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Axis Bank provides you with easy avenues to start your online banking experience, offering 24/7 assistance for its customers. As an account holder. Online Change of Mode. Online payment facilities. Facility provided to pay renewal premium due, loan-interest due and repayment of loan through: Net Banking. Login to the browser and Open Axis Bank Internet Banking page · Click on Login > Register (For first-time user registration) · Enter the Customer ID or Registered.

Axis bank online login -

Register for Axis Bank net banking facility in online as a new user registration with your credentials already issued, Check the process of online registration and activation of internet banking to fulfil online transactions at your doorstep, also find how to register for Axis net banking if not having debit card…

Axis Bank Net Banking

Axis bank is third largest private bank in India, provides all gamut of financial services for corporate and personal user. Along with that, bank also boasts of its excellent services which include a secured internet banking. AXIS bank offers all the gamut of banking services through internet banking with a secured interface.

Let us look at the detailed procedure for registration to the net bank facility of the Axis Bank. One can register to the online banking facility one time, and the Internet banking facility may start using debit card credentials as follows.

Axis BanK Net Banking

AXIS Bank Net Banking Registration

  1. Login to the browser and Open Axis Bank Internet Banking page
  2. Click on Login > Register (For first-time user registration)
  3. Enter the Customer ID or Registered Mobile Number
  4. One can get these details from the cheque book or the passbook, and after this, the user also needs to provide his registered mobile number.
  5. Click on the Proceed button present at the bottom of the page.
    • This will take the user to another page where the user needs to provide the details of his debit card, so one is requested to keep his debit card ready while performing this registration procedure.
  6. Provide the details of the debit card on this page which includes the debit card number, ATM pin, card expiry date (month and year)
  7. Select card Currency as Indian rupee (INR)
  8. Click on Accept Terms and Conditions
  9. Press Proceed
  10. A new page will open and the user needs to provide a password and then Validate with a code sent on the registered mobile number, therefore one should ensure that SMS banking is active on the person’s account.
  11. After all of the procedure is done, the person will receive a confirmation message on the website as well as on SMS will be sent on the registered mobile number.

In case the person does not have a debit card but wishes to enroll for the Axis Bank net banking facility then follow the procedure

  • The person needs to visit the nearest axis bank branch with a valid ID proof.
  • The account holder will be asked to submit a form with all the relevant details such as account number, personal details of the customer, communication address, etc.
  • Bank will cross-check all the details of the person and after validating the details the bank will issue the internet banking user ID and password at the communication address within a stipulated time.
  • After receiving the details of the net banking, it is requested to change the password and created a password with the desired complexity. This would help in maintaining the security of the account.
  • One can also enroll in the SMS banking facility by visiting the nearest ATM or the nearest bank branch and providing their mobile number and get it registered.
  • The customer of Axis bank can also reset the ATM PIN and other internet banking password for AXIS bank through AXIS Mobile applciation.

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Axis Bank

Restructuring of Loans under Covid stress Scheme of RBI dated 06.08.2020

Dear Sir,
Sub: Complaint/Grievances against Axis Bank

Reg.:Restructuring of Loans under RBI’s Scheme: Resolution Framework-1.0: Resolution of Covid-19 related stressed individual Loan cases
My Loan Accounts No. PCR############ & PCR############

With due regards I would like to bring the following facts in the above said matter for your kind personal attention:

I had taken the above said two loans from Axis Bank in the year 2018.

I had been regularly paying the EMI’s of these accounts until March, 2020 when Covid 19 pandemic engulfed the country and a strict general lockdown was declared by the Govt. of India which with certain relaxations is continuing even today depending upon the intensity of the pandemic from place to place.

Another fact is that I am a senior citizen and I am entirely dependent for my income/cash flows on my business activities. Due to continued lockdown there was a general melt down in the market during 2020 and some portions of 2021, the current running year. My business income and the cash flows were accordingly adversely affected which was the case across the whole country. Recognising this fact the Govt. of India through Reserve Bank of India came out with a restructuring scheme (Resolution Framework-1.0: Resolution of Covid-19 related stressed RBI guidelines dated 06.08.2020) for outstanding loans of various set of borrowers and accordingly issued instructions to all the Banks to implement the same.

