is bbva compass online banking down

Move money or setup a future transfer within the Mobile Banking app or Online Banking. Transfers can be set up between your Bank of America accounts. As of Friday, October 8 at 4 p.m. CT, BBVA USA Online and Mobile Banking are in view only mode. You are able to see a point-in-time view of your account. BBVA Compass joins a handful of banks that have been working with alternative financing companies to find ways to better serve small businesses. is bbva compass online banking down

BBVA Compass tweaks Android app to smooth user experience

Financial institution BBVA Compass has revamped its Android application with features such as graphs and charts that let clients break down their bank accounts.

The updated BBVA Compass app is available for free download in Google Play. In addition to the Android version, the app is also available for iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

“Mobile is a key strategic channel for BBVA Compass, and as such, we have an ambitious plan to have the best mobile apps for our customers,” said Alex Carriles, director of mobile banking strategy and retail innovation BBVA Compass, Birmingham, AL.

“We have listened to our customers and added features and functionality they have requested, and some other things that have not been seen in the market before,” he said.

Charting growth
The updated BBVA Compass Android app follows similar updates that were made to the company’s iPhone app in March.

Via the updated BBVA Compass Android app, users can view pie charts and graphs to view balances and bill payments. The charts show users how their accounts are split up.

Additionally, clients can view check images and enroll for BBVA Compass mobile services from inside the app.

According to the company, the app will be frequently updated in the next year with new services. Keeping an app fresh is an especially important feature for a banking app that consumers are most likely using frequently to access information.

Users can also still view their accounts, transfer money, pay bills and find a BBVA Compass branch location.

Bank on mobile
Many banks have recently been rolling out features similar to BBVA Compass to give users a more sophisticated, comprehensive mobile banking experience.

For instance, Wells Fargo launched person-to-person transfers to all of its mobile and Web banking services in May to help clients connect with each other (see story).

As mobile banking becomes more mainstream with consumers, users have growing expectations for what they can do via their handsets – simply being able to only view account history is a thing of the past.

The challenge for financial institutions will be finding a way to continually keep adding new features and content that will eventually put online and mobile banking on the same level.

“One of our goals is to improve the customer experience – for that reason, we have redesigned our apps to make them easier to use, provide useful functionality, with a simple to use app and with a beautiful, even fun interface,” Mr. Carriles said.

“Also the need of our users are evolving, and therefore the mobile apps should be evolving too,” he said.

“It comes down to this:  When customers enjoy using an app, they will use it more is bbva compass online banking down and make it their own.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York


Is BBVA's shutdown of Simple a bad sign for bank-fintech mergers?

When Eric Monacelli first started using the challenger bank Simple in 2013, he really liked the way it helped him automatically put money aside toward certain goals.

The senior director of product development at a large entertainment company was able to pay down his student loans, cover his rent and daily living expenses, and even save a few thousand dollars to buy a painting. He liked the interest rates on his checking and savings accounts as well as the quality of customer service.

But when BBVA USA recently shut down Simple and tried to switch Monacelli to a BBVA account, he compared the two accounts and disliked the interest rates, overdraft fees and ATM fees on the BBVA account.

“I thought, this is horrible, I want to leave BBVA,” he said.

He wasn't alone in his disappointment. Scores of former Simple customers have complained on social media over the past few weeks about the migration of their accounts to BBVA USA, which was officially sold to PNC Financial Service Group in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. The customer reaction highlights the business, technological and public relations challenges that are often presented by bank acquisitions of challenger banks and fintechs.

“Online-only customers like Simple’s are particularly demanding about their products,” said Todd Baker, a senior fellow at the Richman Center for Business, Law & Public Policy at Columbia University and the managing principal of Broadmoor Consulting LLC. “What they're getting instead is just a standard checking app and that's not what they signed up for. So of course they're going to be unhappy.”

When BBVA USA announced in Januarythat it was closing Simple, it said the decision was made after an evaluation of strategic priorities "to ensure that our team remained focused on the initiatives that made the most sense for BBVA’s future — whether as a stand-alone business or potentially combined with PNC."

A BBVA USA spokeswoman said late last week that Simple customers’ accounts were all successfully transitioned to BBVA USA for account servicing. The experiences Simple customers have shared were the result of a technical difficulty in the online and mobile enrollment process caused by a large volume of people attempting enrollment simultaneously, she said.

What went wrong?

Simple, which was founded in 2009 as BankSimple by Josh Reich and Shamir Kharkal, was one of the first neobanks. It offered branch-free and mostly fee-free banking through a mobile app.

When BBVA bought Simple in 2014 for $117 million, BBVA Compass CEO Manolo Sanchez said the bank would keep Simple independent. (Legally, Simple was acquired by the BBVA's Madrid-based parent company, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. But on a practical level, the Simple team worked alongside the U.S. unit, which at the time was called BBVA Compass; a few years ago its name was changed to BBVA USA.)

