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See if you pre‐qualify for a Platinum Rewards Visa with No Annual Fee credit card today! Unlimited cash back rewards on all purchases. Get deals on shopping, dining, travel, and entertainment through Amex Offers; Enjoy exclusive access to pre-sale tickets for some of the hottest nationwide. To qualify, you must (i) apply and be approved for a Sam's Club® Consumer only and each account is eligible for only one $30 offer.

Credit one platinum pre approved -

I got a letter in the mail a week ago about being pre-approved for a card from Credit One Bank. How seriously should I take this?

Not seriously.


Are they a good company?



I got one from Regions as well and they are who I bank with, would Regions be a better option?

Always a better option than Credit One.


I have been looking to build my credit due to lack of history and revolving accounts.

If you are looking to build up a credit history, there are a lot of options out there where you don't have to pay a hefty fee, start paying interest as soon as you make a purchase, or "enjoying" the lousy service.


You can start with the bank you currently have a banking relationship with, or a local credit union. Sometimes you may also be approved by Discover with a relatively low limit when you don't have a credit history. Most of these options you don't have to pay an annual fee. If none of these work out, consider a secured card.

Источник: Approval Code – Accept Credit One Offer (Review and Guide)

Accept Credit One Bank Card

Accept your pre-approved Credit One Bank credit card online. The acceptance process should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Please visit and enter the approval card to get started.

You must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to obtain a Credit One card.

In your second stage of rebuilding your credit? Check out the Ollo Card! Scam? (thinking no here…)

No the Credit One Bank credit card offer is not a scam.

Credit One Bank specializes in issuing credit cards to consumers with less than ideal credit.


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What are the heavy-hitting financial blogs saying about the Credit One Card?

The Credit One Bank Credit Card receives average to below-average reviews from around the web.


What Real People Are Saying About The Credit One Bank Card?

I got approved for this card but my credit is terrible and I had no other choice” – Taylor S. Nashville, TN

The Credit One Bank card is only good for people who have bad credit and are out of options… but hey those people need help too!” Pilot Peters Los Angeles, CA

If you are drowning and have no way out grab this life-boat now! This card literally saved my life… I was addicted and on the streets but rebuilt my credit/life with the Credit One Bank Card… you can do! Cheers Mate” – Chris G. Chicago, IL

My life was in ruins when I applied for a Credit One card… a few months later and I was doing much better… I joined a gym because I could actually afford the monthly payments now that my credit score improved and was able to get a job!… I love Credit One Cards!- Cheers” – Monty P. San Diego, CA Approval Code Location

The approval code can be found on the Credit One Bank acceptance letter.

If you have already submitted an application, click here to check your status.

If you have not received a credit card offer from Credit One Bank, click here.


Other Options for Consumers with Bad Credit?


Credit One Bank Customer Service

  • Customer service: 1-877-825-3242
  • Technical support: 1-800-797-4299
  • Credit card support: 1-888-729-6274

Credit One Bank, N.A., simply referred to as Credit One Bank, is a U.S.-based bank specializing in credit cards.

Credit One is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Final Verdict and Passing Thoughts

Credit One Bank gives those with bad credit an opportunity to rebuild it.

Those who have average or good credit should avoid this card like the chickenpox.

Interest rates and annual fees are higher, but cardholders can earn cashback rewards and track their credit score through Experian.

If you are out of options and have bad credit this card can really help.

Just make sure you make on-time payments and only use it for as long as required (in other words upgrade to a Capital One or Chase card ASAP).


Credit One Bank


Credit Cards

Credit Card Offer FAQs

Find information on Discover cards, how to apply for a credit card online, and more.

Discover credit cards are available on the Discover it® platform, a set of common benefits we’re committed to providing to every customer. However, the rewards and some extra benefits vary from product to product to be sure we can give different customers what they need.


Discover it® Cash Back: earn rewards at different places


Discover it® Miles: great for vacations or staycations


Discover it® Chrome Gas & Restaurants: earn rewards on road trips


Discover it® Secured Credit Card: build your credit history


Discover it® Student Cash Back: students earn rewards at different places


Discover it® Chrome for Students: students earn rewards at gas stations and restaurants


NHL® Discover it®: put your favorite team on your card


Discover it® Business: simple, smart benefits business owners need

You can apply for Discover credit cards at or by calling 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). Select from cash back credit cards or travel credit cards. We also have Discover student cards and a Discover business card. All our credit cards earn Discover rewards on every purchase. You’ll need to be 18 or older to apply for a card. If you're not yet 21, you will have to apply online. Discover business card and Discover Secured credit card applicants must also apply online.

