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Domenic instead dedicated his involvement in the 42nd Phillies Home Run Derby to his lone sibling, continuing to honor his memory nearly two. Who has hit the longest home run at Citizens Bank Park in the HitTracker Evan Gattis smashes a home run Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports. Listen to Spartan Stadion: Return To Citizens Bank Park (Philly) and twenty-eight more episodes by Burpee Nation, free! longest home run citizens bank park

: Longest home run citizens bank park

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PHILADELPHIA — It was an audible gasp by the Philadelphia Phillies’ sellout crowd, followed by an eruption, and then a celebration heard clear to Delaware.

Bryce Harper hit a laser shot into the right-field upper deck Saturday evening, leaving his bat at 114 mph, and soaring 465 feet into the night, stopping only when it slammed into the chest of an Atlanta Braves’ fan from Tennessee. It was the second-longest home run ever hit at Citizens Bank Park, drawing a roar not heard round these parts since their last playoff appearance in 2011.

“It was the loudest I ever heard it here,’’ said Phillies first baseman Rhys Hoskins, who was standing on-deck. “I couldn’t even hear my thoughts. It was kind of like, Wow!’’

Harper rounded the bases, stomped his foot on home plate, pointed to the stands where his wife and parents were seated, took off his helmet, threw his hands into the air, and yelled, “Let’s [bleeping] Go.’’

He was serenaded by the sound of 44,597 fans dancing in the aisles and screaming.

It somehow eve got even louder when Harper came out of the dugout moments later, taking his first curtain call.

“Really cool moment,’’ Harper said, “for the whole ballpark. …It was really cool to hit a homer for my first hit.

“Definitely one of the coolest homers I ever hit.’’

It was the first hit of Harper’s longest home run citizens bank park life with the Phillies, and longest home run citizens bank park that he’ll remember forever, with the fan returning the ball without even asking for a souvenir in return.

It may be only the second game of a long 162-game grind, but the electricity is back in Philadelphia, with the Phillies off to their first 2-0 start since 2011. With the joint sold out for their opening series that concludes with their Sunday Night ESPN Game against the Braves, the Phillies have hit a franchise-record six homers and scored18 runs in their first two games.

“We’re in March,’’ Hoskins said. “What happens when we’re in September and October?’’

The Phillies are going to be scoring plenty of runs this season, with a ton of homers, but perhaps none all season will be talked about more than his Harper’s home-run debut. Harper was facing Atlanta lefty Jesse Biddle, his former teammate on their 2009 USA Longest home run citizens bank park team, only to have Biddle dominate him in his major-league career, striking him out four times in five at-bats without a hit.

The script changed in a hurry, with Harper turning on a 92.8 mph fastball and resurrecting memories of Richie Allen’s laser shots.

 “That was a pretty special moment,’’ Phillies manager Gabe Kapler said. “The bigger the spotlight, the bigger the moment, the more Bryce shines.’’

Harper, who has been under the microscope since he was a 15-year-old wonder kid from Las Vegas, actually picked up teammate Nick Williams’ bat and used it for the homer. He may not be giving it back any time soon. But the ball, after he bounced it twice on the clubhouse carpet, is his to stay. He placed it on the second shelf of his locker, and vows it will be a memento he’ll forever cherish.

It will be the first of hundreds of homers Harper envisions hitting at Citizens Bank Park, with its cozy dimensions, and in the middle of a powerful lineup that has Maikel Franco hitting eighth.

Franco became the first Phillies’ player in franchise history to homer in the first two games batting eighth or lower in a lineup the order, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. He also joins Chuck Klein as the only Phillies’ player to drive in three runs in each of the first two games.

Yet, no one bothered talking to Franco. They didn’t ask a question to catcher J.T. Realmuto, who hit his first homer as a Phillie, either.

This was Harper’s stage.

He was surrounded by reporters afterwards, asking him everything from his personalized handshakes with his teammates, celebratory dance moves with his fellow outfielders, to the TV cameraman standing in the outfield with him during the game.

“It’s the first time that happened to me, having a guy in right field with me,’’ Harper said. “I just try not to look at him. Don’t look in the camera.’’

The bat choice?

“It won’t be the last time I grab one of my pitcher’s bats, or one of my players’ bats,’’ he said. “I’m known for that going around and saying, “Hey, I’ll use that one. If it feels good, I’ll use it.’’

And about those personalized handshakes?

“Awesome,’’ he said. “I’m so excited. That’s my favorite thing here. It’s really cool. First time I ever had a handshake with every of my teammates.

“We have a great group of guys here. A lot of fun. A lot of energy.’’

