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M., Law Melvin Hochster, Ph.D., Mathematics Anthony John P. Kenny, Ph.D., Loretta Young Gunn Peter James Haapaniemi Edward Paneth Haber Dicran Berj. In 1948, she married Edmond Melvin Haapaniemi, and together they raised six Lisa Niemi Swayze, and Albert DePrisco; John Niemi; and Alex Haapaniemi. Family: She married Patrick Swayze in 1975. She then re-married Albert DePrisco in 2014. Lisa Niemi father's name is Edmond Melvin Haapaniemi and mother Edna.

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Get A Job !

Out-of-print and hard to find , but deserves a wider viewing, Brad Caslor's 1985 film "Get A Job" follows the tribulations of a cartoon character, Bob Dog, as he hunts for a job. Technically, it's an "educational film" dealing with self-motivation, preparing a résumé, contacting people by phone and mail, getting ready for an interview and the interview itself. More than that it's a brilliant homage to Bob Clampett and other cartoony animation of the 1940's.

The Tale of Wendylin Wayne by Brandon Rogers

Written, animated and performed by Brandon Rogers. This was a poem I wrote way back in high school. The only way I could get the same feel that I had in my head was to animate it - I could NEVER film a story like this. LOTS of green screen, CG, and photoshop. The entire thing was made frame-by-frame and was a project of mine for 8 months. SO glad I'm finished with it! Haha. Original poem (written in 2005): "The Tale of Wendylin Wayne" by Brandon Rogers Wendylin Wayne was eight years old. She loved a boy named Gary Gold She'd follow him here, and stalk him there. Watched him floss and comb his hair! But alas, gary Gold could not say the same for rumors have spread of poor Wendylin Wayne. These tales, though harsh, seemed heavenly true, that Wendy was a witch, practicing horrible voodoo. Some say she lived in a cottage of bones of the children she ate in their very own homes. Some say she casts spells to make gnomes come to life, chasing children down halls with a long, rusty knife. Some say she's a spy, who's cleverly sly, who eats dogs and cats in the midst of July. But why oh why would these other runts lie? Spreading fake truths making Wendylin cry? But soon, years had passed and the tables had turned. Wendylin grew gorgeous and Gary had burned. His looks-- once handsome and filled with such pride Had faded away, resembling worn-out cow hide. His head, twice the size bags under his eyes his pride-- rather full and his morals-- minimized. But Wendy's strong heart, oh how ...

Camp Lo - Sparkle

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After Dirty Dancing, Swayze found himself heavily typecast as beefcakeand appeared in several flops, of which Road House(1989) was the most successful. His biggest hit came in 1990, when he starred in Ghostwith Demi Mooreand Whoopi Goldberg.[3]This role had considerable cultural impact, and modern hip-hop lyrics routinely use the phrase “I’m Swayze” (meaning “I’m ghost” which is in turn slang for “I’m leaving”) in reference to that film (for more info, see the “Cultural Impact” section of the movie Ghost). In 1991, he starred alongside Youngblood castmate Keanu Reevesin another major action hit, Point Break, and was also chosen by People magazineas that year’s “Sexiest Man Alive”.
Swayze was seriously injured in 1996 while filming HBO‘s Letters from a Killerin the Ionearea, when he fell from a horse and hit a tree. Both of his legs were broken and he suffered four detached tendons in his shoulder. Filming was suspended for two months, but the film aired in 1999. Swayze recovered from his injuries, but had trouble resuming his career until 2000, when he costarred in Waking Up in Reno, with Billy Bob Thorntonand Charlize Theron, and in Forever Lulu, with Melanie Griffith.
In 2001, he appeared in Donnie Darko, where he played a motivational speaker and closet pedophile, and in 2004, he played Allan Quatermain in King Solomon’s Mines. He also had a cameo appearancein the Dirty Dancing prequel, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights(2004) as an unnamed dance instructor.
He made his London stage debut in the musical Guys and Dollsas Nathan Detroit on July 27, 2006 alongside Neil Jerzak, and remained in the role until November 25, 2006. His previous appearances on the Broadway stage had included productions of Goodtime Charley(1975) and Chicago(2003).
Swayze’s latest starring role was in the film Christmas in Wonderland(2007). In August 2007, Swayze played an aging rock star in the upcoming film Powder Blue(slated for 2009 release), costarring his younger brother Don in their first film together. Patrick recently wrapped taping on an A&Epilot/FBIdrama The Beast[4], filming in Chicagoin summer 2008; he will play FBI AgentCharles Barker. The Beast is scheduled to air in early 2009.[5]
He has also made an appearance in the show MacGyver.