"We'll let them flourish and create and finalize what they've started to build, then we'll roll out new products and services on this platform," Sanchez said at an American Banker conference in 2014. "We will not mess with them. They'll be on their own."

BBVA intended to keep the Simple brand a separate, digital business, Baker said. But the dynamics of a large bank are such that the lines of business making money receive the most investment, and Simple was not in that category.

“The politics inevitably end up crushing the innovation,” Baker said. “When I did bank acquisitions, I used to call this ‘destroying the village in order to save it.’ You would buy this new icici internet banking safe login that was really cool and different, and then you would crush it.”

BBVA did stick with Simple a long time and gave it a lot of autonomy, Baker said.

“But it had to compete for technology resources with the commercial bank,” he said. “Simple was an innovator that essentially stopped innovating when it became part of BBVA largely because it lost control of its technological destiny.”

A fundamental financial obstacle hurt Simple, too, according to Baker.

The business model of challenger banks like Simple is based mainly on the interchange income they glean from debit card transactions. Simple’s original partner, The Bancorp Bank, had fewer than $10 billion in assets (it currently has $7.7 billion) and therefore did not trigger the Durbin amendment’s restriction on interchange fees. But BBVA USA has $103 billion of assets, and PNC has $474 billion of assets. Under the Durbin amendment, these banks can only charge 21 cents per transaction plus 0.05% of the transaction amount.

“When BBVA bought Simple, it cut the main source of its freestanding revenues in half,” Baker said.

There are also vast cultural differences between banks and fintech startups.

When banks buy tech startups, “the actual reality of the asset that gets bought is that it gets consumed and subsumed in the existing bank architecture and risk model and governance,” said Brian Hamilton, who is currently CEO of the challenger bank One. He has founded two challenger banks that were folded into traditional banks. One of them was Azlo, a small-business banking startup funded, acquired and then recently shut down by BBVA.

“Simple essentially died the day BBVA bought it,” Hamilton said. BBVA forced Simple to use its core system and promised to build an application programming interface layer for it. But at the time, the bank didn’t have an API layer, and its core wasn't designed to do this, he said.

“Simple essentially paused all innovation and stopped making progress for two years post-acquisition,” Hamilton said. “And during that time you had players like Chime, Varo, Current and others come to market and just start blowing by them from a customer acquisition and brand recognition perspective. And it's mostly because they were handcuffed.”

When Azlo became part of BBVA Compass, Hamilton stayed for a couple of years then “saw the writing on the wall,” he said.

“There was just not going to be the longer runway or the ability to continue to be creative and innovative and to do things that were truly new and different while being owned by the bank,” he said. “And Simple certainly ran into that in some ways. There's this overhead of bank governance that does not really know what to do with a digital asset that is out there essentially trying to disrupt banking.”

A challenge for Azlo was that in order to underwrite cash flow-based lending for micro businesses, Hamilton would have had to get risk-model-governance and credit committees in Houston and in Madrid to all agree on it.

“And of course that never happened,” Hamilton said.

“Being bought by a mainstream bank is the equivalent of death,” Hamilton said. “There certainly are advantages of a bank charter for direct, system-clearing access at the [Federal Reserve].And obviously there’s a cost of funds advantage for using customer deposits. But there's a difference between a charter and being bought by a bank with all the legacy infrastructure and legacy business models and legacy risk governance.”

One challenge for any traditional bank that buys a challenger bank is that the fintech already has a bank partner. In the case of Simple, customers had to be migrated from The Bancorp Www walmart money card customer service in Wilmington, Delaware, to the Accenture Alnova core system BBVA USA installed about 10 years ago.

“Eventually they're going to want to do a migration from that partner bank to the acquired bank,” said Stephen Greer, senior analyst at Celent. “That is essentially a core migration effort because you're moving customer accounts from one legacy bank to another legacy bank. These tend to be long and arduous and can take years.”

While the acquiring bank is focused on the account migration, competitors are expanding their product offerings.

“You have the likes of Chime and other independent neobanks coming up with early payday lending or credit-builder cards and all of these things that have made them really attractive and lucrative to the types of customers that they're trying to attract,” Greer said. “And then you're just behind at that point.” Also, outages and technical issues are common during core migrations.

“The risk is that if you buy one of these startups, how do you ensure that once you start to merge the technologies, you're still delivering on the product road map, delivering value to consumers and ensuring that it's a consistent experience and that there aren't significant outages?” Greer said.

BBVA USA’s merger with PNCwas also a factor in Simple’s fate. When two banks merge, they need to get all accounts converted to whichever system is going to remain “as fast and as cleanly as you can,” Baker said. “That's where all the risk lies.”

If Simple had is bbva compass online banking down sold just before the merger with PNC, that would have required two conversions, either to convert Simple to the new buyer before doing the large bank conversion, or continue running Simple on the old BBVA platform after the main conversion was done so that it could be converted off of it later, Baker noted.

