressive; order takeout online.

Plum Bistro

Makini Howell has created a focused vegan takeout menu, including a family meal that feeds four. Preorder online for curbside pickup.

Rondo Japanese Kitchen

Bento boxes, rice bowls, and drinking fare—plus the cocktails that make you crave these dishes in the first place. Order online.

Tamari Bar

The menu of cocktails and riotously fun drinking fare is as unruly and intriguing in takeout form as it is IRL at Makoto Kimoto's izakaya.

Taurus Ox

Early on, this promising new Lao restaurant shifted to a limited menu that still includes its biggest hits—khao soi, that snappy Lao sausage, and a burger that will change your life. Order for takeout, or use delivery apps.


The Pike Street spinoff of Ethan Stowell's original pastas house dispenses family style meals for two, mini menus for one, plus an a la carte menu and drinks galore. Order online.

The Wandering Goose

Order ahead or try to walk in (good luck) to pick up the food equivalent of a big hug (or a hangover reprieve) from Heather Earnhardt's house of biscuits and fried chicken.

Central District
Ba Bar

Call directly for takeout orders of vermicelli bowls, garlic crab noodles, or Eric and Sophie Banh's places that will deliver food in my area pho.


Kristi Brown’s restaurant has arrived, and with it a menu that explores the common ground between soul food and Asian flavors. Order online, and take heed: Communion does its own delivery in a tight Central District radius.

Fat's Chicken and Waffles

Takeout biscuits, fried green tomatoes, and pies either sweet or frito-y — not to mention the namesake specialty—keep fans coming back to this Black-owned staple in the Central District. You can order third-party delivery or check out the menu online.

L'Oursin (aka Old Scratch)

The Northwest-French bistro has morphed into a larder of sorts, selling natural wine, curated groceries, and prepped food ("think soups, stocks, chicken liver mousse, cheeses, etc"). Meanwhile, the restaurant has assumed a new, southern-leaning identity for takeout: Old Scratch serves chicken and dumplings, wedge salads, fried chicken sandwiches, and one hell of a smash burger. Order online.

Seattle Fish Guys

This utterly delightful fish market and deli does its whole menu for takeout during regular business hours (call ahead: 206-485-7388) but its "fish for days" lineup offers four legit make-at-home meals for $129. Details on Instagram.

Chinatown–International District
Little Chengdu

A Southern California sensation, now up and running in the Publix building in Chinatown–International District, serves some pretty dynamite cumin lamb and Chongqing chicken. Order takeout seven days a week on the Fetail platform.


Across the parking lot from Pho Bac Sup Shop, in the boat-shaped building where the business began, the popup known as Mangosteen has set up short-term operations, along with Boba Bar, its sibling line of teas. The menu is eclectic and delightful—order garlic noodles, waffle fries, drinks, sandwiches of coriander-rubbed brisket, and some astonishingly great wings online.

Phnom Penh Noodle House

The C–ID legend returned after a two-year hiatus to a new spot at the edge of Little Saigon. Order noodle soups and other favorite Cambodian dishes online.

Pho Bac Sup Shop

The city's original pho shop offers the full complement of its menu for online ordering, from classic soups to dry dipping noodles to snacks like spring rolls or fries with garlic lemongrass dipping sauce (slow claps for the family-style "pho-kit"). The restaurant does its own delivery, during specific lunch and dinner slots, in Chinatown–International District and Lower Queen Anne.

Columbia City
The Comfort Zone

Soothing soul food emanates from inside the Royal Esquire Club in Columbia City, from expertly fried chicken, gizzards, and catfish with greens to shrimp and grits and oxtails with rice. You can add lush extras like black-eyed peas, mac and cheese, and sweet tea to your order, available for curbside pickup or third-party delivery, and hunker down for days.

Island Soul

Caribbean and Creole flavors meet at this local favorite, which juxtaposes crispy Jamaican patties with sumptuous gumbo, bone-in curry goat with fried catfish po'boys. The to-go cocktails, like margaritas and old fashioneds, come in charming bottles, too. Order online for takeout (credit cards only).

Super Six 

Not only does this hella fun outpost of the Marination empire serve its entire brunch-to-dinner menu for carryout, they also operate a takeout (or delivery) only popup called West Wing that specializes in, yes, chicken wings, plus sides like tater tots, macaroni salad, and celery sticks.