Swayze has been married to Lisa Niemi since 1975. The couple first met in 1970, when Lisa, then age 16, was taking dance lessons from Swayze’s mother. Niemi was born in Houston, Texasto her Finnish-American parents, Edmond Melvin Haapaniemi and Edna Karin Hyttinen.
As a reaction to his father’s death by heart attack, in 1982, Swayze began to drink heavily. His sister Vicky passed away in 1994,[6]leading him to seek treatment for alcoholism. After initial recovery, he temporarily withdrew from show business, retreating to his ranches in California and Las Vegas, New Mexico, to breed Arabian horses. His best-known horse was the late Tammen, a chestnut Arabian stallion.
Swayze, a licensed pilot with an instrument rating, made the news again on June 1, 2000 while flying with his dogs in his twin-engine Cessnafrom Van Nuys, Californiato Las Vegas, New Mexico. His plane developed a pressurization problem over northern Arizona, causing Swayze to make a precautionary landing on a dirt road in a housing complex in Prescott Valley. The plane’s right wing struck a light pole that he hadn’t seen from the air, but Swayze was unharmed. He locked up the cockpit, left it parked in the subdivision, and obtained a ride (with his dogs) from a passing vehicle, allegedly in order to telephone the authorities. According to the police report, witnesses said that Swayze appeared to be extremely intoxicated and asked for help to remove evidence (including an open bottle of wine and a 30-pack of beer) from the crash site.[7]He also made himself unavailable to police for several hours. It was later determined that the alcohol in question was not in the cabin but stored in external storage compartments inaccessible in flight and that the alleged “intoxication” was due to the effects of hypoxiaduring descent.
He has followed several spiritual traditions. Brought up a Roman Catholic, he has also studied the Bahá’í Faith, Buddhismand Scientology.[citation needed]

Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancerin late January 2008, and has been undergoing chemotherapyand other treatments at the Stanford University Medical Center.[8][dead link][9][dead link] A March 5, 2008 Reuters article reports that Swayze “has a very limited amount of disease, and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far”.[10]Swayze’s doctor has confirmed the actor has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but insists he’s not as close to death as reports suggest. Specifically, Swayze was diagnosed with a type of pancreatic tumor called Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm (IPMN).
In early May 2008, it was widely reported in a number of tabloids that Swayze had undergone surgery to remove part of his stomach after the spread of the cancer, and that he had rewritten his will, transferring his property to his wife.[11][12]In a statement made on May 28, Swayze said that he continues to respond well to treatment at Stanford University Medical Center. In late May 2008 he was seen at a Los Angeles Lakersbasketball game, his first public appearance since his diagnosis.[13]In 2008 Swayze was treated with Cyberkniferadiotherapy cancer treatment.[14]
In late July 2008, six months after allegedly being given just weeks to live by medical experts, Swayze was seen in Los Angeles LAXairport appearing healthy. When asked about his condition, he told reporters “I’m cooking. I’m a miracle dude, I don’t know why”.[15]
Swayze appeared on the ABC, NBC, and CBSsimulcastof Stand Up to Cancerin September 2008, to appeal to the general public for donations for the initiative. Swayze said to a standing ovation, “I dream that the word ‘cure’ will no longer be followed by the words ‘it’s impossible’. Together we can make a world where cancer no longer means living with fear, without hope, or worse”.[16]After the show ended, Swayze lingered onstage and talked to other cancer survivors; executive producer Laura Ziskinsaid, “He said a beautiful thing: ‘I’m just an individual living with cancer.’ That’s how he wants to be thought of. He’s in a fight, but he’s a fighter”.[16][17]
Swayze has denied claims made by tabloids that the cancer has spread to his liver.[18]However, in his interview with Barbara Walters which aired in January of 2009, Swayze revealed that he had a “tiny little mass” in his liver.
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The death of a loved one is always hard to bear; losing them unprepared is even more painful. The abrupt departure of Patrick Swayze from the face of the earth remains, to date, one of the biggest celebrity deaths in the entertainment industry. Until his demise, Patrick was a hard-working actor who recorded success in several other fields. Although his fans were not prepared for his demise, they all have come to embrace the fact that he is no more but his legacies still speak volumes to date. Many years after his shocking death, the daring feats, as well as the life and times of Swayze, still garner much interest from the public. Here’s everything you need to know about the legend and his family.


