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Ministry of @hcmeridian · 226 posts · 240 followers · 271 following · Photo by Boise Harvest College on August 10, 2021. Harvest Church is a Christian Church in Meridian, Idaho. Info This app was developed by Subsplash Inc, last update on Jul 5, 2018. Come to the Boise Harvest Crusade with free concerts with Evangelistic Outreach. Join us for three wonderful nights full of musical.

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Greg Laurie, founder and lead pastor of Harvest Churches and Harvest Crusades, will return to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California on Sunday, October 3, 2021 for SoCal Harvest—the ministry’s first stadium outreach event in over a year. Despite the pandemic, the shut downs, quarantining, and illness, you rose above it all and still showed up in mighty ways. The Booth Brothers and Triumphant Quartet Episode Details. After almost two years, Greg Laurie's SoCal Harvest crusade is returning to southern California. 2020 Boise Harvest with Greg Laurie 5/1-3/2020: In light of ongoing public health concerns, the Boise Harvest events, originally scheduled for May 1-3, 2020, and then rescheduled to April 16-18th, 2021, have been postponed. Jay Haizlip hosts the 30th Year Anniversary, Harvest Crusade at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. The cinematic event, Flory said, is “a good way for them to sort of put a placeholder on Harvest Crusade.”. The CRUSADE Channel Newscast For September 9th 2021 News Anchor Ron Stafford brings you CRUSADE Channel Newscasts for Thursday, September 9th 2021. Billy Graham Crusade A Cure for Heart Trouble. Summer Concert features Jessie Lewis, Randy and the Lugnuts, Joseph Salyer graduates from Emory & Henry Health Sciences Campus, Cyclones use passing game to steamroll Grainger on the road, Jr. Cyclones complete game translates to dominance in 42-6 win, Religious freedom in America: Popular and polarizing, New STEM lab opens the American dream door to EHS students, Sheriff’s Department seeks communities’ help for missing teen, Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter reinstates animal control, Characters and parties and magic, oh my! This podcast is supported by the generosity of our Harvest Partners. Episode Details. Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl. Another 1.5 million people have attended Harvest events virtually, via live or archived Internet webcasts. From the author that brought you NEW YORK TIMES best selling books The Harbinger, The Mystery of the Shemitah, and The Paradigm selling over 3 MILLION copies Imagine if you discovered a treasure chest in which were hidden ancient mysteries, ... --- Livestreaming of World Harvest Church services, conferences, and road crusades through our website. Laurie is the featured speaker of the nationally-syndicated radio program, A New Beginning, and has a weekly television program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. --- Learn more about Greg Laurie and Harvest Ministries at - by Featured Guest, Todd D. Bennett. A Rush of Hope will be a one-of-a-kind cinematic crusade coming to streaming platforms in August 2020.. Programs. Over the 20 years of doing music full time I've accumulated a lot of unique experiences, my hope and desire with this book is to have a conversation with you about some of my greatest triumphs, joys and failures. Read more “When we can meet in person again, then we’ll do that,” Laurie said. In this encouraging message of Hope, delivered at Harvest America 2018, Pastor Greg Laurie shares a sermon from the book of Daniel. The film’s trailer opens with Laurie’s voice narrating as he drives an aqua-blue jeep along an empty road in the middle of sun-kissed fields. Greg Laurie (born December 10, 1952) is an American author and pastor who serves as the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship with campuses in Riverside, Orange County and Maui.. Laurie came to faith at the age of 17 as the Jesus Movement was exploding in Southern California. As we remember the tragic events of September 11, 2001, find encouragement in these resources from Pastor Greg. SoCal Harvest 2019 also was the kick-off event of Harvest’s 2020 Vision to launch a “Jesus Revolution” through crusades in Southern California and Boise, Idaho. More importantly, more than 408,400 people have made