I duly applied to Axis Bank for the relief of restructuring/Moratorium in my loan accounts on 14.09.2020. However, they posed a lot of avoidable kind of hurdles e.g. asking for more and more papers in every visit and making my person stand in queue for 4 to 5 hours outside the bank every time, avoiding to give any acknowledgements for submitted papers etc. However, despite undergoing these gruelling experiences I submitted all the papers which process went on for almost more than three months. Even then ultimately the Bank rejected my application and informed the same to me through their sms’s on 28.12.20 & 29.12.20 giving vague & varying reasons for rejections.

Meanwhile, during this period i.e. from October, 20 to Dec. 20 the bank had hounded me and my family members, staff & servants by sending their recovery agents to my office and my home and along with the harassment of number of threatening/ derogatory telephonic calls to me, my family & staff almost every day.

Not stopping at above the bank sent to me a series of legal notices during the months of January and February, 2021. I say it was harassment because the Govt. had issued instructions that during pandemic time no bank or financial institution should declare any loan account as NPA and consequently the question of employing aggressive recovery tactics during this period were uncalled for and unwarranted, particularly when my application for restructuring was under the consideration of the Bank. All along this period I had been telling them and writing to them that I have full intention of paying back the loan but let this pandemic go. But their aforesaid recovery tactics continued unabatedly. Even during the pandemic I paid them back Rs. 17,18,280/- which I was able to manage somehow. It was reflective of my intention of paying back the loan but Axis Bank continued with their unethical & aggressive recovery tactics.

Further, I may also inform that Axis Bank had taken certain blank signed cheques from me at the time of disbursal of the Loans. As per law the Banks are supposed to fill-up all security documents before obtaining customer’s signatures on the same. Also, in terms of RBI’s letter no. 1622/04.07.05/2012-13 dated 18.03.2013 the banks are not allowed to even keep fully filled-up post-dated cheques for EMI’s, leave aside blank cheques. But the practice of taking Blank cheques and PDC’s is rampant in Axis Bank as if they are ignorant of aforesaid instructions of the RBI.

Despite above the Axis Bank went a step further, filled-up those coercively obtained blank cheques through a staff member with large amounts, much more than what was due at that point of time, and presented the same in bankers clearing at Calcutta, whereas, I reside In Mumbai and all my businesses are in Mumbai. As per their sinister & intended planning they were thus able to get the cheque returned & unpaid advice from the presenting bank and based on that sent me notices under Sec. 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, thus making me criminally liable.
In the process they not only implicated me falsely and deceitfully but also abused the rules/regulations and well established systems of the Apex Bank i.e. RBI. Further, by having the blank cheque filled-in by one of their staff members they unethically implicated some poor fellow in this criminal conspiracy.

The amounts filled in the blank cheques were Rs. 2,99,00,000/- & Rs. 1,99,49,376, whereas, the overdue amounts on the date of the notice 23.02.2021 were much lower i.e. Rs. 34,75,172/- & Rs. 8,77,159/- respectively.
In all the above said matters, I have sent several letters to the higher officials including the Managing Director of Axis Bank Mr. Amitabh Chaudhry as also to RBI but have not received any concrete reply.
Going through the RBI guidelines dated 06.08.2020 I find that my loan cases were fit from all angles for restructuring. I fail to understand as to why the Axis bank had declined the same.

There is an established Code of Conduct, applicable to all Bank’s in India, of Bank’s commitment to customers ( CBCC January, 2018) by Banking Codes and Standards Board of India, a Govt. of India Body. It is available on ‘’. This is a code of Customer Rights in detail, which sets minimum standards of banking practices, which banks have to follow while dealing with individual customers. It provides protection to customers and explains how a member bank is required to deal with customers in its day to day operations. On page number 32, clause f of the CBCC it is clearly written that ‘We ( the bank) will communicate, in writing, the reason(s) for rejection of your loan application. We may communicate this through letter or e-mail stating the reason(s) for such rejection of the loan application” . Whereas, in my case they found it convenient for easy disposal to send three SMS’s to advise rejections which gave general reasons and not specific one’s, perhaps considering that no customer takes up cudgels to question the bank & to fight for his Rights as a Bank customer and as a bonafide citizen of India.

I wonder why Axis bank is not having ‘Customer Service Committees’ at branch level which is highly advocated and recommended by the Reserve Bank of India and also the aforesaid Code ( CBCC January, 2018) to resolve the customer’s problems by having regular meetings every month. I state this because besides having the above problem since long I have never been called for any such meeting.