“Both of those are nonstarters,” Baker said. “They would threaten the larger conversion and the cost savings that go along with that.”

Also, PNC has a program called Virtual Wallet that offers some of arizona department of economic security locations same features as Simple, Baker pointed out.

When fintech acquisitions can work

Despite BBVA’s experience with Simple, fintechs can thrive within traditional banks, but only when the bank doesn’t already have a competing business, Baker said. For instance, when Goldman Sachs launched Marcus, it did not have a consumer banking business.

“It's not like you're interfering with anything else or taking resources from an existing cash-flow business,” Baker said.

Bank acquisitions of fintechs can work, he said, if the bank makes an ironclad commitment to allow the fintech to run its own technology stack.

“But banks almost always feel they can't do that for risk management and other reasons,” Baker said. “When you don't control your technology stack, you can't move fast. You can't innovate.”

Some banks have bought tech companies that offer supporting technology, rather than a competing digital banking service with its own customer base. These seem to fare far better.

For instance, TD Bank Group bought the Toronto-based artificial intelligence startup Layer 6 in 2018.

At the time, Layer 6 was a small startup with only 16 people. Today, as a unit of TD Bank Group, it’s got more than 60 people doing AI projects throughout the organization.

“The bank kept the team in place and has significantly grown it,” said Tomi Poutanen, one of the founders of Layer 6 who is now chief AI officer at TD. “It’s been a very quick acceleration of the AI journey at TD Bank.”

Capital One Financial acquired Adaptive Path, a San Francisco-based design and user experience consultancy, in 2014. KeyCorp acquired the Washington-based personal financial management app startup HelloWallet in 2017 from Morningstar. Goldman Sachs bought PFM app provider Clarity Money in New York 2018; in February the unit was shut down and its technology folded into Marcus Insights.

It’s often hard to track how well such tech startups fare after they’re absorbed into a bank. Typically, they stop getting reported on separately and the founders leave a year or two after the acquisition.

Bank-fintech deals likely to continue

Some banks acquire fintechs to bolster or add capabilities that they don’t have today.

“There are other times when they say, this looks like an interesting customer segment or new way of doing business, so let's try that,” said Jacob Jegher, president at Javelin Strategy & Research. BBVA’s acquisition of Simple may be an example of this.

“Simple didn't have a particularly large customer base, but the big question we all had at the time was, were they onto something?” Jegher said. “In other words, was the digital-only banking wave here to stay, and can it be monetized and scaled?”

Hamilton also said banks may need to buy fintechs to stay competitive.

“I think finally with the advent of some scale in some of the challenger banks and other fintechs, the dam is starting to break,” Hamilton said. “And the danger to the traditional banking system feels more like the danger to the taxi system when Uber showed up. It's going to be a more complete overhaul that they have largely escaped to this point, despite the fintechs kind of nibbling around the edges.”

Monacelli and other upset customers of Simple seem to second Hamilton's view.

“Simple, with its Goals, has a mindset of helping you save and create a road map for your future,” Monacelli said. “It gave me autonomy and a passive way to save money.”

He switched to Ally Bank, which offers a tool similar to Goals, but only for savings accounts. He’s still looking for a bank that will let him easily automatically contribute to savings from his checking account and let him know how much he can safely spend at any given time.

“If more banks just copy Simple’s system, I’ll be happy,” he said.


BBVA Review for 2021

UPDATE 6/30/21: BBVA USA has been acquired by PNC.

BBVA USA (formerly BBVA Compass) has physical locations in seven states, but their online banking features make them available to anyone in the entire country. BBVA is known for several financial products and services, including their second chance checking accounts.


Even if you don’t need a non-ChexSystems bank, you can benefit from BBVA’s digital-friendly services. In fact, their mobile banking app has won a national Javelin award for three years in a row.

Are you in the market for more personalized service?

All checking account holders get access to a team of remote personal bankers — for free. You get to avoid the hassle of going to a branch and can instead call, text, email, or chat with one of your bankers to take care of your business.

BBVA USA has a lot going for it, so learn about some of the most popular bank accounts and programs to see how you can most benefit from working with this leading bank.

BBVA Checking Accounts

There are a few different checking accounts available from BBVA so that just about anyone can find a good fit.

Here are the highlights of each one:

Online Checking

With no monthly service charge and just a $25 minimum opening deposit, this is an incredibly accessible account.

When you open an account, you get access to all the benefits like online and mobile banking and can opt-in for online statements instead of paper statements to avoid monthly service charges. Plus, you don’t have to worry about ATM fees at both BBVA and Allpoint ATMs.

You get a Visa debit card that’s personalized with a photo of your choice. Plus, you can opt-in for overdraft protection if you’d like. You’ll have to pay a fee if you use it, but you might prefer that over have a declined purchase due to a temporary shortage of funds in your account.

