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Find House Mortgage Insurance. The last time I talked to a very personable young man who guaranteed he was reversing the payments as we spoke. He told me to wait 2 or 3 business days and it. Yes, including any existing repayment plan or loan modification to which you agreed with your prior servicer. Already made a roundpoint mortgage.

Roundpoint mortgage servicing payment -

Servicing Made easy with Fairway!

CEO Message to our Customers,

As we all navigate through the challenges of COVID-19 together, Fairway’s thoughts are for the health and well-being of all the individuals and families impacted by this unprecedented and difficult situation. Fairway continues with its unwavering dedication and commitment to support our customers and the communities we serve. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, Fairway stands prepared to support you with guidance, solutions and to provide you with the aid under the CARES Act once your loan is fully federally backed (sold to a federal or federally-sponsored agency).

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be for the safety and health of you, your family and your loved ones.
Steve Jacobson, CEO

We care and are here to help

The response to the Coronavirus is rapidly evolving. During this difficult time, Fairway and other servicers are committed to supporting our customers with guidance on payment assistance options so that you can focus on the safety of yourself and your family.

If you are experiencing difficulty making your mortgage payment due to COVID-19, including:

  • Loss of employment
  • Reduction in income
  • Illness
  • Or other related COVID impacts preventing you from being able to make your monthly payment

Help is available. Fairway and other servicers are taking the following steps to assist:

Payment Assistance:

Offering the ability to temporarily suspend or reduce your monthly payment for three months (or more if needed) which is also known as a Forbearance plan.

Servicers are committed to assisting mortgage customers in both the short term and the long term. Based on individual circumstances we will re-evaluate extensions or long term assistance options, such as Loan Modifications, to insure you are offered the optimum support with your mortgage as described in the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act).

Credit Reporting and Late Fees:

We understand the importance of credit scores. Fairway and other Servicers will not report negative data to credit bureaus or assess late fees for customers actively performing on Forbearance plans (reduced or suspended payment agreements).

Foreclosures and Evictions:

The initiation of new foreclosures, foreclosure sales and evictions are suspended through June 30, 2020.

Contact Information:

For newly originated loans serviced by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, please contact us by calling toll-free 1-800-201-7544Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

If your loan has recently transferred, or is in the process of transferring to a new Servicer, visit to obtain your new Servicer contact information.

As with natural disaster declarations, the CARES Act may provide customer relief through Small Business Administration loans if eligible.


RoundPoint Mortgage Investigation – Robocalls and Mortgage Servicing

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing and Freedom Mortgage – a Match Made in Hell?

The fraud recovery lawyers are investigating mortgage servicing practices at RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation. According to a recent story in HousingWire, Freedom Mortgage is acquiring RoundPoint through a merger. we didn’t like the merger between Ocwen and PHH and fear this merger will be just as bad for consumers.

RoundPoint is primarily a loan servicer licensed to service residential mortgage loans in 50 states. It has $90 billion in loans being serviced.

Freedom Mortgage is one of the fastest growing nonbank lenders and servicers in the nation. It currently claims to be the fifth largest mortgage lender in the United States. For years, we have spoken with Freedom’s dissatisfied homeowners. Many are vets.

According to a press release, the merger allows Freedom to get more deeply involved in subservicing while RoundPoint will have access to Freedom’s loan origination platform. After the merger is complete, Freedom will be the seventh largest servicer in the U.S.

Why are we concerned with the Freedom Mortgage – RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing merger?

First, bigger is not always better. We have communicated with hundreds of Freedom customers. Homeowners that say they were harassed with robocalls. Vets that say they were tricked into bad VA loan modifications. We even talked to several former Freedom employees who were less than impressed with how the company was run.

The solution to these problems isn’t to make the company bigger. The better solution is to fix the problems or fire senior management. The disease usually isn’t with rank and file workers, it is with the shot callers in the top echelons of the company.

Another concern is the company’s breakneck growth. There is nothing wrong with growing one’s business. A company shouldn’t grow, however, until major problems within the organization are properly addressed.