Taco City

Columbia City’s new taqueria starts weekend mornings with breakfast tacos, tortas, and burritos, plus chilaquiles and huevos rancheros, then rolls into a broader Tex-Mex menu that balances tacos with classics like enchiladas or steak fajitas. Order online.

Miller’s Guild

This ode to grill cooking in Hotel Max is back open with a nice breadth of salads, sandwiches, and fire-cooked proteins. Order online.

Metropolitan Grill

From ready-to-heat (or ready-to-grill) at-home meals to curbside takeout and various delivery, the steak house traditionally geared toward high-end dinners has pivoted with aplomb, and offers many of its luxe takeout options online.

Elliott's Oyster House

Call 206-623-4340 to order curbside from the Elliott's menu, check out third-party delivery, or peruse the online ordering menu (shared with Metropolitan Grill) for heat-it-yourself options.

Goldfinch Tavern

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner options abound at Ethan Stowell's restaurant in the Four Seasons. Drive-up service makes takeout absurdly easy.


Matt Janke's versatile spot on the Harbor Steps offers its entire menu of pork chops, spaetzle, cassoulet, and more via takeout or third-party delivery. Order online.

Mr. West

In a part of town where not much is open, this handy all-day cafe serves breakfast, plus lovely lunch and dinner plates (brussels sprout caesars, dips, artful grilled cheese) and All of the Wine. Order online.

Cicchetti and Serafina

Two classic Seattle Italian destinations have a combined takeout menu filled with apps (arancini, polpettine) and pasta, plus sweets and plenty of Italian wine. Order online.

Haymaker East

The former Le Messe, now a fun cross-pollination of pasta, burgers, and Nashville hot chicken, has a focued takeout menu. Call 206-402-6106 to order.

Sushi Kappo Tamura

Some of the town's best sushi, not to mention hot dishes like salt-broiled fish collar or shishito peppers, delivered to you curbside (or summoned via third-party delivery). Order online.

Art of the Table

A grab and go market known as The Cupboard at Art of the Table also does family-style takeout dinners, plus a la carte dishes like mushroom tamales or blackened salmon po'boys. Call 206-282-0942 to order.

Big Mario's

While those enormous foldable slices shine after a night at the bars, New York–style pies absolutely hold up by the sober light of day. Order online for pickup or third-party delivery. (Don't forget that if you place your delivery order through a restaurant's website, the business typically pays a lower commission to third-party delivery apps.)

Eve Fremont

Clean eating for messed-up times: order bowls, veggies, salads, and sandwiches online, and make sure to peruse the pantry section, filled with various broths and stocks by quart or pint.


Mutsuko Soma's takeout menu is a smart balance: Her signature soba and other Kamonegi staples (curry, foie credit one platinum pre approved tofu) along with more casual dishes like katsu sandos and onigiri suited to our Covid times. Order online.

Manolin (aka Old Salt)

The lovely destination on Stone Way will weather the winter by turning into a daytime destination for housemade bagels, smoked fish, and sandwiches thereof. Order Elisabeth Kenyon’s smoked black cod, lox, or  whipped cream cheese by the ounce to smear on bagels, or investigate sandwiches like whitefish spread with cucumber and tobiko roe on a sesame seed bagel.

Uneeda Burger

Scott Staples's masterful signature burgers, plus sandwiches, salads, fried cheese curds, and a kids menu, all available online during lunch and dinner business hours. A "'Berger and Burger" special gets you two bison burgers paired with a bottle of Washintgon's Kiona Lemberger for $60.


Rich, smoky japchae, salmon in dashi, and other customizable Korean bowls come at you via pickup or free in-house delivery within seven miles. This tiny gem on Airport Way also offers jars of house kimchi or pickled cherry tomatoes, plus some fun house drinks with and without booze. Order online for lunch or dinner.

The Corson Building

Somehow takeout from this Italianate cottage feels nearly as special as the meals once served within: Each Monday brings a new three or four-course menu, available for carryout Wednesday and Thursday. Check it out and order online (and tip the staff) here.

Green Lake

Duke’s Seafood

An expansive takeout menu includes chowder (duh), fish and chips, higher-end fare, its signature combos, even a kids menu.

Eight Row

David Nichols's new-ish restaurant still charms, even outside its lovely dining room: A special to-go menu ranges from charred broccoli to rabbit tacos to a sublime fried eggplant situation, plus pantry jars of pickles. Order online. And kudos to whoever dubbed the takeout cocktails Eight Roadies.