Further, referring to my various communications in this matter, I may, hereunder, summarize the issues at hand:

1. Why the Bank failed to Restructure my loan accounts under Covid stress related guidelines dated 06.08.2020/Resolution policy of RBI when I had fulfilled all the eligibility criteria?

2. Why the Bank targeted me with constant, unrelenting and concerted efforts for harassing me, my family and my staff during Covid time through their recovery agents, Collection personnel and lawyers when my accounts were not categorised as NPA as per RBI instructions which stated that accounts which were Standard as on 31.03.2020 were to be considered as Standard till 31.03.2021 and also while I had applied for restructuring of my loan accounts and my application for the same had been duly acknowledged by the bank as receipted?

3. Why the bank kept sending ECS to my bank account while my application for restructuring was under their consideration of sanction and the same was made under Covid related stress when I had funds shortage and I was not in a position to pay the EMI’s?

4. Why did the Bank resort to filling-up the BLANK cheques ( no loan security documents should be kept blank in custody by banks) taken by them at the time of loan disbursals, with amounts far in excess of the amounts of EMI’s due from me at that point of time and then presenting the same purposely in clearing at Calcutta ( I reside and do business in Mumbai) knowing fully well that my cash inflows were badly affected under covid stress and so the cheques will get bounced and then they could file a criminal case against me under section 138. Why I should not blame the bank of having done it as a part of conspiracy in order to usurp my mortgaged property which is three times more than in value as compared to the outstanding bank loan amount?

5. All replies/communications of the bank to my pointed queries during the last one year have mostly been robot-like, computer generated, which hardly focussed on the query to be replied. This was immensely frustrating to me. Merely allotting a service number promptly to any query does not amount to good service. The problem underlying therein has to be addressed to the ultimate satisfaction of the customer within reasonable time.

6. Bank charged penal interest @ 2% per month ( 24% p.a.), whereas, to my knowledge, it should be 2% p.a. as is charged by public sector banks. This way Axis charged interest @ 32.35% p.a. in my loan account which is exorbitant by any means. This happened during covid times when I was not in a position to pay and when my application for restructuring was under Bank’s consideration. The Bank must reverse this exorbitant sum charged to me during the pandemic as Covid’19 was not my fault but an act of God/Nature.

7. I am of the firm opinion that overall Axis Bank had tried to avoid doing restructuring of stressed accounts, in general, in covid times and that it was never serious in the implementation of the RBI/Govt. schemes formulated in this connection in right letter and spirit. This will be proved by the number of cases they restructured on all India basis. The bank avoided to even acknowledge and receive such applications and thus was able to suppress such requests in the initial stage itself. Additionally, the concept of opening specific loan centres is a total failure because of under staffing and rude behaviour of the staff. That is why long queues were seen outside the loan centres on all days and the staff behaved most arrogantly with the customers. The staff, in fact, appeared to have been trained to not to accept and acknowledge any letter/request of clients and to be free in talking roughly to them.

8. In a recent case I sent a letter dated 27.09.2021 to their Goregaon, Mumbai Loan centre in a routine matter in an envelope. The branch opened that envelope and then instead of taking any action in the matter sent back the original letter to me along with my envelope both of those packed in a bank’s envelope. I am left wondering at this kind of response from a national level bank. If this is the situation then I think the bank has a lot to ponder over and correct its obligation in setting-up a good customer friendly atmosphere in the whole Bank. This kind of arrogant responses will definitely harm the bank’s cause and the RBI/Govt.’s policies in the long run. One really wonders if it is a national level scheduled A class Bank or a privately set-up local bank having no respect for statutory and regulatory controls.

Finally, I have to state that as on date I have paid all the pending dues after the improvement in the covid situation and in my cash flows. Presently, both my Loan accounts are in ‘Standard’ category. It was never my intention to not to pay back my loans but I was temporarily handicapped by lack of flow of funds due to a slump in the market because of pandemic related lockdown.
An Appeal to you:
I wish that the Covid’19 like situations never occur again so that I don’t have to approach the bank for any kind of help. However, I feel it is pertinent to bring the issues to an authority who can set the things right and accordingly impress upon the Bank to observe the prescribed code of conduct towards its customers and to implement the RBI and Government Schemes sincerely in right letter and spirit in future. At the same time the Bank should reverse and credit to my account all the penal charges by way of non-payment of EMI’s during the adverse pandemic period. I do not wish for any restructuring now but I am convinced that Axis Bank was very lackadaisical in the implementation of the Govt./RBI Scheme for Covid relief to the deserving. If a Region-wise data is called from them as to how many such cases they sanctioned under the said scheme then automatically the truth will come out, particularly for Mumbai region.