Discover card credit score requirements vary by product. In general, the standard Discover it® Card is for people with established credit. But the Discover Secured credit card is built for people looking to build or rebuild their credit with responsible use.4 No matter what, cardmembers earn Discover Card rewards on every purchase.

People wondering how to get a credit card should check their credit score with a free tool like the Discover Credit Scorecard. Then you may want to do a credit card comparison and choose the one that’s best for you. It’s always good to check if you’re pre-approved to see your likely offers before you apply for a card. While checking if you’re pre-approved won’t hurt your credit, each full application for a credit card may impact your credit score.

If you’re thinking about how to get a credit card, check your credit score to figure out your likely credit card eligibility. Then, a credit card comparison can help you choose the one that’s best for you. It’s always good to check if you’re pre-approved for a card before you apply. Checking if you’re pre-approved won’t harm your credit, but applying for credit cards may impact your credit score. Check to see if you‘re pre-approved.

You may receive credit card offers in the mail, by email or online. Compare your offers by rewards, sign-up bonus, benefits, APR (including introductory rates), fees and credit limits. Look for rewards programs that fit the way you spend: if you know you will use the card for groceries, gas, dining or travel, you may be able to find a card that helps you earn more. And look for a sign-up bonus that doesn’t have a minimum spending amount required to get your extra rewards.

Different credit cards require a different credit rating for approval. Some cards are only for people with excellent credit or good credit. Other cards are great if you have fair credit or are building or rebuilding credit. The credit card company will run a credit check as part of its decision to approve your application. It’s a good idea to check your credit score or get a copy of your credit report before applying for a new card.

A credit card is a revolving loan that you can use to make purchases. Each month you’ll receive a statement telling you how much of the loan you have used and have to pay back. If you pay the statement balance in full by the due date each month, you will not be charged interest on purchases. Otherwise your APR will apply to your unpaid credit card balance and you’ll have interest charges in your next statement. When you apply for a credit card, the credit card issuer will pull your credit report – which could result in a hard inquiry – as one of the factors they use to decide whether to approve your application. Credit cards often provide rewards on purchases, which is usually a percentage of the amount you spent with the card. A credit card comparison shows you different rewards and benefits and can help you find the credit card that’s best for you.

Your credit limit is the maximum amount of the revolving line of credit on your card—or the total amount you can use on your card for purchases, balance transfers, etc. When you apply for a credit card, the bank or credit card company uses a variety of information to decide what credit limit they can offer. As you show responsible credit use, credit card issuers may increase your credit card limit.

There are many reasons to get a credit card: you may decide to apply for a credit card for the rewards, APR (including intro rates) or sign-up offers. Or you might want to build your credit history. Some credit cards like Discover provide $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee, which means you’re never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover Card.6 Also, credit cards often provide extra benefits, like providing helpful alerts on your spending and more.

Credit card companies consider a number of factors in their decision to approve your application, including your credit history and your ability to repay. So they may consider your credit score, income and more. One of the simplest helpful credit habits is to make at least the minimum payment for all of your bills on time every month.

Are you ready to add a Discover credit card to your credit journey?


Learn how and why you may receive pre-approved credit card offers, what to look for, and how you can opt-out of pre-approved credit card offers.


Learn how to apply for a credit card online, increase your chances of approval and protect your personal information while applying for credit cards online.


Find out which credit cards you qualify for by trying an online card pre-approved tool, checking doesn't impact your credit score and can personalize your offer.


Credit Cards

The right card for your wallet

Credit card
Overdraft Protection
No penalty
  • A great, basic credit card for making everyday purchases
  • Smart, low-rate option for those who carry a balance, or looking to transfer from a high-interest card
  • No annual or balance transfer fees
  • Rates as low as 6.20% APR1
  • Great option for those who want to earn points on everyday purchases to redeem for cash back, gift cards, travel and more
  • No annual or balance transfer fees
  • Unlimited Patelco Rewards points that never expire
  • 2 points for every $1 in gas and grocery purchases
  • 1 point per $1 for all other purchases
  • Rates as low as 8.15% APR1
  • Access to Priceless Cities®, luxury hotels and resorts, and personal travel and airport services
  • Build or re-build credit quickly by depositing cash equal to 100% of your approved credit into an interest-bearing savings account
  • No annual, balance transfer, over-the-limit, or returned payment fees
  • One low rate of 6.20% APR1