As a second chance bank account, you can also use your account as a way to rebuild your banking history.

Free Checking

Like the Online Checking account, the Free Checking account comes with no monthly service charge and just a $25 opening deposit minimum. As an added bonus, you get unlimited check writing with this account, which is helpful if you still mail in certain bills like your rent.

You get free statements of your choosing, either paper or digital and no ATM fees. Additionally, you can customize text alerts for free so you’re always up to date on your account status.

There’s chime solutions call center dallas tx the opportunity to earn free cash back:

All you have to do is enroll in the Simple Cash Bank Rewards program and shop at eligible retailers. The neat thing is that the offers are based on places where you’re already spending money, so you can participate without making purchases that are out of the ordinary.

Interest Checking

If you’re ready to have your money start working for you, then take a look at this checking account.

There’s a $25 monthly service charge. However, you can avoid paying it with one of these options:

  • Hold an average daily collected balance of at least $5,000
  • Have at least $25,000 across your checking account and money market account
  • Enroll in the Premier Personal Banking Program
  • Maintain BBVA Global Wealth client status

You also get to avoid the charges on one money market account from BBVA USA.

BBVA Savings Accounts

BBVA, Member FDIC, also offers standard savings accounts with a few different distinctions. Here’s how they stack up.

BBVA Online Savings Account

This is a great starter option because you earn interest on your entire balance and it only has a minimum opening deposit of $25. There’s a quarterly service charge of $15 but you can have it waived in one of two ways.

The first is to set up an automatic, recurring transfer each month of at least $25 from any BBVA checking account. The second option is to maintain at least $500 as your daily balance in your account.

BBVA Money Market Accounts

If you have a bit more money to place in a savings account and want to increase your interest is bbva compass online banking down, consider a BBVA money market account. You only need that low $25 opening deposit.

The catch?

There’s a $15 monthly service charge so make sure your earnings at least cover that amount, otherwise, it’s not worth it. You can also waive the charge by either:

  • Maintaining $10,000 as your minimum daily balance
  • Set up a recurring $25 transfer from your BBVA checking account each month

BBVA Certificates of Deposit

With a minimum deposit of $500, a CD is a more sophisticated savings account. But with no maintenance fees, it can help build your savings over time.

Rates vary based on your geographic location and the term length you choose. They offer 11 to 36 month CDs.

Their CD rates are better compared to some other savings accounts, but you won’t be able to access your cash until the term ends — unless you want to incur a penalty.

So while a CD can be a great part of your savings plan, make sure it fits in with your overall strategy so that you have easy to access cash as well.

BBVA Credit Cards

In addition to checking and savings accounts, BBVA offers various credit products as well. Whether you’re already a customer or looking for a new bank, check out what they offer.

BBVA USA has three different credit cards to choose from:

ClearPoints Card

This is a straightforward card that is fee-free and earns you cashback on purchases you choose from certain categories. You may also qualify for a low introductory APR period (which can be as little as 0%).

After the period is over, rates range between 12.24% and 30.24% APR. BBVA USA also runs promotional offers such as giving new cardholders a $100 statement credit when you spend $1,500 in the first 90 days.

Select Card

A strong option for frequent travelers, this card comes with a hefty $125 annual fee — although it’s waived for the first year. Make sure the benefits you receive outweigh the cost.

You can earn 3x points in your select categories and also get your foreign transaction fees waived. Plus, you get concierge service that includes perks like roadside assistance, lost luggage reimbursement, and travel assistance services.

Optimizer Card

If you’re looking to rebuild your credit score, this secured credit card gives you the chance you need. You’ll have to place cash in a savings account as collateral and can then use it just as you would any other credit card. You can increase your credit line whenever you’d like by depositing more money into that savings account.

BBVA Loans

You also have a couple of different loan options available through BBVA Bank whenever you need funds for a major purchase.

Express Personal Loans

If you need a personal loan quickly, BBVA can provide funding as fast as the same day. You don’t need to provide any collateral and can get a loan for as little as $2,000 or as much as $35,000 when you apply online.

Loan limits are much higher at branches:

You can borrow up to $100,000 if you apply in person. To save money on your interest rate, consider setting up automatic payments each month from your BBVA checking account. You’ll get a 1.00% discount on your interest rate, which can add up to significant savings over time.

APRs start at 6.07% and go up to 35.06% so depending on your credit and other factors, you could spend a lot less on interest compared to using a credit card. Plus, you typically have a much higher limit with a fixed timeline for repayment.

Auto Loans

Need to buy a new car? BBVA also provides auto loans with fixed interest rates. Terms can be as fast as 12 months or go all the way up to 72 months, giving you the flexibility you need to pay back the loan.

Auto loans can be as small as $5,000 but you’ll get a better interest rate if you borrow $15,000 or more. Rates start as low as 3.49% APR and vary depending on your credit, loan amount, term length, and type of car purchased (new or used).