Is the RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing merger with Freedom Mortgage a repeat of the Ocwen /PHH merger? We simply don’t know. In our opinion, Ocwen and PHH had many unsolved problems. Now that they merged things seem to have gotten worse.

We hope RoundPoint doesn’t head down the same road.

RoundPoint Fraud Claims

Just five months ago, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing agreed to settle charges involving financial improprieties with force placed insurance. The settlement resolved claims that the Round Point received illegal kickbacks for implementing lender-placed insurance (LPI) policies through Great American E&S Insurance Company.

Like so many other financial services companies, RoundPoint settled the charges without admitting any guilt.

Lender placed insurance, often called force placed insurance, is a terrible scam designed to enrich the lender while often providing terrible insurance coverage. The lender gets a piece of the inflated premiums and the homeowner has better hope there is never a fire or other claim.

There are a ton of lawsuits involving RoundPoint, given their business we expect they will always collect some malcontents.

One complaint that especially disturbed us, however, was filed in Illinois. The plaintiff in that case is Melcina Blanton, a homeowner. After borrowing money to purchase her home in 2009, her loan servicing was transferred to RoundPoint. That is when the nightmare began. Claims that she missed a payment when she says she din’t, requiring her to pay PMI payments twice, and soon, lender placed insurance.

She says for months she was simply given the runaround. Call not answered, a general refusal to help and inconsistent information.

By 2014 she was in default and facing foreclosure and all because of a duplicate PMI payment of $81.00

Despite vague promises of modification, she was defaulted. The foreclosure process began soon thereafter.

Melcina continued to address the matter with the bank. Most struggling homeowners don’t want the hassle of hiring a lawyer. Instead of trying to resolve the mater fairly, RoundPoint’s lawyers told  Melcina that she wasn’t allowed to talk to the RoundPoint anymore. Not only that, they told her that they were no obligation to answer her questions.

Finally, they offered her modification. When she refused, they simply stop accepting her checks. That also caused her to sue RoundPoint. Many readers are probably familiar with the same scenario. RoundPoint isn’t the only larger mortgage servicer to face similar accusations.

Fast forward to June 2016 and bank’s lawyer filed the predicable motion to dismiss. Normally, courts rubber stamp those motions allowing the foreclosure to proceed. Not in this case. A federal judge in Illinois found Melcina’s complaints credible and allowed the case to proceed.

MahanyLaw Investigates Robocalls, Harassing Collection Calls, Mortgage Fraud

The fraud recovery lawyers at Mahany Law are interested in speaking with customers of RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing as well as company insiders. We prosecute claims of robocalling, calls made with ringless voicemail, illegal telemarketing calls, improper collection activities and mortgage servicing fraud involving improper fees. (We are unable to help individual homeowners who are in the midst of a foreclosure or modification – seek help from your local bar association in locating a qualified lawyer near you that can help.)

We are already aware of one homeowner claiming they received harassing phone calls from RoundPoint and the successful forced place insurance lawsuit says other misbehavior may be taking place too. Our concern is that these illegal activities may get worse once the merger with Freedom is complete.

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), victims of illegal telemarketing calls can receive between $500 to $1500 for each illegal call, text message or ringless voicemail. Federal and many state laws make improper collection calls illegal as well.

There is no obligation or fee for a consultation. If we take your case we get paid on a contingent fee basis meaning we don’t get paid unless you get paid. Cases accepted on a nationwide basis.

RoundPoint insider? All inquiries are protected by the attorney – client privilege and kept strictly confidential. We simply want to help protect homeowners. By helping us know where to look, we can help put an end to illegal behavior. Depending on the misconduct, federal whistleblower rewards may also be available.

To learn more about robocalls, visit our TCPA phone harassment page, How Do I Stop Telemarketing Calls?

For all other inquiries or to see if you have a claim contact us online, by email or by phone 202-800-9791.

Mahany Law – America’s Fraud Recovery Lawyers

Filed Under: Active Investigations, Fraud Recovery

26/09/2018  · Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. This is the RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing com...

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing review

Our take on RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

There isn’t much that positively distinguishes RoundPoint from its competitors. It’s a run-of-the-mill mortgage lender that offers a handful of traditional home loan types. The online application process is simple, but you have to wait for a loan officer to contact you before moving the process along.