Rates as low as 6.20% APR1


No annual or balance transfer fees

No Patelco Rewards points

Best choice if you:
Want the lowest possible rate

Rates as low as 8.15% APR1


No annual or balance transfer fees

Patelco Rewards points:

  • 2 points per $1 for gas and grocery purchases
  • 1 points per $1 for all others

Best choice if you:
Regularly use your card for groceries and gas

Rates as low as 8.15% APR1


No annual or balance transfer fees

Patelco Rewards points:

  • 2 points per $1 for school and grocery purchases
  • 1 points per $1 for all others

Best choice if you:
Routinely make school & grocery purchases

One low rate of 6.20% APR1


No annual or balance transfer fees

No Patelco Rewards points

Best choice if you:
Want to establish or rebuild credit

Check Balance

Check Rewards balances online

Overdraft Protection

Zero Liability Protection

ID Protection

Mastercard® ID Theft Protection

Debit card

Emergency card replacement

Emergency card replacement

24/7 service should you misplace your card.

Debt and Payment Protection​

Debt and Payment Protection​

Covers your loan payments or pays off the balance, up to contract maximums, due to unemployment, disability, or death

Debt and Payment Protection​
  • On credit cards, the interest rate and APR are the same thing.

    Some financial products have a different interest rate and APR (annual percentage rate). That’s because the interest rate is the rate to borrow the money itself; it’s based on market rates and your individual credit score. The APR, on the other hand, includes other fees and costs that are also part of the loan; it's decided by the lender. You can think of the interest rate as a way of determining your monthly costs, and the APR as a way to determine the entire cost of the loan. Federal law requires that lenders like us tell you the APR in every consumer loan agreement.

  • The interest rate on your credit card, also known as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), is used to calculate charges for borrowing money (i.e. using your card) each monthly statement period. If you pay off your card in full every month, you won’t be charged interest. The interest rate will vary from card to card and person to person, depending on things like your credit history and credit score. The interest rate you are charged is also affected by the interest rates in the economy.

  • A primary advantage of debit cards is that they can help you stay on budget – because the purchase is debited out immediately from money you already have. It’s more difficult to overspend with a debit card.

    Another advantage of a debit card is that it usually comes with no fees and an easy application. You don’t need a high credit score to qualify for a debit card. All of Patelco’s checking accounts come with a no-fee debit card.

    A primary advantage of credit cards is that they allow you to make larger purchases that you may not have the cash for right now – such as an appliance or an unexpected car repair.

    Another advantage of credit cards is that they are an easy way to build your credit history and (when used properly) increase your credit score. Having an established credit history and a good credit score can help you get a better loan later for buying a car or a house.

    Whether you need a debit card or a credit card, Patelco has options – and we're always ready to talk to you if you need help deciding whether to use a credit card or which credit card to apply for. Visit one of our branches or call us today. Or, if you're ready, apply online.

  • We calculate your monthly charges based on your balance and your annual percentage rate (APR). If you do pay your card off in full each month, you won’t be charged for interest.

    If you don’t pay your card off in full each month, you will be charged for interest. Even though your APR is a percentage expressed in terms of a year, it is also used to calculate charges for a single month. Think about miles per hour – if you’re traveling 40 miles per hour, you will travel 40 miles in an hour. But you can still travel 40 miles per hour even if you only drive for thirty minutes.

    When you carry a balance and don’t pay off your card in full, you’ll be charged for interest based on the annual rate, but calculated in terms of how long you’ve carried that balance.

  • There are three main types of fees for credit cards: transaction fees, late fees, and annual  fees. Fees are different from interest, which is charged when you don't pay off your card in full each month.

    Transaction fees

    Many banks charge transaction fees for things like going over your limit or making balance transfers. At Patelco, our cards do have fees for taking a cash advance or making a foreign purchase. Most of our cards have zero balance transfer fees or overlimit fees. Check out the benefits of individual cards to see if any fees apply. We think you'll be delighted how many fewer fees we charge as compared with banks and even other credit unions.

    Late fees

    If you pay your card late, we may charge up to $15 as a late fee. This is lower than the fee charged by many banks.