BBVA Mortgages

BBVA also has you covered when it comes to a selection of mortgage products. New purchase mortgage options include both conventional and jumbo home loans. You can also select either a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage or get a loan for new construction properties as well.

Are you an existing homeowner with equity in your home?

You can tap into that equity a few different ways with BBVA USA. One option is to open a home equity line of credit (HELOC). These typically offer extremely low interest rates and you can simply borrow what you need, when you need it. Alternatively, you can get a home equity loan for $10,000 is bbva compass online banking down more.

Both options provide tons of flexibility in how you use your funds and mortgage rates across the board are still at near historic lows.

BBVA Self-Directed and Full-Service Investments

No matter how savvy you are with the stock market, BBVA has two types of investment platforms to meet your needs.

Ready to do some hands-on investing?

Consider their self-directed investments. You can open an account in just a few minutes and then perform your own trades. Available investments include:

  • Equities
  • ETFs
  • Mutual funds
  • Options
  • Margin accounts

Fees vary for each type of trade, so review the terms carefully before getting started. Some types, like ETFs, have a flat fee of $9.95 per trade. Others trades, like options, charge a flat fee (in this case, $9.95), plus an additional fee. So on top of the per-trade fee for options, you’d also pay $0.75 per contract.

BBVA’s self-directed accounts also charge an inactivity fee, an annual fee for retirement accounts, and a termination fee. Bottom line: compare your options before you choose an investment platform.

If performing your own trades doesn’t sound right for you, BBVA also has a full-service investment program. You can select both retirement plans and personal investment opportunities. To prepare for your future retirement, you can select accounts such as IRAs, fixed annuities, and variable annuities.

Additionally, you can choose shorter-term investments like:

  • Mutual funds
  • Universal investment funds
  • Equity-linked CDs
  • Mutual fund portfolios
  • College savings programs (like 529)
  • Fixed income securities

BBVA’s investment arm also helps you choose comprehensive insurance plans as well as retirement solutions for business owners.

BBVA Reviews

One of the best ways to find a great bank is by reading third-party reviews. You can discover what actual customers are saying about them before you choose to do business with them. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) currently gives BBVA an ‘A+’. The account is listed under their old name BBVA Compass. You will find many 4- and 5-star BBVA Compass reviews at several other customer review sites as well.

BBVA Customer Service

BBVA’s customer service team can be contacted via phone, mobile app, or at a local branch. They have over 600 physical branches in the states of Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas.

BBVA Customer Service Phone Number: (844) BBVA-USA

Bottom Line

When automatic bb gun assault rifle for a full-service bank with great customer service that provides plenty of online solutions, BBVA really offers a slew of options. Perhaps most attractive are the bank’s opportunities for second chance accounts and secured card.

But even if you’re well on your way to saving, there are a lot of smart ways to manage your money through BBVA.

Bank Innovation

Is Bbva Compass Website Down​

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Is BBVA Compass Bank the best online bank?

Predictions show that the total number of online and mobile banking users will exceed 3.6 billion by 2024. This has led to some intense competition for online banking customers.

BBVA Compass stands above many of the others thanks to its excellent mobile app, accessible online banking options, and lack of regular fees or minimum balance requirements.

But is BBVA Compass the best in terms of online banking? To help you decide whether this bank is right for your needs, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the institution in our full review below. 

BBVA Compass Bank Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars

Quick Review Summary

At its core, BBVA Compass is a streamlined and simplified banking service that provides a few basic checking and savings account types, a variety of loan options, and a robust mobile app experience.

It’s perfect for folks who don’t mind doing most of their banking online or who need something easy to jump into without high minimum account balances or fees and enough products and services to meet most people’s needs.

BBVA Compass Bank is one of the best – if not THE best – online banking experiences today. If you are looking for a new bank to join, then this one is certainly worth seriously considering.

Boost your credit score in 90 days or less with our fast-working credit score hacks!

BBVA Compass is an accessible bank perfect for folks who like online banking or having a lot of ATMs. It’s also one of the best options for people with a less than ideal banking history that is looking for a good second chance checking account.

It was notably the first bank to provide banking services on Saturdays, starting in 1970. (1)

Today, you can find BBVA Compass banks in a variety of states including California, Texas, Arizona, and more.

While BBVA Compass offers several online accounts that are well worth your time and money, there are some minor downsides, such as low overall savings rates. Still, it’s a good bank overall if you need something functional and accessible most of the time.

BBVA Bank is Best For:

It’s an ideal banking institution if you prefer doing most of your banking by mobile app and don’t need really high interest rates for your savings account. It may also be a good choice if you like having a large, accessible ATM network to avoid paying extra fees.

What does BBVA Compass Bank Have to Offer?

BBVA Compass Bank is an established institution with a long history and hundreds of total locations scattered throughout the US. It also has a network of ATM machines, making withdrawing cash relatively trivial if you live in one of the states with a retail branch.

