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While venture capital funding into Irish SMEs increased by 13 per cent to €925 million in 2020, deals of less than €5 million — which typically. Mason Hayes & Curran is a full service Irish law firm providing strategic business and commercial legal advice Ireland. of programme management services for the HBAN Programme. For the purposes of procurement of this framework agreement, Enterprise Ireland. hban ireland

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: Hban ireland

Hban ireland
Hban ireland
Hban ireland

Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN)

HBAN is the all-island umbrella group responsible for the development of business angel networks and syndicates - regionally in Ireland, internationally, and within various industry sectors. Through actively working to increase the number of angel investors involved in investing in early-stage companies, HBAN supports the entrepreneurial community across the island of Ireland.

HBAN has been helping start-ups access funding for growth since 2007. Since then angel investment has continued to accelerate as the number of active angels, and companies pitching for investment grows. Approximately 150 companies pitch to investors within the HBAN network each year, with one-in-three receiving funding as a result. To date, HBAN investors have invested more than €100m in starts-ups since the inception of the network.

In 2019, HBAN business angels, across Ireland, invested €16.8m into 66 companies. This direct angel investment leveraged a further €36m from public and private funds from other organisations, such as Enterprise Ireland, venture capital companies and founders, bringing the total funding in these deals to €52m.

For more information visit www.hban.org


If you are an entrepreneur

If you are an early-stage company, headquartered on the island of Ireland and looking for funding, HBAN would like to hear from you!

HBAN introduces entrepreneurs with relevant opportunities to investor syndicates who not only have the capital capacity to invest up to €250,000+ per investment but have industry experience, connections and extensive business acumen, which can help accelerate the growth of your start-up.

For more information please visit https://www.hban.org/entrepreneurs

If you are an investor

HBAN specializes in introducing investors to the vibrant start-up scene on the island of Ireland, as well as like-minded investors in the business angel environment. The HBAN team pre-screens investment opportunities, filtering deal flow, preparing companies to an investor-ready standard and providing the infrastructure for angel investment as an asset class within a mature portfolio.

HBAN make these introductions based on your sector of interest through a combination of 1:1 introductions, pitching events, and via the HBAN private online investment platform.

To find out more please visit https://www.hban.org/investors


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Angel investment in Ireland now higher than 2019 levels, says HBAN

A rise in angel activity is promising for the island’s start-ups after a rough year in 2020.

Angel investment activity in Ireland’s start-up sector has surpassed pre-pandemic volumes as restrictions ease and the economy opens up.

The Halo Business Angel Network, or HBAN, reported a 13pc increase in total angel investment in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2019, with €8.38m in funding given to Irish start-ups by angel backers.

The figure includes investments in the Republic and Northern Ireland. It brings HBAN’s total contribution to the island’s start-up sector to more than €400m since its inception in 2007, when including angel investment and other funding sources that HBAN helped start-ups to leverage.

Average angel investment per funding round stood at €324,500 in the first six months of 2021, which is 29pc higher than the 2019 figure of €251,000. Individual angels invested an average of €44,000 each, with many first-time angel investors participating at the more accessible €25,000 range.

The number of start-ups to benefit from HBAN investments in H1 has jumped from 29 in 2019 to 37 in 2021, despite the ongoing challenges posed by Covid-19.

“We have seen previously that times of crisis inspire a spirit of entrepreneurism and the first half of this year is testament to the quality of start-ups that are pitching to our angel investors,” said HBAN all-island director John Phelan.

“To maximise potential returns for our angels, each company is assessed and mentored by our team to ensure that they are investor-ready before pitching.”

A joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland, Invest NI and InterTradeIreland, HBAN aims to promote angel investment on the island and has a network of 600 angel investors.

It call bank mobile vibe customer service managed by Hban ireland Business Innovation Centre (BIC) in partnership with regional BICs in Cork, Galway and Waterford, as well as Clarendon Fund Managers in Northern Ireland.

Increase in angel activity

A TechIreland report last year highlighted that Irish tech start-ups continued to raise funding during the pandemic. But it said there was evidence that early-stage companies were finding it “particularly difficult” to secure backing.