If you’re a homebuyer looking for a fully online application and closing process, RoundPoint isn’t for you. If you don’t mind — or you prefer — this traditional approach to securing a mortgage, you probably won’t see this as much of an issue.

One thing that does help RoundPoint stand out is its nationwide coverage. Homebuyers in any state can use its services. It also has some physical branch locations throughout the country, though these are limited.

Out-of-state loan officers serve some states that have no physical branch locations, like Alaska and Delaware. But RoundPoint’s website makes it straightforward to locate a loan officer servicing your area.

There’s nothing specific to RoundPoint that would make me recommend it over another lender. It charges an origination fee that’s on par with many other lenders, but it could improve when it comes to transparency. RoundPoint doesn’t publish its rates online, and it makes no mention of its lender fee on its posted list of fees. We had to call to get specifics about its origination fee.

If you want a fully online and streamlined mortgage experience, you’ll need to keep shopping around to find the best mortgage lender for you. Even if you like the idea of dealing with a loan officer in person, there are other comparable — and even better-rated — lenders out there.

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing requirements

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing doesn’t list its mortgage requirements on its website and hasn’t responded to our request for more information as of December 2020. But generally your requirements depend on the loan program you choose, and expect lenders to require:

  • A 620 minimum credit score for conventional loans.
  • Debt-to-income (DTI) ratio of 50% or lower.
  • A maximum loan-to-value (LTV) of 90% to 97%.
  • A 3% to 10% minimum down payment.

If you choose an FHA loan, your requirements may differ. For example, FHA usually prefers a 580 minimum credit score and has down payment options as low as 3.5%.


RoundPoint doesn’t specify documentation requirements, but for most loans, you’ll need the following documents when you apply:

  • Government-issued ID
  • Social Security number
  • Most recent two years of W-2 statements and tax returns
  • List of assets, such as bank accounts statements
  • List of debts, such as credit card statements
  • Proof of income, such as pay stubs and employment history
  • Costs and fees

Fees are similar to competitors

RoundPoint charges a one-time origination fee of $1,295, according to a RoundPoint loan officer. Unfortunately, this information isn’t listed on the lender’s website. And when we called to get it, we were transferred four times before someone provided us with the amount.

A $1,295 origination fee sits mid-range of the origination fees that most lenders charge, so it’s unclear as to why it isn’t disclosed up front. In general, these fees can range from zero to a couple thousand dollars.

Lenders that charge a percentage of the total loan amount as an origination fee typically charge between 1% and 2%.

Unlisted lender fees are a red flag for transparency: Lenders that don’t charge lender fees typically promote it — it’s a selling point. When this fee isn’t listed, one might wonder why. RoundPoint also doesn’t publish its rates online.

In addition to this lender fee, borrowers are responsible for third-party fees, such as:

  • Appraisal fee up to $2,000.
  • Inspection fee up to $675.
  • Title Search fee up to $200.

RoundPoint publishes a list of fee ranges on its website, but these fees aren’t precise. To get accurate costs, you’ll need to pick up the phone.

Apply for a RoundPoint mortgage in 4 steps

RoundPoint allows you to submit an application online, but you’ll need to speak with a loan officer afterward to complete the process. If you prefer to meet a loan officer in person prior to completing a mortgage application, the lender’s website will direct you to its nearest branch location. Branches are limited to select cities in every state though, so an in-person meeting might not be feasible depending on your location.

To submit an application online:

  1. Visit RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing’s website and select Get Started.
  2. Indicate whether you need a refinance loan or are purchasing a new home.
  3. Provide details about the property you’re interested in.
  4. Enter your personal information and employment status, choose Submit and a loan officer will contact you.

There won’t be a pull on your credit immediately after you apply. A credit check happens after the seller accepts your offer.

What types of mortgages can I get through RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing?

This company accepts mortgage refinance applications.

Other mortgage products offered by RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

  • Refinance. RoundPoint Mortgage services traditional refinancing options as well as cash-out refinances to tap into your home equity.