    Annual fees

    When credit cards have an annual fee, that's usually because the card has excellent perks and rewards. The fee is used to help cover the cost of those benefits. Most of Patelco's cards have no fee, even the ones with great additional benefits. Two of Patelco's cards — the Payback Rewards World Mastercard® Credit Card and Passage Rewards World Elite Mastercard®Credit Card — do have a fee, and it helps us provide the cards' amazing benefits and rewards, up to 2% cash back and 3x points, respectively.

    Saving money on credit card fees

    Our fee schedule lists all the fees for our cards. When you apply for and receive one of our cards, we'll list any potential fees in a disclosure that you'll get after opening the account. Most credit card fees can be avoided. You can also consider using a no-fee debit card to make purchases instead of using a credit card. Our debit cards come with excellent purchase protection, just like our credit cards.

    You may also want to do the math and see if paying an annual fee actually benefits you because of the additional rewards that come with an annual fee card. Start by checking out our Payback Rewards World Mastercard® Credit Card.

It's more than just a card in your wallet

The Patelco Rewards Difference

Unlimited points that never expire and flexibility to spend rewards your way.


Traveling Soon? Let us know

Fill out a secure form in Patelco Online™ or give us a call at 800.358.8228

Instant card text alerts

We’ll alert you via text to suspicious card activity.


Benefits and More Benefits

From safety and security, to travel services. Patelco credit cards come with extra free services.

Learn more

*Patelco runs a "soft" credit pull to create your personalized credit card offer, all without affecting your credit score. If you then submit a credit card application, we will request your full credit report (also known as a “hard” credit pull) from one or more credit reporting agencies, and this can affect your credit score.

1. Variable APR as of 3/9/2021. Rate adjusts monthly and equals prime rate for previous month plus a margin range based on credit worthiness. Applies to Purchases and Balance Transfers.

2. Cash back accumulates as points valued at 2 points for every $1 purchased. Points can be converted to cash at any time at a value of $.01 per point. Cash back points redemption available for deposit into a Patelco checking or savings account or as a statement credit back to your Patelco credit card account. There is a redemption minimum of 2,500 points.

Patelco members: special offer

If you received a pre-approval letter or email from us, get your unique offer code and accept in minutes.

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Having financial difficulties?

How To Respond To Pre-Approved Mail Offer

Even those with a perfect credit score did not start there. We all face financial issues sometimes and a good credit card can help you deal with them more efficiently.

So if you hear from Accept.CreditOneBank, there are many reasons why you should reply promptly.

A credit card, when used in the right way, can help you repair your poor credit score. More important than that is getting the right card that can help you in the process.

Why You Should Choose Accept.CreditOneBank?

Credit One Bank holds an impeccable reputation when it comes to granting credit cards to average scorers.

Furthermore, these cards come with a range of rewards such as cashback offers, discounts, bonus points, etc.

If you are committed to becoming a good credit cardholder, Credit One would recognize your efforts and you might be lucky enough to get an Accept.CreditOneBank mail offer.

Availing this offer would let you make use of countless benefits. One of the most evident perks is that your credit line would be automatically increased after just a few months of getting the credit card

On top of that, you have complete security when it comes to credit card use.

If you, unfortunately, lose the card or it gets stolen, then the bank would cover with $0 fraud liability.

This means that you don’t have to pay for the unauthorized purchases made after the event took place.

One thing you need to watch out for is that most of these cards carry a hefty annual fee. The yearly charges can be as much $99 for some of the high-end cards. However, the actual figure would take into account your creditworthiness and credit history.

What Are Your Options?

From credit score ranging from excellent to average, Credit One bank has a little something for everyone! You can make sure of that by checking out the range of credit cards that the bank features. Below, we are going to briefly discuss 4 of the best options you have with Credit One Bank.

Credit One Bank American Express Card

American Express Card at a Glance

  • Low Annual Fee
  • Cashback rewards!
  • Discounts on Arnex programs
  • Score Required: Fair to Good
  • Annual Fee: $39
  • Purchase APR: 23.99% variable

Why You Should Choose This:

This is one of the best cards offered by Credit One that charges a minimal annual fee. You can also make use of 1% cashback that is applicable on all eligible purchases.

Besides the $0 fraud liability that it offers, this amazing credit card has you covered over other damages too.

What is that? In case you accidentally break, damage or an eligible item is stolen from you, the credit card’s Retail Protection plan has you covered!

It is also compatible with Arnex offers programs that gets you discounts on shopping, dining, and other entertaining activities.

Furthermore, you can buy exclusive, pre-sale tickets with this credit card for some of the amazing events around the US.