professions of faith through these outreaches. Since 1972 Pastor and Evangelist Greg Laurie has been teaching the simple yet life changing message of the Gospel. … Phil Wickham tour dates and tickets 2021-2022 near you. Found insideThe Cambridge Handbook of the Law of Algorithms, which features contributions from US, EU, and Asian legal scholars, discusses the specific challenges algorithms pose not only to current law, but also - as algorithms replace people as ... Explore "A New Beginning," daily devotions, live events, and other free resources. Broadcast Schedule; Watch . October 18 th – 21 st, 2020. But as President Donald Trump touts his... read more. Love INC Boise is honored to be selected as a compassion sponsor for Harvest Crusade and I ♥ Treasure Valley. Journey with Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, into a unique legacy that still speaks today. Sunday morning Worship 11:00am – Evening Worship 6:00pm Greg Laurie (born December 10, 1952) is an American author and pastor who serves as the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship with campuses in Riverside, Orange County and Maui.. Laurie came to faith at the age of 17 as the Jesus Movement was exploding in Southern California. “There are answers to these questions,” Laurie continues in the trailer. Found insideGod is still in the business of transforming His followers into world changers, and that includes you. In this book, Pastor Greg will show you how God may be calling you to something big, like moving across the world to start a ministry. Featuring the biblical teaching of Pastor Greg Laurie, Harvest is a place where you can come to learn more about God in a casual, nonthreatening atmosphere. The annual Anaheim Harvest Crusades may be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that won’t stop Greg Laurie from continuing to evangelize. He is also the founder of Harvest Ministries and the featured evangelist for Harvest Crusades, which has witnessed more than 500,000 decisions for Christ since its launch in 1990. In 2017, Harvest Crusades will include Christian musicians and bands such as Phil Wickham, Switchfoot, Chris Tomlin, and TobyMac. In 2012, Harvest Crusades launched Harvest America a nationwide simulcast from one location to about 2,400 venues. In 2016 Harvest America happened at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The crusade is returning to Southern California after almost two years... Sunday, October 3, 2021 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. “Now, looking back, I realize it was the right decision, and therefore we pivoted and started putting our energy and creativity into something different.”. In today’s episode, we bring you a classic message, originally given on the eve of September 11, 2011 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. LOS ANGELES (RNS) — Every year in August, tens of thousands of people fill the seats of Angel Stadium in Anaheim, not for baseball, but for the weekend-long Harvest Crusade. Found insideUnderstand, this book is not written to make you feel bad or condemn you if you have not engaged others with the gospel message. This book is written to encourage and inspire you. SoCal Harvest is a free, three-night event featuring performances by leading Christian artists and an evening message by Laurie. October 18 th – 21 st, 2020. I’m Going To Heaven When I Die? This weekend's three-night evangelistic "crusade" at Angel Stadium of Anaheim is being hosted by some 300 churches throughout the Southland. Friday, September 10, 2021: Harvest Crusades Announces 2021 Lineup Friday, September 10, 2021: Andy Mineo Alters Fall Tour Date Schedule Thursday, September 09, 2021: Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Others Honor A CCM Legend Thursday, September 09, 2021: VIDEO PREMIERE: Jodi Essex "Offend" Thursday, September 09, 2021: View All News Reaching millions with the gospel message throughout the world since 1990. Harvest Crusades are large-scale evangelistic events that create a welcoming environment to share the life-changing message of the gospel. Said that their whole family including Kareem had made commitments to Christ at the Harvest Crusade. Be a part of this life-changing event by Harvest Minitries. Found insideFor several months, prior to publication, some people were asking that we should write this book and that it be entitled, “The