Background Information On Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, of blessed memory, was a top-notch actor, songwriter, and dancer whose life began on 18th August 1952, and ended on 14th September 2009. He was a native of Los Angeles, California, where he was born by Jesse Wayne Swayze and Patricia Helen Swayze. The actor’s full name is Patrick Bartholemew Swayze while the name of the city where he spent his early years is the Oak Forest neighborhood of Houston.

Patrick’s mom was a dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer while his dad was an engineering draftsman. The two raised the actor in the Roman Catholic faith, alongside his older sister, two younger brothers and one younger sister. Their names are Vickie (1949–1994), Donald (born 1958), Sean (born 1962), and Bambi (adopted sister) respectively.

As regards his education, Swayze studied at Oak Forest Elementary School, Waltrip High School, St. Rose of Lima Catholic School, and Black Middle School while living in the Oak Forest neighborhood of Houston. It was also during this period that he equipped himself with several athletic, artistic skills, and learned martial arts like Wushu, classical ballet, Aikido, ice skating, and Taekwondo. In addition to taking up roles in his school’s plays, Patrick also featured in their football team but his hope of becoming a professional footballer was dashed by a devastating knee injury. Upon moving to New York City in the year 1972, Swayze enrolled in the Harkness Ballet and Joffrey Ballet schools, where he finalized his formal dance training.

1972 was the year Patrick first proved his worth before the audience during a show called Disney on Parade. He featured alongside the Disney Theatrical Group and was cast as a dancer. He took up his first film role in the 1979 comedy film, Skatetown, U.S.A. The actor became a household name in the industry in 1983 after his role in The Outsiders and subsequently became overwhelmingly popular within and beyond the entertainment community for playing John Castle in the 1987 romantic dance drama, Dirty Dancing.

During his lifetime, Patrick Swayze appeared in over thirty films and more than 10 TV projects, including Saturday Night Live (1990, as a host). For his contributions in both the film and TV industries, he won 6 awards from 17 nominations, as well as a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Besides his dance and acting stints, Swayze also co-wrote soundtracks for some movies, including the song ‘She’s Like The Wind’ which has been covered by several other artists.

Who Are His Wife and Kids?

Until his death in the year 2009, the actor was married to a respected American dancer, actress, writer, and director called Lisa Niemi. The couple met each other for the first time in 1970 at Patrick’s mom’s ballet school, the Houston Ballet Dance Company and subsequently began a relationship after Lisa turned 15. They tied the knot on the 12th of June 1975 and remained married until Swayze’s death.

Nothing beats the joy of having your own kids and seeing them become responsible human beings in life. Patrick, in his lifetime, waited for over three decades to have his own kids with his wife but all his efforts to become a dad proved abortive. He died without any kid of his own although his wife suffered one miscarriage during the early years of their marriage.

Elisabeth Anne Haapaniemi is the birth name of Swayze’s wife. A licensed pilot, she has Finnish heritage. The writer was born on May 26, 1956, in Houston, Texas and her parents’ names are Edmond Melvin Haapaniemi and Edna Karin Hyttinen. As an actress, Lisa has co-written, directed, and starred in several projects in the TV and film industries, including The Beast and One Last Dance, wherein she featured alongside her husband.

Patrick’s widow has since remarried. She walked down the aisle for the second time with a Boston-born jeweler called Albert DePrisco on May 25, 2014. Since Lisa remarried, she has kept a lowkey profile, thus, there is no available information about her new family.

What Caused The Death of the Actor?

Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in the month of January 2008. In the course of a tough battle against the disease, the actor took up several measures to free himself from the deadly ailment. Almost one year after his first diagnosis, the Dirty Dancing star was hospitalized with pneumonia reported to be a complication of chemotherapy for his cancer.

Sadly, the actor drew his last breath on 14th September 2009 with his family by his side. He was aged 57. His cause of death was listed as cardiorespiratory arrest with an underlying cause of advanced pancreatic cancer. Swayze’s body was cremated after which his ashes were scattered in New Mexico, precisely on his ranch.