Alternatives to RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

RoundPoint offers traditional home loan types and a traditional mortgage experience. It doesn’t publish its rates online and charges an origination fee of $1,295. If you’re looking for a more generous lender or one that offers a more streamlined mortgage process, there are numerous alternatives.

For instance, Better offers a digital mortgage process and no origination fees or commissions. It’s one of the more highly rated mortgage lenders out there, and it’s available in most states across the country.

Another is PennyMac, a lender with favorable customer reviews that offers a fully digital mortgage experience. While it charges an origination fee, the lender is waiving its $1,100 origination fee on several loan types through 2021.

Compare these lenders and lender marketplaces by the type of home loan you’re searching for, state availability and minimum credit score (for a conventional loan). Select See rates to provide the company with basic property and financial details for personalized rates.

Data updated regularly

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing reviews and complaints

As of September 2021, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing has only three customer reviews on Trustpilot, earning a TrustScore of 3 out of 5 stars. It is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but has an A+ rating for closing 242 customer complaints within the last three years. Out of 91 user reviews, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing earned 3.47 out of 5 stars.

Many users praise RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing for its attentive customer service through the loan process and even during loss mitigation. While RoundPoint estimates taking 45 days to close on a loan refinance, the main complaint is that some customers report waiting more than four months to close. Other complaints report lost payments and issues with escrow accounts.

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing pros and cons


  • Offers loss mitigation programs. It’s willing to work with homeowners struggling to make loan payments with its workout programs.
  • Licensed in all 50 states. RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing is licensed to service loans in every state, District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands.
  • Decent customer reviews. Though not by a wide margin, customer sentiment leans positive overall.


  • Rates not available online. RoundPoint doesn’t post current mortgage rates online. You’ll need to speak to a loan officer on the phone to get specifics about your loan program.
  • Long closing times on refinances. Customers complain about waiting for closing times that can exceed four months and longer.
  • Contacting RoundPoint is difficult and cumbersome. We contacted RoundPoint to get information about its lender fees and ran into multiple issues. Upon calling its general contact number, we were prompted to enter our loan number and couldn’t get past this stage. If you’re a new customer, you don’t have a loan number. After sitting on the line for about five minutes without entering any response, it finally allowed us to connect to a representative. From there, we were transferred four times until we finally got to someone who could answer our questions.

What is RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing?

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing was founded in 2007 and is now the mortgage servicing subsidiary of Freedom Mortgage. This nonbank mortgage servicing company has over $90 billion in mortgage assets. In 2018, American business magazine Inc. 5000 ranked RoundPoint Mortgage as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Frequently asked questions

How can I submit a loan payment?

RoundPoint has several payment options, including the following:

  • Automated monthly payment. Set up your mortgage payment to automatically deduct funds from a designated bank account each month using RoundPoint’s ACH program.
  • Online. Make a payment from your bank account for free.
  • Phone. Call 877-426-8805 to submit a loan payment. It costs $10 for payments using the automated phone system and $12 for payments by speaking with a customer service representative.
  • MoneyGram. Make a cash payment at a MoneyGram location for $9.99. You’ll need your loan number and the receiver code 7302.
  • Mail. Send your loan payment to: RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, PO Box 674150, Dallas, Texas 75267-4150.

My loan was transferred to RoundPoint. What should I do?

You should have received a goodbye letter from your previous mortgage servicer about 15 days before your loan was transferred. RoundPoint extends a welcome call to the borrower approximately five or six days after the transfer date to set up the homebuyer’s online account. You’ll receive your first RoundPoint billing statement within 10 to 15 days after the transfer date.

How can I contact RoundPoint Customer Service?

RoundPoint customer support is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET. You can reach the support desk in one of the following ways:

  • By phone: 877-426-8805
  • By email: [email protected]
  • By mail: RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, PO Box 19409, Charlotte, North Carolina 28219-9409

Mortgage Help: How to Contact Lenders Responding to COVID-19

Homeowners impacted by the coronavirus pandemic may be eligible to receive mortgage forbearance. Some mortgage lenders and servicers are also offering additional mortgage relief programs to borrowers.