Let’s take a closer look at what BBVA Compass truly offers in terms of financial products and accounts.

BBVA Personal & Auto Loans

BBVA Compass provides a diverse selection of financial products, such as loans. These include auto loans and a variety of personal loans. (2)

For instance, BBVA Compass’s express personal loans have (potentially) very low rates and often provide same-day funding to those who qualify. The downside is that you must be invited to one of these loans through a specialized code you get from BBVA Compass after being a customer for some time.

The estimated APR is between 4.99% and 28.99% and you can get loans for up to $100,000 in total. All in all, should you qualify for this loan and get invited, it may be worth looking into for its potential value alone.

BBVA Compass also provides auto loans with easier accessibility. You’ll get a decision on the same day as you apply and there aren’t any unnecessary fees, like documentation fees or prepayment penalties. Furthermore, you can sign up for an auto loan with a relatively low minimum amount, making it perfect for finishing off the payment on your car.

Interest rates can range from 3.39% up to 12.59% and flexible loan terms range from between 12 and 72 months. If you sign up for a BBVA Compass checking account and have your monthly payments automatically deducted from that checking account, you’ll get a 1% rate discount. All in all, BBVA Compass’s auto loans are pretty good and even better than their personal loan option thanks to their accessibility.

BBVA Checking Accounts

BBVA Compass also offers three types of checking accounts. The first two, you should note, are designed for customers who live near physical branches. The primary online bank account is open to anyone in the country, however.

The first free checking account doesn’t have any monthly maintenance fees attached but does require a minimum deposit of $25 to open. Each free checking account owner receives one debit card, bill payment options, and free unlimited check writing, plus access to the mobile app (more on that below).

In addition to its free aspects, the free checking account has purchasable add-ons, such as unlimited checks for $2 per month or the use of out-of-network ATMs without fees for $5 per month (ideal for travelers outside states with retail BBVA Compass 5th third bank customer service phone number main online checking account, also called a ClearConnect Checking Account, gives you access to AllPoint fee-free ATMs, everything in the above free checking account, and overdraft protection. You must provide a $25 minimum deposit as well. We’d recommend turning off paper statements as you’ll be saddled with an extra $3 by default otherwise.

Last is premium is bbva compass online banking down, which is a special account that offers an APY of 0.05% as of 2020. The account does come with a $19 monthly service charge unless you have an average daily balance of over $4000 in your account or have a monthly direct deposit of the same amount. Still, it can be a good choice if you want to make a little money through your checking efforts.

BBVA Savings Accounts

BBVA Compass provides savings accounts in addition to the selection of checking accounts mentioned above. Provide a minimum deposit of $25 and you’ll get access to either a state branch account or an online-only account.

Both accounts incur the above-mentioned $3 for any paper statements per cycle, so be sure to opt out of those ASAP. The benefit of an online savings account is that you can access your funds whenever necessary.

The downside here is the biggest with the entire BBVA Compass. The 0.05% APY for the checking accounts above also applies to the savings accounts. Therefore, BBVA Compass is not the best bank when it comes to making your money work for you in the long run. Even so, its accessibility and ease of use make this a good basic online account option for many.

We should also mention that you can open CDs or certificates of deposit with BBVA Compass. Certificates of deposit are essentially specialized savings accounts that come with fixed terms and rates and do not let you withdraw the savings you put in for a set period of time. In exchange, you get a higher APY.

CDs from BBVA Compass come with terms ranging from 11 months to 36 months and each has a minimum deposit amount of $500.

BBVA Wallet App Summary & Features

Of all of BBVA Compass’s offerings, its mobile app is one of the most beneficial aspects. While the bank has several hundred physical branches and tens of thousands of ATMs, the mobile banking app is truly superb.

It’s available for both iOS and Android users and is fully bilingual, so it’s great for folks who speak one or the other language. It also includes special functionalities that other banking apps don’t always include, such as a search tool that either takes typed commands or voice commands.

Furthermore, you can do almost everything on the mobile app if you aren’t near a physical branch. This includes applying for new accounts and using intuitive digital budgeting tools to help you figure out your finances and plan for long-term financial security.

Even better, BBVA Compass’s Wallet App allows you to deposit checks from a distance and look into your check deposit history. You can send money through automatic payments or make instantaneous transfers, download PDFs of your various accounts and credit cards, and more. In short: it’s perfect.

The only downside to BBVA Compass’s online presence is that you can only reach customer service reps by phone instead of through chat. Expect capital one secured mastercard credit limit increase delays if you call near the is bbva compass online banking down of business hours. This minor flaw isn’t enough for us to significantly mark BBVA down, however.

BBVA Compass Bank Locations

BBVA Compass has a variety of locations throughout the country. There are hundreds in total (649 at last count), so here are some example branches in most of its home states.