Credit One Bank Platinum Rewards Visa Card

Platinum Rewards Visa Card at a Glance

  • 1% cashback on all purchases
  • Free credit score check
  • 5% cashback on grocery
  • Score Required: Fair to Good
  • Annual Fee: $95
  • Purchase APR: 23.99% variable

Why You Should Choose This:

Platinum Rewards has been one of our most favorite credit cards offered by Credit One because of the amazing rewards it has. First of all, you get 1% cashback on all eligible purchases.

In addition to that, you will also get to enjoy 5% cashback on the $5000 that you spend on different utility bills such as grocery, internet, gas, TV, mobile, etc.

Additionally, you will have free access to Experian credit score if you wish to keep an eye on improvement that you are making. It features $0 fraud liability and the cashbacks that you win through the card are redeemable at any point.

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Card

Platinum Visa Card at a Glance

  • Cashback rewards!
  • $0 fraud liability
  • Free credit score check
  • Score Required: Fair to Good
  • Annual Fee: $39
  • Purchase APR: 23.99% variable

Why You Should Choose This:

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing this card is that it has a minimal annual fee as compared to other options. In addition to that, it also offer 1% cashback on all eligible purchases.

Like all other Credit One cards, you will be protected by $0 fraud liability. Additionally, you will have free access to Experian credit score if you wish to keep an eye on improvement that you are making.

Credit One Visa Cashback Rewards credit card lets you choose your monthly payment date. This is a very reasonable feature as different users get hold of their income at different days of the month and therefore wish to choose when they would be paying for the credit card services.

Credit One Bank NASCAR Credit Card

NASCAR Credit Card Card at a Glance

  • $0 fraud liability
  • Automatic credit line increase
  • Customizable payment dates
  • Score Required: Good to excellent
  • Annual Fee: $0 – $99
  • Purchase APR: 17.99%  – 23.99% variable

Why You Should Choose This:

Becoming a NASCAR cardholder means you would get to avail double cashback rewards at NASCAR shop. The credit card also lets you enjoy 1% cashback on all eligible purchases.

Furthermore, it features $0 fraud liability. The credit card providers would run an automatic soft inquiry on your report to see if you qualify for a credit line increase when the time is right.

NASCAR credit card lets you choose your monthly payment date. This is a very reasonable feature as different users get hold of their income at different days of the month and therefore wish to choose when they would be paying for the credit card services.

Lastly, this is an amazing choice for anyone who wishes to improve their credit score. The process is further aided by an impeccable mobile app that lets you set in alarms, alerts, and check in on account details easily.

How To Respond to Accept.CreditOneBank Mail Offer?

If you were lucky enough to get a mail offer by Credit One Bank, we recommend you respond as soon as possible to improve your chances of being approved.

Don’t worry! This will not take much of your time. In fact, you will be done with the application process in just a couple of minutes.

Since you have been pre-approved for the offer, you won’t need to fill out a long-form for credit card application.

Luckily you just need to enter the information that is already given on the mail offer you got for card application to begin.

In order to respond to Accept.CreditOneBank mail offer, visit their official page at

Here you need to enter:

  • Approval Code
  • Zip Code 

Then simply press the “continue” button and your request would be forwards to the bank.

You can keep your hopes high as pre-approved offers mean you have high chances of being accepted. However, this is not 100% guaranteed.

Your form might be rejected due to some other issue. If it is disapproved, you will be notified via mail. You might not hear from the bank if the request in pending. In this case, we suggest you wait a couple of minutes before reaching out to representatives.

Steps To Take In Case Your Mail Offer Is Missing

If you have not received a mail offer it is probably because it was sent out randomly to all eligible users. Unfortunately, your name was missing and that is nothing to worry about!

You can reach out to and see if you “pre-qualify” for the offer.

The pre-qualification form would ask you to provide some basic information including your full name, address, city, contact numbers, Email ID, income, date of birth, etc.

After you have provided all the information, you will be able to click on the tab that states “See card offers”.

Your request would be processed immediately and you would be informed whether you are eligible for the pre-approved offer or not.

CreditOne Bank Mail Offer – Legit or Scam?

That is a question many new customers worry about. It makes sense because money is involved and nowadays you can not be careful enough in such matters.

However, any old and committed Credit One card user would be able to justify that the bank is a trustworthy platform. All the information that you provide to them is in safe hands.