Frelard Tamales

Behold, a deeply personal community hub that also happens to make spectacular meaty, vegetarian, or vegan tamales. Peruse the menu and order online for takeout, or free in-house delivery north of I-90.

Flint Creek Cattle Co.

Eric Donnelly recasts the steakhouse menu format with underappreciated meats (not to mention beautiful seasonal vegetables and two-person cocktails). Order online.

North Star Diner

Breakfast and dinner for pickup or limited delivery: Snack on favorites like french toast, burgers, and frozen mojitos whenever the urge strikes.

Opus Co. and Brunchbox

The Korean-meets-Midwest whole animal magic still happens Thursday through Saturday. Awww, and the takeout menu's called Opus Go. Order online. On weekends, the kitchen morphs into a destinationworthy brunch takeout counter that blends Filipino and Hawaiian traditions to produce tocino breakfast burritos, malasada beignets, a sweet and spicy chicken and waffles, plus the week’s mystery “ride or die special.” Order online.

Haller Lake
Indo Cafe

A lengthy menu of Indonesian dishes for pickup or in-house delivery, from gado gado to nasi goreng, plus a cool family meal preorder option of more homestyle fare. Free delivery within a five-mile radius for orders over $40. Order online.

Hillman City

It's impressive how Aaron Verzosa and Amber Manuguid have translated their exposition-driven multicourse dinners into a carefully wrought Balikbayan Box, each week's version filled with protein, seasonal produce, and some fun extras. Preorder online. A weekly ready-to-eat dish also offers faster gratification.

Emma’s BBQ

Homey barbecue classics are well suited to takeout.

Champagne Diner

Takeout brunch alert. This elegantly unexpected hangout in Interbay dispenses chilaquiles, fried chicken, benedicts, and all manner of morning cocktails on weekends from 9-3. Call 206-

Madison Valley
Cafe Flora

Stately vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free takeout, not to mention juice and cocktails and pantry items. Order online (or via Caviar) for lunch or dinner.

The Harvest Vine

Place orders for tortillas espanolas, iberico de bellota, and other Basque favorites online, up to five days in advance. Best not to neglect the online marketplace filled with Spanish staples like olives and chorizo, not to mention a whole lot of wine.


The neighborhood's underheralded sushi stalwart has added lunch and dinner sushi specials geared for takeout. Call 206-322-5800 to order; the two parking spots in front are reserved for curbside food handoffs.

Simply Soulful Cafe

A friendly storefront that dishes organic soul food using recipes passed down through generations of Black women. Check Facebook for the latest takeout hours then call to order anything from the headliner chicken and waffles to stunning biscuits (with or without gravy) to irresistible sweet potato average american savings 2020 Doors Down

Classic burgers, fun burgers, and homey things that aren't burgers (like salmon melts and gluten-free corn dogs). Order online for pickup or third-party delivery; call ahead and the staff will bring your order curbside. (The restaurant also has a new sibling in Pioneer Square.)


This charming wine bar has surprisingly great food; order family meals, living room picnics, fancy toasts and unexpectedly elegant grilled cheese places that will deliver food in my area Clevenger's crew is setting up a new takeout-focused menu to share daily on Instagram. Call the restaurant at 206-466-2533 to order.

Red Cow

Burger baskets, grilled chicken, steak frites: Ethan Stowell's bistro packages meals for two, or for one, that augment these meaty dishes with a salad and vegetable dish, baguette, and a cookie. The kitchen knows what it's doing: Kids menu orders come with a metric ton of fries. Pre-order online.

Pink Salt

Expat-approved Peruvian fare like lomo saltado, ceviche, and pollo a la brasa (and a kids menu). Order online for takeout or third-party delivery.

Maple Leaf

Luam Wersom started as a dishwasher at the popular Latin American and Cuban restaurant on Lake City Way; now he owns the joint and is responsible for the excellent arepas and pescado frito. Call 206-525-3162 to order from the menu (you can order online via third-party platforms).

Cafe Lago

Perfect wood-fired pizza, antipasti, and the legendary ravioli: You can order it all online for takeout or third-party delivery; Cafe Lago has turned its northmost bay into a little market packed with pantry staples.

Mount Baker
That’s Amore

Neighborly Italian dishes, available online for pickup.