Message Of The Cross”. • I believed then and now that their request was from the Lord. He said the cinematic crusade will be more intimate and personal. “In the meantime, we’re not going to sit around and twiddle our thumbs.”, Freedom’s story deeply vetted in local history, Tragedy breeds unity in the Volunteer State, General Milley: Military coup or Washington spin, Roan Mtn. In addition to our ongoing volunteer roles, we have Spring projects like planting neighborhood gardens, sidewalk sales, yard work for seniors and furniture transport. Support the show: Recently on social media, Harvest Crusades announced the lineup for their 2021 event. Each week GregLaurieTV features these down to earth messages from his church in Riverside, California (Harvest Christian Fellowship) and also features the large scale evangelistic events Harvest America and Harvest Crusades which are held each year throughout the United States. This was necessary, because we implemented a new follow-up system that was designed to usher these new converts into local churches. The crusade will feature music by for KING & COUNTRY and Phil Wickham, and it will be hosted … And what happens after I die?”. July 12, 2021 - Church Meeting and Pot Luck. Since then, God has transformed that small group into a church of some 15,000 people. In a changing world the foundations of the past are questioned. 2021 SoCal Harvest Crusade When: Sun, Oct 3, 3:30pm – 9:30pm Where: 3186 Pullman St, Costa Mesa Description: Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium Saturday, October 3rd, 2021 Gates open at 5:00pm Come join us for this year's Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium, featuring Speaker Greg Laurie and lots of Christian Bands, such as For King and Country, Phil Wickham and more! His ministry program, Harvest with Pastor Greg Laurie, airs on TBN. But we don't always get the answers we're looking for. When Job's whole world caved in on him, he didn't understand why God allowed suffering and grief to crash into his life. The crusade will feature music by for KING & COUNTRY and Phil Wickham, and it will be hosted by Pastor Greg Laurie. Want to see Phil Wickham in concert? All content © 2002-2021 Bott Radio Network. It includes: · More than 100 recipes for garden-to-table dishes, preserves, and cured foods · Small-space gardening advice on building a raised bed, choosing what to grow, and saving seeds · DIY projects, such as Mason jar lanterns and ... From that assumption, people teach that God sometimes wants us sick. In this book, Andrew reveals what Paul's thorn in the flesh was, and it wasn't sickness. If it is God's will to heal everyone, then why isn't everyone healed? What one would do differently if Jesus showed up at the door today; Joyce tells how to live "on purpose, for a purpose" starting today. This year, amid a global pandemic, Harvest Crusade will be different. “This night is sure to be amazing with performances from Phil Wickham and for KING & COUNTRY, and there will be a message of hope from Pastor Greg Laurie,” Harvest Crusades posted. Harvest America unites churches, leaders, and individuals passionate about bringing revival to America again. SoCal Harvest is a free event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California We are all so sorry for the 13 brave Americans who lost their lives. Read his special daily devotional: “Finding Shelter.” Greg Laurie began his pastoral ministry at age 19 by leading a Bible study of 30 people. In 1990, Laurie began holding large-scale public evangelistic events called Harvest Crusades… The crusade will feature music by for KING & COUNTRY and Phil Wickham, and it will be hosted by Pastor Greg Laurie. Recently on social media, Harvest Crusades announced the lineup for their 2021 event. Harvest at Home, the online church platform that broadcasts Laurie’s live sermons, has seen more than 80,000 professions of faith since the beginning of COVID-19, Harvest officials said. Found insideUse Everyday Evangelism to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit within you to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Ideas for small group and congregational use included. Please visit for more information.. Over thirty years, nearly 6.4 million people have attended Harvest Events across the United States and internationally. You will see people coming to Christ by the millions!