Two games down, 160 to go, and the Phillies already are starting to believe they may be in for something good.

“I don’t think,’’ Hoskins said, “you could write it any better.’’

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Opinion: Bryce Harper sends Phillies fans into frenzy with monster first home run


Источник: https://www.thepublicopinion.com/story/news/2019/03/31/opinion-bryce-harper-sends-phillies-fans-into-frenzy-with-monster-first-home-ru/44402735/
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  • The Phillies lost their 10,000th regular-season game in their history[14] on July 15, 2007 to the St. Louis Cardinals, 10–2,[15] marking the first time a professional sports longest home run citizens bank park reached that plateau.[16]
  • The park hosted its first World Series game on October 25, 2008, with the Phillies defeating the Tampa Bay Rays, 5–4 in Game 3.[17] Before the game, country music singer Tim McGraw, the son of the late Phillies closer Tug McGraw (who had recorded the last out in the Phillies' World Series victory in 1980), took a handful of his dad's ashes and spread them on the pitcher's mound just before handing the ball used in throwing out the ceremonial first pitch in the game to Steve Carlton.[18] The elder McGraw died from a brain tumor in 2004.[19] Four days later, the Phillies completed a suspended Game Five, defeating the Rays, 4–3, and claiming the franchise's second World Series championship in front of a park record crowd of 45,940.[20]
  • On June 25, free suits for veterans jos a bank, Citizens Bank Park hosted the first regular-season game in a National League stadium in which the designated hitter was used; Major League Baseball moved the Phillies' series against the Toronto Blue Jays from Rogers Centre to Philadelphia, citing security concerns for the G-20 Summit. Ryan Howard served as the first DH in a National League ballpark. Despite playing in their park, Philadelphia was designated as the road team.


Ashburn Alley

File:Phillies Wall of Fame.jpg

Behind center field is Ashburn Alley, named after Phillies Hall of Fame center fielder Richie Ashburn, who played for the team from 1948 to 1959 and was a Phillies broadcaster from 1963 until his death in 1997. It is seen by Phillies fans as a compromise between the Phillies and their fans, many of whom wanted Citizens Bank Park named in honor of Ashburn.

Ashburn Alley is named for the slightly-overgrown grass which bordered the third base line at Shibe Park where Ashburn was famous for laying down bunts that stayed fair. The new Ashburn Alley, located near Ashburn's defensive position, is a walkway featuring restaurants, games and memorabilia from Phillies history. Ashburn Alley also features a memorabilia shop and a large bronze statue of Ashburn directly behind center field, as well as the U.S. flag, the flags of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia, a POW/MIA flag and the flags from the Phillies' championships (below).

This area opens two-and-a-half hours before the scheduled first pitch, similar to Eutaw Street at Oriole Park at Camden Yards via the Left Field Gate, with two exceptions: Opening Day, when all gates open three hours before the scheduled first pitch and on the team's annual Photo Day, when all gates open two-and-a-half hours before the scheduled first pitch to allow fans with cameras onto the warning track to take pictures (or videos) of the team's players.

Features of the Alley are:

  • All-Star Walk — Granite markers pay tribute to Phillies players that have played in the MLB All-Star Game since its inception in 1933 and runs the length of Ashburn Alley.
  • Bull's BBQ — Located at the eastern end of the Alley, it is named in honor of and owned in part by former Phillies outfielder Greg "The Bull" Luzinski. This southern-style barbecue features ribs, turkey legs along with pork, beef and chicken sandwiches and "Bulldogs" (kielbasa).
  • Seasons Pizza - A new pizza franchise in CBP that took over for Peace A Pizza starting in the 2008 season.
  • Planet Hoagie - Local franchise that makes hoagies, including one named after a Phillies player each series.
  • Campo's — Philadelphia cheesesteaks, replaced Rick's Steaks in 2009. The original Campo's opened in 1947.
  • Tony Luke's — Tony Luke's famous cheesesteaks and roast pork.
  • Games of Baseball — Sponsored by Citizens Bank, this interactive area features a video trivia game, where players compete for prizes, a run-the-bases game with the Phillie Phanatic, and a "Ring 'Em Up" game (formerly a "Pitch 'Em and Tip 'Em" game) where you can throw at targets of a catcher. Prior to 2010, a huge {{rnd/bExpression error: Unexpected < operator. Expression error: Unexpected < operator.}} feet (Template:Rnd/b1 m)Template:Convert/track/abbr/Template:Convert/track/disp/Template:Convert/track/adj/[2]
    The "Angle" (left of CF to LCF)
    {{rnd/bExpression error: Unexpected < operator. Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Expression error: Unexpected < operator.}} m)Template:Convert/track/abbr/Template:Convert/track/disp/Template:Convert/track/adj/ high baseball themed pinball game was in this area. Players earn coupons and exchange them for prizes at a kiosk such as hats, shirts and other ballpark-imprinted memorabilia.
  • Harry The K's Bar and Grille — Named for late Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas, the bi-level bar and grill is built into the base of the scoreboard, and serves finger foods and sandwiches, including "The Schmitter".
  • Memory Lane and Phillies Wall of Fame — A history of baseball in Philadelphia is located behind the brick batting eye in center field, while the opposite wall commemorates members of the franchise longest home run citizens bank park contributed to the franchise's history. It was in this area where Ryan Howard hit two of the park's longest home runs, on April 23, 2006 against the Marlins off Sergio Mitre, and against Aaron Harang of the Reds on June 27, 2007, as well as second baseman Chase Utley's homer into this area against the Astros on April 23, 2007 clearing the center wall and becoming the second player to reach the Memory Lane area one year after Howard's feat.
  • Exposed Bullpens — Located in right-center field, the bi-level bullpens allow the fans to get very close to the players (especially the visiting team, who sit in the top level). Fans are allowed to heckle but must keep it clean. The section above the bullpen that contains the Phillies Wall of Fame is closed to the public about 30 minutes prior to first pitch and remains closed throughout the game, re-opening at the game's conclusion.
  • Rooftop Bleachers — Inspired by the 1920s and 1930s stands on North 20th Street outside Shibe Park, this area replicates the seating similar to that outside Wrigley Field in Chicago. During the 2008 season, fans could go on top for $15 on Thursday home dates and get special food offers and events.
  • Starting Lineup — The Phillies starting lineup that day is longest home run citizens bank park by giant Template:Convert/LoffAoffDbSmidTemplate:Convert/track/abbr/Template:Convert/track/disp/Template:Convert/track/adj/mid by Template:Convert/LoffAoffDbSmidTemplate:Convert/track/abbr/Template:Convert/track/disp/Template:Convert/track/adj/mid baseball cards as fans enter the left field gate.

In 2004 and 2005, organist Paul Richardson performed from Ashburn Alley, as Citizens Bank Park was built without an organ booth.

The food at CBP was named as Best Ballpark Food in a survey of Food Network viewers in the first annual Food Network Awards which first aired on April 22, 2007. On August 14, it was announced that Citizens Bank Park was voted #1 by PETA as America's most vegetarian-friendly ballpark, which was repeated in 2008 and again in 2009. longest home run citizens bank park panorama.jpg

Other attractions

  • Diamond and Hall of Fame Clubs — Two premium seating areas in the park. The Diamond Club, located behind home plate, includes an air-conditioned indoor club area with exclusive food and souvenir shops where ticket holders can watch batting practice on either side of the club (especially on rainy days). There are a total of 1,164 seats in the Diamond Club. A second level, called the Hall of Fame Club, is located between Sections 212 through 232. This air-conditioned area features exclusive food and souvenir longest home run citizens bank park akin to The Diamond Club, and also houses memorabilia from the teams' past going as far back as the Philadelphia Athletics in the 1900s. The Hall of Fame Club contains 6,600 seats. In addition to being an attraction to fans, the Hall of Fame level also houses the A/V crew on the first-base side of that level that controls the scoreboard and all other monitors throughout the park, as well as the press box, television, and radio booths.
  • High and Inside Pub — Located on the Terrace Level behind home plate, the area is open to groups before the ballgame, and the public once the games start.
  • Liberty Bell Home Run Celebration — Standing {{rnd/bExpression error: Unexpected < operator.

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    Citizens Bank Park
    The Bank
    Location One Citizens Bank Way
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19148
    Broke ground June 28, 2002
    Opened April 3, 2004
    Owner Philadelphia Phillies
    Operator Philadelphia Phillies
    Comcast-Spectacor Global Spectrum Division
    Surface Kentucky Blue Grass
    Construction cost $458 million
    Architect Ewing Cole Cherry Brott (Philadelphia)
    Populous (formerly HOK Sport Kansas City)
    Project Manager John Stranix
    Main Contractors L. F. Driscoll Co
    Hunt Construction
    Synterra, Ltd.
    Don Todd Associates, Inc.
    Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) (2004–present)
    43,647 (2007–present)[1]
    43,308 (2006)
    43,500 (2004–05)
    Left field foul pole
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    Left field power alley
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