To take advantage of these programs, you'll need to contact your lender. Below is an alphabetical list of mortgage lenders and servicers, what they're offering and how to contact them. Lenders are being inundated with phone calls, so whenever possible, it's best to reach out for mortgage help online.

NOTE:Due to the nature of the pandemic, the information below is subject to change — we'll do our best to keep it up to date, but your lender’s website will likely contain the most recent information. For the latest information on how to cope with financial stress during this emergency, see NerdWallet’s financial guide to COVID-19.


Ally Home

PHONE: 866-401-4742

Ally offers several assistance options to borrowers who have experienced loss of income, including repayment plans and loan modification. Contact their customer service, which is available seven days a week, to discuss your options.


Bank of America

PHONE: 800-669-6650

In addition to honoring the terms of federal agencies, Bank of America has deferral and forbearance programs for borrowers whose loans are owned by the lender. To submit an online request for a mortgage payment deferment, forbearance or other assistance, log in to your account on the Bank of America website.


PHONE: 800-226-5228

BB&T, which merged with SunTrust to become Truist, is offering payment relief on mortgages and home equity loans. You can find more information here.

BNC National Bank

PHONE: 800-262-2265

BNC Bank does not currently have any information on its site about specific COVID-19 assistance programs. Call them to discuss your options.


Caliber Home Loans

PHONE: 800-401-6587

Caliber Home Loans is offering mortgage forbearance to borrowers impacted by COVID-19. To request it, you'll need to fill out log in to your account and click on "Trouble Paying" or call them.

Carrington Mortgage Services (Vylla)

PHONE: 800-561-4567

Carrington, which includes the Vylla Loan brand, urges borrowers seeking payment assistance to log in to their accounts and fill out an assistance request form. You may be asked to provide additional documentation.


PHONE: 888-356-0023

The Chase mortgage relief program offers 90 days of "payment assistance" in the form of forbearance. (If your loan is covered by the CARES Act, you can extend your forbearance term beyond this initial 90 days.) You can call to apply or sign in here to request help.


PHONE: 855-839-6253

Citibank recommends that mortgage borrowers call their service provider, Cenlar FSB, at the number above. Cenlar is offering 90-day forbearance for borrowers experiencing hardship.

Citizens Bank

PHONE: 800-234-6002

Citizens Bank borrowers can submit a request for mortgage payment assistance through the lender’s online portal. If you have not previously registered for an online account, you'll need to sign up. Instructions for registering and for submitting your request are available on the Citizens One website.


Fairway Independent Mortgage

PHONE: 800-201-7544

Fairway is offering homeowners three months of forbearance, with the possibility of extension for up to 12 months. Depending on which entity owns your loan, you may also be eligible for a payment deferral or partial claim. Call or visit their online servicing center for more information.

Flagstar Bank

PHONE: 800-393-4887

Flagstar is offering eligible homeowners a three-month forbearance plan. To request forbearance, call the number above or log in to your account.

Freedom Mortgage

PHONE: 855-690-5900

Freedom Mortgage is offering an initial 180 days of forbearance for borrowers covered by the CARES Act. Call the number above or log on to your account to request assistance.


Guaranteed Rate

PHONE: 866-397-7238

If you have a loan with Guaranteed Rate, take a look at your most recent statement to figure out what number to call for mortgage help. If your mortgage statement has a return address in Chicago, IL, call 800-263-4159. If the statement is from another city, or you don't have a statement, call the number above.

Guild Mortgage

PHONE: 800-365-4884

If you need to apply for mortgage forbearance, go to their website to determine your eligibility and submit an application.



PHONE: 866-913-2951

Homebridge borrowers should go to their log in portal to learn more about mortgage assistance options and fill out an application form.



PHONE: 855-211-3867

LenderFi says borrowers experiencing financial hardship can request mortgage help via their online account.


PHONE: 866-258-6572

LoanDepot customers will need to look at their most recent mortgage statement to determine the best point of contact for mortgage help options. If your statement has a return address from Newark, NJ, call 877-420-4526. If the statement has a return address in Chicago, IL, or if you aren't sure where your mortgage is serviced, call the phone number above.