Phinney Ridge
Oliver's Twist

Karuna Long's decision to jettison the regular menu in favor of the Khmer food he grew up with is a cool story, backed up by really spectacular food. Order all things kroeung online (and do it early, since dishes do sell out).

Windy City Pie

Fortunately for deep dish pizza fans, Dave Lichterman trained m pokora plus haut long ago to preorder his outrageous pies online; same goes for the satisfying salads, beer, and prepared cocktails. The pizza bar even does some in-house delivery around the neighborhood (and longer range via a third-party app).

Pike Place Market

Check out our full list of restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and more that could surely use some local dollars. Below, some takeout-specific highlights. The Market's zoned curbside pickup areas make it surprisingly easy to grab takeout, even from places well within the PPM complex.

Cafe Campagne

Daisley Gordon's been riding his own Rad Bike to deliver the perpetually flawless French dishes from his Pike Place Market, but Campagne also does walk-in and drive-up takeout. Order online.

The Pink Door

Lengthy takeout and delivery menus span three-course dinners, prepare-at-home meals, and of course lots of Italian fare.

Matt’s in the Market

A new monthly supper club lets you subscribe to four weeks’ worth of meals that pencil out to $60-ish for each three-course dinner from one of the city’s tcf online digital banking esteemed kitchens. Members choose a first, second, and third course each Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, and can opt for wine pairings and even a kids menu. Awww…if you join the supper club, you get to attend a “welcome back” party whenever the world approaches normal once again.

Radiator Whiskey

The spirit of lily-gilding meat merriment most definitely extends to the takeout menu of tots and gravy, fried pork shank, and chocolate chip cookies served with a shot of Old Granddad. Peruse and order on Tock—and take advantage of Pike Place Market's curbside setup.

Seatown Market and Fish Fry

Tom Douglas’s slightly rebranded spot near Pike Place Market serves up fish and chips, oysters, burgers, salads, and slices of coconut cream pie. Not to mention some heat-at-home chowder and pot pies. Order online.

Pioneer Square
Cookie’s Country Chicken/Trophy Pizza/Burbs Burger

The popular fried chicken popup has officially shacked up with Josh Henderson’s pizza and smash burger concepts, to create the Traveling Wilburys of stoner food inside his Quality Athletics restaurant. Each counter runs its own menu and ordering situation.

Damn the Weather

You don't need the charming old-brick environs to appreciate the cocktails and careful food. Order spaghetti ragout, duck fat frites, and various snacks, sandwiches, wraps, garnet punch, and more via Tock (or DoorDash delivery).

Pioneer Square D&E

Seldom do restaurants do so many things so well; the kitchen starts the day with a full breakfast menu, then continues on to fried chicken, pasta, and meat by the pound. The online ordering setup is similarly versatile, with options for pickup or delivery.

Manus Tacos

Pick up Manu Alfau's careful street tacos for lunch (also: burritos, breakfast tacos, and DIY taco kits) at his walkup window, or order for delivery with a $35 minimum.

Queen Anne
Big Mario's

While those enormous foldable slices shine after a night at the bars, New York–style pies absolutely hold up by the sober light of day. Order online for pickup or third-party delivery. (Don't forget that if you place your delivery order through a restaurant's website, the business typically pays a lower commission to third-party delivery apps.)

Eden Hill Provisions

Max and Jennifer Petty have put together myriad takeout options, from weekend breakfast to regular boxes of sweets. But a host of dynamite burgers drive the takeout situation. Root beer milkshakes for all.

How to Cook a Wolf

Two-person dinners (pasta or pork loin, burrata and vegetables, salad, marinated olives, cookies) plus a la carte and a single-size dinner spread. Pre-order online.


Edouardo Jordan has translated much of his game-changing Southern menu to takeout form, from the pimento cheese that should start every meal to sandwiches, oxtail or fried catfish and grits, even cocktails and a pineapple flip for dessert. The Sunday fried chicken meal is also available for preorder.


Jordan's been especially creative with fidelity national loans options at his first restaurant, including a chef menu that explores a particular culinary region of the globe, and his first-ever burger, topped with pimento cheese.

Catfish Corner Express

Long a Central District landmark, its current location dishes out catfish and hush puppies for takeout. Call 206-735-7084 to order.