Credit One Bank also makes sure that your credentials do not a wrong third-party. If you successfully get a credit card, it would come with $0 fraud liability in case it is stolen.

Accept.CreditOneBank – How To Get In Touch?

Credit One customer support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. You simply need to call on their toll-free number 1-877-825-3242.

You can also reach out to the same number in case your credit card is stolen or you wish to enquire about your application process.

If you want to opt for written correspondence instead, the mailing address is as follows:

P.O. Box 98873

Las Vegas NV 89193-8873

Final Words

CreditOne Bank provides a perfect opportunity for anyone who wishes to improve their poor credit score. It gives a hassle-free credit card application with high chances of being approved.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that rebuilding a credit score does not happy overnight. It requires efforts that must be made a part of your everyday routine. Only then would you be able to see a rapid increase in your score.

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Link Your Card

Top Credit Card FAQs

If your card has been stolen or permanently lost, call our 24-hour toll-free number 1-800-769-2512. We’ll block the card from future use and issue you a new card.

Learn more

You can easily lock and unlock your card through RBC Online Banking or the RBC Mobile app by selecting the card you want to lock and switching the toggle for Lock Card.

Learn more about credit card lock

If you’re ever a victim of credit card fraud, take a deep breath--you’re ok. Call 1-800-769-2512 and we’ll be happy to help you. Provided you’ve take reasonable precautions to protect your PIN and your card, you’re covered for any fraudulent charges both online and in-store. For more information, view the Zero Liability policies by Visa and Mastercard.

How can I get one? Credit cards are important for things like making hotel reservations, car rentals, or online purchases. They’re convenient and secure, and help give you the freedom to manage your finances, cover unexpected emergencies and also take advantage of rewards and special insurances. They’re also an easy way to establish a credit history! Use our credit card selector to find a card that's right for you and apply online in just a few easy steps.

That depends on the card you choose. Some of our cards offer more benefits with an annual fee, while others have no annual fee at all. Browse our no annual fee cards or use our card selector to help narrow down the benefits that are most important to you.

If you collect RBC Rewards points, you can easily redeem them for travel, merchandise, gift cards and more at If you earn WestJet dollars, Avios or Asia Miles, you can redeem directly with the airline loyalty program connected to your card.

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View documents and information related to your existing credit card.

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Take advantage of RBC Offers for cash savings and earn bonus RBC Rewards points on shopping, travel, and dining when you use your eligible RBC Royal Bank client card or credit card.

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Insurance Coverage For Your Credit Card Balance

Simple and affordable protection when you need it most.

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Top Credit Card FAQs

If you'll be travelling soon and plan to use your credit card or client card, you no longer need to tell us you’ll be away from home. We have industry-leading fraud detection systems that protect you and your accounts from suspicious or unauthorized transactions. Just make sure we have your up-to-date contact information so we can reach you if necessary. To view or update your contact information, sign in to Online Banking and select Profile and Preferences from the Banking tab.

When you make a transaction at a chip-enabled terminal with your RBC Chip and PIN credit card, you're in control. The process is quick and easy and your card should never leave your sight: Rather than swiping your card, it will be inserted into the terminal and left there for the entire transaction. Removing the card will terminate the transaction. You will follow the prompts on the screen and enter your PIN instead of verifying the transaction with your signature. When the transaction is complete, you will remove your card when prompted and wait for the receipt. If the store or restaurant does not yet have a chip-enabled terminal, your card will be swiped and you will sign the receipt as you do today.

We are all concerned about privacy and security issues including identity theft and fraud. RBC is committed to protecting you, but at the same time, you face decisions every day about what personal information you divulge and how you conduct yourself online. Find out what steps you can take to protect yourself and keep your information secure.

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Authorized Transactions are those that still need to be settled by a retailer or service provider. Most transactions stay authorized for 3-5 days. When a retailer or service provider finishes the work on their end, the transaction will move to Posted Transactions. Posted Transactions are 100% complete. We’ve paid the retailer or service provider and charged the transaction to your credit card. Sometimes you’ll see an Authorized Transaction that doesn’t match the final amount of your purchase. Don’t worry. Some businesses (like gas stations and hotels) ask us to pre-authorize an amount before you’ve finished your purchase. Once we settle the charge, you’ll see the actual amount you spent in your Posted Transactions. If you do see an item in your Posted Transactions that isn’t what you expected, contact us at 1-800-769-2512. We’ll be happy to go through it with you.

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