Yesterday was our first Sunday Gathering of 2016. We took the opportunity to address where we are and where we're going as a church family. In case you missed it, below is a brief recap. Sorry, there is no recording of this sermon.

Why we exist

Knowing Jesus. Making Him Known. Taproot Church exists to know Jesus and make him known. This will remain the constant mission and vision for us because it is the commission that Jesus gave (Matthew 28:16-20). Knowing Jesus and making him known is what making disciples is. 

Maturing Saints. We don't, however, stop at simply making disciples. We labor together to present the saints as mature in Christ (Colossians 1:28-29). When the body of Christ is enabled to function in her gifting to the fullest, we're able to disciple one another to the point of being mature disciples. The result of this will inevitably be healthy disciples making healthy disciples making healthy disciples and so on. It is a maturing church submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit that will enable us to see this city saturated with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Sending Out Laborers. In Matthew 9, Jesus told his disciples to pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest. This is because the harvest is huge, while the laborers are few (Matthew 9:35-38). It seems to be an age old problem in the life of the church–never enough people to do all the work that can possibly done. But by God's grace, we will continue laboring to equip the saints for the purpose of being sent out day by day into everyday mission fields such as our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, etc.

When it comes to sending out laborers, our ultimate prayer is that God would enable us to equip church planters and church plant teams. A preliminary goal and prayer for us is to equip and send out five (5) church planters (with teams) in the next ten (10) years. The cities we're praying to see churches planted in right now are: Twin Falls, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Boise, and Sun Valley. In this, our prayer is that God would do above and beyond all that we can imagine or even think to ask him. 

Needs in the family

As our family continues to grow, there are several areas in which we need to structure.

Set up and teardown. By God's grace, we're a mobile church and will be for the foreseeable future. There is nothing wrong or bad about this. The church is not (or at least should not) be confined to a building. However, being mobile means that there is a little more effort required for the Sunday Gathering event. We're looking to build out our set up and teardown team. Specifically, we're looking for eight (8) people to be split into two teams of four (4) and put on a volunteer rotation. 

Hospitality. It's a blessing to walk into the gathering on Sunday and have a fresh cup of hot coffee with a homemade treat of some sort. This doesn't just happen though. There are people working behind the scenes to provide these things for us. We need about four more people to fill out our Sunday morning hospitality team. 

Greeters. There's something about being greeted that makes things more welcoming. We've yet to have greeters, but it seems it's about time to start. We need 4-6 people to help out here. 

Sound and Media. It's a blessing to have amplified music and words projected on a screen that allows everyone to sing in worship to King Jesus. We're in need of a few more volunteers here. One more volunteer for media and one more volunteer for sound would be great. 

Taproot Kids. Finally, one of the greatest ways we can serve families in Taproot, and families who are visiting Taproot, is by discipling their kiddos well. This year, we want to see our children's ministry grow in a healthy way. We want to see the kids discipled well in the gospel of Jesus while at the same time learning if a fun and safe environment. We need a lot of help to do this though. Right now, we're looking for 16 people to work in teams of four on a monthly rotation on Sunday mornings. 

it is finished

The amount of work that needs to be done is often overwhelming. When it comes to a call for laborers in the life of the church, the tendency is to guilt people into doing a job or to tell them that serving more will cause God to be more pleased with them. But this is a lie. 

The truth is that God is already perfectly pleased with those whose faith is placed in the finished work of Jesus even if we don't lift up a finger or fill another volunteer spot for the rest of our existence! This is because the work that ultimately needed to be done has already been done. Jesus came and lived the perfect life we couldn't, died the death we deserve, and rose victoriously from the grave! In this, he has defeated Satan, sin, Hell, and the ultimate enemy death (Colossians 2:14-15). Before he breathed his last breath, he proclaimed from that cross, "It is finished!" 

This good news is what changes our lives, and this good news is what motivates our labor, church. It is in light of the reality that we will not be loved any less and are already loved as much as we possibly could be that motivates us to labor until Christ returns.  

I'm excited about what lies ahead, Taproot. The details are unknown to us, but our plans and dreams are submitted to the God who knows every detail down to the second. He will establish our steps as he sees fit.

If you have questions, please ask at the next Sunday gathering or head over to our connect page and fill out the form at the bottom. 

Christ is all!

Pastor Mike      

  • Saturday, April 23, 2022

    Fall Harvest at the Garden

    Do you feel it? Fall is in the air! 
    Join us every Saturday throughout October for the family-friendly Fall Harvest in the Garden. Each week offers a unique experience featuring Scarecrow Stroll, artisan vendors, food trucks, local beer and cider, and live music. There really is something for everyone! Set aside a few weekends to come and enjoy one of the best times to be in the Garden.