I shall be highly obliged if you seriously take up this matter so that we can expect better customer service and implementation of Govt. programmes from the bank.

Ramesh D. Shah



Activating Axis Bank Net Banking for the First Time Using the Welcome Kit
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Traditional banking has taken a back seat, and now Internet Banking is in! With the introduction of Axis Bank's Net Banking services, the process of banking is way faster and easier. You can carry out all such necessary activities using the Internet Banking facility. If you have an active bank account in Axis Bank, then you have the privilege to enjoy net banking. However, to reap the benefits, you will have to register for the Internet Banking service first to use it, and it is an easy process. 

Process to Activate Axis Bank Netbanking Online via Welcome Kit:

Here are a couple of things that you would need to enable net banking online:

  • Customer ID 

  • Account Number

  • Active Debit card

Your customer ID will be mentioned either on your checkbook or passbook, and debit card will be provided inside the welcome kit while opening the account in Axis Bank. 

  • Head over to the official website of Axis Bank and directly open the internet banking registration portal.

  • After opening the website, click on the 'Register' option located on the left side of the screen.

  • Enter your bank account details, including the customer ID, bank account number, registered mobile number, etc. 

  • Next, enter your debit card details: 16 digit card number, expiry date, PIN code of your ATM card and then click on 'Submit'.

  • Then, select card currency as 'INR' from the available options and accept all the terms and conditions to proceed further with the activation process.

  • Next, set up the login password and verify it by entering and re-entering the password. Then, click on 'Submit'. 

  • Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number in the "OTP" field.

  • Finally, you have completed all the steps in the registration process of Axis Bank Net Banking.

  • Evaluate all the details and click on 'Submit' to complete the registration process.

Voila! Now you are ready to start using your Axis Bank net banking account to access and manage your bank account online.



Axis Bank offers 10-15% cashback on Flipkart, Amazon to new customers



Home / Industry / Banking /  Axis Bank offers 10-15% cashback on Flipkart, Amazon to new customers

1 min read.Updated: 04 Oct 2021, 06:46 PM IST Edited By Vivek Punj

Axis Bank is offering 10-15 per cent cashback to customers of its recently launched ASAP Digital Savings Account

Axis Bank has announced mega offers for its new customers of its recently launched ASAP Digital Savings Accounts. Over and above the offers by the back for e-commerce platforms, customers will get flat 10 per cent to 15 per cent cashback at Flipkart and Amazon and up to 45 per cent cashback on more than 30 major brands. The announcement comes as both e-commerce majors are hosting their flagship festive sales - The Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival.

Customers have the option of choosing from 4 savings account variants – Easy, Prime, Priority and Burgundy. These digital savings account variants offer higher amount of cashback and other privileges such as complimentary lounge access at airports, free ATM withdrawals etc. These debit cards associated with these accounts offer 10 per cent cashback on Easy, 12.5 per cent on Prime and flat 15 per cent on Priority and Burgundy accounts This is a limited period offer applicable to new to bank customers till November 2021.

To avail of these offers, customers need to open an ASAP Digital Savings Account, which can be accessed via the bank’s website or mobile app through the Video KYC process. Post account opening, customers will get an instant virtual debit card with which they can start transacting immediately.

They can enjoy the cashbacks for online shopping through ‘Grab Deals’, the Bank’s online marketplace, which gives them a choice to shop across more than 30 brands. The cashback offer benefit will be applicable for 6 months post account opening and the cashback earned will be credited directly to the customer’s account.

“Today, most cashback offers are restricted to credit card owners, which is a small set in the country. We want to democratise cashback for customers and hope they find these offers enticing, particularly during the upcoming festive season," said Ravi Narayanan, Group Executive and Head- Branch Banking, Retail Liabilities and Products, Axis Bank, on the launch of ASAP Digital Savings Account.