HBAN reported a dip in 2020 investments, with only €14m pumped into 59 Irish early-stage start-ups last year. Average deal size for investors was €250,000 and common areas for investment were medtech, ICT and manufacturing.

“Aside from the funding, the increase in angel activity is a good sign for start-ups in Ireland, as angel investors also offer industry-specific hban ireland and contacts that are so vital for businesses in their early years,” Phelan said in regard to the latest figures.

“Angel hban ireland is also important in helping start-ups to leverage funding from additional sources that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. We are very excited to pass the €400m milestone and look forward to reaching half a billion in the near future,” Phelan said.

Some of the companies HBAN has helped fund so far this year include Belfast-based hiring software company SeeMeHired.com, which secured £300,000, and Irish online home buying platform Lintil, which raised €270,000 through HBAN’s Kerry branch.

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Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN)

HBAN is the all-island umbrella group for business angel networks. HBAN is focused on creating investor groups/syndicates across the island.

  1. Initial application
    First you need to register with the network and they will follow up with an initial call. If they think you have a strong proposition and a valid investment opportunity they will work with you to get you in front of their investor base.
  2. Preparation and investment pitch
    If there is sufficient interest, you will be invited to pitch at one of HBAN’s investor group meetings. Prior to your pitch, their advisors will give you some insight as to what investors want. They will also outline the tools to help you create a winning teaser document and Investor presentation. In addition you may also get:
    • Assistance to complete your documentation and help you prepare
    • The opportunity to be profiled on the HBAN website
    • Access to the networks investment community. HBAN may also issue your documentation to the registered HBAN angel networks throughout the island and your matched investors. They will also work with you to seek to arrange follow up meetings
Источник: https://intertradeireland.com/funding/business-angel-funding/halo-business-angel-network
John Phelan, HBAN

John Phelan, HBAN

Angel investors plough more than €14m into Irish companies during 2020



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ICT, medtech and manufacturing start-ups are proving popular with investors, despite the pandemic that rocked the global economy according to the Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN)

The all-island organisation responsible for the promotion of business angel investment, and a joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland, InterTradeIreland and Invest Northern Ireland, found that despite the pandemic-induced restrictions over the course of 2020, business hban ireland invested over €14 million in start-ups across the island of Ireland.

HBAN’s angels invested in 59 companies during 2020, with an average deal size of €250,000 from angel investors. These funds leveraged a further €40.5 million from Enterprise Ireland and other investors.


2020 saw HBAN attract over 100 new angel investors, as well as the formation of the new Kerry Angel Network group.

Commenting on the level of angel investment in 2020 John Phelan, all-island director of HBAN, said: “The figures for 2020 illustrate that a high level of angel investing was sustained western express trucking pay the island during 2020, irrespective of external variables brought on by the pandemic. As Irish start-ups continue to contend with the reality of Level 5 restrictions, there is an immediate opportunity for current and prospective angel investors to drive a new wave of innovation forward. History shows us that some of the most successful and innovative businesses are founded during recessions and difficult trading times.”

Phelan continued: “We have a vibrant community of savvy, motivated and enterprising start-up visionaries that are pressing ahead to deliver new, enterprise-ready tech solutions geared for a post-Covid world. As such, this ongoing proliferation of high-potential start-ups paves the way for angels to expand their portfolio.”

Phelan’s comments come ahead of HBAN’s annual conference, which will be held virtually on 11 February. This year’s conference will hone in on the overarching theme of Start – Grow – Exit – Repeat. It will feature contributions from Charles Fred, co-founder of TrueSpace; Bill Liao, general partner in SOSV and co-founder of the CoderDojo movement; Colin Mason, Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Glasgow; and Alan Coleman, CEO of Sweepr, the provider of simple hban ireland for the connected home. Round table leaders include Ronan Quinlan, joint CEO of Taoglas; Richard Watson of DBIC Ventures; Faye Walsh-Drouillard, founder of Wake Up Capital; and Brian MacNamee, Associate Professor in the UCD School of Computer Science.