    Tickets – General Garden Admission
    FREE to Members

    Non Members:
    Adults: $9
    Seniors (65+): $7
    Youth 4-12: $5
    Kids 3 & under: FREE

    Fall Harvest at the Garden
    Every Saturday in October
    10:00 am – 3:00 pm

    Saturday, October 2

    🎃 Live Music from Hillfolk Noir – Noon to 2 pm
    🎃 Scarecrow Stroll – Don’t forget to vote on your favorite!
    🎃 Pumpkins for Sale! – While supplies last
    🎃 Pie-O-Neer Pies food truck – Yummmmmm
    🎃 Rusty Dog food truck – Two corn dogs pleeezzzz
    🎃 Meriwether Cider – Cause… FALL!
    🎃 Mad Swede – For all you beer lovers
    🎃 Artisan Vendor – Soul Creations 

    Saturday, October 9

    🍂 Live Music from Héctor – Noon to 2 pm (All the way from San Francisco)
    🍂Scarecrow Stroll – Don’t forget to vote on your favorite!
    🍂Pumpkins for Sale! – While supplies last
    🍂Tony’s Tamales food truck – We suggest the combo
    🍂Rusty Dog food truck – Two corn dogs pleeezzzz
    🍂Nut Hut food truck – It’s okay, we eat a full bag too
    🍂Slow River Coffee – More than just hot coffee, iced coffee too!
    🍂Meriwether Cider – Cause… FALL!
    🍂Lost Grove – For all you beer lovers
    🍂Artisan Vendor – Soul Creations
    🍂Artisan Vendor – Nature Artwork 

    Saturday, October 16

    🎃 Live Music from Patrick Dansereau – Noon to 2 pm
    🎃 Scarecrow Stroll – Don’t forget to vote on your favorite!
    🎃 Pumpkins for Sale! – Supplies will probably be limited…
    🎃 Tony’s Tamales food truck – We suggest the combo
    🎃 Rusty Dog food truck – Two corn dogs pleeezzzz
    🎃 Jolene’s Kettlecorn – Poppin’ up great tasting kettle corn
    🎃 Slow River Coffee – More than just hot coffee, iced coffee too!
    🎃 Meriwether Cider – Cause… FALL!
    🎃 Lost Grove – For all you beer lovers
    🎃 Artisan Vendor – Soul Creations
    🎃 Artisan Vendor – Nature Artwork 

    Saturday, October 23

    🍂Live Music from Thomas Paul’s Canon Fodder – Noon to 2 pm
    🍂Scarecrow Stroll – Don’t forget to vote on your favorite!
    🍂Pumpkins for Sale! – Really hoping we still have them still…
    🍂Kanak Attack food truck – Hawaiian food in the 208
    🍂Rusty Dog food truck – Two corn dogs pleeezzzz
    🍂Nut Hut food truck – It’s okay, we eat a full bag too
    🍂Meriwether Cider – Cause… FALL!
    🍂Lost Grove – For all you beer lovers
    🍂Artisan Vendor – Soul Creations
    🍂Artisan Vendor – Nature Artwork
    🍂Artisan Vendor –Tim Doane Designs

    Saturday, October 30

    🎃Live Music from High Pine Whiskey Yell – Noon to 2 pm
    🎃Costume Parade – 2 pm
    🎃Scarecrow Stroll – Don’t forget to vote on your favorite!
    🎃Pumpkins for Sale! – Really hoping we still have them still…
    🎃Rusty Dog food truck – Two corn dogs pleeezzzz
    🎃Pie-O-Neer Pies food truck – Yummmmmm
    🎃Nut Hut food truck – It’s okay, we eat a full bag too
    🎃Jolene’s Kettlecorn – Poppin’ up great tasting kettle corn
    🎃Meriwether Cider – Cause… FALL!
    🎃Lost Grove – For all you beer lovers
    🎃Artisan Vendor – Soul Creations
    🎃Artisan Vendor –Tim Doane Designs

    Costume Parade
    The Fall Harvest Trick or Treat Costume Parade is free for everyone. Those who have signed up to participate will need to check in at the kiosk when they arrive for more instructions. Oh – and there WILL be candy! 