South Lake Union / Denny Regrade

Family style pasta trays can fill up four to six—oh, and apparently bottles of wine are half off

The Butcher’s Table

Westlake’s glittering meat temple now has a takeout lunch menu that’s an ode to meat, yes, but also its sibling Beecher’s mac and cheese. Order online, and maybe throw in a few steaks from the virtual butcher case.

Duke’s Seafood

An expansive takeout menu includes chowder (duh), fish and chips, higher-end fare, its signature combos, even a kids menu.

G.H. Pasta

Brian Clevenger's house of fast-casual pasta still serves up lunchtime bowls, and now you can order online.

Mamnoon Street

Mamnoon's more casual, equally delicious walkup has online ordering plus that cool tented dining area along Sixth Avenue.

Willmott's Ghost

Preorder sturdy Roman-style pizza (hot, or to take and bake) and round it out with Renee Erickson–level salad, meatball sandwiches, excellent focaccia or cool Italian pantry staples (need we specify, there's also wine).

University District
Xi’an Noodles

Lily Wu spent the first part of the pandemic places that will deliver food in my area her U District noodle shop a thorough remodel; now it’s back open, and you can order those hand-stretched noodles with cumin lamb or hot oil online via Clover.

University Village

The shopping center's a dining constellation unto itself, with Din Tai Fung, Elemental Pizza, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Joey, Ba Bar, Mr. West, Hello Robin, Shake Shack, and more. Oh, and don't forget about Mark Fuller's chicken sandwiches inside Rachel's Ginger Beer.


Spicy rice cakes and short rib spring rolls are still intriguing when you eat them outside Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi's stylish dining room. Order online.


If you've hit up any other Ethan Stowell restaurants, you know the formula: One- and two-person meals, plus some a la carte pasta and vegetable dishes. Order online.

Pam's Kitchen

Flavorful Trinidadian fare, such as spicy jerk chicken, lamb curry, and aloo pies, for pickup or third-party delivery. Further brighten your mood with tangy hibiscus juice or tropical cocktails like the coconutty rum drink Trinidad Smash, newly available for takeout. Call 206-696-7010 for takeout, or order online with one of the apps.

Union Saloon

It's the comfort fare you'd make at home if only you were fancy: hot open-faced sandwiches, housemade chips and onion dip, shrimp on polenta and come-hither layer cakes. Order online.


If you can resist the allure of heated tents and a waterside view, order salads, clam dip, crispy duck leg, and unshucked oysters to go.

The Whale Wins

The counter-service format born of Covid times offers a takeout dinner menu on Tock and, in a legitimately exciting turn of events, you can preorder a dozen raw oysters or two pounds of clams from Hama Hama for exceptionally good prices.

West Seattle
Lady Jaye

Bulgogi short rib melts, smoked bologna sandwiches, and even some non-meaty delights like pimento cheese available online—not to mention fun pantry items and smoky to-go cocktails.


The modern teriyaki newcomer set up online ordering for lunch and dinner hours (phone works, too).


A to-go menu of Brian Clevenger's pasta, seafood, and seasonal vegetable dishes, accompanied by cocktails and wine. Call 206-397-3775 to order from the menu.


Pre-ordering is key when it comes to Mark Fuller's fried chicken dinners, fried chicken sandwiches, spam musubi, mac and kimcheese, and banana cream pie,  available via takeout or delivery Wednesday through Sunday.

White Center
Anju Bar and Eatery

The Korean soju bar takes online orders for rice bowls, japchae, and chicken katsu; all the food is $10 or less. Which means you can go nuts with the wine and soju.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I don't want the food delivered can I "try pickup" from store?
  • Of course you can. If you're happy, we're happy.
  • Where is delivery available?
  • Just click on "Find a Moe's" and look for a location with delivery icons.
  • What are the times of operation?
  • Hours do vary by store, but just "Find a Moe's" near you to make sure they're open before you open or drive there. That wouldn't be fun.
  • How long does delivery take?
  • As long as it needs to. Kidding. It depends on the partner, traffic, etc. but partners usually give an estimated delivery time.
  • Is there a minimum that I must order to qualify for delivery?
  • Nope. Order away, even if it is just for some queso.
  • Can I order just for myself or is this delivery limited to catering and/or businesses?
  • Order for yourself or a group. It's up to you. But if your group is more than 10, you might want to check out our catering page. You won't be disappointed.
places that will deliver food in my area

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