Florida BBVA Compass Bank Locations

  • 7205 Forest Oaks Blvd., Springhill, FL 34606 352-686-5930
  • 1695 US-1 South, St. Augustine, FL 32084 904-824-0101
  • 5500 Southwest College Rd., Ocala, FL 34474 352-854-4460

California BBVA Compass Bank Locations

  • 40780 California Oaks Rd., Murrieta, CA 92562 951-698-4060
  • 1101 South California Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA 94596 925- 947-3434
  • 72625 CA-111, Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-341-3622

Texas BBVA Compass Bank Locations

  • 2131 Palmer Hwy., Texas City, TX 77590 409-948-8488
  • Northwoods Branch, 18080 N US-281, San Antonio, TX 78232 210-592-5601
  • 1703 W. 5th St. Suite 100, Austin, TX 78703 512-421-5710

Arizona BBVA Compass Bank Locations

  • 8911 West Thomas Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85037 480-403-8770
  • 7605 S. McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85284 480-73-6835
  • 2810 W. Peoria Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029 602-866-5500

Colorado BBVA Compass Bank Locations

  • 1595 South Havana St., Aurora, CO 80247 303-306-4360
  • 101 Garfield St., Denver, CO 80206 303-355-3030
  • 4115 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80220 303-398-4470

There are many more locations than these. Use Google Maps or another resource (or the Wallet App) to find a good location near you.

BBVA Compass Customer Service Phone Number & Hours

As mentioned, there isn’t any online chat customer service experience available at this time. But you can call BBVA Compass’s automated system and be connected to a customer service rep by dialing a specific number for different needs. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers you can call when needed:

  • For new accounts and general customer service in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas: 1-844-BBVA USA
  • For general customer service and all other states: 1-866-5-DIGITAL
  • For mortgage orientation inquiries: 1-888-8-LENDING
  • For automated loan payoff: 1-800-239-1966
  • For American Express Card specific customer service: 1-844-622-2282
  • For home equity loans and lines of credit: 1-844-443-2282
  • For credit card customer service: 1-800-239-5175

Check out BBVA Compass’s customer contact page for even more phone numbers.

Alternatively, enter your BBVA Compass mobile app, type the microphone and say clearly “customer service”. The app will automatically dial the most appropriate number based on your geographic location. Remember that phone calls are generally limited to business hours in their home state.

BBVA Compass Bank Login

Since BBVA Compass has such a well-developed app, there are two ways you can log into your account to see your check details, make transfers, and more.

To visit your account using a desktop or laptop, visit the BBVA Compass login page and enter your account information and password.

Alternatively, download the BBVA Compass Wallet App and enter your login information there. It should be exactly the same as it is on the website platform.

Either way, you’ll quickly gain access to your account and be able to do whatever you like.

BBVA Compass Bank Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, BBVA Compass is a high-quality banking institution that has evolved quite well with the times and now represents one of the best online banking experiences in the country. For that reason, we recommend this bank for folks who prefer doing most of their banking from afar or using a mobile app, as BBVA Compass’s Wallet App has almost every feature or function you can imagine needing.

However, you may want to look elsewhere if you wish to deposit lots of savings into a dedicated savings account and watch that money grow over time. BBVA Compass’s savings account APY is not very impressive and you can find better offerings from many other banks.

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After A Big Bank Bought Simple, Things Got Complicated For Customers

Customers of Simple — the 21st-century bank with no branches or checkbooks, just a website, sleek interface, and debit cards — signed up because they wanted banking to be just that: simple. But after European banking behemoth BBVA Compass acquired Simple for $117 million three years ago, customers say the process of transitioning their accounts to the new bank has been rife with headaches and complications. And for Simple customers who were not US citizens, the transition wasn’t initially possible at all.

To integrate with BBVA, Simple had to rebuild its banking system, which took two years, according to a company spokesperson. When that process was complete, Simple began the process of transferring individual accounts from Bancorp, which previously backed Simple, to BBVA. This transition requires customers to provide multiple pieces of identification, transfer funds, and reconfigure features like direct deposit or autopay.

“It's opening a new bank account, which is why we fully understood that there would be frustration,” said Simple spokesperson Amy Dunn. “It’s a terrible experience no matter what. We tried to make it as painless as possible.”

Despite Simple warning customers of the pending transition back in April 2016, things didn’t go smoothly for everyone.

For example, in Google Play reviews and on Twitter, US residents here on green cards or work visas complained that they were unable to transition to new Simple accounts. A spokesperson for Simple said the problem arose because BBVA “didn't have the existing infrastructure to open accounts for permanent residents who aren't citizens.”

BuzzFeed News first inquired about this issue on Friday; since then, Simple — which recently publicly reiterated its commitment to immigrants’ rights — says it’s resolved the problem. “We’ll be able to is bbva compass online banking down new applicants with a green card or Visa (so long as they fit all other qualifications), and our team will be following up with customers who were impacted in the coming weeks,” Dunn wrote in an email. “If they'll have us, we'd like to welcome them back.”