    Free Registration Here

    Bring Your Mask 
    Masks are not required at this time. We ask you to bring a mask and be aware of your surroundings while in the Garden. Use good judgment, keep everyone safe, and have fun outside!


    Boise Harvest with Greg Laurie


    A Note on the Safety Protocols in Place for this Event:

    Facial coverings must be worn in indoor public spaces ­owned or controlled by the university as well as in crowded outdoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. Visitors to any Boise State location are expected to adhere to established, posted guidelines.

    Please note: This event is being planned at full capacity, subject to applicable law and governmental approval.

    Event Times

    • Friday, April 22, 2022

       It is called “Boise Harvest with Greg Laurie”. This event will take place May 1-3 at ExtraMile Arena on the BSU campus. It will combine some of the top names in Christian music with the evangelistic preaching from Pastor Greg Laurie. They expect to fill ExtraMile Arena with 12,000 people every night. Think of this like a Billy Graham Crusade for the year 2020.

      Summit Church is registered as one of the partners for this event. That means that we get to help make it happen and we get to help follow up new believers afterward. I have asked 5 people to provide leadership for Summit Church’s involvement with Boise Harvest. They are Ron Crooks, Duke & Helen Gersema, and Andrew & Karan Lockhart. These 5 individuals will be in the lobby again this Sunday with information about Boise Harvest. They will also have laptops available so you can sign up to help in 4 specific ways: Follow Up, Usher, Prayer Team, and Peace Officer. You can learn more about each of these roles on Sunday. Boise Harvest will provide training and materials before the event takes place.

      You will hear a lot more about Boise Harvest in the weeks ahead. For now, be praying about how you can be involved and then stop by the table in our lobby and sign up.


      Over 100,000 People Attend Harvest Crusade’s 30th Anniversary

      Get Daily Inspiration

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      This past weekend Greg Laurie and Harvest Church held their 30th annual Harvest So Cal event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. The stadium was packed with over 100,000 attendees over the course of the weekend and had thousands watching from home via live stream.

      The event featured performances by Jeremy Camp, Lecrae, For King and Country, Passion Music, Phil Wickham, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin and appearances by Darryl Strawberry, Madeline Carrol and many more.


      Greg Laurie delivered a gospel message every night of the event encouraging attendees, event workers and anyone listening to follow Jesus and tell them that they were put on this earth for a reason.

      “It was amazing to see so many people come together to worship Jesus and hear the message of the Gospel. God is up to something special in California, and I believe this is just the beginning.” – Jarrid Wilson
      The gospel has been presented at every Harvest event in its 30-year run and the Harvest team believes that this is only the beginning.

      With 30 years down and many more to go, some of you may wonder, how has Harvest remain so successful with hosting FREE events in Stadiums around the country and bringing in so many A-class performers… and the answer is- because of church and ministry partners just like YOU. Generous donors and partners have invested in a movement of the Gospel and provided the resources year after year.

      The Harvest team will be hosting Harvest Boise 2020 on May 1-3, 2020 for more info, click the link below.
      If you would like to help Harvest Crusades and Greg Laurie on their mission financially, click the link below.

      Also showcased this year was The Erwin Brother’s upcoming film, I Still Believe. The film features teen heartthrob, KJ Apa, acting veteran, Gary Sinise and Country music mega-star, Shania Twain. I Still believe is based on the life of Jeremy Camp and telling the story of his life, family and the story behind his hit song, I Still Believe.  I Still Believe is following The Erwin Brothers’ 2018 hit film, I Can Only Imagine and is expected to hit theaters on March 20, 2020.

      Featured Image Source: Fox News

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