Mr. Cooper

PHONE: 888-480-2432

If your loan is with Mr. Cooper, mortgage assistance information is available on their website. Sign in to your account to fill out an application to request help. Mr. Cooper encourages borrowers to continue making payments until their forbearance request has been approved.


Navy Federal Credit Union

PHONE: 800-258-5948

Navy Federal recommends signing into your account to send a secure message requesting forbearance. You can also call the number above for assistance.


PHONE: 866-397-5370

NBKC Bank notes that hold times can be lengthy, so borrowers are encouraged to apply online for hardship assistance.

Network Capital

PHONE: 800-300-0018

Network Capital says borrowers should call the number above to discuss mortgage assistance options.

New American Funding

PHONE: 800-893-5304

New American Funding has a "COVID-19 Impact Form" you can download here and submit by email, fax or mail to request a forbearance. They also have a separate form for requesting an extension of an existing forbearance.


PennyMac Loan Services

PHONE: 800-777-4001

If your mortgage is serviced by PennyMac, coronavirus help is available online or over the phone. Log in to your account and complete a survey, or call the number above, to apply for short-term forbearance.

PHH Mortgage

PHONE: 800-936-8705

If your loan is serviced by PHH mortgage, you can learn more and apply for forbearance by filling out the online hardship notification form found here. The lender notes that call volumes remain high and processing time for online requests could be as long as 10 days.


PHONE: 800-523-8654

PNC borrowers affected by coronavirus should call the number above. If your mortgage payment is due within 7 days and is set to be paid automatically, PNC recommends calling 888-762-2265 in order to stop payment.


PHONE: 800-597-0233

If you have a mortgage serviced by PrimeLending, call the number above or send an email to [email protected].


Rocket Mortgage (Quicken Loans)

PHONE: 888-452-8179

If your loan is serviced by Quicken Loans or its subsidiary, Rocket Mortgage, COVID-19 assistance is available online. Sign in to your account to learn more and to apply for mortgage forbearance.

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

PHONE: 877-426-8805

If your loan is serviced by RoundPoint, mortgage forbearance is an option. Click "COVID-19 FORBEARANCE PLAN" on their COVID-19 response page to begin the application process. If you already received a forbearance from RoundPoint and need an extension, the servicer recommends you call the number above.


Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

PHONE: 800-365-7107

Shellpoint mortgage forbearance is available to homeowners impacted by the coronavirus. To apply for a temporary forbearance, log in to your account via their servicing portal.


PHONE: 855-622-3198

Log in to your home SoFi home loans account and choose "manage account" to request hardship relief. You can also call the number above, but Sofi notes that this option is likely to take longer.

SunTrust (Truist)

PHONE: 877-820-2103

SunTrust, which merged with BB&T to become Truist, is offering forbearance for mortgages and home equity loans. Apply online via this form, which the lender says is the fastest way to receive assistance.



PHONE: 855-430-8489

USAA members seeking mortgage payment help due to COVID-19 should call the number above to discuss options.

U.S. Bank

PHONE: 800-365-7900

Borrowers with mortgages from U.S. Bank can request an initial 180-day forbearance with the option to extend. If you have an online account with U.S. Bank, log in and choose "mortgage assistance." If you don't already have an online account, you can still request assistance online. Go to this page to get started.


Veterans First (WinTrust)

PHONE: 866-718-7899

If you have a mortgage with Veterans First, know that their parent company, WinTrust, is handling mortgage assistance options. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Hardship Assistance", or call the phone number above.

Veterans United

PHONE: 833-593-5026

Veterans United borrowers should call the number above to learn about their options and apply for mortgage assistance.


Wells Fargo

PHONE: 800-219-9739

Wells Fargo is offering a 3-month payment suspension for both mortgage and home equity borrowers. This can be extended in 3-month increments. To apply, log in to your Wells Fargo account and complete their COVID-19 Payment Assistance Request form. If you do not have an online account and are unable to set one up, call the number above.


: Roundpoint mortgage servicing payment

Roundpoint mortgage servicing payment
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