Dunn couldn’t say how is bbva compass online banking down immigrants have returned to Simple since the fix was made, but the overall number of non-citizens using Simple is very small. However, plenty of people had other problems.

Neil Robertson of Denver opened a Simple account after a bad experience at Wells Fargo. Because he’s a musician who’s often paid in cash, Simple’s lack of branch locations can be annoying for him. But not as annoying as when his Simple debit card recently got declined at a bar despite him having plenty of money in his account.

"[Simple was] pretty exciting, but they were acquired and things seemed to stagnate."

"It wasn't just my card getting declined, which is always a weird feeling, but when I pulled up the app, I had to expose what's in my account to show it to [the bartender]," Robertson said. "And every time you keep swiping that card, my account is saying it's going through — $22, $22, $22." Robertson didn’t ultimately lose any money, though he says he’s still waiting for “several hundred dollars” to show up in the new account.

Robertson transitioned onto the new Republic bank trinidad hours Simple platform in late January, but as of yet, his old account hasn’t closed; for him and other customers, this awkward transition period has caused confusion — it’s unclear which account actually holds their money. Robertson says he’ll keep his Simple account until he can find a better option, but not everyone else is as patient.

One woman said she quit Simple after suddenly being unable to use her debit card while travelling abroad. Another woman said she was temporarily cut off from her funds after her account was closed without sufficient warning as part of the transition process.

And other customers are having problems with automatic bill payments still being withdrawn from their old accounts.

Gordon Emmerson’s power company charged him $24 for an unexpected overdraft after his money had already been moved to his new Simple account. After some back and forth, Simple agreed to cover the fee. But Emmerson is no longer a customer. “That whole episode caused me to lose faith in the company and worry about the safety of my money, so I’m in the process of transitioning to a local credit union now,” he said. “I wouldn’t recommend Simple anymore, that’s for sure.”

Simple says it “can’t speak to specific customers’ accounts or issues for security reasons” but described many of these complaints as one-off issues. A spokesperson pointed to tweetsfrompeoplewhopraised its handling of the transition, and said the majority of feedback has been positive. And indeed, it seems like a lot of customers are happy with the service; even some who initially had a problem with the transition will be sticking with Simple.

“Simple was founded on the belief that a banking company can be on the same side as our customers,” said Dunn in an email. “We believe in our mission to help people change their relationship with money, and to help people feel confident and empowered instead of ashamed, confused, and taken advantage of.”

But the challenge for Simple, which is owned by a big bank, will be retaining the customers who came to it to get away from big banks.

This isn’t the first time Simple has faced this problem — some of its customers are also frustrated by the fact that BBVA Compass is one of more than a dozen banks invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline. Though Simple says it "neither financially nor philosophically” supports the pipeline, the issue serves as another example of how a big bank isn’t what Simple customers signed up for.

For Aaron Shekey, the real sign of trouble with Simple came after he transitioned accounts, when he (and thousands of other Simple users) received a marketing email from BBVA about a Valentine’s Day promotion. Simple had told their customers that BBVA would never contact them.

“[Simple was] pretty exciting, but they were acquired and things seemed to stagnate,” said Shekey, who is a programmer and startup founder. “I think they're the best of the online banks, but the email from BBVA felt like a breach of privacy and trust.”

Simple sent an email to customers apologizing for the mistake, and said in an email statement, “We had put agreements in place up-front to prevent this sort of cross-marketing from happening, and we’ve all been working to make sure that’s the case moving forward.” But another Simple customer, Ben Lopatin, is still worried. “Now I’m not sure what other data BBVA has access to and ‘isn’t supposed to use’,” he said via DM.

"They aren't going to be 'simple' to use anymore. If anything, BBVA is probably going to ruin this."

Simple always expected it would lose a few customers in the transition process, but so far, with 87% of accounts moved over to the BBVA platform, it says it hasn’t lost a significant amount of business. The company says it’s grown 68% in the last year, and has around the same number of accounts as a bank with 1,010 branches, with just a fraction of the corporate overhead.

Still, BBVA has lost money on its investment in Simple every year since the acquisition, with the total write-down in value since 2014 totaling $89.5 million, according to the Houston Chronicle.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, BBVA said valuations for tech companies are “very volatile." "As with most investments, return is delivered in the medium to long term,” the statement continues, “and BBVA Compass remains committed to Simple and its continued success and ongoing growth."

Also still committed to Simple is Sean Ferguson, a customer who plans to keep his account despite what he calls “completely irresponsible” behavior, because it still makes it easier for him to manage his money.

“Part of why I signed up for Simple is that it was 100% online and ridiculously easy to use. Painless transfers. Easy debit card management. Effortless deposits,” he said via DM. “So yeah, I'm still with them and they fixed my problem, but I definitely feel like they aren't going to be 'simple' to use anymore. If anything, BBVA is probably going to ruin this.”


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