TechCentral Reporters

Read More:angel investorsHBANstart-ups

Источник: https://www.techcentral.ie/ict-among-top-attractors-of-angel-investment-says-hban/

HBAN All-island Business Angels Conference

HBAN All-island Business Angels Conference is designed to bring together new and existing business angels from across the island of Ireland to learn, network and collaborate. The event is Ireland’s only angel investment-focused national conference and is targeted at new angels who are looking for structured and quality deal flow. The event will also be of interest to those looking to invest and create de-risked portfolios with likeminded investors through syndicates.

Organizer Venue hban ireland

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Start-up funding market as hot as it’s ever been for angel investors

When the HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network) Ulster network passed 100 members a few months ago, the team from Clarendon Fund Managers who manage HBAN here in Northern Ireland paused to take a look at the calibre of people who have decided to join up since we start in late 2018.

usiness angel investors are individuals who provide smaller amounts of finance at an earlier stage than many venture capital funds are able to invest – though they are increasingly investing alongside both seed venture capital funds and public co-investment funding on the island.

So, as might be expected, we found that the vast majority of our 100-strong group are people who have built successful businesses before as chief executives or executive directors and exited with not insignificant amounts of capital they now want to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurial companies.

HBAN is a joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland, InterTradeIreland and Invest NI dedicated to the all-island promotion and development of business angel investment, providing support for networks and syndicates and increasing the number of angel investors.

Since the HBAN Ulster network was formed in late 2018 best checking accounts for small business 2019 seen our angels put £8.5m of investment into 38 early-stage companies over 55 investment rounds, with many angels opting to fund companies where they can actively use their past expertise to help the business progress. HBAN angels typically invest hban ireland £20,000 to £100,000 a deal.

Michael Black is one of those high calibre HBAN investors. After a successful career in the software sector Michael exited from Aepona in 2013 when it was taken over by Intel and then got involved with another tech company Clavis Insight in Dublin, which was sold to UK plc Ascential. He was also chief financial officer of Titan IC, a Queen’s University spin-out company, which was sold to NASDAQ-listed Mellanox Technologies.

He got into angel investing in 2015 and wasn’t put off when the first company he invested in failed.

“They say experience is the thing you get when you don’t get the thing you want,” Michael says.

“For me it was the start of a journey. I didn’t make a decision to become an angel investor, but I found that as I was at events or meeting people, I was discovering lots of interesting, up and coming companies who needed help. Usually, my involvement started with providing a bit of advice or looking over a business plan for an entrepreneur.”

Michael currently has five companies he’s actively involved in, including market intelligence platform SciLeads and online club management platform provider Team Fee Pay, which pitched at hban ireland raised funding through HBAN Ulster last year.

“I prefer to be actively helping – not in the sense of having a day job or exec role but actively helping the entrepreneur. For example, I have a call with one chief executive every Friday to talk over the issues of the day, whether that’s tech related or about running the business,” he says.

“In terms of the companies I support I have certain areas that interest me and where I think I can add value, such as software and data as a product.

“But when I’m asked how I choose who to invest in my first criteria is finding people a like spending time with. Being an angel investor means spending time with entrepreneurs over several years so you better like them and think of things the same way or it isn’t going to end well.”

Michael is of the view that there’s never been a better time to get into angel investing.

“The funding market is as hot as it’s ever been,” he says. “There is a hugely vibrant tech and start-up scene now with five or six local accelerators and incubators, providing a nurturing environment that has increased the volume coming through. And for today’s start-ups the capital is visible and easier to access, in the sense that they can connect with funders in a transparent process that wasn’t there before.”

His advice to potential new members of HBAN is to research the tax reliefs available to them, be thoughtful about what they invest in and only do it if they enjoy it.

“I’d also suggest new angels invest as part of a group can you send money on zelle with a credit card they are prepared to put a lot of time and capital into a company. Investing in a group makes a lot of sense as it spreads the risk for the investor, gets the business a bigger funding round and is coordinated by a lead investor who acts as a link to the entrepreneur,” Michael says.

“I’d also advise people not to jump into the first thing they see, unless they really like it. You’ll see a lot you like as the start-up scene is much more vibrant now than it was even 10 years ago. You can afford to take a bit of time.”

Источник: https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/ulsterbusiness/profile/start-up-funding-market-as-hot-as-its-ever-been-for-angel-investors-40718707.html

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