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Axis Bank IFSC Code

Axis Bank IFSC code: All you need to know

Axis Bank IFSC code is a unique 11-character alphanumeric code that helps in identifying specific branches of the bank. IFSC Code of Axis Bank is used by Axis Bank account holders to send/transfer money online through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS facilities. Axis Bank customers are also required to provide IFSC code of their Axis Bank branch. Axis Bank account holders can search Axis Bank IFSC code of their branch on this IFSC code search page of Here, you can search Axis Bank IFSC code by providing inputs like your state, city and branch on top of this page under "Axis Bank IFSC Code". On this page, you can also find IFSC code of some of the top search branches of Axis. You can also find Axis Bank branch details and address with the help your IFSC code by using the 'Search IFSC Code by Bank' feature on this page.

The full form of IFSC is Indian Financial System Code. The Reserve Bank of India has assigned this unique code for each branch of Axis. The IFSC code enables the electronic transfer of funds. Now Axis Bank customers can transfer funds online 24x7 throughout the year, as per RBI guidelines.  

Axis Bank IFSC Code for Online Transaction

Axis Bank IFSC code helps on making an online transaction. With the help of IFSC Code, you can send money to any account of the Axis Bank and also receive money from any account of Axis Bank. Axis Bank IFSC code is also required to send/transfer money through NEFT facility from a Axis Bank branch. There are certain limits on the amount that you can transact through Axis Bank account online. Hence, you must check the maximum and minimum limit on the amount for which you can make a transaction online. This information is available on the official website of the Axis Bank. 

 Axis Bank IFSC code is a must for online transactions. Suppose you have borrowed Rs 10,000 from a friend and want to return it using your net banking facility. To send the money, you need to first add your friend's details like account number, bank and branch name and address and IFSC code of your friend's bank branch. You can send money through net banking 24x7 to your friend, even if he/she doesn't have an account in Axis. You will have to add your friend as a beneficiary with his bank account details on your bank's net banking portal. 

Axis Bank IFSC Code format

The first four characters of Axis Bank IFSC code denotes the bank names while the fifth character is zero. The remaining six characters of the IFSC code of Axis Bank are unique and assigned for each branch of the Axis Bank. Thus there are three components of Axis IFSC code. 

1. Bank name denoted by first four characters of the Axis Bank IFSC code

2. Zero as the fifth character. Zero is used as the fifth character of the Axis IFSC code is reserved for future use by the Reserve Bank of India. 

3. The last six characters show the unique Axis Bank branch code. No two branches of Axis Bank can have same IFSC codes.

How to find Axis Bank IFSC code

You can find the IFSC code of your Axis Bank branch on the cheque book issued by the Axis Bank. You can also find IFSC code of any branch of Axis on Financial Express IFSC code page.

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Axis Bank Net Banking Login ID & Password -
In addition to this, we have also provided a detailed guide to reset your Axis Bank net banking password. This post also explains the procedure to change login ID or user ID of your Axis Bank net banking accoun.
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Axis Bank Net Banking Login, Register, Reset Password .
Axis Bank Net Banking help its customers to fulfill their banking need online without going in the branch. Bank founded in 1993 and has 4000 branches in all across world. If you want to block/unblock credit car.
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Internet Banking - Bank Online, Securely and Conveniently .
NRI customers must ensure that their email id is registered with Axis Bank. While login to Internet Banking you would get the option to choose Netsecure with SMS or Netsecure with Mobitoken, select “Netsecure.
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Axis Bank - Internet Banking
Login ID Password. Forgot Arizona department of economic security locations The Bank provides holistic funding solution to the supply chain of corporates. Products under this segment cater to the funding needs of supply chain members. and increase op.
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Axis Bank Internet Banking
SMS CUSTID SPACE to 5676782 from registered mobile number & get customer ID
Nedbank Banking Login

Nedbank Banking Login
Use the internet banking you know We'll switch you over to the new online banking soon.
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Axis Bank Net Banking Login ID & Password - …
Unable to change your Axis Bank net banking login id? Here is a complete tutorial for changing your customer id or user id for your internet banking online.

x. IMPORTANT UPDATE. Dear Customer, With a view to provide you with a more seamless axis bank online login experience we have migrated you to our New Corporate Internet Banking .
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Axis Bank Net Banking Login, Register, Reset …
Axis Bank Net Banking help its customers to fulfill their banking need online without going in the branch. Bank founded in 1993 and has 4000 branches in