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Lisa Niemi wedding, death, age, patrick swayze wife, albert deprisco, young, today, dirty dancing, movies, wiki, biography

Lisa Niemi wedding, death, age, patrick swayze wife, albert deprisco, young, today, dirty dancing, movies, wiki, biography get whole Information and details about Lisa Niemi

Lisa Niemi biography/ wiki/ biodata/ profile/ information/ Details/ Updates/ Latest News/ Personal life /History/ Interview about Lisa Niemi

Lisa Niemi wedding, death, age, patrick swayze wife, albert deprisco, young, today, dirty dancing, movies, wiki, biography

Lisa Niemiis famous and well known mostly as Patrick Swayze wife. Lisa Anne Haapaniemi was born on May 26, 1956 in Houston, Texas, U.S. His ageas in 2018 is 62 years old. Today- She is an American writer, director, actress and dancer. Her Spouse / husband nameis Patrick Swayze, Albert DePrisco. Patrick Wayne Swayze is his born and real name. Patrick Swayzewas born on August 18, 1952 in Houston, Texas, U.S. He Died on September 14, 2009 (aged 57) in Los Angeles, California, U.S. His age when he died was 57 years. Patrick Swayze was an American actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter. It was made in public on December 28, 2013 that she was engaged to Albert DePrisco. Albert DePrisco is a jeweller. Lisa Niemi got married with Albert DePrisco on May 25, 2014. She was also seen in Letters from a Killer, Next of Kin, Younger and Younger, Live! From Death Row, She's Having a Baby and Slam Dance. She has done her graduation from the Houston Ballet Dance Company in 1974, majoring in dance. her movies details are given her.

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What is her Real Name?

Her real name is Lisa Anne Haapaniemi

What is her nick name?

Her nick name is Lisa Niemi

What is Lisa Niemi (Actress) Profession?

She is an American writer, director, actress and dancer

Famous Role

Lisa Niemi is famous and well known mostly as Patrick Swayze wife.

What is Lisa Niemi (Actress) Educational Qualification?

She is graduated from Houston Ballet Dance Company

School she went is Not Known

College she went is Houston Ballet Dance Company

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Nationality?

She is an American

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Birth Place?

Her birth place is Houston, Texas

Hometown/ Residence?

Her Hometown is Houston, Texas

Her Body Measurement/Figure?

We do not know her body measurements

Eye Colour?

Her eye color is Blue

Hair Colour?

Her hair color is Brown

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Religion /Caste?

She follows Christianity as her religion

Zodiac Sign/Sun Sign/Horoscope?

Her Sun sign is Gemini

What is Lisa Niemi (Actress) age/birthday/DOB/real age/ date of birth /birthday date? (As in 2018)

Her age is 61 years old and her Date of birth is May 26, 1956

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Boyfriend/Husband /dating /Affairs?

Dating /Boyfriend Name/Affairs - Albert DePrisco, Patrick Swayze

Husband/Spouse Name - Albert DePrisco, Patrick Swayze

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Height in feet?

Her height is 5 Feet 4 Inches

What is Lisa Niemi (Actress) weight?

Her weight is not Known

Is Lisa Niemi (Actress) Married?

She is Married

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Family Details/ parents/ family background?

Parents /Father Name- Edmond Melvin Haapaniemi

Parents /Mother Name- Edna Karin Hyttinen

Siblings/ Sisters Name - Not Known

Siblings/Brothers Name - Not Known

Husband/Spouse Name - Albert DePrisco, Patrick Swayze 

Baby /Children/Kids/Son Name - Not Known

Baby/ Children/Kids/Daughter - Not Known

Her First Film Movie Debut?

She made her debut with Beat Angel

Her Marital Status?

She is Married

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Wedding dates/ Marriage date

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Wedding date/ Marriage date

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Wedding date/ Marriage date is

25 May 2014 with Albert DePrisco

12 June 1975 with Patrick Swayze

Home & House Address

Houston, Texas

Her Hobbies are not known

Her Salary is Not Known

Her Net Worth is Not Known

Lisa Niemi (Actress) hot

She is an American writer, director, actress and dancer

Her smoking?

- Not Known

Lisa Niemi (Actress) Movies / All film list / Dramas list

Lisa NiemiMovies

One Last Dance


She's Having a Baby


Steel Dawn


Lisa Niemi (Actress) New Movie/Film/Upcoming movies/latest movie list /New Drama /Upcoming Serials/ Show

Television show /Tv Serial/ Tv Shows / serials

Super Force

1990 – 1992

Lisa Niemi (Actress)Songs/Music list/All Album

Her facebook

She is active on facebook on Not Known

Her twitter

She is active on twitter on Not Known

Her Instagram

She is active on Instagram on Not Known

contact number details /new number /personal phone number / contact details

Not known

Images/Photo/Picture of Lisa Niemi (Actress) /wallpapers/pictures /gallery /new photos

Lisa Niemi wedding, death, age, patrick swayze wife, albert deprisco, young, today, dirty dancing, movies, wiki, biography
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